Saturday, July 4, 2015

Star Of The Week - Woozworld Burst Verison (READ! READ! READ!)

Hello Bursties, I will start hosting "Star Of The Week - Woozworld Burst Verison" on Thursdays @ 4 WT. We can and will judge you through queue if you don't get in the unit. We have 3 judges.(xxmelimoxxVywwoh, and XxxLoveForeverxx.)

Make sure to check it out! <3

Prizes: You will be featured on the Woozworld Burst Site and a Shoutout on Woozworld Burst. (An Special Outfit too)

Unit name: Star Of The Week - Woozworld Burst. 

- XxxLoveForeverxx

Friday, July 3, 2015

Extra post-What we all we were waiting for

Aloha glittering unicorns. No it isn't my posting day but i just wanted to tell you that
YES,finally it was a mod in quest yesterday (told me  most of the woozens)
No one knows for sure when it will be ...but it will!
I just wanted to announce you that! See ya Sunday...
Like omigod i need a colorcode xD

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Updates lately in woozworld~


 Happy canada Day! obviously it's too late to wish but hey... I did tried my best okay so , well, I am on my vacations but I thought why not post when IM ON THE AIRPORT and have spare time so well I just like to post..
In this post (I won't do a #RoyaAdvices) I'll tell yall the two updates I saw this day when I logged in so BTW im always into the free stuff like when ever I see a new update I'M LIKE ohmigod OMG! THEIR GONNA GIVE FREE! yeeeeeeeeeeee but it turns out to be something else so lets go to the point
the no#1 update I saw this  july was was.. actually related to a security issue that is secret question. This is the most best ever update that is.. because this is related to security you just have to select a question and a secret answer for your own self.. this Jane newbie picture is located on the top left corner of the world. The question raised is how does it help well, even I dont know I am figuring it out :).

2) The next update is for VIPs that is

Well, I wanted to show you a chart of benefits of the things that only VIPs RECIEVE...! 
click photo to enlarge :)

Did you noticed that vips will be given free gifts every 30 days. Now there are very mre benefits for vips so go out there and be a VIP

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Updating my unicorns: Canada day quiz answers

Aloha dear unicorns! I'm back and ready to post. Ye, sorry i didn't post Tuesday.
And today I'm gonna help you to get through the ''Canada day quiz"!
Let's get started!

Question nr.1: What date is Canada Celebrated: July 1

Question nr.2: What is the name of the airplanes that perform during Canada Day : The Snowbirds

Question nr. 3: Where do most of the polar bears in Canada live : nunavut

Question nr. 4: What Canadian province produces the most maple syrup: Quebec

Question nr. 5:How many points can you find on the Canadian flag Maple Leaf: 11

Question nr. 6:How many provinces does Canada have: 10 (here, if you noticed,you could choose between question nr 5 and question nr 6)

Question nr. 7: What is Canada’s national sport: Hokey

Question nr. 8: How many oceans border Canada: 3

And at the end, you get a prize. It is a symbz.
Congratz,you have done the quiz!
And, i bet most of you know the fashion designer :Stella123sl,on YouTube funbun686, i watched her world fashion tour and i found the outfit for Canada!
It is so perf. I really like it! If you want to see the rest of the outfits from the fashion world tour click HERE

Sorry for such a short post. This week,probably the posts will stay like that since I'll go in a trip in Montenegro. 
Thank chu!
See ya Sunday!

#Royal Advices, taking a BReak!

FROM the title you may suggest that I am going to take a break from this blog... actually It's a lot of work! like omigod going through the woozworld than on blogger, thinking and writing, thinking and writing.. And I'm on three blogs.. I couldn't handle all of this on vacations which is why I am taking a break for like a month... Yesh I'm going on vacations and I'm not sure we'll have wifi connections there LOL so I guess I'll just enjoy but not post for a month.
I'll be back in the last week maybe and I will try my best to post WHEN i AM ON VACATIONS

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Charmazing Quest Answers + Info!

               Hello, everyone! It's Jessamyn again :) I know my official days are Monday and Thursday but I really felt like posting again. Today, I've come back after my long hiatus to tell you that there's a new event in Woozworld that you may have heard about, Charmazing! Charmazing is a product created by the company (which you might be familiar with,) Style Me Up. With Charmazing, you can make your own personalized charm bracelets and collect "charma" and different charms with the help of the Charmazing app.
              The first quest for Charmazing has three sections:

1.) Go to the "Charmazing Party" Unitz in Woozworld. 

2.) Click on both white pods in the Unitz to learn more about Charmazing.

3.) The last part is the hardest, and can be a little annoying for some people, so I've collected the answers to the puzzles. For the last section of the quest you have to go from one blue chest to another. Each  chest has a puzzle inside where some lyrics from the official Charmazing song are missing and you need to fill them in. Luckily there's a green Podz beside you with the lyrics, but it gets annoying to either memorize the lyrics or keep walking back, and at the end of the series of chests there's a gift-the "Tree of Life" from Charmazing! It's pretty cool, but with the help of these answers you'll be there in no time. 

-First chest: "charma out" 

-Second chest: "destiny"

-Third chest: "star" 

-Fourth chest: "karma" 

-Fifth chest: "truth"

-Sixth chest: "soul" 

-Seventh chest: "charmazing" 

Now that you've finished, open the two remaining blue chests to recieve a Hibiscus charm and a Tree of Life! :D 

Well, that's all for today. I'll be back soon now that I'm not on hiatus anymore! :) 


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Charmazing Video Challenge-Oftifts made by woozens

Kaliméra, my glittering unicorns! (I am in Greece xD)
And this post will probbly a short one since i dont really have that much time to make a long one,but i think you guys,should be updated with the latest WoozWorld News so let's start!
As many of you noticed, Charmazing is BACK,and this week's video challenge will be about it. You need to make a short music video,with the lyrics, and the music, of the Charmazing Theme Song,and you can download it from Sound Cloud,that's what i've read in the video challenge unit!
And,if any of you want,you are free to message me if you want and have time to join my video, acctually have no friends :( ....jkjk.....not i have a total of 5 friends and that's alot .-. At least, i really love 'em since they are so fab and always make me laugh. ..::END OF THE EMOTIONAL MOMENT::..
I am really excited about this video challenge and i'll try my best! ^^

Well, again. We had to design new outfits...that i really like #IhaveNoTalentForDesigning... Because i basicly don't know how to draw T.T
Anyways, the new outfits are in store now and are fab! .-. And ..idk..
I really like them, and i may do a review.

Well...what should i tell you? Oh yea! see ya tuesday!!! This post is really short T_T okay guys,unicorns,glittering unicorns... omg you are like so many things....YOU're making me confused!

IMPORTANT THING: Ok,i inow i am not pinky or penny to say that but really. I am sorry,maby you have some things to do or maby you still have school or idk but please please be more active (talking to the bloggers atm) the last post was 4 days ago. We need to keep peoples updated. Ok. Byes

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fashion battle

OMG guys sorry i didn't post yesterday ....i forgot it was Tuesday =.=
And..FINALLY I'm doing fashion battle ^^
I've changed rules a little...
So,i will randomly choose peoples and ask them if they agree then i'll take a picture.
Let's do that!
The theme was summer, so i asked the girls to wear the most summerish outfits they have.

First outfit: honeybunney

Outfit review: I like the outfit, overall, everything is very well matched . The clothes are black and white, if you wear b and w (in my opinion) you always need to have a colorful detail, in her outfit, the detail could be the little earring that is kinda red. If you ask me, this outfit (no matter it's colours) is not actually so summer-ish, i think you could wear this outfit mostly at a party.

Outfit rating: 8
Points for following the theme: 6
  14 points/20 points

   Second outfit: 10wishes

Outfit review: This outfit is so fab,like it is really summer-ish and so cute. I never thought about this combination (dahlia skirt + tropicadorable bustier) and i really love it! Everything is so colorful and perfect for summer. I also love the way 10 wishes combined old woozworld (the hair) + new woozworld (the top,skirt and shoes). BUT,there is a but XD, because it is summer she could add more colors not just pink, like i don't know she could mix more colors or she could add a little of white and black,just a little, not too much!

Outfit rating: 9
Points for following the theme: 10
          19 points/ 20 points

 SO.... drum you don't know how to count ... XD.......IS 10wishes!!! Congratulations!
You win...idk 30 votes because yea. Big prize i know...
And i hope you guys liked this fashion battle and...Now, you can rate the outfits. Like this:
Rate this post funny for : honeybunney
Rate it cool for : 10wishes
Rate it: interesting for : ME and I'll add a photo with my outfit : here it is ! 

Unicorns, i hope you liked this yesterday's today's post,and see ya Tuesday...but i am not sure (I've told you why in my last post) 
I luv chu all!

My informations: My woozin here

My YouTube: here

My last post: here

Sunday, June 21, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: Day VS Night Outfit

HELLO MY MUNCHIES!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so FASHION POST AGAIN... I need more post ideas btw so if you have some ideas please tell me! THANKS!!! Okay, so day outfits vs night outfits are always a bit different. Usually, day outfits are more bright and casual while night outfits can be bright but a bit darker in tone and a bit more dressier.
Day Outfit
Hair: Spar Hair
Top: Glitter & Bling Top
Shorts: Cutoff shorts with a sweater
Shoes: Romantic Summer Wedges
This is definitely a casual outfit! The bun is messy and really casual. I love the crop top with the shorts and paired with summer cute wedges.

Night Outfit
Hair: Viprom Bun
Dress: Party All Night Tassle
Shoes: Mysterious Elegant Shoes
So, this is still a bun hairstyle, however it isn't as messy and it has earrings. Evening outfits don't have to be dressy and can still be casual. This one is kind of casual, but dressy in a way too. I love this dress and it is perfect for night rather than day because of the darker colors. I absolutely LOVE the detailing on this dress. The shoes I thought were just dressy.

Hope you guys liked the two different outfits and don't forget to suggest some post ideas to me! Thanks again! Got to go now guys! Bye!

SOTW - MyaWooz

Hello Woozens, XxxLoveForeverxx here. Today I'm going to talk about how Star Of The Week went. 

Many Woozens was STYLISH with their  Summer outfits, our beach bum +LoganWooz inspired outfits.  
Hersheykissyum wore her beach bum outfit, she was a amazing Judge at SOTW! 
Thank you! 

Sammy-x was a wonderful Judge at SOTW! Sammy-x wore her outfit in pride. 

DannyCx A.K.A 12Danny12 wore his incredible outfit that +LoganWooz made. He was so incredible that he got 2nd place in SOTW! 

----- OUR SOTW WINNER-----

She done outstanding at SOTW, I can't believe how amazing her outfit was today. Thanks to the Judges. A true star has won SOTW!

That is all folks, Thank you for reading my post. God Bless you.. 



Sotw Today-Tips for Sotw-^^

AS you guessed,Myley here,and today is SOTW AND I HAVE SOME TIPS AND TRICKS FOR IT!
As many of you noticed (like everyone..duh) SOTW,isn't like before. There is a new unit,and now, you can only get in the SOTW unit just with 30 min. before!
I think is fair, since there were the same peoples in the sotw unit,waiting since 7 hours before the event starts...
Now,you need to fastly click the sotw unit to be in,and it is really hard if you are not a vip...but i have some tricks ^ ^

Tricks to get in the sotw unit:
1. USE AN AUTO CLICKER: It is faster than you,and you have more chances to be in if you have it since duuh is faster .-.
2. DOORS: Before the event is on,most of the peoples do unitz with doors,that when you click them you get in the Sotw unit. If you don't find one,you can place a door or teleporter in your unit and select the unit you want to go into.

Tips to win Sotw:
1. Theme: The theme for sotw is verry important, if you don't follow it you have -95'/. chances to loose.
2. Creativity- Be creative. IF you have a color code,don't be shy,USE IT! BUT,if you are one of this persons that have a personal color code and always attend at sotw, you could change it! Make it according to the theme. You can also rock the Star of The Week with your usual colour code. But,be creative even if you use your colour code even if you don't! 

Types of persons at Sotw:
1. The totally random guy: It could be a girl also :))) , This type of peoples don't participate to sotw,they are here just to talk to MYA and basiclly make fun of anything,say random words and stuff. DON'T GET ME WRONG, this guys make it awsome like it would be boooring,like omigod last sotw,DORA THE EXPLORER WAS THERE,and even Mya enjoyed it, if i would ever get into the sotw unit i would be one of them guys because : THUG LIFE And NO MONEY FOR CLOTHES B)
2.THE EXCITED: Ye,this is the normal person who participate at sotw,they always have an awsome outfit,and they are always excited to see who win... I DON'T GET YOU GUYS! XD

WELL YE,this was a really deep post that expressed alot of feelings :') and also a meditation about life and how fast do unicorns grow up...WAIT WHAT?!
ANNOUNCEMET THAT YOU BETTER READ OR I'LL THROW A PARTY IN YOUR WORDROBE: So,this week i am going to a trip in Greece for a week,and i am not sure i will have internet there because duh .-. i'll be on an island. BUT,i'll try to post. If i won't better throw a bunch of cupcakes at me jk jk when i'll come back i'll try to post 4 times :(((((((        
I LUV CHU ALL Oh and btw my new sign of picture is done! Enjoy!

Qs and As with princess? This Saturday. ?

Hello burstfull people with strawberries, raspberry,  milkshake, vannila icecream and every thing that I love ♡♥♡♥♡♥ hehehe
Sadly I dont have a Royal advice today:(.. cause I guess you re too happy with your lives that you forgot me. ?.. :*( :*(... Hey lets talk about my self here. ?. Some of you known that I am a Muslim (like whattttttt) and in this month of Ramadan I have to fast. And in my country I have to fast for  15 hours.  No food, no water, no songs,.... This was the most terrible fast because we had a lot of load shedding. And the weather here was burning.............
 So in this post I wanna tell you that I couldn't introduce my self clearly. There was once a woozen who asked about my life. So I said why not do a Q and As with princess.. In this post you can ask me a few questions about me if you like. ? For example what's your name?  Etc.
You can ask your questions from the chatbox only because I get very less online on woozworld. Why...? Because I have An advice corner I'm not an updater LOL so yeah do send me some Advices from the chatbox only..... okay.
I will put your name tooo so you can stay Anonymous.
This Q and As with princess will be on the next Saturday.  So you have approximately six days so ask me whatever you like every one is invited woozens, Bloggers, ransoms, cupcakes, unicorns, straw bees etc. ?.
before your question do add this phrase Q and As with princess so that I can know this post is for me..◇◆◇◆
So don't get too personal like idk?  Just don't be too personal....
So ask me the Qs... Keep sicked on the computer screen till Saturday.....
love yall. ? ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤}☆■●□º¤☆■♡♥♥★☆¤●..

Inner Emotion photo contest

Hey guys! Bleaty here o3o.I know T_T I only post Friday Saturday,but I feel bad for missing Friday 3 weeks in a row so here :D(also it's really important)

So recently,I've gotten 40 subscribers and because I'm oh so nice,I am making a photo contest.Video is on my woozin,but here are the contest details.

*photo contest 
*deadline: July 10th 
*theme: Inner Emotions 
*must get 20 + woozups ehehe.   
*label it bleat's photo contest
*must have 2 or more woozens unless I make an exception and you are lonely like bob and you don't have a partner.
*I need some contestants T_T.Sierra is my only one so far.
*Be creative!
*You can use me in photos if any of you want I don't mind ::
*Bloggers can join as well C:


An example would be:

Emotion: Love
2 woozens. etc

I will comment valid on you photo and yea.That' basically it.For prizes check my video,on my woozin.

Bleaty signing out o3o Message me for any further concerns.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Logan's solstice: Guide

Hey guys! o3o Bleaty here.I'm so sorry I couldn't post yesterday (I have a broken HTML) So right now I'm using my tablet.I'm also creating 2 photos of my class as manga,for my social/literacy teacher and my original,teacher.(I'm the only one that does not want school to end x_x) But anyways,Hopefully on summer break I'll be able to post and fix my html.

So,on woozworld,Logan came back :D!!She also has given us some objectivez to complete.If you are unable to see the objectivez,log out,and log back in.So here are the steps to do this quest.

1)Open your objectivez and click the green globe to get to the unitz Woozmas Beach.

2)Open your objectivez and click the green globe to get to you next destination,Surf Paradise!            

3)Open your objectivez and click the green globe to go to the Ice Queen's Castle, and click the           
           transporter and talk to her.(then click the transporter again)
4)Look around unitz for 20 suns with sunglasses xD (takes around 3 minutes or so)                                                                              

5)Open objectivez,again to go back to the Surf Paradise unit.                                                                 

6)Click the portal and you clean the beach covered in goo ;P                                                                 
All you do is click the slime stuff/goo.                                                                                                  

Now you're back at Surf Paradise.

 7)Now, click the green globe,again T_T.Now,you go to the Woozworld Beach unitz.                          

 8) Click on the teleporter and clean up the slime.                                                                                    

Once you're done cleaning up the beach,click the teleporter to head back to the beach.

9)Click the green globe to go to Logan's beach.                                                                                      

10)Again click the teleporter to clean up the beach.
So much goo omg.
Once you're done, you have to go back to the teleporter again x_x
But....The queen of drama steps in xDD
Ofc it was Zeena.First she tries ruining prom,now summer.This girl never quits omg.

11)After that,you go back to the beach and you need to say "Summer Rocks" in  the chat box (It can be in any unit)

Now...refresh to get this achievement

And tada!! You helped Logan save summer :L.Be prepared for July 3rd to go to her Beach bash.
Anyways that's all for today,Have fun with this quest

Bleaty signing out!!