Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Woozworld Status Templates!

Hello Little Mice!

   My Apology's for not posting on Friday! I forgot. ;c

Anyways. As you can see on the FANTABULOUS TITLE I made little templates you can use for your own status! You just need to fill the spaces in!! Hope you enjoy!

Number 1.

Hiii!! You can call me (Your name). How are you? Good? Good. I love (something you love doing) and the color (color you like) I'm also interested in (your hobby). HAVE A NICE DAY! (Insert Emoji of your choice or no Emoji)

Number 2.

Hi. I am (Your name). You must be? Okay. Nice to meet you, as you can see I'm very... NOT PROPER AWESOME FABULOUS AND COOL. You are too though (Insert some Emoji or don't)

Number 3.

Hello. Me am a (A food). Me name is (Your name). Me like (Anything you like). You are fabulous because you read this status.

Number 4.

If you ain't talking (Your favorite food) I don't wanna talk!

Number 5.

Lol I wasted fife seconds of your life (Emoji or don't)

(You guys can do whatever you want, remember these are just ideas! C:)

I hope you enjoyed! Please do remember to message Bleu-Lily if you have any requests for me to blog about!

Remember to rate if this was "Funny" "Interesting" Or "Cool!

XOXO~ Bleu-Lily

(My sign picture will not go in place! D:)

Book Interview WIth Tim Carvell. :D

Hello everyone, It's Love. Today was the Interview with amazing; Tim Carvell. He was so amazing.
                                           He talked about his book: Return to planet Tad. You can receive the book on Woozworld at the: Harper Collin's Bookz Lounge. He was friendly to all Woozens. :D 
He talked about his favorites things. He also answered questions Woozens asked in the red podz in the unit. Many questions was asked. I enjoyed the whole thing. Hope everyone had fun if you went. :D That is all I have tonight. See you all, Friday. :D -XxxLoveForeverxx

Last Weeks "Pretty Little Mystery" Outfits Being Sold in Shopz for WOOZ!?

Hey everyone, iAmCuriosity! And before I start this blog post I would just like to apologize for my absence on Friday; I was helping my parents move my room from downstairs to upstairs (in real life of course).

Okay now into the actual news! So recently as most of you already know, WoozWorld has been getting under a lot of peoples skin with their "ZeChic; Until Oct. 8" sale in Shopz. This of course most upsets the people (such as me), who regularly purchase non transferable outfits. Well..for some reason WoozWorld decided to put last weeks non transferable "Ariable", "Calebic", "Tobysome" and "Emilous" outfits up for sale in the "ZeChic/VIP Only" section in Shopz for only a total of 550 wooz an outfit! That's 1 100 wooz instead of $10 ($11.70 with taxes) for 2 outfits. Or 2 200 wooz instead of $20 ($23.40) for all 4 outfits! I for one am very upset about the fact that I spent $5 on an outfit that is now in Shopz, transferable and is out for anyone to purchase for wooz other than spending REAL money! 

And that's not even the worst part..see it wouldn't be so bad if it was only sold as a VIP item.. but they had to go and change it from non transferable to transferable! What I'm basically trying to say is..they've basically made these outfits WORTHLESS! Now not only can non paying, non VIP's get these items, but they can easily be purchased for BEEX in the marketplace! Just look how easy some of these garments are to find in via the marketplace in this image shown bellow!: 

So..how do you guys feel about this? Are you happy that they're selling outfits for wooz that are usually sold for real cash? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section to the right! Also don't forget to give me a rating on this blog post! :) Tell me if you think this post was either "funny", "interesting" or "cool"! But that's all for now!

See you guys next time! <3
Love iAmCuriosity

Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Interview tomorrow! :D

Happy Marvelous Monday! Hope everyone had a great day. Tomorrow is interview with someone on Woozworld. +JennyWooz will be hosting it. I will not be able to make it tomorrow. I wish I could. I want to learn more about the authors books. Well this is all I have tonight. I'm sorry for it being boring. Hope everyone has a terrific day tomorrow. <3 

New Woozworld Burst Blogger! :)

Hello Bursties! My name is Tackle, and i'm the newest blogger at Woozworld Burst! 

So here's what you'll find in my Blog posts. News, Reviews, Fashion, Gossip, Events, and sometimes Cheats. Also! here's a few things about me.

1. I've been apart of the Woozworld Community for about 4 Years now.

2. I'm 16 Years Old, and I was born on August 20th :) So that would make me a Leo.

3. My favorite Movie of all time is Hocus Pocus.

4. Also My favorite Music Artists are Amy Lee, Iggy Azalea, Maria Brink, and Cascada.

5. I have 3 Siblings, 3 Dogs, and 3 Nieces and Nephews, And when I graduate from High School I want to pursue a Degree in PharmD.

6. My eye color is Blue and my hair color is Brown.

7. I enjoy hobbies such as Baking, Power Tumbling, and Designing Unitz in Woozworld.

Hopefully we have something in common :) And I look forward to posting in the near future. I will most likely post on Mondays and Wednesdays. See you guys soon!                           



is a little less of a mystery?

And as always I'M BACK! did you miss me? OK so yeah.. :) first order of buisseness chat box...not meant for 1.spam 2.hate 3.bullying 4.posers ok? good now....we now have narrowed the pretty little mystery down to Ms.Yeti Mr.shopz Mrs.Neon and Janitor Beex! Who kidnapped good ol' wooz? Continue in the pretty little mystery to find out!tbh though i say it was janitor beex just think about it! he's a janitor so he could clean up the evidence it was him, he's got a motive, and tbh i think he's got some connection with Fil and Eva.....Just saying, so anyways who do you think did it? comment in the chat box or go and lovingly spam my wall cause no one does and my wall gets lonely! XD so yeah.....see you pl on friday!

forever singeratheart! #almosthalloween

Pretty Little Mystery And Much More!

❤Hello Beautiful Bursties
   Sugar Here! I Am Sorry For The Lack Of Posting Recently, My "HTML Tag" Was Broken, And I Had Cheer Competitions, School, And My Mom Is Expecting A Baby Girl! 
  Fall Is Here And So Is BeMe, Pretty Little Mystery, And A Different Game Show?! Wax Wooz Has Changed His Game Show... BIG TIME! He Has Created A New Game Called "Raining Furniture" And Much More! I Think This Is A Great Change, New Games For A New WoozWorld! Next Week You Should Come Check It Out To See What Wax Has In Store For Us!
  GoodOldWooz Has Been Kidnapped, And WE THE WOOZENS Have To Save Him! Could It Be Professor Preztige? Ms. Yeti? Janitor Beex? ANYONE? Look For More Clues And You Might Be Able To Solve The Mystery Yourself! Good Luck, Woozens...
 Pretty Little Mystery Outfits!!! SQUEEEE!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Them! I Bought All The Girl Outfit Of Course.... And So Should You! These Outfits Are Perfect For Fall <3
♫That's All For Now Folks!


1000th post, What is going on, +Chatbox rules!

Hey there, woozens?
Katiekat00 here,
So! Hows it going woozens? The weather is getting colder, the pumpkins are being picked and carved, sweet scents of apple pie spices, it is finally Fall! There is not really news on what is going on in Woozworld.. I did hear about Pretty Little Mystery Who do you think it is?? Tell me in the chat box!

About the chat box, we need to remember to keep it appropriate. This woozen supposedly named "Ashes" was being disrespectful, and I got a reply.
Who says that?!!!??!?? Who threatens ME that I will be banned from woozworld?!!? If this keeps up.. there will be major consequences!! No one should ever say that. Also.. look what I found here. Supposedly, we copied a post from "woozapalooza" Oh really??? - the posts NOT selected in red have nothing to do with this, thank you-
I just went on woozapalooza, and guess what? A lot of you say it looks like they copied OUR post. The post date was THIS MORNING. The post that delilah posted was 1 or 2 DAYS AGO. Please, remember to look at the bottom of the posts, and LOOK AT THE DATE AND TIME! The post may be SIMILAR, but they did NOT copy our post. Please do not blame us, when we posted before them, and they have a similar post.
I am sick of this behavior in the chat box. I will be happy to talk to Penguins again or Pink if this keeps up. Woozworld Burst is supposed was made to be if you were gone for awhile, you can check Burst to see if there is any news, The chat box is where people make comments on the website, and also make comments on the bloggers posts, The chat box is NOT for impersonating, bullying, etc.
I am sorry for this woozens, but this has gotten out of control. I hope to see things change in the chat box.
Happy fall woozens,
-It may be the 1001st post :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

No Back to School Outfits?/PLM

Hey, guys! Sorry I'm posting so late, I was at a baby shower for my aunt! She's due in November. How exciting! c:

Have you guys noticed that this year, Woozworld didn't have any Back to School outfits? I didn't notice until a few days ago. I know they're doing Pretty Little Mystery.. But back to school outfits? That sort of an annual thing that they do every year... I don't like how they didn't have them this year. I always love Woozworld's back to school outfits, always. But, I have to admit, I LOVE the Pretty Little Mystery outfits, they're perfection! But either way, back to school outfits no more.. It stinks! I know it probably doesn't bother that many people, but i dunno, it just bothers me..

But, on a happier note, let's talk about Pretty Little Mystery, or as others refer to it, PLM! I love all of the outfits, but the Mystery itself is really fun and creative. Well, not creative since they copied a show, but you know what I mean. xD c;. Who do you think did it? (Kidnapped Goodold) I think LilyWooz did it. I mean come on, she's pulling an innocent reporter act and reporting everyone else to make her seem less guilty. And knowing Woozworld and their drama, like Zeena and Zack Wooz, it's probably Lily because they like to make one of their 'members' be hated, or disliked, or the... bad guy? Have any of you guys noticed that? But I'm figuring that instead of like Zeena and Zack Wooz, who disappeared, Lily will apologize and everything will be okay. Does anyone else agree with me, that it's Lily? xD.

Who do you guys think did it?

Tell me!

Bye, guys! See you all Saturday! Again, sorry for the late post! Just was very busy today. :)

~ItsDelilah (LiviCx for now, add her!)

Star Of The Week

Congratulations Peachi on winning Star Of The Week. You're outfit looked so amazing. You deserved it. Remember to give Peachi a special congratulations on winning. I'm sorry I didn't post Friday. I am busy and everything. This is all I have today. I will post more tomorrow night! :) -XxxLoveForeverxx
                                                        Beautiful MyaWooz && Peachi! 


Hey Bursties, Penny Here And I Will Be Talking About This CRAZY New Thing Wax Mooz Has Been Doing ;o Okay So Maybbbeee The Title Was A Little Over Dramatic, His Game Show Isn't Gone, But It Sure Has Changed xD He Was Holding This Today..

"Secret Games Testing" !?!? What Could It Mean! Well When I Was There Before I Lost Connection And +214 Queue... He Said That One Of The OTHER Games He Will Be Doing Is "Raining Furniture" xD Basicalllyyy A Running Game Lol But Creative Name ;-D  Im Glad That He's adding More Variety Of Games :) xoxo iLuvpenguins64... Do You HAve Game Ideas? :o

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Skin/eye color match-up! **GIRLS**

Hey, bursties! It's me, ItsDelilah (Still LiviCx for now)! Last week, I made a post about color codes for the fall! Apparently it helped a lot of you guys and some of you guys used the color codes for your fall outfits :-)  So because of the success of that post, I have come back with a new post :) This post isn't filled with color codes, but with tips! A lot of you guys like to/would like to change up your looks on Woozworld by not always having the same  colocodes , eye code, ect. Some of you guys know what colors you like to wear when changing up you look and are more experienced with switching it up every time you get a new item. Some of you aren't and might need some help on maybe what color lip to wear with your skin? Or what eye color? What color brings out my skin/eyes? Well, that's why I'm going to be helping you! Enjoy! o:

**I am only doing the 3 most popular skins because if I did every skin the post would be too long! Also, this post is meant for people who like the cute makeup skin, because that's also the most popular girls face!**
Let's begin with what goes best with the palest skin, one of the most popular skins! (Model; heytheredelilah)

Peachy lip color and dark eyes always looks great with pale skin! The peach lip sticks out but not too much, where it looks almost crazy, and the eyes pop out because of the other colors on her.
Eye color code: 0fbfbf
Lip color code: ffa7a7

Second palest skin:

Bright pink lip color looks amazing with the pale-ish skin! The blues eyes POP like no other and with the pink eye color the overall look is POP-a-licious c;
Eye color code: 42EFF6
Lip color code: FA74DF

And lastly, the tan skin:

A lot of things go with the tan skin really well, but I think that lip color goes with it perfectly :)  It looks so bold and it looks very nice and, chic! :D I love it so much, and I see a lot of people wearing their lips and eyes with this skin and it's a good thing, it's the best match.
Eye color code: 5AE9CB
Lip color code: C04374

Oh, and one last thing: To get your lips bold like my model's instead of like this:
But like this:

(if you can see the difference)

Just go on world, click on 'options' which is placed by your votes, and then go to picture quality. It is automatically set to normal. Change it to 'high'. Change your hair and refresh your Woozin!

That's all for today, guys! See you!


WoozWorld Store Glitch

HEY GUYS! so i found this trick that if you make a new account and click the store button you can get these rares! such as, fashionista, pixel, romance and more :D this also goes for guys too!
By: Stella123sl

Fraud In ChatBox

The fraud in the chat box is unreal, be your woozen and your woozen only! Not anybody elses. Recently a few bloggers have been faked by other woozens now i have not posted this week because i have been busy my dads wedding is happening so i couldn't, bridesmaid dress fittings an all. So that was not me, i go by ashlyxxlowry only not ashes or ash or lowry or ashlyxx just ahslyxxlowry. Sorry for this short post deffo posting next week <3 :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pretty Little mystery!

Hey beauties! Good Old wooz is still not found! I know a lot of you think a JennyWooz did it because of her status the other day! My emo will be my face when good old is found! Uh-oh LOL but she did not do it. My suspect is ms.yeti the nicest teacher of all! As we just all found out lady wooz is not a suspect anymore. An a-list celebrity was with a Lady Wooz the night good old kidnapped! Anyways who is your suspect?!? Tell me in the chat box.



Hello lovelies!
My blogging days are so far away, I literally wait like a week to make a new blog post every week as my blogging days are Friday & Saturday. I almost forget to do it. Oopsies.

Alright, moving on.
Woozworld have recently gotten into a theme of pretty little liars, I guess this is because they need to refer to something with GOW (GoodOldWooz) missing. I love it as I'm a huge fan of PLL. 
I loved last weeks outfits, in fact I brought two of each girl outfit but I love this weeks even more!

Fall is my favourite season because it's the sweater season; I love how woozworld are connecting everything together.
Fall, Pretty Little Liars and the disappearance of a loved Woozband member. (GOW)

Now, for the first outfit. 
I think Woozworld were on the right track with this outfit! It definitely looks like something that Hanna would wear. It's my favourite outfit from this weeks collection, I'm currently wearing it now. I particularly like the dress/cardigan. I love how it just casually hangs with the cute bangles and the necklace. I'm not too sure about the shoes though.

The second outfit.
I don't think that Woozworld were anywhere near as good with this "Spencie" outfit. 
Being a big fan of PLL, I know that Spencer is the sophisticated one of the group and she dresses more formal than casual. I don't see why she's wearing a snap back with trainers. It just doesn't fit, I was disappointed by this.
But as for the leggings and sweater, I love them! As I said that fall is my favourite season, this sweater just tops it off for me. The leggings do remind me of the 'Floral Leggings' that you can buy from Shopz but I do think that they're quite elegant.

As for the final outfit, "Ezer". 
I do think that it's very unfair that boys do only have 1 outfit and girls have 2 to choose from but I don't see what other PLL male character they could choose as they already did Toby and Caleb, so I do see where woozworld are coming from.
In my opinion I do think that the hair is pretty accurate against the comparison of Ezra's hair and the jeans, but I'm not too sure about the top or shoes. 

Overall, I think that Woozworld did a pretty good job with trying to get these as accurate as the actual outfits, everything can't be exact, obviously.
I've already brought my outfits, did you? 
If you did, or even if you didn't, let me know what you think of the new outfits!
Funny, interesting, cool?

See you tomorrow guys!
Love, Starview.

omg! we still have a pretty little mystery!

Singer is back! i'm here and ready to bring you up-to-date with a pretty little mystery!
So we have now narrowed it down just a tiny little bit! we've only lost 1 suspect, but hey we're in no hurry to find who did it only to find good 'ol wooz! So anyway now to tell you who didn't do it! BREAKING NEWS! An A-list celebrity, who prefers not to be named, has come forward to confirm that Lady Wooz was working with her on the night of GoodoldWooz's disappearance, and couldn't have committed the crime. So who kidnapped Woozworld's grandpa? Keep hunting for the answer to this Pretty Little Mystery!
So who did it? we now know that it wasn't lady wooz.. personnally i suspect the janitor! however thats just me. who do you beleive kidnapped good 'ol wooz?

no matter what i'm always singeratheart
welcome to autumn

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Top Seven Items In the Store!

Hello! This is Jessamyn again. Today there isn't really anything to talk about. Everything on Woozworld has been going normally. There hasn't been any big drama, any events, anything new to discuss, and basically there hasn't been any news.

So, I'm going to show you some of my favorite items in the store for girls! (I'm sorry but I don't know about the boys' stuff!) I don't necessarily have all of them, because I'm not really the Wooz-buying type. I know the alignment with the pictures is horrible and there are no colors or a sign-off picture, but I have something installed on my computer called User Time Control and it logged me out before I could finish, and now I have to use the iPad. Also, Blogger doesn't have the setting where you can move pictures around freely, and it doesn't allow me to place text in the right places either. But despite all of this, here are my top seven items for girls! I hope you can still read it, and if you're scrolling along the page, I didn't mean to interrupt you with such a long post! 

 Blazer and Heart Purse-I know this isn't "rich" anymore, but I still really like it.I have always loved the Blazer and Heart Purse. Before they did the Beexworld update (back when I was only eight, back when it was rich,) I used to wear it all the time. 

 The Starchild-This is my favorite tattoo. I'm wearing it right now :D I absolutely love that giant star around the eye, and the best part is it works well with my two favorite faces-Cute and Makeup, and the Manga Cat Eyes!
 Cutie and Makeup-This is not only the most popular face of all time on Woozworld, it's also Mya's favorite face! I love it and I wear it all the time. 
Flames Crop Top-This is one of my all-time FAVORITES. I wish I could have this so badly, but I'm not VIP. I really like it, though! The flames look good in any color at all! 
 Riches Crop Top- I just really like this, because it goes well with any outfit in any color at all. I also love the little white dots. It takes away all the plainness of the outfit!
 WNS Country Hair-This is one of my favorite hairs. I know the WNS trend is over, but I still love this! It goes well with lots of clothing. :)

I don't know what this dress is called, and I know it's definitely not a popular dress but when it''s colored in a different way it looks really nice.

This is my LEAST favorite item in the Shopz of ALL TIME! Doesn't that face just look creepy? It looks even worse on the Woozworld App. Not only are the eyes scary and un-human, the bottom lip looks like teeth instead. At first I thought it actually was teeth, until I realized it was SUPPOSED to be the bottom lip. Complete with the small bulge underneath, the gruesome mouth is enough to make anyone puke. Well it's not THAT disgusting, but I just really don't like it. Instead of The Blush, it should be called The Gruesome Un-Human of Horror. I don't know why they even made this! 

Well, that's it for today. I truly apologize for the mis-alignment of my pictures and the text, Blogger just won't let me change it. I don't have my sign-off picture on the iPad, but I did get to finish it! Next time I post, I promise I will add it. 


Pretty Little Mystery?

Hullo my Bursties1 ;o <3
Sorry that I missed some days. Again. But I barely found out about this thing called Pretty Little Mystery! ;o And well it's about GooldOdWooz missing. ;o And so I saw that they think that one of the teacher's at Woozworld High probably did it. They all seemed suspicious, but to be honest, I think it's ZackWooz, okay. He's probably acting as a teacher. Oh. Anyways, I got to go. Bye. <3

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pretty Little Mystery..

Hey everyone, iAmCuriosity here!
 Recently WoozWorld has published some blog posts on their "WoozNewz" blog about the kidnapping of GoodOldWooz... and today I thought it would be cool if I shared with you the suspects statements and interview videos about GoodOldWooz's disappearance! So lets get started! First off...Lady Wooz!

Suspect: Lady Wooz
Lady Wooz, Woozworld High’s fashion teacher, is known throughout Woozworld for her spotless sense of style. She’s rumored to have taught fashion expert MyaWooz everything she knows! Our reporter, LilyWooz, met the impeccably-dressed Lady Wooz at the local coffeehouse to ask her a few questions. Of course, Lady Wooz does not drink the “mediocre” coffee served there, and sent her assistant to fetch a triple-grande no-whip, no-foam, extra hot almond-milk latte with 2 ice cube from YetiBüx.

Suspect: Mr. Shopz
Of all the teachers at Woozworld High, Mr. Shopz probably spends the most time on campus, arriving at 6am for his morning workout, and staying long into the evening to coach his beloved basketball team. All that exercise and no sleep makes Mr. Shopz rather short-tempered, but he’s devoted to his students – and his body. Our intrepid reporter LilyWooz caught up with Mr. Shopz while his class was running laps.

Suspect: Mrs. Neon
Creator of the WoozWorld-famous Slop SurpriseMrs. Neon is proud of her cooking – and won’t stand for anyone saying otherwise. One wrong word and NO SLOP FOR YOU. A party girl in her younger days, Mrs. Neon retains a dash of her trademark bright colors in her lunch-lady uniform. Our reporter, LilyWooz, caught up with Mrs. Neon after the lunch rush.

Suspect: Janitor Beex
WoozWorld High’s hardest-working member may very well be its oldest, Janitor Beex. At any given moment he can be found scrubbing, mopping, sweeping, and stumping around the school and mumbling to himself. All the while, Janitor Beex loves cleanliness and order above all else. Our reporter, LilyWooz, was finally able to catch up with him as he left the cafeteria, dragging a bag of garbage behind him and complaining loudly about food fights.

And the last... Suspect: Ms. Yeti
Ms. Yeti, the newest addition to Woozworld High, is a sweet young teacher who just wants her students to love history as much as she does. She’s worked at a couple of schools, but she really wants to stay at Woozworld High. “Woozworld history is fascinating!” exclaims Ms. Yeti as she sits down for a coffee with LilyWooz, our intrepid interviewer. “But can you believe how many young Woozens these days don’t know about the Nationz??” Ms. Yeti wears her usual patterned pencil skirt, chunky jewelry, bright tights and an equally bright smile.

So..after reviewing all the interview videos and descriptions..who do YOU think kidnapped GoodOldWooz? Tell me in the comment section to the right! :) Also don't forget to give me a rating on this blog post! :) Tell me if you think this post was either "funny", "interesting" or "cool"! But that's all for now!
See you guys next time! <3
Love iAmCuriosity