Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Online safety Winners-THE BEST SHOPS-

Hey unicorns <)...I'm a little upset now (everything will be okay XD),I have a video editor that don't fluffy let me put text and i worked so hard at a video and i had to delete it because it would make no sense with no text,i think i should delete the editor and resinstall it because i can't work like this :(
Sooo...anyways today  i have pretty new informations to tell you XD (i sound as a BBC reporter)
Let's say "news" XD,18 hours ago (oh i'm verry punctual) JENNYWooz announced the online safety winners and guess what?!! I....wasn't acctually one of 'em -crieeeee- 
No XD i knew i wouldn't win but no metter XP it was verry fun! ;)
BUT...CONGRATULATIONS to our winners:




Nr. 5    
You know i'm really happy to see that they've won! Their videos were seriously good! 
I am a little confused XD i think i did enlisted my video before the deadline! XD but like seriously: 
SUMBIT YOUR VIDEO BEFORE 29.03.2015 (monday) ... monday was obviously in 30 so yea i was confused XD
Like i've promised you guys (that i will travel and discover new worlds XD) i was searching for the shops with the lowest prices aaaaaannnd here they are (DON'T HATE ME I FOUND ONE MARKET AND I COULDN'T STOP MYSELF FOR BUYING LIL BRAID RIDING HOOD HAIR IT WAS JUST 20K GUYS Come on! you would do this to if you were in ma place so nooo complaining XD)

So the first one is called: Much Rare Center Such Cheep owned by PikachuCrystals  (here you can find bow tea hair for 19k i think is a good offer) 
T.T And the second one is called RARES AND NEW STUF FROM SHOPZ refilled- owned by Bubblebyp (you can find juliet dress 10k that is super low XD (= and you can also find the full chicken costume in shopz now for 300 wooz for just 3000 beex each piece of costume)
              So this are just to because i did not really had so much time but can you tell me the prices are high? No you can't! (=
                                         See ya with my next post on Sunday xoxo Stay on fleek like ma wave duh
CRIES i needed to make a new sign of picture because i lost the other one XD 

Monday, March 30, 2015


Hey all! It's time for an OOTW - Outfits of the Week!

Basically, I'll be showing you my outfits I've worn on Woozworld this week. The items will also be listed if you're interested.


Hair: Hair with POP
Torso: Pool Party Top
Legs: Comfy Jeans
Feet: The SWAG beach shoes


Hair: Casumas Hair in Scarf
Torso: A-Student Sweater
Legs: Tobysome Jeans
Feet: AsianLovey Cute Slippers


Hair: SunChic Hair
Torso: Spring Break Crop Top
Legs: Floral Goddess Maxi Skirt
Feet: Spring Break Sandals


Hair: Wide-brimmed Hat
Torso: Glitter & Bling Croptop
Legs: Punk Rocker Jeans
Feet: Cool High Tops


Hair: Heartva Pigtails
Torso: Romantic Blazer & Camera
Legs: Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt
Feet: Leopard Sneakers


Hair: WNS Country Hair
Torso: Colorful European Summer Top
Legs: Classic minishorts
Feet: Yeti boots


Hair: Long Tucked Two-Tone
Torso: V-neck
Legs: Manga Skirt & Striped Socks
Feet: 60s Rock Sneakers

So, which outfit was your favorite? Remember to leave your opinion in the ChatBox to let me know!


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Photo Contest- JOIN IN!!

Hey guys!!! Okay, so I honestly I have been so excited to be doing a contest. This is my first contest and if it goes well, I will have more in the future.
So, first I want to say I have to have at LEAST 20 participants.
The theme is SPRING.
You are only allowed to enter in one photo.
Deadline: April 18th (Note: The deadline can be changed, so be on the lookout for any deadline changes.)  I will probably have my results 1 to 3 weeks after the deadline

How to Enter:
1) Take a picture of yourself (It does not have to show your full woozen), The theme is spring, so try to wear a spring outfit with a spring background. Don't forget to do movez!! Also, you can have others with you in the picture.
2) Put the picture in the album named Cutie Spring Photo Contest.
3) Message me saying you entered.
4) I will either message you back or comment on your photo to say that you have been entered. If I did not message or comment on your photo, then message me back to make sure I have got your name down.

How I Am Going To Mark
1) The photo will be judged on background, movez, and outfit (ofcourse). Also, woozups will give you more points. I will later say how many woozups you need to get to get a certain number of extra points.
2) Background and Movez (Together) is out of 10 points
3) Outfit out of 10 points
4) Woozups: 25 or more woozups= 1 point
   50 or more woozups= 2 points
   100 or more points= 3 points
   Most Woozups= 4 points
Btw I will most likely make a score sheet and possibly I will show the score sheet in the results as well.
5) CREATIVITY: Remember to be creative in your photo and have fun with it! If you have fun and be creative with your photo, it is very likely you will come out on top!

Lol, this is probably the part you are waiting for. I am going to have prizes only for first, second and third place.
1st Prize: Casumas hair and casumas coat
2nd: Prize:   Polka dot Jacket and Japanese Schoolgirl Skirt
3rd Place: Blue Zombie Legs

I hope you guys join in!! Remember that I need to have at least 20 participants or else I will cancel the contest. If I do not have that amount in time, I will either cancel or move the deadline.  Make sure to have fun! :3  Gtg now! Bye


HI <) is the FLUFFY SECOND TIME I POST THIS BECAUSE MY COMPUTER RESTARED AND I HAD TO WRITTE ALOT!!!!!!!!!!! NOW,im nervous but after 10 minuts i'll be okay!!!
 SO today our topic will be about -drum rolls- MY CONTEST WINNERS AND UPDATES (XD like you can't read the title)
First of all my contest:Since it was PAPA Jay's 5 years old aniversary (OMG OLDER THAN GOOD OLD WOOZ XD) i wanted to make a contest to see whaat my unicorns wish for him... So yea i was really surprised to see that around 9-12 persons entry to my contest but this are the top 3 winner (doesn't mean i don't love the rest of  unicorns yea?just dont fluffy crieee)
3rd place: XxXBoyStarzXxX

2nd place: CandyloverJimmie

1st place: lovelyema

Congratulations to our top 3 winner but mostly Congratz to the 1st place winner lovelyema who won my prize in value of 10.000 beex! So sorry that i could make only one prize but more contest coming soon.. (like my humor sense XD)
So again CONGRATULATIONS AND Lemme persent you what a unicorn lover brain thinks: "HOPE YOUR WAVE WILL BE ON FLEEK LIKE GLITTERING UNICORN's ONE''
LIKE OMG this is totally trur but the poor jay -crie- need to Werk harder to have a wave like us:
WHOOOOO! YES! OMG! YEAAA!!! -do excited maga happy dance then a llama enter to the room and miley suddentley stops "SUDDENTLEY" XD-
OVER WITH SCAMMING!!!! OVER I've said oveeeeer!!!! well...not at all...
We still have the: "GIFTING FOR RARE","DOOING FREE FOR RARE", and "null scammers" (oh there was  a few there are many more types of scammers -.-)
But with this update we really avoid the shop scammers XD and i want to say that i'm really happy.
I can't understand scammer,that kind of peoples that "OUTFITS' are more important that a human suffering -.-
I don't say now that you need to kill yourselve if somebody hacked/scammed you! Like mostly of the woozens i was scammed too and we don't have to make a tragedy from this BUT now i'm not saying "Eh is okay you can scamm me" NO IS NOT!
MOM/DAD=>JOB=>Salary=>4,99$ STORE=> Outfits=>Scammer
SO YOU OBVIOUSLY TAKE PEOPLES MONEY,You can easily consider yourselve as a vidrtual thief!
And i'm verry annoyed of this peoples! WHAT you get if you scamm? An virtual outfit! WOW,COOL! -slowly claps -.-
Like do you realize what you do? YOU STEAL PEOPLES WORK! Just...think that you are the one whose beeing scammed eh? How would you feel? o.0
Anyways:i"m verry happy for the new update! (if it was a colorable day too i would jump out of happieness XD)
I will just go to random shops to see the prices and if they are resonable i'll tell you guys (just because i ily you guys <3 XD )
So if you want you can message me with your unit name and i'll may visit!
So watch ya prices (LMAO)
YAAS! i finally did my sign off picture!  JUST TO KNOW IT WAS MYLEYVIP XD xoxo
SEE-ya on Tuesday with my new post! xoxo byeee

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Woozworld Updates!!

Hey guys o3o.Bleaty here.Today I'll be talking about the Woozworld Updates.Yes I know it happened like,2 days ago,but just incase some of you haven't noticed the updates,I'll be telling you some!! Lets get started xD

The first update I noticed was:If you go to options,there's a button called,Movez.With that button,you can block other people's movez,to create less lag.I honestly love this,because normally in eventz I go to,I'll lag out 10 minutes before it starts,because of dancing lag.
 The next update I saw,was:You can now change beex prices!! instead of Maximum Beex being 9999 it is now,999999.The bad thing about this,is that in order to now buy items,you need like 20 thousand beex.4000 won't do you go.

Another thing I saw was:New fonts!The writing for items is now smaller,and a little fancier.To me it looked different,I don't know if it will to you.Can you see the difference?                                                                    

 The last thing I probably noticed was:Pet names are visible & Pets in general.When you put your cursor over a pet,the name is now visible to you.Also,the pet system has changed.See for yourself:

I hope you'll all enjoy these new updates,following with more!!Before I go,I wanted to let you guys know I changed my chatbox name instead of +Bleaty it's now
+ вℓεαтү.Byee guys!!
Bleaty signing out!!

LoveLifeHowItIs # вℓεαтү

Ellie!!! :D

Hey guys!! See I told you I would post today!! Okay so I'm gonna talk about Ellie!! :D

Ellie is a new woozpet. Tthere are many different ones. You can get all of these in shopz. Yet store has a gold one and other things for your woozpet! :D
Its realllly cool! They can talk and move on their on. They have their on emotions like the pink one I got into a fight with yesterday :3 
The one right beside it cries and is sad all the time.. :((
Okay anyways you can name them anything you want. 
Which one is for you?
Bye Bursties :D

Friday, March 27, 2015

So sorry Ii missed Tuesday

Hey guys!! I'm so sorryyy i missed Tuesday's post! :( I was gonna post an wrote my post!! For some reason ti didn't wanna punblish soemthing about my Html being broken.. Ii dunnnoo about that. I'll post tomorrow i just wanted to clear everything up really quick!


New items in ShopZ!!!!

Hello lovelies, I decided to post since I'm sick (of course this happened to me on the day of plans.)So recently there's been some new items added to the ShopZ! And since Easter is like literally almost here ( and Spring Break turn up!) the items added are Easter related! ( also known as Eggster on WZW) So let's goo!!


Sooo there's kinda a lot of clothing items but I'm going to go over them one by one!! So let's go see!

Bunny Outfit
The bunny consist of : Bunny Head: Bunny Body: Bunny Legs:  Bunny Feet: Total cost : 975 wooz (pricey right??)  So I bought the outfit to show you lovely people so here you go! (ikr I look flawless xD)

Chick Outfit
The Chick Outfit consist of: Chick Body: Chick Head: Chick Legs: Chick Feet: Total cost: 975 wooz 
So I didn't buy the chick outfit just because honestly I think it's kinds expensive but ya know all together I'dve spent 1,950wooz  so yea I didn't want to do that so  I took pics!


So there are a lot of cute little furniture items!!! So let's go over them!  ( I'm just going to go over the newer ones!)
So there are newer additions I guess you could say!! Such as  "Decorated Eggs" I must say, there really expensive for me personally. I think they're really cool though ( my Great Grandmother use to collect these kind of eggs xD) They all cost wooz.
Space Egg(50) Voodegg(50), Decorated Egg #1(50), Spotty Egg(100) Elephant Egg(50)  Polka Dot Egg(150),   Gold Egg(300), Swirly Egg (200), Shiny Egg(200), Faberge Egg(300), Festive Egg(200), Floral Egg(200), & Decorated Egg#2(100)  The eggs are really just for decoration as all the other furniture is. And honestly the eggs are really overpriced the only egg that's getting much attention is the Golden Egg.
Okay so that's all lovelies until next time! ~Cuttiepie1219



App for Android!

 Hey guys! Bleaty here.o3o.I got my report cards today,so if any of you got yours also,I hope you did well :D.Anyways,onto my topic.It is officially known that the animators are bringing the Woozworld App,to ANDROID!Where in other words mean,that the animators are bringing the app to gadgets not apple related,(Ex: Tablets,Samsung etc)My little sister has a tablet I can use which is making me excited.

  Also,as you might remember,when the app came for apple gadgets,there was a thing where people guessed the date the app would launch.As guessed,the same thing is happening for Android.To be able to guess the Magical Date Go to the unitz,Central Plaza and click on the Green Podz.I would suggest,guessing around April-May maybe?Since it takes about a month for an app.But yea.Have fun with that! xD The winners that guess the right date get: A special achievement and an Exclusive Item!! 

Good luck with the guessing.I also predict that there will be maybe new Testers.As for that happened with the apple devices.But yea anyways,Stay tuned for that!!I collected some info from the app coming,and here's what I got:The Woozworld App will be available in the App Store in the upcoming weeks So if you plan on doing the guessing game,then try guessing a date between 2-3 weeks from now.I also collected some OTHER Info (Yes I'm so deeply sorry if your tired of me) That the release of the other app was May22.But yea that's all the info I could get.Remember to guess around April 22-May idk.Have a great day and remember to submit your Spring Fashion designs in!! xx Bleaty signing out!!

DanceLikeNoBody'sWatching #вℓεαтү                                                                                                                  

Spring Woozworld Design Contest TIPS & Burst Chat & Future Contest?

Hello!!! So, today we are going to be talking three things today.
First topic: Woozburst Burst Chat
When I went to look on woozworldburst chat I noticed that someone used my chat name (woozworld name) for one of the comments that I DID NOT SAY. Please don't impersonate anyone. Honestly, I don't usually use the woozworld burst chat, but I recently started using it more, so I can communicate with you guys easier. Anyways, seriously DON'T IMPERSONATE SOMEONE AND DO NOT USE INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE
Next Topic: Woozwrold Spring Design Contest Tips
The post:

We Want Your Designs for Spring 2015!

After a long winter, we’re finally shedding our coats to reveal… last fall’s outfits?! Well, this simply won’t do!
Show us your freshest, coolest, newest spring design and you may win the the opportunity to see your clothes produced in Woozworld!
Is your mind overflowing with fashion already? Check out the contest guidelines below!

Woozworld design template
- Print this (required) template and draw on it OR use an image editing program on your computer
- Create your dreamiest spring-inspired design for girls, boys, or both
- Feel free to give your outfit a creative name, like Mya does with her Store collections each week
- Sign your design with your Woozen name
- Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct
- Submit your design in the WNTM Runway Unitz using the green Podz BEFORE the submission period ends on Tuesday, April 7th
- Submit someone else’s work. The design must be your own, signed creation.
- Submit any inappropriate or offensive designs
Our four favorite outfits will go on sale Thursday, April 30th in the Woozworld Store.
Good luck!

So, this is a design contest for SPRING!! Some tips to create your design:
1. Get inspired: You can design these clothes by being inspired by your own clothes that you wear in real, clothes in stores, or/and your celeb idols!! Honestly, I am inspired by some clothes that I have seen in stores and some hairstyles that I seen people wear
2. Be Creative and Unique: Make sure to have some of your style put into your clothes. Remember you made these. Have fun with it and make it so that YOU like them. Make sure to make it not look like anyone else's.
3. If you are doing the design on the computer: Try to use a program that you are familiar with or know how to work well with. I suggest gimp even though I don't use it, but I heard it is very good.
4. Try to think of a specific detail/ pattern that you like such as sequins or maybe you like plaid.
So those are some tips and remember JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!!

Third and Final Topic:
Update about the Contest: The prize will NOT be wns long dress instead it will be more of a recent item. I really need some theme ideas, so please give suggestions for themes!! I will most likely put a post up about the contest only on Sunday or next Friday.

See you guys next time!! (Btw for the sign off photo, I kinda tried to make it seem like I was swimming... xD I tried)


Game Tips: Next Top Model

Bursties! Happy Friday!

So as you all probably know, Next Top Model is a classic Woozworld fashion-based game. The owner of the Unitz and possibly assistant judges will choose a certain theme, and players must dress up using clothes from their inventory to match it. Lately whenever I participate in NTM, I often see Woozens unsure or confused about what to do, so I thought I'd explain the main ideas!

JOINING: The owner will normally separate the entrance area and the actual game area when Woozens are starting to come in, and you'll most likely have to either trade or buy something to start playing. First you'll need to check your inventory for items you could be willing to trade. If you find something that's unwanted but of good value, try trading it the owner and see if they take it. If not, browse around the Shop Podz and see if you can purchase whatever is cheapest. If not (still), PC-ing the owner about the problem might help you.

ROUNDS: Make sure to stay calm and kind throughout gameplay. Respect the owner to avoid ending up on their bad side - repeatedly asking about the theme or cutting in line can stress the owner out, which is never good, so always stay patient.

GETTING IN: If the owner likes your outfit choice for a round, they will usually classify you as "in." While you should be proud, never brag about it. This can make you look rude or self-centered. Simply click the tile at the end of the runway and wait at the back of the line it puts you in.

GETTING OUT: If the owner doesn't think your outfit goes well with the theme, they will usually classify you as "out." Sometimes you will also have the option of trading or buying something to stay in, so take advantage of the opportunity and use it if possible. Otherwise, you'll have to accept the fact that you're out. Simply click the tile at the end of the runway and leave the Unitz.

WINNING: If you end up winning NTM, then that's awesome! Thank whoever voted for you, and then wait for your prize. Occasionally, however, some owners may actually be scammers, meaning that they don't give you that prize, and in this case they should be reported.

LOSING: Yeah, it's upsetting, but remember that it's only a game. If you lose, always congratulate the winner to show that you're a good sport. Complaining will only make things worse.

And if you're ever having trouble coming up with what to wear when playing NTM, just Woozworld-message me the theme and I'll try my best to help you!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Updates, & Fast, simple, and easy outfit(s)

Hello lovelies! So there really isn't anything going on in WoozWorld at the moment so I thought I'd do some updates!! And plus how to do fast, simple, and easy outfit(s) with just on shirt.


So lately I've been really busy with school, and friends! Friday I won't be posting due to me going home and spending the night with my best frannnddd C: I don't have a lot of updates really other than this.. So let's go to the next!

                                 Fast, simple, & easy outfit(s)

Ok! So I'm going to show you all the cute outfits you can put together by just one shirt !! x)

1)Shirt: For the shirt I'm just going to be using a basic Black Tank Top along with a Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt. and Winter Ballerina's as shoes. The hair doesn't really matter you can use whatever you want.

2) Shirt: So your going to use ur  Black Tank Top again and this time your going to use for shorts WoozWorld Tack Pants  and shoes your going to use any type of slippers or ankle bracelets. and for hair your going to use Anything that pulls up (like a Spar Bun or Pony-Tail)

Outfit 1
Outfit 2

3) Black Tank Top
   Slim Jeans(black or original color)
   Guy's Tom (any color :I)
  Hair(I used rebellion but any kind of hair)

Ok lovelies that's all for today! x) Hope you all enjoyed this short post, and sorry for the rush xP  And sorry for the crappy edits again!! ;3 Still trying to get better at them...but hope you enjoy!



Grandpa' Jay and New Week video challenge

Hellow my dear <) (unicorns doe)
Today we are gonna talk about Grandpa' Jay and his 5 years old membership XD
So we all know JayWooz,don't we?He recently hit 5 years old since his been a woozband member,so acctually the oldest :)
So i had a strange idea:
All the glittering unicorns reading this post may message me (myleyvip) and tell me what does he/she wish for Jay,it could be written in a poem or anything XD (creativity will get points) and i'll do a top 3 winners.
The prize is: 10.000 beex XD XD

Other topic:

So,Jenny curently announced us that there will be a week video challenge (about online safety) ssooo you better go and make your short movie D: 
Like i always do (OMG) i will participate too but YEA I WON'T wiiiin!
XD There is always a next time,isn't it?
              So give your le best to wwwiiiiin!!!!! Make me proud -crieeee- 
BUT i promise you my next post (SUNDAY) will beee a loong one annnd i will so tell you my contest winner! xoxo
                                         SEE YAAA 
                                                                    I am still working on my sign-off picture so just to clearify                                                That was the AWSOME AND FABULOUS 
           MYLEYVIP (aka Miley or Miles)

Monday, March 23, 2015

WNTM Is Making A Comeback! (Kinda) My Contest :D

Bursties! Ok, so it's me, Jewel. Idk, but it says I have only done 3 posts but I have done 5...Idk. Anyways, I guess I get to do 2 more posts xD And here is one of them :P

WNTM is back, in a way...You remember that WoozWorld design contest WoozWorld had a few months ago? Well, they are doing it again, since it was so called for! Last time's winners were Jakestar and Cutiexpiexgirl :) Fabulous designs, both of them, but this time a few other great designers are taking to the stage to get their work noticed! ;)

The rules of the contest are that the outfit has to be "Spring Themed" A challenge. That I am up for! :)

And here are the rest of the rules:

- Print this (required) template and draw on it OR use an image editing program on your computer
- Create your dreamiest spring-inspired design for girls, boys, or both
- Feel free to give your outfit a creative name, like Mya does with her Store collections each week
- Sign your design with your Woozen name
- Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct
- Submit your design in the WNTM Runway Unitz using the green Podz BEFORE the submission period ends on Tuesday, April 7th
- Submit someone else’s work. The design must be your own, signed creation.
- Submit any inappropriate or offensive designs
Our four favorite outfits will go on sale Thursday, April 30th in the Woozworld Store.
Good luck!

And here is the design template you use.

I am looking for designs as well! If you have a design you would like to show me, message me on WoozWorld, and we can either Email or go on Chat Step, and you can show me! I will pick my favourite 3, and post the winners on the day the winners of the WoozWorld contest are announced :D Good Luck, Babes!

Love Y'all, Loves!

~Jewel (Working on a sign off pic, but all my work got deleted, my memory drive was wiped b accident :( )

One Sweater - Three Ways!

Hello there, my lovelies! Today I've decided to take a basic clothing item on Woozworld - a sweater - and turn it into a fashionable staple piece. The Skull Argyle Sweater, which you can purchase for a super cheap price in Shopz, is going to be the foundation of these three different outfits I've created. So, here they are!

Outfit 1: The School Girl

This is a simple and adorable outfit to pull off on schooldays. The sleek white thigh-highs and polished black skirt give the look structure, while the fun-colored kicks keep it from appearing too harsh.

Outfit 2: The Couch Potato

This is a lazy and casual outfit to lounge in around the house. The baggy pants and slipper-like shoes provide comfort to the look, while the large hair bow adds a bit of style.

Outfit 3: The Party Animal

This is a playful and wild outfit to show off when out with friends. The minishorts and furry boots scream "FUN," while the sweater itself gives off a more preppy vibe.

So, which outfit was your favorite? Let's take a vote. Rate this post as "funny" for Outfit 1, "interesting" for Outfit 2, or "cool" for Outfit 3!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Items in Shopz & Future Contest?

Hello munchkins!!! I didn't completely forget about that nickname.... XD So, how has you spring been like so far? In the spring spirit yet? :3 I actually really like spring except for the allergies... I haven't experienced them yet, but they are coming xDD So, now jumping into one of today's topics.... THE NEW ITEMS IN SHOPZ. I acutally didn't know there were except when I saw one of my friends wearing a sweater from shopz and I told I really liked it and then she told me it was in shopz and I was thinking "WHAT?!?" XD.
The items in the shopz are shown above and they are basically like the basics... "Basically the basics" XD. So, we have a tank top, 3 kinds of sweaters including a turtleneck sweater, two t shirts, a baseball t, and a cropped top. So, there are two items that are WOOZ ONLY which is the cropped tank and the baseball t. I honestly like the long sweater there... Idk why it just looks pretty nice XD I also think this is a good idea to have basics because it is easy to pair anything with these items.

Okay, so I was thinking to do a contest soon maybe? Idk... The only thing is idk what to give for a prize xD. Would wns long dres be okay for a prize? Yes or no...? I need some suggestions so please answer in the burst chat or message me on woozworld.
So, please give some suggestions for prizes IF I DO A CONTEST IN THE FUTURE. Honestly, I don't have many rares... mostly "Rares" from last year xD.

That is it for today guys! See you next time, lovely munchkins!!! Sorry the signoff photo is in the middle of being made!!!