Thursday, October 23, 2014

Freaky Friday

Hey fantastic Bursties!
Gypsy here again! TGIF, right? I figure I would start out with some WONDERFUL news for everyone who isn't very happy about the cure that costs money. Well, now you don't have to buy it!

These are where the hidden cure items are!
Purple MushRoom: Witch Layer
Sun Melted Chockolinez: Venice
Golden Yetiz hair: Haunted Land
Frog: Evil Ball Hall
Rainbow Crystals: Bali Villa

New costumes! Finally WOOZWORLD IS BACK ON TRACK EVERYONE! Finally Woozworld can come up with creative ideas for for fill the Woozens needs!

 Now Judging Time!

Clindaween Costume:The hair, in my opinion looks like a hairball. I like the curls and everything, but I think it has WAY to much volume! There is TOO MUCH STUFF and NOT EVEN SPACE!
The dress, is really creative and it remind me of Cinderella!
I love the shoes! I cannot get enough of them!
The makeup, I believe I have seen this somewhere before? Someone refresh my memory?

Dolloween Costume:
I personally, love the pigtails! They are cute and fashionable!
The dress is very cute as well! The bow adds much much detail!
Shoes are great! I love them!
The face is very creepy! 
Equeleta Costume:
I love love love the hair! The flowers add brightness and flavor into the complete outfit.
The face is very creative and brings out the eyes!
The dress is very very amazing! Nice work Woozworld!
 Droidful Costume: 
The face is really good for guys! Makes you look creepy!
The hair/motor(?) Is really cool and creative, I like the new ideas Woozworld!
The torso matches the hair/motor(?) which is a win win!

The Ichabod Costume:
OMG I really love the face, it is F-A-S-H-I-O-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!
The torso is really really cool! 
The shoes are amazing woohoo!
The face is creepy, eek
Scores Over all!
Clindaween Costume: 6/10
Dolloween Costume: 8/10
Esqueleta Costume: 9/10
 Droidful Costume: 9/10
Inchabod Costume: 8/10

 Now, an amazing idea Woozworld brought to us!

Mix and Match! Mix old Halloween costumes with new and more creative ones!

Also, mark your calenders because...

 There is a Halloween Part on OCTOBER 31ST at 6PM WOOZTIME!
Wear your brand new costumes! Dress to impress!

A few more things before I go,
You can now get...
1 GIANT scary head with the gift card buy! YES! Way to go Halloween!
Make your Halloween unitz!! I can't wait to see them :)

What's going on in my life? Well, I'm majorly busy, and struggling with many life obstacles. Have a happy early Halloween Woozens! Enjoy your long weekend! (I know I will!)

Costumes, A very important part of Halloween!

  BOOOO. Did I scare you? Probably not. Tonight, or day, or whatever, I am going to show you some of my opinions on the new costumes (Even though about 2 woozens already did so.)
The opinions. Ah, yes, every year Woozworld has this Halloween party. Last year was the elegant Royal Ball, I think that's what it was called. This year, Woozworld decided to mix it up a bit. I think that was why they were probably not putting new outfits in before, they were working on the official Halloween outfits (costumes)! My opinons:
 The poof-poof lady as many of you (probably not) were calling it. The hair. Very much volume. Many Woozens say it reminded the, of Glenda the Good, but, I'd have to say Princess Giselle from Enchanted. The same hair, dress, just look at the similarities.!

I think the doll one is pretty cute, also the skeleton one. They remind me of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sorry about the short post, woozens! I will have a better post next time. :) Until then!



Hey guys! It's Lily and today....... I'M AN OFFICIAL BLOGGER! 
 The reason why my post is delayed is because I wanted to see if I am an official blogger, I didn't want to be rude and post without being alerted. So, yah!

Today I wanted to make my posts more colorful, so I'm going to try to blog in color and BOLDNESS! If it doesn't work out, I will never do it again. XD 
 Alrighty then, let's get started! 
I already don't like blogging in color XD. 
Ok. So, let me rate the new outfits!  (Fun!)

Hair: 7/10
Torso: 8/10
Comment: I actully don't like this outfit very well :( The hair is pooft, I don't like big/poofy hair in real or woozworld. I think the curls really sets it off though!
The dress is iffy..It is really cute however, it doesn't look like Glenda the Good. But it is dressy, expecially since it's based around a fair-tale! 
The legs has no rating.
The feet are cute! I LOOOVE THEM! They are so cute! And they really set the outfit off! Perf!

Hair: 10.10
Torso: 9/10
Feet: 7/10
Detail: 10/10
Comment: The hair is cute! I love it becaue it is pig-tails and curly (how I wear my hair everyday) So, it looks like me XD....
The torse I could do without! The makeup is cute, but the dress is UGH.. I thoight this was a cute doll by the makeup? Guess not.
The legs are not rated because you barely see them... (HTYE ARE PANTY-HOES XDDDDDDDDDD)
The feet I could also do without, they lookm like the trackese boots, yet they are creepier..
The detail on this outfit is AMAZING! It has the little slots that move the arms and legs like real dolls! I LOVE it!!
Hair:  9/10
Feet: 8/10
Comment: This outfit I could do without. Even though it celebrates Mexico (wich people in Mexico probably like) But, the dress and shoes I dont like and the dressis ugly. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail of this one.

So, this is it! I didn't do the boy's because well, I learnt never to go between a boy and hi fashion (so so so soo sorry my friend in real) XD

Until next time,

Woozworld Store: New Outfits! :D

Hello beautiful! Halloween is coming. We only have 1 week and a day! <3 Scarrrrrry! I'm so excited for Halloween. Woozworld has came out with some great outfits. Let's take a little sneak peak.
First Outfit: Droidful Costume. 
How much? $4.99
Little Quote: Your life as a teenage robot! 

Second Outfit: Ichabod Costume.
How much? $4.99
Little Quote: Rise from the dead this Halloween! 


Get 4 Outfits For:
You can Mix and Match to create your own costumes!
Sorry I posted today, I will be busy tomorrow because I have Marching Band Competition!
I wanted to keep you guys updated on Woozworld Stores. I hope all of you have been thinking about your Halloween Outfit! I really want to hear about them! I bet they would be really cool to hear about. YOU GUYS SHOULD STOP BY ON MY WOOZIN AND TELL ME ABOUT YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME. I hope you guys have a good weekend and I will see you monday or on my Woozin! REMEMBER TO RATE MY POST! Bye Beautiful Woozens! xoxo -XxxLoveForeverxx

Halloween Outfits!

Hey wonderful Bursties!
Selly here with a review of the New Halloween outfits!

First up, the girls ''Glindaween'' Costume aka. princess costume. Get ready, because I have lots of comments for this one..

Hair: Oh. My. Gosh. *Esteban Voice* This is a disaster! Who in their right mind would have hair this huge? The locks are a good idea and all, but really? You want us to look like we have a tumor on our heads? Gosh, horrible.

Dress: The sleeves are too poofy, they need to be a little smaller, and then the dress is pretty good for the theme, I guess. I like the sparkles on it. I can also see some roses near the bottom of the photo, Hm, that should look nice as long as they didn't over-do with them.

The "Dolloween" Costume.
 Much better than the last one, that's clear.

Hair: I kind of dislike the way that the bangs go sideways. Could've been done better. The face is pretty good though. The eyes are just a bit too big. The face goes seperate from the hair, thankfully! 
The pigtails are a nice change, but the upper part of the hair, above the bows does not look that good.

Dress: A big like from me. I love the ''shirt'' under the dress with the little ruffled shoulders. The dress itself if cute with the bow. I like the little sewing marks, good for the theme.
The only negative thing about this would be the doll marks on the arms. Sure, cool for Halloween, but the dress would be cute in regular outfits, too.

The "Esqueleta" Costume.
My personal favorite.

Hair: I sure hope that the hair doesn't come with the mask in this one. Of these three Halloween outfits, only this one has a good hair shape. It would be useful if the face (flower mask) came separate so we could wear the hair regularly. The mask is a bit tacky, if you ask me. Regarding the dress' classy style, it doesn't fit as much.

Dress: Absolutely ADORE it. It's just perfect, with the little roses, the one-shoulder, and the white necklace! The built-in belt fits it so well! It will definately be part of my Halloween outfit.

I'll leave the boys outfit reviews to our own Burst boys. 

Until next time,
SelenaGomez6428 *Selly* 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WoozWorld Zombie Cure

Hey guys! woozworld has hidden 5 items around woozworld that when you collect them all you are cured forever! O:
Each Items Place:
Purple MushRoom: Witch Layer
Sun Melted Chockolinez: Venice
Golden Yetiz hair: Haunted Land
Frog: Evil Ball Hall
Rainbow Crystals: Bali Villa

(after you collect them all restart and your cured!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dun Dun Dunn

We are trying to see who will win, Royals or Rebels... but, this is getting, um, STRESSFUL.
Okay, so about 1 or 2 days ago, I checked, and rebels were winning. SO I COLLECTED REBEL EMBLEMS. I just checked right now ROYALS ARE WINNING. SO I AM COLLECTING ROYAL EMBLEMS. I guess I am a Roybel, and I really want that hair. BUT IF THAT HAIR IS NOT COLORFUL, I WILL- 

Woozworld.. when is the end date of this madness? -zombie madness also-. I don't know, did we really collect ALL those emblems? What I am thinking, is an unfair amount of emblems are released, making one team forced to win. OR, look at the numbers. They are close together. Maybe they are purposely trying to make a tie? Or I am just out of my mind. I am typing this ridiculously fast.. I also noticed we have about 70 woozens reading our posts, by the quiz I made. Maybe more... But woozworld,


So, yeah. What is up with you, Woozworld? We already has that annoying ice queen come, zombies, what now. 
I guess we will just have to wait and see
~Katiekat00   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

My dance team ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)


Hello Little Mice! 

I'm so sorry I didn't post on Friday or Tuesday last week!
I've just been really busy and I couldn't log onto my google account!


I got some tips for new woozens on Woozworld! 

  • Don't ask "rich" woozens, or any woozens for that matter for things (of any kind) because on Woozworld you have to earn things.
  • Try to find a color code (A specific coded color that mostly all of your clothes/furniture will be) and try to make it original because a lot of woozens freak out if you have the same color code.
  • Try to read blog posts on Woozworld, it will help you A LOT. 
  • If you need any help be sure you contact iluvpenguins64 on Woozworld because she is the nicest person ever.
  • Try to save up your beex. 
  • Be nice to others! They will be nice back! 

That's all I have for today! Stay tuned on Friday and Tuesdays for more blog posts my be (Blue-Lily)


Your fashion around WW

Hey burties its CAM!

Today is SERIOUS we have to talk about the best outfits i have seen today. And so lets get started y'all (Paula Deen Moment)

Outfit #1 
Hey girl your hair is popping! your dress matches everything and it just flows.. only thing I would change is her shoes they just do not match well but its not much of a "Eye sore" but i am ecstatic for that hair and i will get it, Just for boys.

Outfit #2
RED ah am i in love or not? Red is fabulous and you "WERK" it and its just awesome and i love how you have the make-up that matches with your whole outfit it just is pretty and "Classy" and it makes me want to vote you x10 for anything.

Outfit #3
"Baby your so classic... No Homo" but your hair is amazing i love it and i adore it and i honestly will take it off your're woozens hair and keep it for myself. Not to mention that your matching and its black and white and i love black and white if you know me but its EXTREMELY nice and it just does not feature "Rares".

Outfit #4
Black and white on EVERYTHING i am so amazed by how beautiful it is and its "Hip" and it shows autumn and fall themed typed and it just different and i love different and it looks like something you could most likely wear that outfit because of its "Normality" it has on itself.

So thats it! I hope you guys liked my little fashion review type dillio and i hope i can do some more in the future. 

Stay Classy
-Cam xoxo

Fashion Advice

Hey hey! Its me, Lily! And today Im going to give fashion advice! Im sorry my post is late :(. But yah.

*Be yourself- It's always great to be yourself and wear what you want to wear, because if you do that, I'll rate you 10k/10 <3 
*Color Code- Be sure to at least have a color code! And remember: DON'T STEAL THEM
*Don't go to CrAzY with the outfit, but don't go to lame.
*Make your outfit speak your emotions- Yeah, I know this step can be a little hard. But trust me, you'll get the hang of it!
*NEVER STEAL- Don't steal outfits or color codes! This will give a bad impression. It's okay to buy other people's outfit, just don't wear it whole.
*Don't wear an outfit for too long!- I never wear an outfit for more than 2-4 days without changing it! You don't need to change it whole if you LOVE the outfit, just maybe a little so you can be fresher!

 Those are some cool outfit advice: Now, I'm going to show you some examples!
These model's are ME only!

Alrighity then, I guess this is it! I hope you enjoyed my post! I wanna wee if your a real Fashion Expert and try to tell the emotions used in the pictures! Message me- Lily-Kitty and I'll announce the winners Thursday!

Until next time

How To Make A Base! Tackle

Hey Bursties! Tackle here! I'm going to teach you how to make a base. You can use any program you want! I'm using Photoshop CC.

If you need the link to this base just message me on facebook, and I will give you the picture without the watermark. 

My Facebook:

So let's get started shall we? 

Tip: Use low cut clothing it makes it easier. I used a tank top, soccer shorts, and an indian ankle bracelet.

Step 1: Take a photo on a white background with your favorite pose.

Step 2: Crop the image. I know you can't tell x) But this is a necessary step.

Step 3: Fix any mistakes in the photo. (Mine was the hand and the tip of the head) It may look a little rough at this part. But don't worry we'll fix that.

Step 4: Now create a new layer and outline the entire thing. (I used the pen tool, and used a size 1 px, and 2 px brush)

It should look sort of like this if you lower the opacity of the main layer.

Step 5: Make the opacity 100% again, and white out any clothing that's going over the lines we just made.

Step 6: Stay on the main layer again, and copy the color of your woozen, and fill it in.

Step 7: Add a new layer below the outline, and add a shadow to any areas that look like they need to be defined.

Step 8: Add a little bellybutton. (Optional)

And now you've officially made a base! Wasn't that easy? As always thanks for reading, and tune in next week for my next blog post. Until then i'm signing off :)

-Tackle ©