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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Photo Contest!

Gypsy here.
I am introducing a contest called the 'This Is Who I Am" contest.

It IS a photo contest, or you can send in a paragraph along with it.
I would submit all entries on a blog post, screen-shotting the paragraph.

Here is an example of a photo for the photocontest!
How Do You Enter The Contest?
Message me on Woozworld!
My username is Thegypsyroo 
Don't be shy, just message me and I'll be sure to add you onto my checklist.

When Is The Photo Contest Ending?
There will be a 1 1/2 week to 2 1/2 week stretch from when it started.

When Does It Start? 

What Inspired You To Do This Contest?
I recently was on YouTube, scrolling through my feed.
I saw a "You Know My Name Not My Story" video, and decided to check it out.
I honestly really enjoyed watching it, and I thought it would be such a great idea to start a contest similar!

What Are the Prizes?
1st Place- 150 Wooz and One Complete Outfit and 80 votes And A Recognition
2nd Place- 100 Wooz and 80 Votes and A Recognition and Something Extra!
3rd Place-  75 Wooz and 80 Votes and A Recognition and Something Extra!
Runner Ups- 50 Wooz Each and 80 Votes A Recognition

Thank You To Everyone That Actually Does This Photo Contest!
It Means So Much To Me! 

Enjoy #FashionFriday! 


Hey Bursties, Penny Here :D  I Apologize I Haven't Posted, I Recently Broke My Laptop, And Now I Just Got A New One :D What Better Way To Welcome Me Back Then Winning IDESIGNZ! :O Yes, It's True !! Congratulations To Cupcake37 Who Won BRONZE In The IDESIGNZ Halloween 2014 Unit! And BerryBlue Who Got Silver :) I Am So Thankful That I Won, And Have This Opportunity To Host This Years HALLOWEEN :D Check This Out ;)
Don't Miss Out, On Friday October 31st (Halloween) @6PM Wooztime, All Of The Woozband: Jaywooz, JennyWooz, WaxMooz, And MyaWooz Will Be There! Stay Tuned, The Winners Of The "PLM - Pretty Little Mystery" Unit Contest Will Be Announced Soon . xoxo iLuvpenguins64

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Units

Hello everyone. Spooky day coming. I'm ready for this. These past couple days I have been going and looking at units. I have seen some cool Halloween Units. I want to talk about some. we go. :D
Blossom999a Unit: The unit looked so great. All the colors went great with the unit.
I was going through your units and seen that you do really good Unit making. I love the unit so much.
Everything goes good together. Good Job and Good Luck! <3

OSXYosemite Unit: The Unit is full of Pumpkins! I love them. The little trees are amazing. Everything matches. Love it. Good Job and Good Luck! <3

These are 2 that I seen first and fell in love with. They looked beautiful and great. I know that there is way more beautiful ones. Halloween is in 3 days!!!
I'm really excited. Fun, Fun, Fun. VOTE MY POST?!

Don't have Photo For Now! D:

Last Post as Trial Blogger + Judging Outfit of the Day :)

Hey guys! As I said yesterday, i'm going to make it up to you guys, and that's that. And time has gone so quick hasn't it? Already my fifth post! Wow. So i'm guessing Pinky or Penny will decide. If I make it, I will TRULY commit on being on this blog. :-)

Anyways, I have picked an outfit from Woozworld, and have judged it on my own. So let's get started!

Model: piperpepsi
Hair: Nice flowing braid. The Bangs are absolutely cute. Nothing wrong with this. Like the '' Katniss '' Look. Overall 10/10

Torso: I love the design on the tube top. I don't really see anyone wear this top much in Woozworld anymore. It used to be actually iconic. It could of been a little more sassy. Like a type of neck-line. Overall 7/10.

Skirt: The skirt is ''AIGHT'' It could've been more  fun... kind of boring. Overall 3/10

Shoes: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SHOES I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!! I LOVE The popped socked like the person that's wearing it is ''cool''. Overall 1000/10.

That's all for today! Cya guys!

Stay Sassy McFrassy. - Nic 

Monday, October 27, 2014


     OMG! Hey Bursties, it's lily and today I'M SO FURIOUS THAT I DIDNT EVEN PUT MY NAME IN COLOR! Lawl Jk-
Hey Bursties it's  Lily and, dont think im not furious, because I am! Your probably wondering why I'm so FURIOUS it's because, THEY ARE HAVING ANOTHER FASHION FRIDAY!

     Why an I angry about that, you ask. Well, it's simple because I don't like Fashion Friday. This is just my opinion. I don't like Fashion Friday because everything they sell is a RARE AND I'VE WORKED HARD TO GET EVERYTHING I NEED IN THIS LAST MONTH! And now they're selling it? i don't get it. People pay real money for this stuff then you sell it in shopz?! I like how they're making things cheap because of people who can't buy this stuff. I just don't like the fact that I'm a customer who consumes these virtual (read when I say VIRTUAL) ITEMS FOR REAL money! And honestly they're taking rares and making them not rares anymore.
     "fashion fridays are stteped its taking rares and making them not rare anymore..." EllaQueen says posting on MyaWooz's wall. I agree with you 100% , Ella. 

     Now, I want to take a moment to congratulate the winners of lasts week quiz..... GUESS THE FEELINGS OF THE OUTFITS! We had many entries, but I only could pick  1of you :( And the winner is.......   XXXSUNSHINEXXX 

Congratz! And thx for reading Woozworld Burst! Ill give you your prize later! :D
     Alright, let's talk about the click n' win issue. People are excited about this, and some people are not. (people who are not aka. ME) I dont like this for the same reason about about Fashion Friday. I don't like how they're turning rares into non-rares

 Okkkkkkk!!!! I have a woozworld burst quiz up! Take it and whoever is at the top gets a prize! You can't take it more then once!
-Put your woozworld username in for name any others will NOT count.
-answer to the best of your abbilities!
-SCORE 100%
Click Here!

- Lily

Spin da wheel

Hello beautiful bursties its CAM and today i will be talking about 
Ok so lets get it started... 
So today what i saw on Woozworld was jaywooz saying the following.

 I was just like 
I has so many spins so i was just going to spin and spin and spin and win alot. They had Tattoo shorts, Woozmas Boots, Bandied Bamboo shoes, And Sprinker pants (THESE MIGHT BE OFF DO NOT JUDGE) but that was all i saw it was nice to get *FREE STUFF* and also it was cool and now i am actually starting to spin again so yeah! Also i was looking at your entries and i saw 11 already i am amazed and so happy because i am seeing that you guys actually like it. ALSO i saw your idea's i am going to pick another woozen to judge with me here is a entry form and i will be seeing by the "TRUSTFULNESS" with you all

Stay Classy
-Cam xoxo

Click and What?

Hi hi hi! Mondays are gross.
Anyways, Gypsy again! This is going to be a short post, because I have a huge volleyball party going on, actually in a few minutes.
Click and Win is the topic of the day! Woohoo!
Now, in Click and Win you can get new story exclusive clothing!
So get ready to CLICK AND WIN!(Again sorry for short post, but I really have to go)
See you Friday!

Makeup Tips / Ideas ~ MY FOURTH POST! SQUEEEE!!!!!!! ~

Hey guys! I'm truly sorry for not posting on Friday. 
I was so busy because of my Aunt's baby dedication, A sleepover with my cousins, it was ironic. So to make up for Friday, i'll post tomorrow. 

Anyways, for today's topic I have decided to give some tips on you're '' look''. 

What is your look? Do you have a look? Well to answer you, everyone has one

Well today, i'll give you some tips on MAKEUPPPP.

Makeup is a big impact on girl's lives. ( Sorry boys. XD )

So I'll be showing/ giving tips about your right '' look''. 
So, everyone should get a makeup color
that matches the skin tone. For example : In this picture, I have a tan skin tone, for my makeup color, I have a tan-ish samon color.

Lastly, Choose something that YOU like. For example: If one of my friend's skin color was pale white, and their hair was brown. Would I do the SAME thing? Well, if I wanted to. So I hope you make your own decisions.

Anyways, I hope that helped you all!

Bye guys! - Nic

Sunday, October 26, 2014


INTRODUCING THE ONE AND ONLY…… CUTIEXPIEXGIRL!!!! Thank you! Thank you! XD Okay, so I am Cutiexpiexgirl on Woozworld and I am new trial blogger! Here are things you should know about me:

1) Purple is my beloved ……… COLOR CODE! XD

2) I am weird O_O sometimes…..

3) Fashion really gives me a voice because I get to choose what to wear and it can express who I am and even how I am feeling that day. For example: If I am feeling happy, I will wear a fancy dress or something unique!

4) This is my first time blogging!!! :O (Isn’t that weird? I mean I post amazing for a first timer! LOL jk)

5) I will be posting various topics going from fashion to Woozworld events to Woozworld shows!

Okay so these are five things about me! :D Also if you want to see me post about something just message me on Woozworld. Remember I am Cutiexpiexgirl and I am signing off!

Contest Sign Up!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Winner for my very first Cam fashionista competition ialiana078 congrats !

Ok so your prize is 1,000 beex and you will be on my hall of fame 
link to hall of fame here

So lets review ALIANA'S OUTFIT!!
 Ok your HAIR is fantabulous I adore the ballerina hair and it looks unique and it flows nicely with you dress. not to mention it has yellow!

The pixel dress make me smile because of the way you are using it it looks nice and it matches nicely with your hair. 

Your shoes are OK me personally I would not choose those but I think its your STYLE and that's all that matters and you look great honestly.

But overall it shows you and that is all that matters and you look fabulous and it you just look like you. And keep up the great work :D -Cam

This has been my first Fashionista contest I hope to do more in the future.

Stay fabulous 
-Cam xoxo

Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Tips And Tricks!

Hello Little Mice! 

 Blue-Lily here!


Okay so, onto costumes.

Choose something creative! Something nobody usually is. 
Or maybe if you really want to wear the same costume as a lot of people are wearing, add your own little twist! Put lots of thought into your costume!

If you have no ideas, try these!

- Your favorite animal in wonderland (Some ears or a tail or something that looks like you favorite animal and "Alice" shoes and dress!

- A black cat, but with a twist! (Normal black clothing, ears, and a make-up face (doesn't have to be "Professional") with a nice big bloody smile and maybe some blood around the eyes.

- A punny costume! (Laurpun are you reading this?) You can just look up "Punny Halloween costumes" in your search bar!

Okay so everybody's favorite thing about Halloween is the candy, am I right?
Say "Trick or treat!" with a smile on your face and usually you get more candy! 

After getting the candy, sort it out to see if there's any bad candy, if there is, throw it away. And if you have any siblings trade the candy you don't like for some of their candy that you like. 

(Save a bit of candy for the mom and dad tax)

Okay, well there's not really anything to say here, just don't cut yourself!


Remember to say if this was "Funny" or "Interesting" or "Cool"!

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My Woozin:

Another #FashionFriday?

Hello guys!

Missed me? Wink. Wink. Wink. Strains eye. Ok.

So, I noticed that Mya posted a new post claiming that #FashionFriday is coming back! AGAIN!

At first, I thought it was only like once a year, but then some people said it's once a week, and now I'm thinking it's once a month. OR SOMETHING. I've also taken a good look on people's comments, some surprised me. These are some random comments that I have chosen.

To be honest, I feel like it's the same Pixels, Sun Chic, WNS, Bow-Tea, Sunset and Sundae outfits all over again. Personally, I like the Old WoozWorld outfits. Not that I don't like any of the ones I mentioned above, because I do. Don't bombard me with hate because it was just my opinion okayy.

Anyway. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to Fashion Friday! :)


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Freaky Friday

Hey fantastic Bursties!
Gypsy here again! TGIF, right? I figure I would start out with some WONDERFUL news for everyone who isn't very happy about the cure that costs money. Well, now you don't have to buy it!

These are where the hidden cure items are!
Purple MushRoom: Witch Layer
Sun Melted Chockolinez: Venice
Golden Yetiz hair: Haunted Land
Frog: Evil Ball Hall
Rainbow Crystals: Bali Villa

New costumes! Finally WOOZWORLD IS BACK ON TRACK EVERYONE! Finally Woozworld can come up with creative ideas for for fill the Woozens needs!

 Now Judging Time!

Clindaween Costume:The hair, in my opinion looks like a hairball. I like the curls and everything, but I think it has WAY to much volume! There is TOO MUCH STUFF and NOT EVEN SPACE!
The dress, is really creative and it remind me of Cinderella!
I love the shoes! I cannot get enough of them!
The makeup, I believe I have seen this somewhere before? Someone refresh my memory?

Dolloween Costume:
I personally, love the pigtails! They are cute and fashionable!
The dress is very cute as well! The bow adds much much detail!
Shoes are great! I love them!
The face is very creepy! 
Equeleta Costume:
I love love love the hair! The flowers add brightness and flavor into the complete outfit.
The face is very creative and brings out the eyes!
The dress is very very amazing! Nice work Woozworld!
 Droidful Costume: 
The face is really good for guys! Makes you look creepy!
The hair/motor(?) Is really cool and creative, I like the new ideas Woozworld!
The torso matches the hair/motor(?) which is a win win!

The Ichabod Costume:
OMG I really love the face, it is F-A-S-H-I-O-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!
The torso is really really cool! 
The shoes are amazing woohoo!
The face is creepy, eek
Scores Over all!
Clindaween Costume: 6/10
Dolloween Costume: 8/10
Esqueleta Costume: 9/10
 Droidful Costume: 9/10
Inchabod Costume: 8/10

 Now, an amazing idea Woozworld brought to us!

Mix and Match! Mix old Halloween costumes with new and more creative ones!

Also, mark your calenders because...

 There is a Halloween Part on OCTOBER 31ST at 6PM WOOZTIME!
Wear your brand new costumes! Dress to impress!

A few more things before I go,
You can now get...
1 GIANT scary head with the gift card buy! YES! Way to go Halloween!
Make your Halloween unitz!! I can't wait to see them :)

What's going on in my life? Well, I'm majorly busy, and struggling with many life obstacles. Have a happy early Halloween Woozens! Enjoy your long weekend! (I know I will!)

Costumes, A very important part of Halloween!

  BOOOO. Did I scare you? Probably not. Tonight, or day, or whatever, I am going to show you some of my opinions on the new costumes (Even though about 2 woozens already did so.)
The opinions. Ah, yes, every year Woozworld has this Halloween party. Last year was the elegant Royal Ball, I think that's what it was called. This year, Woozworld decided to mix it up a bit. I think that was why they were probably not putting new outfits in before, they were working on the official Halloween outfits (costumes)! My opinons:
 The poof-poof lady as many of you (probably not) were calling it. The hair. Very much volume. Many Woozens say it reminded the, of Glenda the Good, but, I'd have to say Princess Giselle from Enchanted. The same hair, dress, just look at the similarities.!

I think the doll one is pretty cute, also the skeleton one. They remind me of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sorry about the short post, woozens! I will have a better post next time. :) Until then!



Hey guys! It's Lily and today....... I'M AN OFFICIAL BLOGGER! 
 The reason why my post is delayed is because I wanted to see if I am an official blogger, I didn't want to be rude and post without being alerted. So, yah!

Today I wanted to make my posts more colorful, so I'm going to try to blog in color and BOLDNESS! If it doesn't work out, I will never do it again. XD 
 Alrighty then, let's get started! 
I already don't like blogging in color XD. 
Ok. So, let me rate the new outfits!  (Fun!)

Hair: 7/10
Torso: 8/10
Comment: I actully don't like this outfit very well :( The hair is pooft, I don't like big/poofy hair in real or woozworld. I think the curls really sets it off though!
The dress is iffy..It is really cute however, it doesn't look like Glenda the Good. But it is dressy, expecially since it's based around a fair-tale! 
The legs has no rating.
The feet are cute! I LOOOVE THEM! They are so cute! And they really set the outfit off! Perf!

Hair: 10.10
Torso: 9/10
Feet: 7/10
Detail: 10/10
Comment: The hair is cute! I love it becaue it is pig-tails and curly (how I wear my hair everyday) So, it looks like me XD....
The torse I could do without! The makeup is cute, but the dress is UGH.. I thoight this was a cute doll by the makeup? Guess not.
The legs are not rated because you barely see them... (HTYE ARE PANTY-HOES XDDDDDDDDDD)
The feet I could also do without, they lookm like the trackese boots, yet they are creepier..
The detail on this outfit is AMAZING! It has the little slots that move the arms and legs like real dolls! I LOVE it!!
Hair:  9/10
Feet: 8/10
Comment: This outfit I could do without. Even though it celebrates Mexico (wich people in Mexico probably like) But, the dress and shoes I dont like and the dressis ugly. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail of this one.

So, this is it! I didn't do the boy's because well, I learnt never to go between a boy and hi fashion (so so so soo sorry my friend in real) XD

Until next time,