Sunday, August 2, 2015

Woozpetz of the week

hey ya unicorns <) how have you been?
This Tuesday, im going to the seaside with my family so i wont be able to post for 5 days, i'll  come back and my schedule will turn back to normal.
Anyways, Woozpetz of the week! This week, France was the acctual "theme" for wotw! And  RecklessCharms and her adorable monkey Casanova totally knew how to rock that theme out! RecklessCharms casually combined her chic shiny accesorie with the black and white top,along with a beautiful pair of heels! And what can i say about Casanova? He was a little cutie, with a "parisienne" hat,prooving that accesories are the key for an awesome outfit!

Congratz to the winner! <3

Okay guys,sorry for such an short post,but as i've said everything we'll turn back to normal when i'll come from the seaside. Byeee

Saturday, August 1, 2015

How to make have a great school year & Bye!

Hey guys! C:. I want to start off with why I'm saying 'Bye'. -Sigh- If you guess I'm going to another camp you are correct. I won't be back to post next week but I'll hopefully be back in time for my next posts after that. Remember to keep Zack out of trouble and message me/post on my wallz for anything you want to tell me. (Nothing will be responded till 13 days later.) I'll miss all you fantabulous people :'3

Anyways, onto my real topic. Most of you reading this probably don't enjoy school. ( I love school so DIE! Jk bye) I decided to help you guys enjoy you're school year a bit more, and get the most out of it.

1.) Make many memories. Get with you friends and do amazing things,stupid things,helpful things. Every bit counts, and every part will be within you.

2.) Get more drama happening xD.Okay be honest. Would you really rather have a classroom where everyone behaves, and nothing exciting happens, or would you like to be in a classroom where there's a trouble maker, a class clown, a kid falling off their chair? This also goes along the line of creating great memories.(This actually happened in my class: Someone stole my teacher's skittles at Halloween time.)

3.) ''A day without laughter is a day wasted". Keep the mood at happy-people laughing their heads off. Sure there'll be a day where every thing's moody, but remember to keep that sun shinning bright.\

4.) Find new friends!! This is a really great thing because friends are just amazing. Sometimes the best person isn't the one that's the most noticeable. Having new friends is also great because with them, you may find new talents.I was new last year, and this kid LOVED to draw manga.I did draw Anime before, but it was. . . I can't even. With her, I learned how to draw new eyes, and now I'm at digital anime ;) (I was self taught though)

5.) Challenge people xP. I find doing challenges, helps you make great memories, and helps you learn some new stuff you never knew about people. Maybe someone is better at blowing paper boats than you, or maybe your better at basketball than someone else. ( You can also put some stuff on the line of winning :P)

6.) Be friendly. If you're goth that's fine, but you should always act kindly towards others. They'll get a better image of you.

7.) Be yourself. Being yourself, will make you comfortable in what you do. You can also be an important person in your schoolyear by just being true to yourself.

8.) Finally, show your wildhood. Childhood is one of the important steps in growing up.It helps you learn to smile,laugh,and cry. Don't always be uptight, you have to sometime loosen up, and show your inner self.There will always be another side to that,angry,happy,sad,or shy person you are. You just have to be patient with life ;)

That raps up this post. Its 11:00 pm right now so I should head off. I wish you all the best rest of your summer.

Bleaty signing out, with best wishes C:


#Royal Advices, Love at First Sight

Hello bursties,
 This is a #Royal Advices. About Love. So Lovers out there! Get ready to get Royal tips about Love .


Dear princess,

First of all you're doing a very great job by helping people through out the world with your #Royal Advices. This time you need to help me in Romance. It was First day of School for me. I met a new girl who is very lovely. I think I fell in love with her. I don't know if she loves me or not but I want to let her know I love her.

Dear lover xD,

So, you think you are in love and want to make a new relationship with each other. Here are some tips you need to know
Be comfortable not just around her but in real life too. Don't ever fake about anything related to you. Be your own you.

Be neat and well groomed. Take baths regularly,  clip your nails,brush your teeth, floss, use scent, wear neat clothes etc. Believe me.  Girls love neatness

Talk to her.  Don't act as if toh don't exist!  Go talk to her.  Get to know about her, her hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. If you won't talk to her she won't know you. 

Compliment her. Girls love complimant. But don't overdo it. dont Talk about her most often.

Give her time. Hang out with her.take her to the movies, park or any sweat place. 

Do things she likes to impress her. That is why knowing her is most important. Know her and do things she love.

Be honest and Loyal, share your ideas and don't ever lie to a girl.

Dont try to be perfect and don't expect perfection from that girl.

Gift her.  But not too often. Never over do anything.

Give her importance and time. Love her show her that in a sign just to make her realize that this relationship is , or than just friendship.

Let your parent know about it. Never keep it a secret or you cam get in danger.


New SOTW Unit - Burst Version

Hello Woozens, There is a NEW SOTW unit for Woozworld Bursts SOTW! You can come check it out anytime you want. There will be the same rules that apply. Make sure to come early on Thursday 8/6/15. Thanks for being so wonderful and supporting Iluvpenguins64 and the blog! 
UNIT NAME: Star Of The Week - Thursdays At 4 WT


Sorry, No Posting

Heu bursted,
Sorry, I wanted to let you know that I won't post today. Sorry no #Royal Advices.

Why? Cause I am going for picnic today and I needed to go packing. But the good news is that I will post 2 times tomorrow. So I am very sorry.


I am on tablet, so no signout photo. :C

Friday, July 31, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: More Summer Outfit Ideas

Hello munchkins! FASHION POST TIME! :) But, before we get to that, sorry I couldn't post for you guys on Sunday. So, I was able to get some fashion from woozens.
Hair: Polka Dot Headband
Top: Parisque Striped Shirt
Skirt: Swiftastic Skirt
Shoes: BestOverall Sandals by HinamoriAmuBest
I love this cute outfit!! The shirt with the skirt is like a perfect match while the hair and the sandals and the hair just  make it even better! Great fashion sense to Candylicious-!
Hair: Long Lush Locks
Top: -
Skirt: floral goddess maxi skirt
Sandals: -
Okay, sorry that I could not get the name of the sandals and top. So, this color is just bright which I love! The hair kind of reminds me of beach waves because they are loose waves which matches with the rest of the outfit to create a perfect beach outfit! Love it, Girly-Emoji-!

Okay, I really have to go guys! Ttyl!!

New Funky Friday Bundles..And an Important Message.....

Hey guys, Jessamyn here!
You may have noticed that there is a new Funky Friday bundle! With the new bundle you can dress yourself up as a water monster! Pretty cool, but also pretty expensive. Each outfit costs 500+ Wooz.
There is also another Funky Friday Bundle called the "World Tour Week 2 BundleZ." This includes all the places we have visited this week to find ZackWooz. If you get this BundleZ you can make your Unitz look like all the different places we've visited this week!
Of course, you can also buy just one part of the outfit and make another outfit with other clothing items, as shown below. In case you're interested the clothes shown here are the Girl Water Monster top, Cloe's In the Wild Bratz Leggings and the hair is Summer Breeze. Another good outfit to go with the Girl Water Monster Top is Floral Goddess Curls, Girl Water Monster Top and the Mermaid Tail.

Signing off for today..

ZackWooz gone evil?

Hey guys o3o. Bleaty here. Today, as you know, the Find ZackWooz mission was over.But after collecting the passport stamp in Egypt, we had to go find Zack's secret hideout.(Just look on Hot Now, it's Mt.Everest T_T)

When you get there, there's a large blue tube that you can just click. You''ll then have a little convo with ZackAttack xDD

Photos I actually took lmao:


Then Zeena crashes in and says stuff like goo goo ga ga for all I know O_o   They both leave to another tube, so obviously follow them.

Apparently Jenny's real name is actually Jennifer o.o You learn something new every day!
The gentlemen we all knew,has now turned back to kount von klokz.

But something he said caught my eye."You will all know what kountvonklokz is made of,in time.' Could this be the return of timekeeperz xDD

                                                            Then Zack sets off a 'fake' -cough- self-destruct person O_O


While all the woozband evacuated I decided to stay back a while and check out the unitz xD It seems as though Zack is trying to make zombiz.I also noticed there were 3 tanks. 2 had zombiz,and 1 was empty/broken. Woozworld may be attacked again,but it might not be zombiz this time...


Well that's all for today, hopefully you didn't do too much reading xD Until next time, we will have to wait and see, what Zack  Kountvonklokz, has in store for us.

Bleaty signing out!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Star Of The Week - WINNER

Hello Woozens, Inspired by Summer this week, InfiteForever wowed us all the way to the top spot with flawless hair and a white outfit. Congrats to our new Star of the Week


1) Outfit in Stores
2) Shoutout on Woozworld Burst
3) Picture 

Make sure to check out 'Star Of The Week', and you could win MANY prizes from store! 


Star Of The Week - Woozworld Burst Version (TODAY @ 4 WT)

Hello Woozens, Today we're having Star Of The Week - Woozworld Burst Version at 4 WT! You might want to be there 15 minutes early. I don't know many people with be there so make sure to keep a watch on when you come. Thank you! 

Unit Name:  Star Of The Week - Today at 4 WT


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Interview with sotw winner + Video Challenge

Hello glittering unicorns :3
So tomorrow i'm going to the dentist because i have a really bad toothache since one week ago.
Anyways, i don't know why am i so excited to post today.
Okay, about the surprise......ermm... Not done yet.
I have alot of things to do , i hope you can understand . I have homeworks and stuff. But i promise i'll do it. If not this Sunday,than Tuesday. If i do it before sunday, than I'll do a special announcement post! Let's get into the topic, shall we? cx

Everybody know Mya's star of the week, this week's winner was PheonixGirl and she kindly accepted to give an exclusive interview fir burst!
It was my first time i've took an interview, so the questions might not be so brilliant but anyways...

(just saying that i don't have and introduction for the interview because I'm a genius)
Me: If you previously went to sotw, did you have another color code or the one for this week's sotw?
Pheo: I previously went to sotw in another color code, so yeah i thought i will try the new code "red and white".

Me: So how is it to win sotw?
Pheo: Well, winning sotw make you get loads of friend request and loads of messages so yeah, quite busy! xD

Me: How did you feel when you won it?
Pheo: I felt really excited when i won because of the amount of times i failed x'D

Me:Would you like to go to sotw again?
Pheo: I would probably go to it again mainly to judge.

Me:What's your advice for future sotw contestants?
Pheo: Well the advice would be : always be  yourself and original.

T H I S    W A S     T H E    I N T E R V I E W

Okay, into the other topic: Video Challenge. Yes again.
This week's video challenge THEME  is ZACK
Where in the world is ZACKWOOZ? Ye, i miss him since i really enjoyed truth or tale.
Anyways, Where in the world could zackwooz be?
Here you shall be original since it's a real funny theme. I really like it! You could choose any country, island , unicorn, pool, cup of tea in this world! Good luck to everyone :3
So guys that's it with this post! I luv chu all and see ya sunday!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

#CreativeOutfits with Jess!

A few days ago, I realized that nearly everyone who wins SOTW are VIPs...and most of their outfits are just the store-bought outfits with a few tweaks, like changing the shoes. Not to insult anyone of course!
Then one day, I was looking around Woozworld while eating frozen yogurt.. xD
While I browsed through different Unitz looking for something interesting, I noticed how some newer people have really creative outfits and I really liked them. So I thought, "Why not do a monthly blog post about these outfits..and reviewing them just like other bloggers review store outfits, or SOTW winner's outfits?" Every blogger has their own cool thing, like -NicoleLoves-' new Fashion Advice Segment (go check it out here,) or Princessabix's "Royal Advice" (you can see one of her Advice posts here and if you have something you think you need advice on, you can always go comment on her Wallz or email her!) So I guess this will be my thing! I will find some #CreativeOutfits every month and combine them into one post with a review on why I loved it.

(All of the users that are featured here have given their permission to have their picture and username posted on the blog.)

Outfit 1.)
I love her outfit :D It has a pink colorcode with hints of white. Everything matches so well! The hair is "Festival Bandana," the dress is "Mock-neck Cocktail Dress" and the shoes are "Gold-Studded Heels," all in a pale, pretty shade of pink :) Vicky's awesome outfit proves that you don't need to use the designated "rich" or "rare" items to look absolutely gorgeous!

Outfit 2.)
The dress with the hair is really pretty :) I love how everything is really simple with light shades of blue and white with some dark blue and black accents! 
She looks really pretty..Congratulations to Nikkilovevot for putting together this incredible outfit!

Outfit 3.)
Last of all but definitely not least, anastasia730 combined normal clothes with rare items to create a nice casual outfit, with the color code of neon pink and white! I really like how she combined the hair with the clothes and heels. She did a great job making an awesome outfit to wear! :D

Well, that's it for today! And if you see an outfit you like, send it in to my email or post on my Wallz (Jessamyn) and I'll consider it (I'll also say it was sent in by you!)

Signing off for now.. ~Jessamyn
Remember, you don't need to stick with the assigned "rares" or store outfits
to look great! :) 

Summer fashion- The mysterious surprise :o

H I      G L I T T E R I N G         U N I C O R N S!
Myleyvip, here ^^ so since there are no more news at the moment except from the yesterday's glitches (Like rlly, how much can juggling with 3 balls take? T_T) this post will be different.
Oh i almost forgot to tell you that I AM AN OFFICIAL BLOGGER

Okay so into the topic:
Summer fashion. Summer is (in my opinion) the most FASHION-ABLE season! You can wear anything, creativity is your only limit!
Follow this tips for a totally fashionable summer! ^^

1. The colors- Colors are very important. It's summer! Sun is shining! (This is sounding  like some song lyrics xD) Use your favorite colors in crazy combinations because YOU CAN!

2. Accessorise- are also very important. They add a personal touch to your summer outfit and they will make it look special! Sunglasses are a summer MUST HAVE!

3. A pair of shorts- Summer=shorts! Every girl need a pair of shorts summer, they are really comfortable plus that they look awesome with any top! The shorts colors are unlimited! You can have the shorts from the classic jeans to colors such as red,blue,purple ...EVEN RAINBOW xD As i've said your imagination is the limit.

4. Patterns- there are also unlimited patterns you can have on different piece of clothing.
Aztec patterns are now "in vogue" so don't be shy and use them. For example,you have a plain outfit, one color outfit , you just add a patterned top and the outfit will turn FABULOUS!
 So basically alot of bright colors and imagination! That's the recipe for a TOTALLY FASHIONABLE SUMMER!
 I hope it will help you! <3
Okay now the mysterious surprise:
One day i had an idea, what if i would do a personality test for you guys!
So soon, you will be able to find out "Which blogger are you like?" It will be an online quiz that will probably be out Tuesday (my posting day) and i hope you guys like it! <3
That was all for today, hope you liked this today's post!
See ya Tuesday! I love you all guys! Bye

Gossips: KarlaZen Scamming (with Video)

Hey guys,
Today was my posting day and which Is why I wanted to post Gossips. A little notice to owner that I am a blogger for Burst since two months and My name is still not on the Blog's Info.

{Before Starting I wanted to tell you that It is not necessary that this Gossip
have to be True. This was just taken from a video 
below. We are not sure If it is true because this is not always true that gossips have to be
a fact. But this have a proof in the video. So in order to be sure,
go to the video provided below of the post.}

The rumor was that KarlaZen a Famous Rich woozen who owns a very famous unitz named ''Karla's Rare Trade centre'' have scammed three people. She was on her Facebook and asks for trading of accounts and she scammed. As Information she scammed three people who wanted to trade accounts with her.

The rumor is 'FALSE' this didn't happened but read below to know What really happened!

So, are you really excited to know the truth..!?? Let's get to know it.

There is this facebook account owned by a woozen named Danger wooz aka Ebony wooz. She claims to be KarlaZen and posts as KarlaZen. She Sells account so the receiver have to buy from card. Do not buy from her. SHE IS A FRAUD!

 How can You differentiate between the real and fake Karla's FB. The real karla have profile pic of a cat while the fake karla have a girl taking her picture. This is the way to differentiate between the two Karlas

So here is the Video to prove it right what I just said! Click here to know the Full detail about what happened! <------This is the Video link.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Woozworld Fashion Contest TIPS

Hey guys o3o. Bleaty here. Normally I would talk about News on Woozworld,but there really isn't anything new happening so I decided to give you guys some tips,on how to be successful in Mya's fashion contests!

1.) Be unique! Everyone knows an original is better than a copy. I'm not saying you can't be inspired by others,but just remember to always add your own little to your design :)

2.) DO.NOT.STEAL.OTHER.PEOPLE'S.WORK. Okay this has to be the 2nd time this has happened. Apparently,a finalist stole some of Penny's design. Doing this will ruin your chances of becoming a finalist again,and ruins friendships on woozworld sometimes.

3.) Add the right amount of detail. It's like the saying: If you put little salt on your food,it doesn't taste that great,if you put too much salt on your food,it ruins the whole thing. Use cool designs on your outfit to make it stand out. If you already put allot of detail on 1 item, maybe put only 1 or 2 things on the next item to even out everything.

4.) Make it neat. It's totally fine if the outfit doesn't look like perfection,but if it's just blobs of paint everywhere,I don't think the outfit will actually show. It's also good the add shading,and outlining to your items.

5.) Follow the theme! Don't make a spring-type of outfit if the theme is winter bye.

6.) Take your time. If you rush your outfit,it will show.You should be taking your time on every detail,to make it look like you really put effort into the outfit. The only time you SHOULD Rush,is when the deadline is like in an hour xD

7.) Be a good sport!! We were created to make mistakes,not be perfect. Everyone does,and will fail at least once. Knowing that you will fail sometimes, is helpful because some people get really mad and just quit there.It also helps you to know that you did do your best,but your next outfit will be even better! :D

finally. . . .

8.) Have fun!! This is supposed to be fun and competitive at the same time. If you're having fun,it'll show in your outfit,while if your sad, you might end up creating a really sad-looking outfit. You should also help support others and give them some compliments/stuff to work on, on their outfits.

I hope this helped and congratulations to all the finalists. Just as I knew xD,my outfit was a complete fail,but it was fun to make :3 Because I'm really bored,.... Here is my interesting/weird/bad outfit crie:

Comment in the chatbox hat you think? xD

Well that's all for today's post,I'll see you all next week and remember to keep trying even when you fall,try try again!
Bleaty signing out!



WNS outfits

He guys,
LOL I don't know how you guys are going with the WNS outfits. Bet you guys are stuck LOL.

Well, let me tell you that woozworld can help you with your design. You'll say how? The answer is #Instagram yup :p.
As many of woozens are facing difficulty in adding  their design in podz! So they upload it in their Instagram and, people are posting their pictures in Instagram just to be on the safe side. Well, this gave you guys an opportunity!

What you can do is that go to Instagram and look at the design.  No! No no no I didn't meant that! Don't Cheat but, take help and hints from them. There are many fabulous design go check them out for help only!! here are some pictures that I love ♥♥♥♥♡

This is the outfit in which myawooz gave compliment! 
Really can you believe it.. :)
 I guess Mandisimo's fabulous outfit will win the design challenge ;)

Lovely colour combination. Makes it look totally like a rockstar
The hair I guess resemples to an old poor hair but I like this version better.

Out of the mind O_O can you look at the awesome pop-star design
at the top and the bottom!

So this is a lil more rapper. If you know what I mean! I can't think
what this person made because there is no colour.
Guys a Tip weather you are drawing by hand, Or by PC please use colours. To give nice effect and the reader can know an idea what you made but this is still a nice design

LOL woozworld commented on this means it has to be awesome! I love the top too. 
It is giving a nice shade and the hairs have so many colors. Totally a rockstar

This is inspired by rihanna. But don't you think that ''thorns'' top and the top shown before are 
kind of same o.0. LOL
 The shoes I guess are not quite nice but I love the effect of hair.

Is this awesome or what. This was use to be the boy's hair but this
 woozen made it more awesome.

So guys these were the design but there are more fabulous and gorgeous designs out there on instagram. If you are interested to see them for ''help'' then Click Here. Have fun. Byeee Cya

Friday, July 24, 2015

New Funky Friday Bundle

HELLO!!! Funky Friday came back today! This is going to be a quick post today. So, do you guys like Wacky Wednesday better or Funky Friday better btw? Anyways, let's jump into today's funky Friday bundle
The funky Friday bundle includes items to make your own unitz to look like the places woozens visited to find ZackWooz. The places include Beijing, Tokyo, Uluru National Park, Mumbai, Mt. Everest and Banff National Park.

Bye guys!! I am going to try to post more next time! Ttyl!


Thursday, July 23, 2015

OFFICIAL BLOGGER!!!!!!!!! :3 And a shoutout...

OMG I'm so excited!!!! This is Jessamyn and I'm here to tell you that I am now an OFFICIAL BLOGGER! That means I get to be in the title header, choose my posting days and have an official title name (I chose "The Creative One," as you can see if you scroll down.) Now that I'm an official blogger I will be posting a LOT more except when I have other work to do, which I usually won't, so get ready for more posts from me! :)

And I would like to give a shoutout to a woozen I met this week!
Her name is JackieBrave.. and we met because of hair xD (don't ask.)
All the time this week lots of people were being really mean (calling me "poor" because I couldn't afford a pair of shorts for 50,000 Beex, refusing to trade me because I apparently "look like a noob") and she was about the only person I met this week that was actually really nice to me :) We talked for a long time, and it was really nice :D
So if you see JackieBrave around, make sure to say hi! C:

(having some problems operating blogger right now so my sign-off pic is way down there... :/)
Signing off for today.... ~Jessamyn

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Me and Penguins are holding an event for the blog TOMORROW! (7/23/15) At 2 PM Wooztime! There is a picture of the unitz that it will be held at down below. We will be able to answer any of your guys questions and chat with you and pick 3 NEW BLOGGERS! :) Make sure you're there! Don't miss out ;)

Hope to see everyone there! ♥

Popular Unitz

Hey, it's xox-Miley-xox! :) So,maybe you're making a unitz and you would like many woozens to be there. What unitz you should make?

1) Kissing game

2) Rare Trade Center

3) Adoption Center

4) Free Lines

5) Speed Dating

Woozens like a well decorated unitz, so you should put a lot of work into it and be aware that might cost you a lot of beex, but not necessarily, :P

+ Some news: I appriciate you guys reading my Burst posts and InstaWooz posts, so if you meet me online on woozworld I will give you some gifts :D

(P.s.) I have my own blog InstaWooz (, we have some active contests with cool prizes.