Saturday, April 25, 2015

Finally Back!

Hey Bursties. 
After about 2 months, It's me, Selly! 
I've been absent from Woozworld, Blogging and all of my friends for way too long.
I was in Chicago with my programming school, we were there for some competition, and in our spare time we went out to play basketball. Some guys asked to play with us and we let them. We were having fun and fooling around. One of the guys didn't see me standing behind him and moved his  hand back, his elbow hit me in the eye. I could open my eye but everything was blurry. I thought it was because my contact lens moved or something, so I got my glasses from the hotel room. Everything was still blurry. My parents had to pick me up and we went to Berlin to get my eye checked. Turns out I had some sort of spasm on my left eye which got really messed up after the hit. I didn't even need glasses or contacts, it was the spasm making my vision blurry. Since I'm too young to get the spasm completely fixed, I had a fake contact surgically put into my left eye. I still wear contacts and I see fine with them. It was probably the worst experience in my life.

Now that I have probably grossed you all out, the good news are: I'm back home and ready to continue blogging. :D

I've caught on quickly with the new Android app! *Cheering along with all Android-only users*
There's a lot of cool and adorable outfits I missed, but what can I do, life goes on.
If anyone's willing to fill me in with everything that has been going on, I'd be very grateful. :)

New sign-off photo coming soon!
Stay fabulous. xx

-SelenaGomez6428 Also Known As Selly

Friday, April 24, 2015

#FashionWithCutie- Rainforest Adventurer Outfits Review

Hi!!! Sorry for posting so late D: I almost forgot to post.... Okay, anyways..... today we will be discussing about the rainforest adventurer outfits that I actually really liked.... my opinion XD
Ferntastic Outfit:
Hair: I do that there are waves and a flower in her hair, however I think that the hair is too loose.... hard to describe what I mean by that.... I just think that like the curls are like too like big.... Sorry it's hard to explain what I mean by that... D:
Top: I love this top!! I absolutely love the necklace and bracelet detailing
Skirt: Cute! I love maxi skirts now and the design on it fits the theme of rainforest adventurer.
Shoes: I think they are okay and good for like spring

Tropicadorable Outfit
Hair: I LOVE THIS HAIR!!! The ponytail is just so cute.
Top: Loving the top as well because of the cute structure of it with the lines and that bracelet is pretty!
Shorts: Floral/rose design is always cute, but I think would color it different colors...
Shoes: This is the same design that is on the shorts which is pretty nice as well

Okay, guys, sorry for the short post, but I have to practice playing piano now! Bye guys!!! (Oh and don't forget to enter my contest!)

Woozworld App! & More info.

Hey guys! Bleaty here o3o.If you notice,Woozworld for Android has come!!I was very excited.and yesterday,if you downloaded it,you got a special prize depending on which gender your woozen was.The girls got this hair while the boys,the same green hat,but a boy hairstyle:

 The app by the way is the exact same as the Apple app.Either way,you should download it :L.

  Also,if you got the correct app date launch,you got a special prize which would be:

   Pretty cute? xD It reminds me of a candy.Also,the app is available for Samsung Galaxy devices,and if you're having trouble's finding the app,search Woozworld Fashion in the search bar and you will find it.It took me a while to figure this out xD.

And,the Woozworld spring fashion design contest results,come out on April 30th.So about a week from now!!Good luck to all those hut designers.

Now before I leave,if you know our blogger iAmCuriosity,She has been permanently banned.For more info go to her youtube video.Please also try to help her,even though the reason she got hacked was for Charles proxy and stuff like that etc.I don't want to offend her,so let's wait for her to hopefully post about further info,for now her new account,is Curiosity.Good luck Curi!!

Bleaty signing out.

-Bleaty (Please don't pose as me in the chatbox xo)


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What's your Prom?

Hey Burst Baby's! :) xD Its Sammy, Anyways... We have our Prom choices! :D To vote go Central Plaza. Then click the yellow voting podz. Then vote! Supeer easy.

       (Here's the steps)

I voted for ofc. FairyTale! But I wouldn't mind any of them.

  • So what theme will you be picking?
Love you guys.. <3


Sunday, April 19, 2015

#FashionWithCutie- SOTW Outfits

Hey my munchies!! So, how have you guys been doing? Hope you say good! ...xD Idk... I didn't know how to start this post.... Heh...... OKAY, LET'S JUST HOP INTO OUR TOPIC:

SOTW Outfits- So, today is star of the week and today's theme was best blue water outfit since Earth Day is almost here and Earth is 71% made up of water (according to Mya Wooz). So, I actually tried to get in and I kept clicking, but I didn't make it and got like 100 something in queue.... Some people click really fast.... I am not one of them XD Anyways, I saw some amazing shades of blues!
This is a bright and pretty blue! I love this outfit because it is so casual, yet so stylish! I love the blue color code with that hair color as well! This outfit is just PERFECT! AMAZING OUTFIT Nicky-Bear!
Okay, so when I was looking at the woozens in the unitz, this outfit stood out to me because of this  STUNNING color code! I always loved this blue color code and this blue is also with small bits of a purple I think.... I love the bralet with this skirt. Honestly, I always loved that top since it first came out. Thank you Riley61 for displaying your amazing shade of blue!

So, that is it for today. Oh, I did the sign off photo! OMG, when I was taking my pics for the signoff photo I kept losing connection which was so annoying D:..... Okay, also I need some ideas for my signoff photos because I am running out of ideas XD So, please help me? Oh and remember to enter my photo contest (deadline is now May first).... Message me for details cause the post I posted is kind of old, so you have to like keep clicking the older posts button. So, just message me for details. Btw, I was trying to make it look like two of them were high fiving... xD I love the background :D I got it from google.. XD I looked up like spring park background I think... Anyways, bye!

Earth day quiz - Prom outfits ideas :)

Hello <) (you need to know what this mean Kay?!!!!) oh well first congrats for burst for beeing picked as an official blog woooh wooop XD -gives cookie- just don't know how annoying it is to post from your tablet .-. XD sooooo I tooo da subject : earth day quiz won't give you the answers xD but..I'll give you some videos with 'em (I would like to give you the answers but the first part is a maze so yaa..) this is one of the best videos about earth day quiz,it show you the maze part and the answers it's verry short tho xD
So let's talk about earth day! What's earth day? Earth a day...when we obviously ..era XD
Nah,earth day is the day when in my opinion we should celebrate all the stuff that earth has like in the earth day in woozworld it could be cool if we could: like have a park where all the woozens could plant trees that are bought from shopz for like 15 wooz so everybody could plant 'em not VIPs only XD *Note:if the following suggestion is ever going to become real,well in that case you may get your pop-corn (because you will sure get hungry) and auto will be a queue that nobody ever seen XD 
Or if we could buy a frame or better to be a banner (Earth day themed for sure) where we could put a picture with our friends saying happy earth day or stuff and it will be cool if we could add accessories at the banner like moustaches or earth day hats and funny stikers (unicorn corns in the color of the earth XD) We could do so many more things! Why should we stop at a quiz! Earth is important! :)
So is Prooom XD well acctually another blogger posted about prom but I want to really get in the "PROM THEME" XD
I think woozworld is kinda helping us (alot) atm,cuz they did that thing that when we enter into woozworld by their link we get 1000 beex,a lot of us have back-ups or just random accounts (so I) we have to say it,now if we put like all them togheter maby we could buy a prom dress :3
The theme I entered for prom 2k15 was "Alice in WonderLand" just image the outfits guys...just incredible...omg now I am about to cry that I did not entered a "Hunger Games" prom theme it would look wonderfull like KatnissEverdee 's dress on fire omg! THIS IS NOT A JOKE: DEAR HUNGER GAMES FANS,GO IN THE FLUFFY PLAZA AND WRITE HUNGER GAMES THEMEE LIKE DAT DRESS WAS 2 fab even for Mya ( sowwwy dear :-( just kiddin' you can chose whatever you want (it need to look fab ) but again if you are a HG fan (obsessed like me XD) pleaaaseee enter this theme and for those who don't knlw what I am talking about you need to go on google and write KatnissEverdeen Fire dress (fan art xD) due I am on tablet and I can't post photos that weren't on this blog.oh but I can put emoji XD ���������� this is an "I am begging you emoji loool. So you can kinda buy any dress you want guuurls XD prom outfit 1 the glam one: peek-a-boo cutout gown (or dress I don't remember )  with damsel hair it looks G-L-A-M-O-U-R-O-U-S.
Prom outfit 2 the elegant lady : Juliet dress is what you need for a elegant outfit due its geometrical shapes with (here you can be creative,any hair weeks with that exception make Isolde hair)
Prom outfit 3 the flawless : so here the dress IS A MUST HAVE,since with the free beex given by woozworld and since this dress is not so rare is not even so at an unbelievable price doe :3 yea it kinda need some work to afford the cost for it (like I think their prices are between 10k to 20k Max)  so the dress is -drum rolls- promber dress (see? It even contains the world prom ) with esqueleta (if you can afford,I can't crie) or if you bought the new old hair from woozens choice (floral goddes) it will look AWSOME
Prom outfit 4 the rebel: this is my fav outfit you will se by reading why :3  so   malgnificent dress with WOOZNISS HAIR #hungergamesenciclopediaXD this is sooo cool and if I will earn the money in time you will se me wearing this at prom party (of course I will be in queue....oh queue....what will be queue without me xD) it would acctually be the same XD ��������������������
 PROM OUTFIT NUMBER 5 and half TEH FUNKY UNICORN: you can wears any gown you want but you MUST put on a unicorn head like who wouldn't wear dat xD ������ 
So since I am in tab and I have emoji let's do an "emoji prom story xD" 
Ahem: once upon a time there was a ��named umm... Kate? Yea I guess Kate is perfect <3  and she wanted to chil like a �� but it was ��Prom�� �� and she needed to do her �� like the rest of �� she was so �� about prom that she started to ������ a really weird song so the ������������ needed to drive theirselves her to the  prom. Here everything end up in a good way with ��  dancing with a ��+�� and the �������� was saved the end ! It is probabbly the worse story ever done XD so I hope I'll see ha my little unicorns since I think this is really the last time I will post as a trial b(because my last post meant to be the last one but it wasn't counted). And tomorrow my spring break end ������������������������ <======== this is my mood about school atm criee
 So I'll probabbly see ha soon! :3 rate this post interest in if you enjoyed it
Rate cool if you think glittering unicorns will rock prom
Rate it funny if emoji are bae this was Myleyvip -like you don't know me c:-
#postingfromtabisweird #emojiarebae #purplesignofpicturewon xx 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Free Beex by Woozworld!!

Hey guys o3o3.Bleaty here.Today,I came back from the Young Authors Conference,and had lots of fun xD So anyways,onto topic,Woozworld,Yes the REAL Woozworld is giving out free 1000 beex to every woozen on Facebook.(Link: is,NOT A HACK/SCAM.I know because I did it,and it worked.Also,it's from the real Woozworld Facebook.
It is very generous of them to do this.Sadly,it only works once.If you want to test it,make a new account,use the link,provided and see your beex!If you want,you can go to multiple accounts and get like 6,000 beex or whatever you want.Enjoy your beex!!!Also,I'm having a silent day on a day,go to,scroll down,and see my post about it,cause I'm too tired right now to post about it again xD.Anyways,that's all for today,I'll see you next Friday o3o

Bleaty signing out!



Prom 2k15?!

Hey yoou amazing Bursties!!! x3 Anyways 2 days ago Mya posted about WOOZWORLD PROM!!! YAASSS..!  Who would you want as your Prom King & Queen?! I'm going for DISNEYY THEME :D #DisneyProm Forver <3. xD Well which do you want???! :P Well ofc I asked people what they want! :)

What theme do you want for prom?

Bellabookinrox: LIKE AN OLD FASHION ONE.
IttSupermantt: Space theme.
-J-O-S-H-: Under the sea.
Fashiongirlgee: Princess and kings.

Soo? Do you like their themes? Or do you want a different one? Ii'm going for #DisneyProm or #GreaseProm! What do you want!? Tell me in the Chat Box! :)


Friday, April 17, 2015

Stylish Ballerina Giveaway Winner!


       Hello everyone! I'd like to announce the winner for my raffle, a full Stylish Ballerina Outfit Giveaway. The winner is....


                     (The winner was determined by a online spinning wheel thing, xD)
                                    If you participated, thanks for entering!

If you did not win or missed the raffle, don't worry! There are more raffles to come. :3

         See you later, Sunshines!


WoozPaper IS BACK & Jungle Items In Shopz

HEY GUYS!!!! I missed sunday and I haven't been on woozworld that much for the past week.... so sorry for that D: Also, before I forget I am CHANGING THE PHOTO CONTEST DEADLINE TO MAY FIRST, so you still have time! I think I have 15 people who entered so far.... All of your entries are AMAZING!! Okay, now let's talk about our topics today....
The woozpaper is basically talking about what has happened so far and other topics. The woozpaper also includes woozen's stories that you can submit at the WoozNewz HQ Unitz.
Jungle Items: There are now jungle things in the shop, so that you can build a jungle!! Have fun when making your jungle and maybe create a jungle themed maze XD

Okay, sorry guys for such post and Sunday I will have a new sign off photo ��

Monkey hunting!

Hey guys! Bleaty here.Today,I will be helping you get to the lost monkey.If you already got it,keep reading,because I still have more to talk about.So if you're having trouble with the tiles to get to the monkey,here are your answers!!

1.)Click the tile,on the bottom left corner twice in a row.

2.)Click the tile.on the bottom right corner twice in a row.

Now click the box in front of the monkey,to get a trophy! :D BTW You don't want to know how long it took me to figure this out.Literally.So anyways,after completing that you'll get these notifications:

These may be tricky,so good luck.The only hints I can give you,is that you have to guess randomly.Don't worry,you'll get it soon enough ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post,I'm so very sorry it was quite short.I have a young author's conference tomorrow and won't be getting home till 5:00 maybe.I was chosen cause I loaf art and books.So anyways,keep waiting for that fantabulous app coming,and good luck with the quest!!

Bleaty signing out.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Woozworld Exclusieve Event!

Hello, Woozens. 

Today, MaxWooz hosted a Woozworld Exclusive Event for Android. Some Questions that was asked and pictures will be posted also in this post. Mod539 and MaxWooz was there.
Many bloggers + Makers were there. Woozworld App for Android will be out April 23. Here is some pictures. 

ModTink saying "Woozworld Burst."
and Also,
David072 photobombing the incredible picture. 

Penguins and I at the Woozworld Android Exclusive Event with MaxWooz and Mod539! x

That's all for today Wooznes, I hope you have a great week. God Bless you! x



Hey Bursties! Penny Here Today, GOSH HAVE I GOT SOME GOOD NEWS! +Maxwooz Leaked The App Release Date :O SO YES, THE WAIT FOR THE ANDROID APP IS ALMOST OVER... Well... 7 Days From Now To Be Exact xD Yes, The 23rd This Month :D "Well Penny, How Do We Know You're Not Just Making That Up?!?" ... Read It For Yourself ;D

Since Woozworld Burst Is Now An Official  WOOZWORLD Verified Blog, We Get SPECIAL Updates Before Anyone Else! How Cool Is That!  You Never Miss A thing ;) Congrats To All The Psycicks Out There Who Guessed The 23rd (I DID TOO OMG) !  Get It Here First, At Woozworld Burst! 

 xoxo iLuvpenguins64

Be sure To Follow Me On INSTAGRAM As Well! 

Stylish Ballerina Giveaway! (CLOSED)


                 Hello woozens! I am going to be giving away a full, color-able, stylish ballerina outfit! Since they are sold in store, etc.

The winner will be announced late tomorrow-
How to enter:
1. Message Katiekat00
Make the title say contest, and put in "I would like to enter". Then send it in to Katiekat00. Congratulations, you are now entered! 
How will the winner be announced?
I will be recording me putting the names in a random generator, and picking a winner!
I will then be posting the winner on the blog, so make sure to keep coming back to see if you won!
Goodluck everyone :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's a jungle out there- Don't get lost!

     Just as the title says, it IS a jungle out there! Woozen Quest is now full of trees and exotic plants. What could this mean?

Jay did have a jungle unit contest... He said that we should wait Thursday before we enter our unitz.. Thursday is when new outfits come... Ah ha! The theme story Woozworld is doing is jungle based! We might be expecting some jungle outfits tomorrow... Let's just hope we don't grow vines on our chin! Yes... I remember the zombie beards last October.. Anyways.. maybe this has a story? How can a jungle mysteriously show up to Woozen Quests? I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow!
And also, Congrats to all the other blogs and Woozworld Burst for winning the contest! :)

WHAT is this thing?!? LOL


Hey Bursties! It's Penny :D Hope Yall Are Loving The New Theme, It Feels So SPRINGALICIOUS <3 So Most Of You Have Heard About The Release Of The ANDROID APP Thats Coming This Spring (Hopefully Soon) Today Was The BIG Event That Was Private, A Special Interview With The CREATOR Of The App !!!! HOW COOL IS THAT. Each Winning Blog + 1 Of Their Lucky Representatives Got An Exclusive Tee, And Got To Be At That Event Today Which Was At 4PMWT! 

It Was Such A Blast! We Got To Meet 2 Very Important Woozband! 


This Is +MODRoux ! We Were So Lucky To get Him To Say Woozworld Burst For Us <3 Luv U Roux! He Got To Answer All of Our Questions Today! Which I Will Be Telling You About After In Introduce Tink!

yes! Today We Not Only Met Roux, but Tink! No Nooooo Not TINKERBELL XD TINK Is A faboulas Helper Who Knows Alot About The App As Well!

Say Hello To +MODTink

Super Fab Right xD Well Now That You Know These AMAZING Woozband, Lets Talk About All The Amazing Things The "SWEETEST 20" Got To Ask!

Q & A

Q: How Hard Was It To Make Woozworld Into An App?
 A: They Started To Create The App During The Release Of The APPLE App Believe It Or Not! It Took A Very Long Time Due To The Coding And They Wanted It To Be Secure, And Non Glitchy, And STRONG For Us to Play :D

Q: Will there Be Any Exclusive Items For Android Users?
A: YES! There Will Be! For All The Users Who Login To The Android Device Will Recieve A SPECIAL Gift That You Cannot Get Anywhere Else !

Q: Will Woozworld Be Avalible For WINDOWS Devices?
A: In The Future It Will Be Available For WINDOWS As Well!

Q: But If Theres No ITunes Store, How Can We Make Purchases On The App!?!?
A: no Need To Fear! You Can Buy Stuff Using Your Mobile Device Still, But You Have To Use The Google Play Store!

Q: Will The WOOZIN Still be Available?
A: 100% Of Course! They Are Working To Make It As Similar As The Apple/IPHONE Version of Woozworld :) !

Q: When Is The App going To Be RELEASED!?!
A: Well Sadly We Cannot Tell You That Because Its Classified Information for The Challenge Of Who Guesses The Correct Date! (Darn Max)

These Were Only Few Of The Questions We Got Today! But Feel Free To Ask Any Woozen Wearing The Android Top (Including Myself) For Help Or Questions About The App! Get It Here first, At Woozworld BURST 

xoxo, iLuvpenguins64

Yayy I can post! & Wacky Wednesday

:P Wacky Wednesday :D Is going bacck in timeee.. The hot styles of old woozworld. xD Dang things ahve changed. :PP *flips my new hooot weave* xD

Anyways I am also so sorry i didn't end up posting yesterday. Sometimes for some reason. Blogger is mean and won't lemme post or save my post. B( MY PROOF.. This is what it tells me. B( Itsss soo mean.. B( Anyways it let em post today. :D So yaaay. Hopefully i can end up posting Saturday too.

                             Anyways see you Bursties Saturday! <3


(My new spring photo) :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Congratulation to woozworld burst for being picked as woozworld's official fansite :D SO Proud of you guys and I'm wolfy I used to be a blogger here xD The owners can remove me if they want :D

Signing off, happywolf123, Love me like you do ;)


Hello Woozens, 

I've made a Woozworld unit where you can come for support and report help. This Unit contains information that you may need to know if you forget. Some Information could help you become Woozguide someday. 


MaxWooz chose many amazing blogs to become Woozworld Official Blogs. 
Lets, give Woozworld Burst a big hand of applause. 


Tomorrow, Penguins and I will be asking the Tech Team 2 questions. These questions will be about the Android App coming out. I'm really excited.. nervous also. Please keep noticed on this blog about important Woozworld news. Thank you.


Stay Bright, My amazing friends/family.. <3

35 New Symbz!

Hey guys its iAmCuriosity!
And today WoozWorld released 35 NEW SYMBZ! Some of these include; Crown, Tiara, Cake, Laptop, Elephant and even a YetiBux Coffee Cup! They are all located under the "Symbz" section in Shopz and for those who do not have access to WoozWorld at the moment, here's all 35 symbz and their prices:

So what Symbz will you be wearing? Be sure to let me know in the comment section to the right!
And if you're wondering, i'll be wearing the "Film Reel"!

Well that's all for now!
See you guys next time! <3
Love iAmCuriosity