Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dun Dun Dunn

We are trying to see who will win, Royals or Rebels... but, this is getting, um, STRESSFUL.
Okay, so about 1 or 2 days ago, I checked, and rebels were winning. SO I COLLECTED REBEL EMBLEMS. I just checked right now ROYALS ARE WINNING. SO I AM COLLECTING ROYAL EMBLEMS. I guess I am a Roybel, and I really want that hair. BUT IF THAT HAIR IS NOT COLORFUL, I WILL- 

Woozworld.. when is the end date of this madness? -zombie madness also-. I don't know, did we really collect ALL those emblems? What I am thinking, is an unfair amount of emblems are released, making one team forced to win. OR, look at the numbers. They are close together. Maybe they are purposely trying to make a tie? Or I am just out of my mind. I am typing this ridiculously fast.. I also noticed we have about 70 woozens reading our posts, by the quiz I made. Maybe more... But woozworld,



So, yeah. What is up with you, Woozworld? We already has that annoying ice queen come, zombies, what now. 
I guess we will just have to wait and see
~Katiekat00   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

My dance team ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)


Hello Little Mice! 

I'm so sorry I didn't post on Friday or Tuesday last week!
I've just been really busy and I couldn't log onto my google account!


I got some tips for new woozens on Woozworld! 

  • Don't ask "rich" woozens, or any woozens for that matter for things (of any kind) because on Woozworld you have to earn things.
  • Try to find a color code (A specific coded color that mostly all of your clothes/furniture will be) and try to make it original because a lot of woozens freak out if you have the same color code.
  • Try to read blog posts on Woozworld, it will help you A LOT. 
  • If you need any help be sure you contact iluvpenguins64 on Woozworld because she is the nicest person ever.
  • Try to save up your beex. 
  • Be nice to others! They will be nice back! 

That's all I have for today! Stay tuned on Friday and Tuesdays for more blog posts my be (Blue-Lily)


Your fashion around WW

Hey burties its CAM!

Today is SERIOUS we have to talk about the best outfits i have seen today. And so lets get started y'all (Paula Deen Moment)

Outfit #1 
Hey girl your hair is popping! your dress matches everything and it just flows.. only thing I would change is her shoes they just do not match well but its not much of a "Eye sore" but i am ecstatic for that hair and i will get it, Just for boys.

Outfit #2
RED ah am i in love or not? Red is fabulous and you "WERK" it and its just awesome and i love how you have the make-up that matches with your whole outfit it just is pretty and "Classy" and it makes me want to vote you x10 for anything.

Outfit #3
"Baby your so classic... No Homo" but your hair is amazing i love it and i adore it and i honestly will take it off your're woozens hair and keep it for myself. Not to mention that your matching and its black and white and i love black and white if you know me but its EXTREMELY nice and it just does not feature "Rares".

Outfit #4
Black and white on EVERYTHING i am so amazed by how beautiful it is and its "Hip" and it shows autumn and fall themed typed and it just different and i love different and it looks like something you could most likely wear that outfit because of its "Normality" it has on itself.

So thats it! I hope you guys liked my little fashion review type dillio and i hope i can do some more in the future. 

Stay Classy
-Cam xoxo

Fashion Advice

Hey hey! Its me, Lily! And today Im going to give fashion advice! Im sorry my post is late :(. But yah.

*Be yourself- It's always great to be yourself and wear what you want to wear, because if you do that, I'll rate you 10k/10 <3 
*Color Code- Be sure to at least have a color code! And remember: DON'T STEAL THEM
*Don't go to CrAzY with the outfit, but don't go to lame.
*Make your outfit speak your emotions- Yeah, I know this step can be a little hard. But trust me, you'll get the hang of it!
*NEVER STEAL- Don't steal outfits or color codes! This will give a bad impression. It's okay to buy other people's outfit, just don't wear it whole.
*Don't wear an outfit for too long!- I never wear an outfit for more than 2-4 days without changing it! You don't need to change it whole if you LOVE the outfit, just maybe a little so you can be fresher!

 Those are some cool outfit advice: Now, I'm going to show you some examples!
These model's are ME only!

Alrighity then, I guess this is it! I hope you enjoyed my post! I wanna wee if your a real Fashion Expert and try to tell the emotions used in the pictures! Message me- Lily-Kitty and I'll announce the winners Thursday!

Until next time

How To Make A Base!

Hey Bursties! Tackle here! I'm going to teach you how to make a base. You can use any program you want! I'm using Photoshop CC.
If you need the link to this base just message me on facebook, and I will give you the picture without the watermark. 

My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tackle.woozworld

So let's get started shall we? 

Tip: Use low cut clothing it makes it easier. I used a tank top, soccer shorts, and an indian ankle bracelet.

Step 1: Take a photo on a white background with your favorite pose.

Step 2: Crop the image. I know you can't tell x) But this is a necessary step.

Step 3: Fix any mistakes in the photo. (Mine was the hand and the tip of the head) It may look a little rough at this part. But don't worry we'll fix that.

Step 4: Now create a new layer and outline the entire thing. (I used the pen tool, and used a size 1 px, and 2 px brush)

It should look sort of like this if you lower the opacity of the main layer.

Step 5: Make the opacity 100% again, and white out any clothing that's going over the lines we just made.

Step 6: Stay on the main layer again, and copy the color of your woozen, and fill it in.
Step 7: Add a new layer below the outline, and add a shadow to any areas that look like they need to be defined.

Step 8: Add a little bellybutton. (Optional)
And now you've officially made a base! Wasn't that easy? As always thanks for reading, and tune in next week for my next blog post. Until then i'm signing off :)

-Tackle ©

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fun Facts Compilation Post

Okay, so there's really nothing to post about right now, and I have to go do other things. So I decided to compile a post full of fun facts just for fun :)

~ There are at least 6 people in the world who look exactly like you.

~ Children grow fastest in the spring.

~ Scientists have found that there is a very small amount of gold in every strand of hair.

~ In Japan, there are Pepsi flavored Cheetos.

~The "ade" in lemonade means it's not pure.

~ Apple makes $4540 per second.

~ Only 2 percent of the world's population is blond.

~Women blink twice as much as men.

Bye! :)

Top Fashion Trend Most Seen On Woozworld +Tips On WHAT TO WEAR!

Hey guys! So sorry that I posted late, i'm pretty busy for a 4th grader. Anyways, that probably wont happen again.

For today's topic, i'll be showing you 
the latest fashion trends in woozworld.

Let's get started! :)

Model: pennyteenager

Hair SunChic Hair 
So nice and curly, would've added a BIT detail, LOVEEEE the headband. Overall 10/10

Shirt: SunChic Top
The bow is absolutely stunning. 
I'm literally speachless. Like BEAUTIFUL!
Overall: 1,0000/10


Skirt: Floral Goddess Maxi Skirt

I love how it is two toned, but I hate that there is nothing else to it. They could of added like a belt. 
Overall 6/10

Lastly for this outfit, 

Shoes: Flowered anklet

The flowers look very pretty, nothing really wrong with it. Kinda boring though. Overall 3/10

Anyways, people ask me questions on like how are you so pretty. I think everyone is perfect. So I'll be giving YOU tips on What To Wear! 
Wear something that makes you feel comfortable, don't wear it just because people tell you to. Wear what you feel right in.

If you don't like what someone is wearing, so what! They like it. That's all that matters. We want to put a smile on everyone's face. Don't be a hater. Actually be a motivater. 

If you're struggling to put on your pants, don't put them on at all. I hope this helped you guys! :)


Busy Bee

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to tell all of you wonderful bursties, that.... (drum roll please!)
I passed trials! Woohoo! Anyway, Have any of you noticed that there is a new cover? I certainly have! I enjoy not having many other distracting adds as well! Royals or Rebels? Woozworld gives that choice to all the Woozens that play! I chose Rebel, because I rebel against many things! Or are you a royal? (We'll never be royaaaals)

Also, I will be doing a contest soon! I hope you guys all participate because I would love to contribute my time to this blog! Who knows what the contest will be? A picture contest? I guess the surprise will be awesome, eh?

What's going on in my life? Well, I've been busy busy busy! I work everyday, post on two blogs (One is for school), I volunteer at many places, I have school, AND I started sharing stories on an app called Wattpad!

Anyway, See you guys this Friday! (And sorry for the choppy post. I have loads of homework to do and I'm trying to fix my computer right now! Thanks for understanding!) Stay Lovely xoxo,

Royals or Rebels? (5th Blog Post)

Hey Bursties! What's Up? It's my 5th Blog post which means I'm getting closer to becoming an OFFICIAL WOOZWORLD BURST BLOGGER! 

That sounds so exciting hopefully ILovePenguins64 and PinkLover5214 pick me. But before we get started if you would like to check out my previous blog posts click the links below.

1st Post: http://woozworldburst.blogspot.com/2014/09/new-woozworld-burst-blogger.html

2nd Post: http://woozworldburst.blogspot.com/2014/10/ms-yeti-found-innocent.html

3rd Post: http://woozworldburst.blogspot.com/2014/10/hello-bursties-tackle-here-happy.html

4th Post: http://woozworldburst.blogspot.com/2014/10/cure-for-zombeardtosis-is-here.html

Okay now let's get started with the blog post!
Have any of you noticed these little things around Woozworld?

Tip: Click Photo To Enlarge.

They seem to be little coins with Ever After High emblems on them. I don't know much about them but I do know you can join either Royals or Rebels in the official Ever After High Unit.

You can pick between the 2 teams by clicking the pink or purple chests. Obviously pink is Royals and purple is Rebels. 

That's about all the information we have for this post! Tune in on Wednesday for my next post :) Until then i'm signing out!

                                   -Tackle ©

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Star Of The Week Nowww! :D

Hello wonderful people! xoxo. How was your weekend? Mine was great. :D I want to talk about 1 thing today. STAR OF THE WEEK IS NOW! :D YAAAY! I seen some great outfits. Here are some! :D
                                                   CosmicThunder: looked amazing.
                                                    I loved the colors. FABB!!! :D
                                                           Good Luck! :D

Taye0: Amazing Outfit! :D You will rock the stage.
The colors are so amazing. 
Good Luck!
Ems37: You are looking great! :D
Love the dress. You look like a real Zombie! Scarrry. 
Good Luck!
Crystalfire: God Bless the colors! :D
They are amazing. The hair is fab! c:
Good Luck! 
Resolute: Amazing Judge! :D I love you being Judge.
You know who has Fashion or nahh. :D
Good Job! Keep Up The Good Work! :D
+MyaWooz: Gurrrl. You look so fab. Fabby mick Fabby. xD Amazing. 
Thanks for being a great Animator. :D
Thanks Again!
XxxLoveForeverxx- xoxoxo I love you guys. I'm sorry I didn't post Friday. I had to march Friday night at a Football game. I will start posting on my days but I wanted to post today. I love you guys so much. <3 VOTE MY POSTTT!!!! 


Benidorm! :D + other stuff.

Hey burties! :D Working hard at school does pay off, because i have done so well my dad and step mam have taken me to Benidorm! Now this was a surprise for me because they took me on thurday early morning and i didnt know where we were going! So that why i didn't post on Sunday + we get free internet in our hotel 'Levante club apartments' but it was down for afew days. Ok and woozworld has finally made the cure for the zombie infection (my facial hair was annoying me!)  but of corse they put it in store they always want money! and what do you think of the new outfits.. Well old outfits. Woozworld needs to buck up they're ideas if they want to keep this virtual game.
Those are the prices.

Anyway i gotta dip in the pool B-) Toodles <3 -Add me i add all- ashlyxxlowry.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cam Fashionista Of The Week

Hey bursties CAM here!

Ok so I wanted to talk about my "Cam Fashionista Of The Week" this is simply a contest that WoozWorld burst choose the best-dressed woozen and they will win 1,000 BEEX and they will be on my "Hall of Fame" but you have to look best-dressed and classy FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW.

  1. Enter your Username (At the end)
  2. Wait on Friday 
  3. Check back to see if you won
  4. *If you won message me on ww (Cam-) ... (I know if you won... Do not try me!) 
    Enter your username here

    Good luck Bursties

    -Cam xoxo

    Royal or Rebel?

       Hello, Woozens!

      I have noticed there has been barely any posts, and no posts yesterday! Well, time to entertain you all. Let me ask you this.. are you a

    Royal or a Rebel?
     I am a Roybel, but I picked Royal for one of my choices :)
    I picked royal for the one of my choices because I love princess things, and stuff. But I can be a rebel sometimes alsoo.. hehehe.
    I think what most of the woozens are after is the hair. Yes, I WANT THE HAIR ALSO! Also, it does not count as looks. Just because you are girly, doesn't mean you have to join royals, and that goes the opposite for rebels as well. If your a boy, and thinking you should pick rebel, because, like your a boy, you can pick whatever you want. Don't let stereotypes overpower you!
    I wish a goodluck for everyone! Also I am sorry this is a short post, I am quite busy, as I do say so myself. 
    Here is a poll for you all!

    Friday, October 17, 2014

    #Popwooz Review

    Hey Bursties its CAM and today i will be talking about #Popwooz Clothing well so lets get started!

    Ok so lets do my personal opinion GIRLS first!
    (Dresses, Hairs, Etc)

    • Ok the princess wedding hair is Eh ... Its OLD and BASIC has absolutely no FAB touches towards it and it seems unprofessional for Woozworld to release this hair and nobody wears it i rate it a 0 out of 10 I know it seems harsh but i am telling the ~truth sadly. I know it was released awhile ago.~
    • Now for the Promiful its Fantabulous I remember when i first saw it I was like  BOOM CLAP I was in LOVE! It calls out Fab and Bow's haha. and honestly if I were a girl I would buy I can rock it! its just nicely decorated with the bow for hair ~and such and it seems awesome and CHIC~
    • Not to mention the princess wedding dress its OK it has a few things that can be soon fixed and i know it was released   in early 2012 i believe but it is not really the best for #Popwooz its just not in style (Maybe substitute it for promber?) but anyways the best part is the top with the gold its Classy and cute. Overall this dress is ok and I personally would not recommend it
    Now for my personal opinion BOYS
    (Hair, Shirts, Pants, Etc)

    • Lets start with the slick combover, This hair is weird it makes no sense it looks like you are wearing a toupee and its just weird and makes absolutely no sense I am just like "Bruh" it has not meaning and its funny to me because I think of woozens wearing toupee's its OLD and RETRO woozworld style haha. 
    • Now for the rustic wedding hair is REALLY CURLY! I love it but like I hate how it is wooz like what in the world. When I get wooz its going to be mine and i am gonna rock it its curls are cute and yup yup.
    • Fancy wedding shoes! I remember these from the Glamz collection from prom one year I believe its from its pretty nice shoes they have much detail and its pretty nice and the white "Sparkles" are pretty nice.
    • Lets all be studs with the STUD HOLIDAY JACKET, its so nice i actually have one and i wear occasionally but i think its nice the "Robe" dillio is working out also the Bow-Tie is nice and if i can color it its going to be nice.

    Honestly the Popwooz was pointless with clothing they could have gotten better clothing due to the choices and the old wedding clothing from years back. Woozworld could have done it better and it would have been better with certain things.

    -Cam xoxo