Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rarest Items in WoozWorld! {As Of September 2nd 2014}

Hey everyone! iAmCuriosity here! For todays blog I thought it'd be helpful if I gave a list of the rarest items! (1 = Most desirable 20 =  Least desirable) And without further ado, lets begin!

1. Stylish Ballerina Outfit

2. Stylish Ballerina Hair

3. WoozMas Outfit

4. WoozMas Sweater

5. Stylish Ballerina Dress

6. Pixel Outfit

7. Pixel Sweater

8. Newest Outfit

9. Skater Outfit

10. Fashionista Rocker Outfit

11. Patterned Tube Top

12. Messy Pixel Hair

13. Pixel Dress

14. Fashionista Rocker Hair

15. Peacock outfit

16. Belle Ball Hair

17. BowTEA hair

18. Skater Ponytail

19. Ms Romance Hair

20. Spar Hair

Hopefully this list helps you with trading in the future since now you're informed on how much your rare is worth! <3 Also don't forget to give me a rating on this blog post! :) Tell me if you think this post was either "funny", "interesting" or "cool"! That's all for now!

See you guys next time! <3
Love iAmCuriosity

Monday, September 1, 2014

new blogger!!

Hi my name is singeratheart! You can call me singer. I'm new to woozworld burst and i'm really excited and honored to be a  trial blogger!

Now its time for some intrasting facts about me! :D

1.I love music
2.I can't stand drama
3.I respect others no matter what others say about them, colour, history, or their orgin.
4.i am a blogger for another blog to
5.I have a alot of random friends
6.sometimes i can go a little overboard so if i go to far please tell me!
7.My fav colour is green!!!!!!
8.I have a wheat allergy
9.I can't stand it when ppl forget i'm right there!!!
10.i hate Mondays so why i chose this day makes no sense XD. i chose it because it makes me happy to write well er um type.

So those were just some random facts about me and i'm still working on a sign out pic so this is what i will use for right now! :D


Hey Bursties :D Penny Here, And WOW Today Stella And I Had An Amazing Turnout At The Woozen Choice Awards 2014. Over 130 People And All Nominated By YOU! I'm Sure She'll Post About It xD But Yesss I Won An Award For BEST INSPIRATIONAL FILM ! :O I Almost Had A Heart Attack, My Movie "Oath" Won :') Thankyou Guys So Much For That :D !

Like I Was Saying, Im Making A NEW WOOZWORLD FILM! It Won't Be About Suicide Like "Oath" Was. But It Will Be A Tragic Romance Movie. I Can't Give Too Much Details Because I'm Still Working On The Parts and Scrips And Ahhhhh xD But Yes, I Will Be Looking For Actors/ Actress' . I Will Use As Many People As I Can, So We're All Involved :) I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY FILMS :) Please Subscribe To My Channel On Youtube : iLuvpenguins64

Woozworld News

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend. School tomorrow again..Ahhh. I'm sorry for not posting. I am here to make it up now! :D Woozworld News? New Woozguides, new outfits, and more bad units. I'm going to talk about New Woozguides first. 1st: @Strawbee 
And the 2nd: @MelodyArtistic
I don't know about you guys but I love the new outfits. They have so much Fashion in them. Pretty amazing. 
Bad Units: It is really rude to make bad units. It makes Woozworld look bad and everyone on the game look bad. My mom seen a bad unit and is like what the heck. If have the people parents seen the units/rooms that was on Woozworld they would not allow them on Woozworld any longer so make right decisions. -CatchyTune
Hello bursties, Ashly here! Now this isnt my blogging day but since i havent blogged for a week (on holiday) i think i should post because i have just got back. Now i did ask if i should go on the pepsimax (blackpool, pleasure beach) and i did and it was amazing!! i would so go on it again XD On thursday ill post some of my previous outfit design because i havent posted any. :P 

So on holiday i didnt have any wifi until i went into the cafe so my mam bought me VIP in the cafe. She is weird O_O Anyway i gotta go now! :)


Sunday, August 31, 2014

                                               Email: woozenchoiceawards@gmail.com



  • slasher by cosmicthunder
  • bloody Murder by Armin
  • The Immortals by Nikol882
  • Game over or not by Beatdemonzwoozworld
  • Ghost from the past by BeatdemonzWoozworld



  • Falling Petals by Alixx
  • Love at first sight by MindyMoowooz
  • xo-adams and amy's love story by lina59
  • A cup of coffee by Purplerulz875



  • Oath by penguins
  • My Destiny 2 by mindywoozmoo



  • Spy inc by Shakerz
  • WWA Diamonds by Nikol8992



  • Yeti High by Chyna260 and Laila-rox
  • The Populars by Purplerulz875
  • Beexworld High by Datbshow
  • Woozworld Dreams by theyoshow2000



  • Yeti High by Chyna260 and Laila-rox
  • My Dirty little secret by Cosmicthunder
  • The Populars by Purplerulz875
  • Beexworld High by Datbshow
  • Haunted Highways by Beatdemonzwoozworld
  • My Dirty little secret by Cosmicthunder



  • Mack and James by Kavin-wzw
  • My Secret Betrayal by Laila-rox

Short Films

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  • aidy the kid alone by ww-social owner
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  • woozworld horror short by sandy359
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  • the adventures of kristy and cosmic ep 2 by cosmicthunder
  • chucky doll by latinlover00
  • hide and seek is no kids game by rebecca-angel
  • where is she now by pinkychu wooz
  • annoying mom parody by lilemsy4

Music Videos

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  • Problem by Cat294
  • You belong with me by xkirawzw
  • cloud9 by angie55051 and Ishqaidi
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  • Still into you by captainxamerica
  • Here's to never growing up by Nikki-ashley
  • better than revenge by Resolute
Problem By Stella123sl  

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Hey Bursties, Penny Here :-) So Theres Been Talk That The mods Have Been Choosing More And More Woozguidez! And I've Seen 2 New Ones Already :O The Big Question is WHO?! Well Lets Give A Big Warm Hand For ...  @Strawbee!

I Think She Will Make An AMAZING Guide, But She Has Been getting Hate Lately! Don't Worry Bee, They Ain't Got Nothin On You. You're A Great Friend. Beautiful, Funny, Independent ... They're All Just Jealous ;) I Wish You All The Best!! Keep Rockin The Pink ;D

And The OTHER New Guidez... 

Congratulations To @MelodyArtistic

Rumors Have Been Going On About Her Saying She Said Bad Things But That Is All Just A HOAX! She Is One Of The Sweetest, Most Helpful Woozens You Will Ever Meet :-) Haha, And She Already Has Been making A Difference, Haven't Seen One Inappropriate Unitz C; GREAT JOB Mel!

Well Thats All For Today, If you see Them Around, Wish Them A Congratz ! Other Than That, Report- Dont Support. See You Tomorrow xoxo iLuvpenguins64

New Woozguidez?!

❤Good Afternoon, Bursties!❤
As I pointlessly clicked back and forth on my WoozIn screen, a post came up. Someone congratulated @melodyartistic on WoozIn. I wondered what it was for, and when I clicked her profile, her status said Woozguidez. That's right, woozens. Our final Woozguidez were picked this afternoon. Just about an hour ago, @Strawbee visited Woozen Quests with a blue bubble and Woozguidez t-shirt. Here's a list of our present Woozguidez at the moment. @Drakepuz, @rebecca-angel, @Caceymama, @PoliceOfficerSam, @melodyartistic, @Lost006, @Drakepuz, and @Strawbee. Congratulations to all of you, you'll do a lovely job, taking care of our community. It's a likely chance that these are the last Woozguidez to get picked.
Setting that aside, earlier today, @melodyartistic was accused of cursing out a woozen in message. She got attacked this morning in Woozen Quests by several people. She was speechless, not knowing what to say, because she simply had no words, considering she was being thrown insults at. So, her gracious friend and fellow co-Woozguidez stepped in and defended her, such a gentleman. That's all for today, guys. Have a gui-ood day! x)

❤New Signoff Photo Coming Soon❤

Friday, August 29, 2014

WoozWorld Raising Prices

Hey everyone, iAmCuriosity here!
Today I'd like to talk about something that's probably gonna make a few people upset..
WoozWorld has raised the price for EVERYTHING on WoozWorld! Don't believe me? Just take a look at the weekly outfits that have made a jump from $4.99 to a staggering $7.99!:

And didn't think that WoozWorld could make VIP anymore more of a rip off? WELL GUESS WHAT! You thought wrong! Just look at this!: 

Not only has a 1 Year VIP has made a jump from just $39.95 (which is now the 6 Month VIP price) to $54.95! THAT'S A $15 PRICE DIFFERENCE! But you used to get more for your money! You used to get 8500 Wooz and 8500 beex, now you only don't get anything besides the VIP itself! And if even the price increase doesn't scare you and you still decide to buy VIP, well be prepared to pay $62.68 IN TOTAL WITH TAXES! That's more than half a hundred dollars for a VIRTUAL GAME! I don't know if I'm the only one, but if WoozWorld doesn't make a change and lowers their prices, this may possibly be my last year as a VIP. What about you guys? Tell me what you think of this outrageous price increase in the comment section bellow! Also don't forget to give me a rating on this blog post! :) Tell me if you think this post was either "funny", "interesting" or "cool"! That's all for now!

See you guys next time! <3
Love iAmCuriosity

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Face(s) On WzW? ♫❀

   This Picture May Look Familiar From The Pop-Up When You First Log Onto WoozWorld. But What Doesn't Look Familiar Is The Face On The Jenny Swift. There's No Doubt It Resembles Taylor Swift But Will It Be Featured On WoozWorld? It's Definitely Similar To The More Recent Faces Such As Fresh Face And Ladylike, More Realistic As Oppose To 'Cutie And Make-Up' And 'Innocent And Make-Up'. I Personally Really Like It. Only Time Will Tell If We'll Be Seeing This Face In WoozWorld.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

WNS Performance Outfit Review For Guys

Hello Little Mice! 
   So this morning when I logged I something different about +JayWooz so I rushed on world and went to see the new outfits! C: Here are the outfits


Hat: The the only flaws are how big it is and how it doesn't really 
match the coat. But I like it because its reminds me of Smokey The Bear and Pharrel Williams.5/10

Coat: I love it but I'm not a fan of the shirt how it peeks down from under and just the bottom in general. But I love it because it makes me think that this is what a sports jersey might look like if they played sports in Fall.8/10

Pants: I love them. I love just the folds in general. As for the shoes I can't see.10/10


Hat: I LOVE the hair and how it only shows a bit with only sideburns. I also l love the shape and form of the hat how it looks like its loose but perfectly fitting. 9/10

Top: I love plaid over-tops (Don't get mad at me I don't know what they're called ;c) plus I love how he has headphones around his neck. 10/10

Pants: I'm not as big of a fan of the pants because Its really just the Jayrell pants with a stripe. C: 6/10

Thats it for today! XOXO~

❤WNS Outfit Reviews+Apologies❤

Good Evening, Bursties. ❤

I truly apologize for not being able to post. My schedule has been unintentionally unorganized due to my transition to getting back on track with school. I am going on a retreat with my grade tomorrow, just to notify you on my schedule. Setting that aside, let's talk new WNS outfits. They are absolutely stunning, and I am positive that our fellow designers took this certain package of outfits very seriously. Here's my review on them.

I, myself, absolutely adore this particular outfit, considering the fact that it simply looks exactly like Ariana, herself. Ariana's style is quite hard to capture and put down on a virtual site, but I believe that our designers did a wonderful job on this. My opinion on the hair is simple, it's absolutely stunning. The curls, perfected. Stunning work of art. The dress is quite simple, not much to talk about. The shoes look like Frankenstein boots, in my opinion. A bit too much, but aside from that, they did a fabulous job.
Jenny's hair is simply gorgeous. The shadowing, the bangs, it's perfect. Her dress is absolutely stunning, I cannot express how amazing it looks, the waistband, the two parts at the top that come together, words cannot be put into how lovely this is. Everything about the outfit is inexpressibly beautiful.
 This outfit definitely surprised me. Our designers usually never add headphones, or for that matter, any accessories to their outfits, so I was truly surprised by that. The hat is simple, but stylish. The plaid is to die for, so charming and handsome. The pants, not that important, shoes, cannot see them. Lovely outfit, perfect for a Friday night at the arcade!
Oh dear, look at that hat! Haha, Jay comes back strong as ever, with his big, ginormous hat. Why, won't you look at that? Quite large, if I may say. The jacket is quite simple, I am somewhat disapointed with it. The jeans, too bright. It'll make the colors it is dyed look too bright. The shoes, can't see them. Overall, I am simply unamused.

I apologize for the lack of posting. I am not forgetting, and I am not purposely trying to not post. I adore posting, and I express that during every post, so you should be aware of that, but I have been flooded with schoolwork. I, sincerely, apologize to not only the Woozworld Burst owners, Pinkie and Penguin, but to all of you lovely viewers. I will try my best to post early, and plan ahead, but I cannot promise anything. I cherish my hobby as a blogger, and hopefully, will be able to keep it, with the acception of school. Have a lovely evening!❤