Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to get free rares!

Hey guys!Bleaty here.Today I will be talking to get free rares :D So I was looking for a place with bullying (Planning to be woozguide) And in hot now, I saw unitz with fashionista rocker,pixel,Ms.romance.(ETC) Here's what you gotta do to get these fantabulous stuff!

1.) Make a new account(Note: You have to make several accounts.)

2.) Get to the tutorial unitz like this:


3.)Open up the shopz 


4.) Pick an item you desire :D (Note:The stuff for vip's are transferable.The others,aren't.)


This only works once so you'll be making 100 accounts xD I think you should do this right now,cause half of the items are sold out.They aren't transferable now but I bet they'll make them transferable again soon so don't worry.We can just protest xDAnyways,you can buy vip and get the vip items.This is 100% free from hacking.Some people are selling the Vip stuff so don't miss out on that!Before I leave,make sure to get in your photos for the contest soon! :D (Bloggers can join too!) I so far have 3 people '.' I'm making progress D:!! Anyways,that's all for today Bursties. Adios amigos! Bleaty signing out


Friday, December 19, 2014

New Photo Contest! + Traditional Woozmas

Hey guys! :D Bleaty here today.I think I'm now an Offical blogger,but who knows.I'm still aloud to post O_O  xD.I'll be talking about 2 Things.So first off,If you remember Logan,She gave us a beach Woozmas.BUT...Incase you want the Traditional Woozmas then Mya put some garments in the shopz :DThere's Elf Pajams (Girl),Santa's Pajamas (Boys) Snowflake dress & Fringe Braid.(Etc). Here's some pictures:


 There is only 3 Slides,so don't expect a whole bunch of clothes          
                                                               So if you enjoy the " Traditional Woozmas" ,  Go take a peak in the shopz :D Honestly,I kinda like how they have 2 options for Woozmas. You can relax on the beach,in Logan's idea of Woozmas,Or our Woozmas,in the snow.  

Now,onto the New Photo Contest, IN WOOZWORLD!! (Owned by Bleaty).

So right now I'm starting a Photo Contest.*Translation:A Woozworld contest,which you take a picture of the theme I tell you.*So here are the steps,in order to get involved in this Contest :)

1.)Go take a picture of the theme: Spectacular Woozmas

2.) Put the picture in an albumz called: Bleat y  Spectacular Woozmas Contest.(Or even better,Post it on your wallz. Makes it easier for me to find & You'll get Woozups (Wink Wink)  

3.)Message me you entered AFTER,You click the picture & comment down bellow.(Yours MUST be MORE Spectacular than mine :3)

4.) The deadline is in...5 days,So on Christmas Eve .I'll be announcing on the 25th,If Penny lets me post.If not then next time I see you again C:.

5.) Oh I bet your all waiting for this...The Prizes :D I will have 20 winners.There will be 3 rounds for this.In the end,3 people (Or 5) Will get a prize from me.

6.)I am marking you on

1.) Creativity

2.) Winter Outfit (or Summer if your doing Logan Woozmas)

3.)Background (Winter-ie Or Woozmas-ie )

4.)Doing it with a positive mood.Negative people are mean-ies D:. Jk But still.

Well,those are all just the basic facts.Please feel free to message me about any further concerns .Untill tomorrow Bursties :3 Bleaty singing out!


#YourFashion- WINTER

:D :D :D Hello!!! It's Cutiexpiexgirl!! XD So #YourFashion is basically the thing I talked about last sunday. The "thing" I talked about was YOU being able to appear in my posts as models and me talk about YOUR FASHION. Sorry about the bad topic name......... If you guys have any other better names than #YourFashion for this PLEASE MESSAGE ME!!
Okay, so I am so happy because I did get some woozens who messaged me and send in a couple of photos. So, I can't get all of them in in this post, so I will probably keep continuing this topic :D So, you can send me photos anytime you want and I will try to make it in a post. :)
I had  eight people that messaged me and sent in pictures and I picked my favorite in their album!
LOVE THE COLOR CODE!!!! I love how you matched the kind of cropped swewater with those high waisted shorts!! They match perfectly!! I am love with those shoes because I think it is a great detail with the fur outside!

Girl, this is an amzing outfit! I love how you paired the long cute sweater with leggings and boots!!! It just looks so cute to gether and to top it off with that hat is just amazing xD
This outfit is matched perfectly with a balck and neon blueish coat paired with light jeans! <3 Love it!!! Those shoes are perfect for this outfit because of the detail of the shoes with having a cute design on the side of the shoes.

Loving this hair <3 I love how it goes from brown hair to your blue color code. Long sweaters with leg warmers  (that's what I call them..) is just perfecto! This is like the cutest outfit ever for iceskating! ;o


That hairstyle! It used to be so rare.... I love how you used a hairstyle from some time ago and made it so stylish and trendy with this outfit!! Those boots are also not as recent yet you just rock those boots so well!!!

Neon Purple ;) I used to really love that color, I mean I still do, but not as much as light purple. I like how you added detail and pizazz to your outfit with those leggings. The beanie with the woozmas sweater.... like YAS! XD Love how you used patterns_________________________________________________________________________________
I love the shirt and pants matched together because it gives the outfit like a cozy look. Also, it is perfect for casual days! The hair also matches with the outfit nicely.
I love this look with it being so casual!!! The plaid shirt with those tights are just perfect with the shorts and tights making the "shine" more and giving more of an edge. Love how you paired those boots with those shorts like PERFECT!!! <3 Amazing
So these were along of the outfit!!! I hope more woozens still message me more pics for winter/ new year's!!! Thanks to all of you guys for sending me these pics! <3 THANKS Signing off now, bye!


☀☃ Tropical Santa Is Comin' To Town... ☀☃

Hello Beautiful Bursties
  Woozmas Has A Twist... Well, Is It Even Woozmas Anymore?! It Is Now "Beachmas." But Some Like A Little Mix. 
Here Are Some Of My Favorite Outfits:
One Of The Best...
A Little Traditional
And A Little Modern
Completely Traditional
But Totally Fashionable
Last But Not Least...
Our Very Own Owner....
She Went Full Beach Mode, Which Is So Adorbs!!!

Today Is The First Day Of Christmas Break For Me, So..
Keep Calm And Party On! 

Quote Of The Day:

Happy Holidays!!!


hey guys!
i was thinking, why have ! winner for my contest? when you can have multiple!
so 80+ people have entered my contest! (wow right?)…
sooooo I'm going to have five winners (randomly picked) and all of them get prizes :)
1st place: 2000 wooz
(i do that by giving the code to them to enter in the "redeem code bar" then they will get the wooz)
2nd place: the outfit 
(not the vampire tho)
3rd place: gets interview and shout-out on WOOZWORLD BURST! 
( i will message you the details if you win)
4th place: gets to be on my talk show
(there is usually 40 people min. there, so the units will be on "hot now")
5th place: short 'so' and 60 likes!

please enter! just message me, shugarlipskate "enter prize"  for a chance to win!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kidzworld Quiz Answers

   Hello everyone, It's XxxLoveForeverxx. I know I shouldn't be posting today but I wanted to give them Quiz answers to everyone so here they are. :)



   What year was Kidzworld started?

Answer: 2001

How many tabs are in the Kidzworld navigation bar?

Answer: 11

What is the Kidzworld Mascots name?

Answer: Gary

Can you play games on Kidzworld?

Answer: Yes

What main color is the Kidzworld logo?

Answer: Blue

True or False: Kidzworld is Social Network for Kids & Teens?

Answer: True

What is KidzWorld advice girl?

Answer: Dish-It

Where else besides your PC you can play, visit and enjoy Kidzworld?

Answer: Phone

Can you get homework help on Kidzworld?

Answer: Yes

True or False: Kidzworld can’t wait for YOU to visit them?

Answer: True

Then, When you get done. Go to the box and get your prize! :D

Hope you like your Prize, I got in to the Quiz and was one of the winners! :D
Iluvpenguins64,@Lost006,-Aidypady-, CrystalFire, And I.

I hope you guys have a great night. Have fun with finals. :D 8 more days till Christmas. Have Fun And Stay Safe! xx -XxxLoveForeverxx

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hey woozens, its me: Lily-Kitty. I broke my arm and leg so I couldn't get on computer period! (Piece of advice, NEVER EVER EVER say you can jump off your roof onto your trampoline, because you cant) 

Well, today Im here to talk about FANLALA quiz.
Fanlala is a website where you can find your favorite popstars, moviestars ETC. and, WW has a quiz! I'm kinda in a rush because im on an adventure to the doctor to make sure my arms are okkkaaaayyyyy!!!! I can't give answers because the quiz hasn't started yes.. :'( I wont be there for the grand opening!!!!!!

Well, this is it c'ya nxt time

Monday, December 15, 2014

Spirt Tree + Inspiring Woozens

                                                          <3 Hello my beautiful readers. <3

Todaaaay. I want to talk about Woozmas Spirit Tree that we had to reach to 100% to get a Prize from the Woozband. We finally reached 100% tonight. +JayWooz probably will be making a post about tomorrow/tonight. Wonder what our Prize will be? Guess we will find out.
----Moving On----

I have seen some respectful and nice Woozens around Woozworld lately.

First, Introducing...Jennifer114a..

She has been a great friend and nice Woozen. She knows how to lift up someones heart. I bet if anyone needed help she could help them. Thank you so much for being a respectful Woozen! :)

Second, Introducing...Dederoks..

You have been helping new woozens around and I like seeing people help new people around. You can make someones day in like 5 seconds. Thank you for helping. :)


Last, Introducing...CupCake37..

You are a amazing friend and supporter. Thanks for being there with me anytime that I need help. Thanks for helping here on Woozworld. 

Sorry for not posting last Friday, I found out that I have the Flu but I feel a little better. No school this week for me though. I'm so happy that I can be posting today. I hope you guys have a great day tomorrow. 9 Days left till Christmas! ;D -XxxLoveForeverxx

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hey guys! :D It's cutiexpiexgirl here! Okay, so every time when I post something with fashion, I usually just look around woozworld to find some outfits that woozens are wearing that I love! Then I ask the woozen if I can take a picture of it and use it in my post. I was thinking that you guys can  be more part of my posts if you guys model for me with YOUR outfit ideas. So, if you want to appear in my posts, this is what you have to do:

1) Go on woozworld
2) Take a picture of your woozen wearing a winter outfit or new year's outfit
*You can take as many as you want*
3) Put the picture(s) all in one album and label it anything you want
4) Send me a message on woozworld @Cutiexpiexgirl saying that you would like to appear in my posts and tell me which album your pictures are in
5) I will send you back a reply if I would like to use any of your pictures in the albumz
There won't be any reward for doing this except just getting to be in a post on! I will be judging on the outfit, but I will say the positive things about the outfit not the negatives. :) I hope you guys start sending me these messages and start taking those pictures. Sorry about this short post by the way. Anyways, see you guys next time!!!


i am sooo sorry i haven't been posting for a week,
i broke my arm and i couldn't type D:
soooooo yea :O…

on to the actual stuff:

I'm doing a woozworld giveaway (in wwD)
so to enter:
-message shugarlipskate on ww
-say "enter the prize"
-wait till i message u if u won
- ends dec. 25-
you will win :

this outfit (not the vampire tho)
and 2000 wooz! :) 


bbb (bye bye bursties)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Woozen Quests Ice-skates + Last post as trial blogger

Hey guys! Bleaty here for the last time. :C Sad,yes.Before I move onto my actual post, I want to Thank all of you,for making me feel Welcomed & Excited to post,every time I came!This blog is truly Spectacular!I recommend applying for blogger.As you know,life can't go on forever,so I hope I make it for WoozworldBurst.Anyways,back to the post.I was at Woozen Quests and I saw this:

So I saw Glitz7.And if you noticed,she has Ice-Skates.So I'm thinking,"How is everyone getting ice-skates?!I need some!"
So I asked a kind woozen how to get them.Here are the steps to get these FABULOUS ice skates :D:

1) Go to Woozen Quests(Note:There will be a big queue)


2)Go onto the Ice once your in.

3) If your a Boy You get hockey skates,and Girls,get Figure skates.(NOTE: You DONT keep them.They only work on the ice.Also,the color of your shoes is the color of your skates & you can change the                                                       colors by simply changing shoes xD.)

Well,I guess this was my last,post.WoozworldBurst,is truly,an amazing blog.I thank Penny & Pinki,For choosing me.I enjoyed everything from my first post to my last.This is a memory that will never,be forgotten.I never knew,what I was cable of xD.Before I sign out,I'm gonna put a quote,like I did with my first post."The only way to achieve your goal,is to be your goal."Wish me luck! xOxO -Bleaty,signing out for the last time :):(

♥Mya's Fashion Assistant!♥

Ayee Bursties!

Abi here! And this post is all about: Mya's new Fashion Assistant!
Yup, that's right! You forgot all about WNTM, but Mya hit us with a meet-and-greet today. 

Her assistant is: AnaRoseVictoria.

Personal opinion: Ana totally deserved it! I saw her collecting a lot and I spoke to her - she was extremely friendly and excited. She even wished me good luck, although I was like... the 2054th top person. Or lowest person... ANYWHO'S... she's awesome. Mya's taken some (fab) selfies with our new Fashion Princess - let's check 'em out! x

Cutiess. xx

I hope you guys have been enjoying my posts! This post was created like.. really quickly while I was getting ready for a birthday party. Also, this is my FINAL trial-blogger post. I hope I pass! xx
As always, you can vote this post as a cool, interesting or funny post, so pleasee do so.♥ xx

-Abi786. xx

Friday, December 12, 2014

#FashionWithCutie- Woomas Sweaters& Pladimas Outfit

HEY GUYS! :D We are going to be looking into the woozmas sweaters and the new pladimas outfit! You might be like, "WHAT? NEW WOOZMAS SWEATERS?". XD Yes, there are new woozmas sweaters!!!!!
So, let's jump on to the woozmas sweaters....
These sweaters are fabulous to me because I see this sweaters worn in real life!! I just love when what you see in woozworld is in real life. The patterned sweater with the reindeer in the pattern, I think is a classic that I see every year in stores and finally in woozworld! Like YAS! XD
I am in love with the hair! I love how the bow is a headband that is knit because a knit headband just makes me think about winter for some reason.. XD Anyways, I also love how the hair flows out from the hairband! Plaid=Comfy. There have been plaid shirts in woozworld, but never a plaid dress, so I think this was a nice twist for plaid. You can't see the bottoms, but they are plaid shorts that I think are cute, but remind me of the "cute shorts" that were already created. The feet are socks which I don't love, but it is nice........

Anyways, what outfit do you guys like? :D I have to go now, bye!!!! NEW SIGN OFF PHOTO ON SUNDAY (Sorry D:)

New Woozguides for Woozworld

Hey guys! Bleaty here.Today I decided to post about the new Woozguides on Woozworld.So honestly,I am not disappointed I never got the spot,because mostly I was focusing on free times xD But yea,so Congratulations to....Ems37 !!

I honestly think Ems is perfect for this job.I'm in queue,and she's just so happy and confident.I believe in her that she will do her job.She's not the kind of girl that gives up.I'm very glad to announce our newest Woozguide member, Ems37!

Onto our next Woozguide...Introducing....BlueForever!

Blue,is a great,friend of mine.Sadly,she removed me because of her fame now and stuff but yeah.So Blue, has a VERY Sweet & Generous heart.When I got hacked,in July,she offered me some clothes,I'm pretty sure.I believe she will do her job,and I have trust in her.I'm very glad to announce our also,newest Woozguide member, BlueForever!

Lastly,we have....-East-!!
 -East-, is very,let's say Unique.East is Sweet,Generous,Smiling,And out of this world fun! I'm hoping to have a great time with her,as well as the other Woozguides.I'm glad to announce our last,but important,Woozguide member,-East-!

Well then,That's all you really need to know,Jenny said that there will be new Woozguides soon,so don't get your hopes down and start doing the Courteous Way! Bleaty signing out ;o Until next time Amigos!