Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Not quitting!

   I am SO sorry guys. I have no idea on what I was thinking last post I'm really sorry! I'm NOT quitting! :D
     Anyways xDD Todays blog post is on my favorites in shopz! :O (I have no clothes I am so sorry ;_;)

GIRLS: (Boys will be in the next post)

I love this hair because of its flow.
The flow makes it perfect for all seasons, because
every season has at least a little wind, right? xDD
I love this hair because of its volume.
This hair is best for simple and sophisticated.
It could go with a fancy dress c; Or
it could just be a ponytail for a tank top and shorts c:

I love this shirt so much because of its simplicity.
This shirt would be perfect for going on a date.
Or relaxing at home xDD. Just the looseness screams "SIMPLE"

I love this skirt because of its plaid. I love plaid a lot! xDD
I just noticed that it would go super good with the top xDD
This is perfect because you can color it to be just white, or black and white,
or really any color/colors! c":

   Sorry its so short :C I might not be an official blogger. D: I'm just going through hard times. BTW
My new user is: Bleu-Lily

Updated Form!

Burst Team Here! We've Recently Updated The "Become A Blogger" Form With New & Better Questions That Will Help Increase Your Chance Of Joining Burst! If You've Recently Applied With The Old Form, I Suggest You Go Apply Again With The New One! We Will Be Checking Them Immediately. Goodbye & Goodluck! ♥

'Round The World!

Heyy Guys,
After a long time of being absent,
Selly is heree!

My apologies to the blog owners and Bursties for not posting long, the reason for that is I've been travelling with my parents. I've been in Madrid the past few weeks! It was absolutely stunning! And now I am back home for about a week, the reason for that is my birthday being in two days! (On the 24th of Julyy ;D). I am a proud Leo. :3 This year apart from the past I will not be hosting a Woozworld Birthday bash. :I Unfortunately I haven't got time.. I'm going to be spending time with friends and my family all day to celebrate! I'm here 'till August the 2nd, when I'm taking off once again to Antalya, Turkey! Can't wait!

Meanwhile, While I'm travelling 'round, hackers have been invading Woozworld! I heard of some of them threating to ruin Woozworld or something, but it turned out that they were, as expected, bluffing.

This is all for now!
Just a quick post.
More coming soon
(When I catch up with Woozworld News :3)

(Not my logo, lost it somewhere in my files... Oops! I'll find it soon.. xD)

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello Guys it's me jennyglam And 2morrow Is My Wedding! I can't Believe I'm getting Married To RedRome! We've been friends since Like Ever XD Also Heres the Invitation: Your invited to my wedding! Its going to be 2morrow at 3 wooztime! Please message if you want to be an brides maid or an Flower girl Also we will be having an after party contest. the one with the most beautifulest unitz will win spot in after party! see you 2morrow at my wedding :D. Ok And Also If Your Coming To The Wedding Please Wear dresses (For girls) And Suits And Tie (for Boys) Also I Have An VIP List For friends. Please Message Me If you want To Be On the VIP List :D Ok Bye Guys :3 Also new sign out picture coming soooooooooooooooooooooooon!

Why Is There So Many Scammers Out in Woozworld?

HELLO WOOZENS! Today we will be talking aboutttt SCAMMERRRRSS! There is a new scam out there were the person puts a rich item and if you confirm you get a poor item like starter shoes. Watch out for those scammers you could be next! Make sure you don't get scammed.
I hope you all are having a great summer!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hello Everybody! It's Swaggy. Ima tell you somethin, WOOZWORLD FIX THIS DANG GLITCH ALREADY! And if you don't know what glitch i'm talking about it's the one where you have a few post on woozin click see older post and it's all just repeated over and over again! Like gosh woozin calm down take some pills and chill out. Also my show is almost ready to be on air just a few finishing touches ;) If you don't know what show i'm talking about check this  video out.
Kthxbye <3 
Updated xD

Pt. 1 Of The Woozworld Top Reviews! Cx

Hi Beautiful Bursties! ♥

I know, I am a day late to post, I truly apologize. I have been distracted with dealing with all of the hackers, and I've been trying to help out the woozens, and by the time I opened up the ''post page'', I could've nearly passed out, I was so tired, so I decided to write you all your long post I promised you today, because if I had posted it yesterday, it would've been short and weak, so here's your long post I promised you. 

Today, I will be reviewing the newest tops. This is Pt. 1 since there's also male's shirts, which I will be reviewing in Pt. 2, so here you are..

This collection is honestly my favourite, because of the unique and original theme. Some people would've just drawn a beach or a coconut tree, and said ''Done!'', but this collection I can tell, took time and patience. I am unbelievebly proud of Woozworld, and I truly think this collection was one of their best ones.

I don't understand this theme. It has nothing to do with Summer. Flames? They remind me of sadness, and tragic accents, not the Beach and swimming! Although, setting aside the theme of ''flames'', I love the texture and I really would've enjoyed a theme of waves or something like that. Oh, well..

This collection really is one of my least favourites. It is not only plain and dull, but it is also shows that it was the ''forgotten'' collection. I can see they tried to cover up their effortless work by putting dots for sparkles in the middle of the signs, but that is no excuse. This was definitely the let-down collection.

I truly think all of these collections are completely different from one another, and some are better than others, but I'm aware that some collections don't turn out as well as others, and it just gives Woozworld more knowledge in what their customers like and dislike, which is one positive thing. Hope you liked today's post! Adios, amigos! ♥


Hey Bursties, Its Penguins Here :) Sorry I Havent Been On Its So STRESSFUL in Woozworld Right Now, With The Hackers All Corrupting Woozworld. Selling Moderator Faces And Threatening Them. But WHY? Hellokittyforever (Their Leader) Was Banned. Don't Get Me Wrong, Hellokitty Was A Nice Guy But He Hackeed, Which Is Really Really Wrong.  Now All The Hackers Teamed Up And Yesterday Had A Huge War. Over  70 Unitz Were Deleted . And Now  Since They Still Didn't Give The Account Back....

This Was Posted By Chris, Aka GODFLOW. What Is Woozworld's Big Secret? I Think Woozworld Has Been Exposed Enough... And All This Hacking Is Getting Annoying Now. Please DO NOT Buy The Hacked Items, It Can Result In A Sanction To Your Woozen. Also DO NOT Go To Their Hacking Events, It Is considered Supporting.

xoxo iLuvpenguins64
(New Pic Coming Soon)

Saturday, July 19, 2014


   Hi guys. I'm really sorry about how late this post is. I've been really busy. Today I'm going to tell you about quitting.
     I'm quitting if you haven't seen the title xD. My reasons are that I've really hurt my friend, Its getting boring, and I feel horrible when I play it. If you want I'll give you some tips on quitting. .-.
- Decide how long you're going to quitting
- Make sure to tell ALL of your good friends and friends (Not random people that you added :P)
- Make sure you have your status with something that says you have quit (If you're only quitting temporarily make sure to put when you plan to come back)
- Say proper goodbyes, not just like a "Goodbye I'm leaving" message, chat with your friend if you can
- Make sure you're actually quitting. Taking a break isn't quitting, its taking a break.
- If you take visits try not to get to attached to Woozworld.

    Thats all. I'm super sorry my post is so boring ;_; If you guys EVER get hate from the account Ladygagateg, ignore it. Its my friend trying to get to me by getting my hated on. I've already sent some messages to my best friends. My real account now is leeleela xDD So contact me on that account. I MIGHT be taking visits. And as for this blog, I'm not a blogger anymore, please. I really won't be posting.
                                 XOXO~ for the last time c: Have a FANTABULOUS life everybody :D

All This Hacking :/

Hey guys! Pinki here :) So today in Woozworld there has been a lot problems with hacking and everything. There was about 5 or so unitz on hot now that have hacked items in them and the owners of the unitz are trying to get you to get them. If you look at the pictures below, you can see in the titles they say "FREE". Don't buy the hacked items people. It could cause you to get banned. I think the woozen that is performing all this action is the famous.... "Dena Deca". He has a history here in Woozworld for hacking..




OMG! I Never Post On The Right Time Because i'm Always Busy :-( Well I'm Super Sorry! Anyways...I Wanted To Talk About My new Movie ANTI-ME Which Is An Movie About Bullying. Also You Can See The Trailer On My Woozin! Also I Am Holding Backup Spots For The Movie. Message "jennyglam" To be An Backup In The Movie. So Yea.... I've Had an Bummer Summer. Also When I Almost Committed Suicide Yesterday.SO BE HAPPY IM ALIVE OMG Gotta Go I'm getting Told On By My Sister -.- BYE!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Haha, the title is not telling you to move, it is actually.. well. I am moving. That is why I havent posted for awhile. I am sick of all these boxes, and bugs. Bug, bugs, bugs. All over the boxes, yuck! Anywho, I have a topic or two. Ok, so should I do facts about me? I am bored, I will do a combonation post!
My real name is Melody, not katie. I do not know why I came up with the name katiekat00, I just wanted something to rythme, or whatever. I am trying to convince woozworld to change my username, but they have not replied in weeks..
Erm, I loved the game Toontown Online by Disney, after it closed I am heading to Toontown rewritten.
I started woozworld at a very young age, and got in some big trouble because I was young, like I said, and Woozworld was not very good in language at that time..
I used to hack woozworld, but not the way you are thinking. Ok, so this was pointless. I made a random woozen, watched youtube hacking videos, -im a noob- and the first and only thing I did for only like 2 days is do the run speed very fast hack, then I stopped. Glad I did.. but I did used to hack toontown, but that is another story! I think I was 9 or 10 at that age, a young rebel.
A dream of mine is to start making woozworld comedy videos. I know what your thinking, blah blah blah, but I have some good ideas in my head, I just have to fix a laptop I found in a box.. idk about fixing my computer..
And that is about it! Tune in, probably tomorrow to make up another post... for crazy app mashups! And trust me, you will like it!
Until then,
-it will not let me color this, my Ipad is acting up. D:

Sorry + New Woozguidez

Hey guys, sorry for not posting for a while its been getting crazy and I never had time so im very sorry for that. But congratulations to the new woozguidez! I bet they'll be great.They are so nice and always do their job so congratulations again. You guys are very good at ur job, Keep it up!  So since i havent posted alot im gonna do about me.

My real name is: Katie

My favorite color is: Blue and pink.

My favorite food is: Pizza

My role model is: Austin Mahone

My dream: To become a woozguidez

My goal: To take down all the bad unitz and make woozworld a fun and safe place.

One of my woozworld bffs: KelseyLuvJb everybody add her!

My favorite woozworld game: Revenge

My hair color in real life: Brown

My woozworld color code: ffaba7

And thats it! Ty guys xD                                 

Heres austin mahone:                                        Bye guys! Goodnight :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hi Bursties!
So, there's been complaints about the same woozens always winning SOTW aka Star Of The Week. Because, most popular woozens win more than once. But guys, it's because they were creative with their outfit. If you want to try to win, try to add something else to it, like a different top, hair, etc. or you can find a unique color code. Well that's it for today. Bye Bursties. c:


HELLO WOOZENS! Today we will be talking about unlimated game card is ending!! 
This was on the woozworld blog.

The last day you can purchase wooz and goodz off the woozworld store with this card is July 31st.So, buy all you can before then. But, you can still buy things with your virtual piggy banks to buy things in woozworld. If you want more info about Unlimate Game Card go here webiste.
If you want more info about Oink Virtual Piggy go here webiste.
I hope you are having a great Summer.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

An Official Blogger + World Cup Winners

Hi Beautiful Bursties! ♥

I apologize that I couldn't post yesterday, due to confusion about posting dates and some personal situations that occurred. Anyhow, I'm back now, and truly excited to announce that I am now an Official Woozworld Burst Blogger! I am beyond grateful to be an Official Blogger, and I am certain that I will enjoy this wonderful journey I am about to start on Woozworld Burst. 

Switching over to a Woozworld topic, The Woozworld World Cup is finally over and the results are in! The Winning Country of the Woozworld World Cup is no other than the strong and beautiful, Brazil! Congratulations to all of the woozens whom were part of the Brazil team, and if you were on the Team, You will be receiving a gold medal to wear in your inventory! Congratulations again! 

That's all for today, Bursties. I apologize if this is a bit short. I am in a bit of a hurry because I am about to go over to my cousin's home, but I promise I will make the next post looooong and thoughtful. Have a lovely day, Bursties! ♥ 

Love and Happiness,

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Q&A + Another Account?! :O - DIES -

     Ayee guys! REALLY sorry about fridays really short post, I was REALLY tired and busy. 
I asked you for questions and I got them c;; Here we goooo c;
Aj-Rafealorowho are you ? answer it ! XDD I'm lady and I'm a blogger at Woozworld Burst :3
IAteMyNameLolHow do I become a pigeon and escape life? You turn into a pigeon and escape life. ENOUGH SAID
CutiePieAmandaare waffles good? miley cyrus is an animal right?  c; hows life ;O?    Yes! Well humans are animals, so yes. Life is not too bad, c:
TheWeirdPersonAm I attractive enough to be a cat? You live up to your name o.0 And I guess? xDD
About the new account, my friend and I share one (Ladygagateg) And my actual account is now leeleela. So yeah. BUT STILL CALL ME LADY XDD. The reasons for the account switching are: One, I don't really like my username. Two, I had way to many friends on that account and I wanted to only add my actual friend friends. Three, I made her really mad because she did something and it was a joke and I didn't realize it was a joke and I felt bad so we're now sharing that account.

      My username is now leeleela, so please contact me on that account but still call me Lady c;  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Is Woozworld Making Everything From the Store Nontransferable?

HELLO WOOZENS! Today we are going to talk about woozworld's new way to make us buy things from the store. If anyone has noticed woozworld has been making all the things from the store nontransferable. It sticks because many people that buy the big packs of the outfits normally trade them or sell them to others woozens that cant buy things from the store. To me it's unfair. I normally trade for the new outfits and things. But, now I can't do that if they are going to make it nontransferable.
I hope you all are having a great summer!!


Hey Bursties, It''s Penguins ... Yes It's That Time Of The Month Again... NO NO NOT THAT! It's Drama. No Matter How  HArd We Try, It Always Seems To Just Come Back. And Sometimes It Comes More Harmful Then Other Times.... But How Do We Deal With All Of This? It's Really Becoming Harder For Me Everyday Logging Onto Woozworld Just To Get Hate Messages. Don't You See Words Hurt? Nonetheless A HATE/EXPOSING Video Won't Make It Any Better. I'm Not Naming Names But It's Wrong For Woozens To Do This And Treat Eachother Like Dirt... Thats My Short Rant For Today, Because Someone Stole My Posting Idea xP Thankyou Again For Those Who Supported Me Last Night, I Reallly Needed You Guys, and You Caught Me. Yes Even I Fall. Im Only Human.
xoxo iLuvpenguins64


Ok It's Monday Time To Post -.- Well First I Have To Say...EXPOSE? Why You Wanaa EXPOSE? Like "SOME WOOZENS". Why You Gotta EXPOSE! Like What The Heck! All You Are Doing Is Creating Drama.  DRAMA, DRAMA , DRAMA. If You Like So Much Drama How About Going to The Following Sites: Offline.! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.SO DON'T GO AND CREATE AN EXPOSE VIDEO BECAUSE ALL YOU ARE DOING IS ACTING SO CHILDISH! Ok Ahem I'm Done With Drama. Anyways I Will Stop Because In The Word Of Jesus We Must Not "Hate" We Must "Dislike" So Yea..Oh and What Ever You Say Bout My Pinky and Penguin Its Wrong. Have A Good Day Bye .Oh and Also Before I Sign Out My Beloved Wifey Got BANNED FOR AN WEEK! So Yea.. :-( It's So Sad. I Really Wanted For Her To Stay But 10 Minutes After The Wedding She Gets Banned By and Mod. :-( Well Bye Have An Great Summer While I'll Be Making An Puddle Full of Eye Drops :-(