Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hello everyone, while I am still trying to get comfortable with blogging I wanted to post today to discuss that this June , there will be Prom. Unlike last year I decided to take the step and try to be nominated and wanted to put my name out there in the crowds and hopefully, you guys might vote me. I might be going crazy trying to ask for votes. But I just wanted to go out there and do something different other then standing in the crowd. So please,

 Vote Pinella for Prom Queen 2k 16

Meeting Redsnowflake!


Hi everyone! I am redsnowflake but you can call me red. I am officially a new blogger to woozworld burst and im enjoying it already! Here’s a few things about me:I am 15 but nearly 16 years old! I live in England In a city called Cambridge and I absolutely love it there, it is so pretty and quiet. My colour code in woozworld is like grey and white and blonde hair (even though I have black hair in real and I normally wear bright colours) if you haven’t yet, go ahead and add me! To my friends I am kind and loving and friendly and that’s how I want it to be with you guys! My favourite colour is mint green or rose gold because I find them just so cute! I am a Muslim I know a bit of Bangladeshi and Swedish and a tinyy bit of Malaysian.  My favourite food is sushi cuz why not? I am so delightful that I got chosen to be a blogger I will be posting soon with things. Hope to see you soon! xox

Friday, May 20, 2016


Welcoming Pinella

Of course it is a big deal that someone has joined Woozworld Burst. I mean honestly, if your a Woozworld fan and you search up a lot of stuff on google. You are bound to find this amazing blog. I was quite stumbled when the owner asked me to come in. Although she was just looking for members. I still took that invitation to heart and can't wait to see the other people joining. I don't really know what to post about. Not gossip, that is just not me as a person. But I will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesdays I was thinking of just doing things at the random. While every Thursday reviewing the new outfits that come out weekly. I really hope to bring alot of fame and success to this Blog and I can only provide effort. So stick with me. Little more on the personal side.
Hello, My name is Pinella, I am 15 years old and live in West Florida somewhat near the beach. I am a pretty much indoor person and I love to spend some time on Woozworld. Brown hair lays upon my real head but in Woozworld I settle for a light blonde. My favorite color is green, which just so happens to be my main color code. I am part Italian and I love me some plain pizza. I always have ice tea next to me, also I don't look for a relationship in Woozworld or in reality. I hope to become somewhat known to others in Woozworld.

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Cliques & WNS DRAMA

Hey guys! Sorry about not posting on Sunday. I was busy pretty much all day. So, I wasn't able to be on woozworld this week as I was on vacation, but today I went on and saw the cliques... So basically there are different groups which are the cliques.
Cliques are:
So, these are the cliques. After you join a clique, starting on Sept. 10. you will be EARNING WOOZ!!

Okay, the next topic is based off Woozarazzi's post. So, it seemed like Mya was okay with being second, however when everyone went to the dressing rooms... Mya was crying and thought her act should have won.

Woozarazzi's post:
You heard it here FIRST! MyaWooz , fashion queen and leader of the new Woozworld’s Next Superstar 2015 Team DANCE, was in tears after the finale show on Friday night!
Award shows are always dramatic, but this year’s WNS finale was something special!
Mya’s always been a bit of a diva, and don’t get me wrong, I love her to death,” gushed an anonymous source close to the Woozband. “But she does NOT like coming in second.”
In past years of the WNS competition, Mya has led Team POP to spectacular wins. This year, Team POP once again took center stage… but without Mya at its helm. “Mya let her BFF Jenny take over Team POP, and while they’ve always been very supportive of each other,” continues our exclusive source, “when it comes to winning, Mya puts all friendships aside. She really thought she could lead DANCE to victory this year. She played it cool during the show, but once she got back to her dressing room she was all ‘It should have been me!’”
Will this be the end of Mya and Jenny’s BFFship?? We’ll keep you up-to-date with the inside scoop!

So, talk to you guys next time. Bye!! Btw I do not know why, but when I tried to upload my signoff photo, it won't work, so sorry for no signoff photo today.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Goodbye For Now..

Sooooooo... it's been a long time since I've posted on here (and WoozWorld). So I thought I'd go ahead and get this out of the way, since high school has started again I have no time to worry about posting on here (no offense)  but with school, piano, and my friends I literally just don't have time and I don't enjoy it anymore I guess I've   grown out of Woozworld personally. So without being said I enjoyed the little time I had here on Burst :) so! This is goodbye for now my lovelies <3 

(old picture I know xP editing skills on fleek doe)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wns Winners-Eventz :3

Aloha, how have you been for like so long ....
OK, so the reason for why i haven't been posting is that again my computer is ughhh... So i have to post from my tablet, for  my birthday i'll probably get a new laptop and a phone so i can finally respect my schedule, plus that, thoughts about quitting came out in my mind, and it was a moment when i seriously thought about quitting,and i've been busy with Wattpad xD annddd.... School is approaching,eh who cares xD ,i have like 2 more weeks until my summer vacation ends (also i was busy watching anime:)
ANYWAYS, now into the real post.
WNS-it's over, and the music genre who won was POP...gratz...i really wanted rock to win .-. and the winners received 1 piece from the new outfits (the wns ones) and 10 beex, that's what i've heard.
Okay so the next topic is not linked to any of the news at the moment, since it's this whole wns thing, here are some events that i think would be awesome if Woozworld had.

Anime week -When, woozworld could make anime inspired outfits and peoples would do cosplays and stuff, what about a COSPLAY contest ...that would be like a photo contest, and we would have to sumbit our photo xD

WOOZWORLD SWEETZ EVENT- When, woozworld would turn unitz in sweets like, plaza would be a cupcake, quest woud be made of bubblegum or street could be made of candy cotton THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.
And, woozens could also turn into sweets, imagine you having a marshmallow hair or chocolate shoes etc.

Old woozworld- like for a day, woozworld would turn into its five years ago version, woozens would look like 5 years ago, chat bubbles would be like 5 years ago and EVERYTHING would be like five years ago, i think this could be a really successful event, since many woozens are blaming that woozworld it's not like it was, so at least for a day, we could have it back!

-cought- colorable day -cought-

Okay guys, so that's all for today, sorry again for such a short post!
See ya!
Working on a new sign off pic -Myleyvip

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Final Four for WNS

Hey guys! Okay, so it is pretty late and I do not have my computer now... I actually have not been on much at all this week. School is getting closer and I am actually finishing my summer hw (I kept procasinate no with it this summer which is why I have not been on recently. Okay, anyways, I went on woozworld for like a minute to see what is happening. So, I really am not sure what to post, but after i decided to just share who were the final four even though most of you probably know already.
So, the final four are
Zeendaya Wooz
Demi Woozvato
50 Beex

So, I think the finale was today and I am not sure who won, but if you guys do know, please say who in the chat! Bye guys!!


Hey guys! :0 Bleaty here. I'm so so so sorry for not posting last week. I had to get school supplies, see my sister go to the airport for a camp O_o, go to my cousins, and I fell off my scooter xD. I will promise to make up for those absent days...

Some bad news I have is that, I think I got banned/sanctioned off woozworld after logging into other accounts to woozup my friend Rosie's picture for a contest (... Hehe....) I suddenly got logged out and could not get back on due to the following message:

Because of this, I really have no news to talk about on woozworld because I can't get on....does that make sense?So yea xC I'm trying everything to get back on (even if it means refreshing 600 thousand times, I'll do it.) Maybe I should go on app... O_O idk but yea. School for me starts this Monday, so I wish anyone going to school on that day as well, good luck :3 Because I have no woozworld things to talk about,I created a typeform poll for you guys. Here you go :D


Thank you and I apologize for the short post! C:

-Bleaty signing out!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sorry-Vacation for 7 More Days

If you have been wondering where Jessamyn is, that is because I have been on vacation for a long time. Up until now I have not had any access to technology. I will be back from vacation in about 7 days, just in time for my first day of school. See you then! :)


Sunday, August 23, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: SOTW Outfit Review

Hey guys! So, this is going to be quite a short post. SOTW outfit review time again!! So, CONGRATULATIONS to Isabella670!!
This was a combination of the hair, top, and shoes of the new Jeniana Grande outfit and another pair of shoes. I think this shade is red rather than orange to me... Not sure though? What color do you guys think it is? Either way, love how she chose a bright shade just light mya said.

Okay, bye guys!! Like I said, it was quite a short post... SORRY D: Bye, talk to you guys on FRIDAY!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sorry note.

Hello Woozens, LoveForever here. I'll be quitting real soon. I have school going on and other activates. I will NOT be really active on Woozworld,  If you need me I'll still have my Facebook account, (Brendan J Woozy) I want to thank you all for being there for me and everything. Thanks for everything. <3 

Peace - XxxLoveForeverxx. 


Friday, August 21, 2015

Fashion Designs & Signoff Photo

Hey, munchkins! So, I started into getting designs more. There are 3 where the last one has two versions... Let's get started! Wait.... before I start SHOUTOUT to iluvpenguins64 for the awesome template (and ofcourse being a co owner of a great blog)... Now let's start!
First Design: Camila Cabello Inspired: For this outfit, I only did hair, shorts, and top. Also, for the hair, I added a bow cause she wears bows often. I also changed the top with the straps.
Second Design: Becky G, I love these shorts that she has... The top I designed is more simple than the real one... If you click on my design, you can see a few more details than if you look from far away. Also, I did not do the shoes or hair.
Third Design: This design was inspired by having want to have a lace dress design. I did a few criss crosses to have some cutouts that were kind of covered with lace. There are two versions to this one where one is sparkly and one isn't. There isn't also a dip dye at the skirt part of the dress.

Click on the sparkly one, so you can see the sparkly detail and lace detail better. Also, tell me which version you like better because I honestly do not know.

So, I also want to say to never give up if you are trying something new and have hope! Okay, I really hope you guys like them and I am hoping I will get better as I have a lot of room to grow cause honestly I am not that great. Just remember if you want to do something, give it a try even if you are not great at it because it's not like you are going to be magically good at it once you first start.. Just remember to have fun with it cause that is usually what it is all about. So which one was your favorite? Tell me in the chat section of the blog! Also, if you want me to design more and show them to you guys, click the interesting box, so I know if I should do more posts like these. Also, NEW SIGNOFF PHOTO! It's a bit simpler as for this one I changed the arms of my woozen which I have never done before.  Got to go now, see you all later!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


U N I C O R N S We haven't talked for like sooo loooooongggg.
Sorry for my absence but i'm back <3, so into the news!
Yesterday,after so long, Mya FINALLY ANNOUNCED THE WNS
WINNERS,so that's awesome.
Today, I'm going to do a short review for the WNS new outfits. So,let's do dat!

I'm going to start with Mya's outfit, inspired by Rihanna. I personally love the outfit since when I've saw the original (not edited by woozworld ) outfit. The ponytail and top i can say that are the best parts of the outfit,plus that Mya's color code perfectly match Rihanna's style.
The skirt, i can say it's ok,i like it.
Shoes are also good,and together with the top,hair and skirt make the perfect outfit! Rate: 10/10

Ok well...in my opinion it's too much.
Like the long hair with them kitty ears+sweater ,skirt and boots...isn't making a good outfit...
Hair: i seriously don't like it. It could look better without the kitty ears and maby if it was shorter,but NOT like this.
I think it's a remake of the last year's WNS hair (you know, the Ariana Grande inspired one),since the last year's one was a total success i guess they thought this one would be the same. I'm sorry for those who like it but for me is 2 much.
Top: it's a basic sweater with no drawing or pattern on it,like the last Christmas ones...so nothing special,but it's simple so i like it...even if it don't match with the outfit.
Skirt: It looks a lil' bit like the parisque tutu, it's ok..nothing special.
Boots: well original i could say, i like them but again,they don't match with the rest of the outfit.
hair rate: 3/10
top rate: 8/10
skirt rate: 6/10
boots rate : 8/10
Overall rate: 5/10

Well, i don't like it ok. Don't hate me.
It looks like an remake of an outfit that has  been released in 2012,so no.
We need something new,not this sorry.
Hair: It's ok...
Top: A remake .-.
Shorts: ..... .-.
like i seriously don't know what i have to review,since the outfit it's a remake of an old one,except the hair.

Hair rate : 7/10
Top: 5/10
Shorts: 3/10
Shoes: 6/10
Overall: 6/10
Oh i like it but...
I like the outfit pretty much,but i can't take it as a rock outfit because it actually isn't ok. I love the outfit but it's not rock. NO ROCKER DRESS LIKE THIS. I can give you examples of alot of bands : ac dc, metallica, korn,slipknot, guns 'n roses, fall out boy, slayers,arctic monkeys etc. NONE OF THEM DRESS LIKE THIS.
So i honestly don't know what "rock inspired outfit is this"
Back to the reviewing:
Hair: i love it,it's pretty much the best part of the outfit!
Top: yes original...but i really don't think they had to write ROCK on it if the outfit isn't even rock inspired .-. k.sorry.
Jeans: they are pretty cool and they perfectly fit with the outfit.
Shoes: Pretty much, the only thing that ACTUALLY give this outfit a rock taste!
Hair rate: 9/10
Top rate; 7/10

Jeans rate: 8/10
Shoes rate: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

Okay so  that was ONLY MY OWN OPINION.
Oh by the way, the surprise!
Remember that blogger quiz I've told you about? Well it's here! Sadly, only 4 bloggers, me ,blea,princessabix and curioity,but if i see that you guys like this quiz i'll update it!
Link: http://www.qfeast.com/personality/quiz/I0p9RI/Which-blogger-are-you-like
Or just press HERE!
Hope you liked this post and enjoy the quiz,don't forget to tell me in the chat box your results from the quiz!
Luv ya guuuuys!
See ya Sunday!
Old sign-off pic. Just for the memories ^^ bye glittering unicorns!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: SOTW Outfit Review

Heyyyyyyyy my awesome munchkins! :) So how have you guys been doing? I hope you guys have been doing good... ANYWAYS, TODAY'S TOPIC IS: SOTW Outfit Review!! Let's begin and btw this is going to be a really short post...
I absolutely love this outfit!!! I love the mix of blues in her dress with matched tights and cute shoes!!!  I just really love the blues because it really is like "shimmering stars on a midnight blue background". The make up is perfect for a star! The blond bob matches this outfit completely. Congratulations to the fashion star Nikkilovevot!

Before I go, this sign off photo... Feeling a Flashback Signoff photo Sunday Day... XD Anyways, see you guys around woozworld!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Edits, editing, & Editors

Hey guys C: Bleaty here. How are ya'll doing xD I apologize for not posting yesterday because I just got back and I was car sick/bus sick for 3 hours... Luckily though I didn't miss out on much.

Well,because I was gone, all the latest news on woozworld got taken in other people's posts.It took me around 5 minutes to figure something until I realized, why don't I show you guys AMAZINGLY AWESOME edits,and editors :D If you think this post is going to be boring, you should wait and see these amazing legit editors & edits.

Lets get started :D

Great Editors:                       

*Riley61 (Instagram)
*xxBrenzxx (Instagram)
*Me (if you consider me with it C;) (Deviantart,Google+)
*QueenRosie1 (Google+,Blog xD)
*Devvoodoo (Instagram)
*Stella123sl (Videos,blog,google+,google images)
*iluvpenguins64 (Blog,instagram,facebook)
*TJ (Instagram)
*Subway X Koi (Instagram (Their i.g name Subway X Koi)
*AutumnLight (Instagram)
*GislleE417 (Videos,facebook?,instagram?)
*VirtualAthilah (Instagram)
*Pinkielicious (Instagram)
*Curiosity  (Videos)
There could be WAYY more than I mentioned, but if you want some inspiration check these fab people out xP Also for warning, I start school again in 2 weeks so if I forget a posting day during the school year it means I have maybe a big project or a ton of homework xD

Some edits of these editors:
Instagram media by woozworld.news - I love this edit by TJ! Its amazing Congratulations! #Woozworld #WoozworldPictures #WoozworldEdits #WoozworldNews

Instagram media by woozworld.news - I love how @pinkieliciousss is so Colour co-Ordinated :) Loving the design 💅🎀 #woozworld #woozworldpictures #WoozworldGossip #WoozworldEdits

Instagram media by woozworld.news - Happy #Halloween for this year 2015. I'm a little bit early. #Woozworld #CrystalWooz #WoozworldPictures (MsWoozAnnouncerInstagram media by woozworld.news - #CrystalWooz #Woozworld Come and look at ''My little Mermaid Crystal as Ariel'' so perfect keep it up!! #WoozworldPictures

Angel of Darkness by BleaChan

Well enjoy exploring the editing world :P I wish anyone trying to become an amazing editor,all the best of luck.

Bleaty signing out!


Friday, August 14, 2015

Funky Friday and WoozKea Items!

Heyyy! Funky Friday is back with WoozKea furniture and symbz! So, that is what we will talking about today. Let's get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (So many  exclamation points today... lol)

So, the funky Friday things includes a cotton candy symbz, gummy outfit, and a new hairstyle!

There is also some furniture from the woozkea section. The furniture is mainly for like a house, apartment, and it could also be used for like a lounge.

Gtg, guys!! Talk to you on Sunday! Peace!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Star Of The Week - WW Burst Verison

Hello babes, I'm SO sorry for NOT being at SOTW - WW Burst Verison. I PROMISE to be there Thursday. 


Since school is starting for MOST of us Woozens, I'll be MAKING SOTW at 6:30 WT on Thursdays! 

Unfortunately, I did change units again! You can go into it anytime. 

Star Of The Week - WW burst verison on Thursdays at 6:30 WT

- XxxLoveForeverxx.

Monday, August 10, 2015

WNS Is Back! xx

Hey bursties. WNS is back and getting bigger than ever!! You can make a band, or just go solo!

Submit your name and the member's in the band to which ever genre you choose to support!
-Hip Hop

They will choose 20 band's to move on to the next round.
Only 5 people to each band. Be CREATIVE!! This is supported by Live Entertament Inc.

Good luck to everyone!!!!!!

Yes, I do have a band c: It's with a girl I know in real she plays woozworld. We've actually worked on some songs together before. 

Here's a lay out:

Band name: (your band name)
Band members: (insert band members names)

Okay that's all for now!
Good luck! :)


No posting for two months...... Quitting

Hey bursties,
I wanted to say that recently I am very depressed and have a lot of work and very less time!! I am growing and have much more responsibilities. Which is why ill quit wozworod, blogger, computer, tablet for two months,... . I need to focus on my tests which is why I wont post for 2 months..