Sunday, April 20, 2014

Meet.. Me?

Heeey guys, It's Selly here.
I'm sorry that I haven't been posting a few days,
I'm on spring break and constantly taking trips here and there, and preparing for an important programming exam.

Actually, for todays post, since I haven't been on Woozworld in a while (gotta catch up soon :D), and another thing I also haven't done is talking a little about myself, That's the topic of this post. ^^
-- I got inspired by a post of our trial blogger (to be official, I'm sure of it :3) Izzie556. --

Sooo... Let me tell you about myself.. My real name is Anna. (I've already mentioned this..). My birthday is on the 24th of July. (age not included ^^ All you need to know is that I'm in my teenage years). I'm 170cm tall. (In my country, we don't measure with inches..). Oh, that reminds me, I live in eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. I've got mid-long light brown hair and blue-green eyes with a trace of hazel. (They're... Really awkward. I think they change tones to my mood, like if they're lighter or darker, but they're always the same color in general). I used to wear glasses for about 3 years, but now I've got contact lenses. 

In my school, unfortunately, everyone has divided into groups, and the groups tend to hate each other. Not so good, huh?
1. One group are the ,,Misses Perfect". A group of the most stuck-up girls in the entire school... They hate on everyone around them. New boyfriend every day. A ton of makeup on their faces. Sadly, that's the second largest group.
2.The actual largest group is the ,,Cool Guys". They are those bad boys of the school that don't ever study, have new girlfriends every day and make fun of everyone who isn't in their group. My group is kind of the biggest victim of their teasing.
3.The "Skippies" are the pretty big group of girls who just go around through groups, change the groups each minute. They developed their own skippy group who mashes up with the others.
4. The Social Outcasts. A few guys that have an individual group.
5. Finally, my group. It's called :,,Kosovo's gang". Kosovo is actually a place, this is a very long story of how we got out name, gonna save it for another timee. ;D We're actually pretty big.. About the size of the Misses Perfect.We're the group who have pretty good grades, aren't ashamed to be crazy and embarrassing.

My friends say that I'm the artistic smart one.. I paint well, but I wouldn't say im smart.. They consider me the smart one just 'cuz im an A average student.. Not really xD I'm kind of crazy when I get comfortable with you. I trust easily and that's what gets me down some time. I've changed lots since last year, drastically, and sometimes I can't even recognise my self. I've never kissed a guy.. Is that weird? No..

Writing is my hobby. I've got an account on where I write about my life (with the names changed of course ;D) You could go read it xD The link:

That's it for now..
-Selly ;3

Saturday, April 19, 2014

From LadyLilax xx

So hey guys! Happy Easter Sunday :)
This may be or may not be my last post but i'm just making sure to at least post my last article. I had a very fun time posting and contributing to Woozworld Burst and I felt as I had made an achievement through blogging. I would just like to tell you guys all about me and my thanks to the blog especially to Penguins for guiding me how to be a good blogger and for giving me this opportunity to do what I love and that's blogging.
So first off, despite my main woozen colors as pink and black, my favorite color is actually green. I love the flower lilac. I had been in Woozworld for 3 years and changed my accounts 3 times. I love watching shows namely; Sherlock, Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, Chowder, Adventure Time, Science of Stupid, Any Disney Show, and I love dramas. I love my local drama, American drama and Korean Drama. 
 I love Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Disney and Pixar Movies, I really love watching either horror, comedy, and romance movies since I have a soft side for all.
I play softball and volleyball. I always wanted to play soccer since I wanted to play both running and kicking. I also play football with my friends. Despite the danger, we still love the competition. I am both a sporty gal and a lazy hobo. 
I love to stay in bed and watch movies or korean dramas and cry while eating stick breads or coco buns and realizing how beautiful Lee Min Ho is and listen to Niall Horan's solos. I love pizza, bread sticks, coco buns, cinnamon buns, apple cinnamon buns, and everything cinnamon. I like to bake and draw. I also love visiting random unitz in Woozworld and say 'hi' and then a second later, I will say 'goodbye'. I love playing revenge and go shopping. I always combine the clothes I like and what I want. My signature colors are PINK and BLACK. My haircolor is either black or blonde but usually is black. I rarely accept friend request because I get tired of accepting them thats why I only have small amount of friends but a large amount of requests. Don't worry, I will add you guys soon. I love blogging, 1D, 5SOS, and K-Pop but mostly I love 1D. I can be a great friend so please be my friend HAHAHAHA.

I guess thats it. So if I cannot be an official blogger here, please do keep in touch with me in Woozworld and visit my unitz or private chat me and let's be friends. :)
Thank you Woozworld Burst for this opportunity of a life time and I had a blast. Thank you woozens :D

Logging Off,  
LadyLilax xx

About Me - Izzie556

Hey, everyone. This last post is kinda sad. It’s my last one if i don’t get chosen as a official blogger. 
I would LOVE to finish off with "Ask yourself" but i feel like none of you have gotten to know me, so...

Hey, i'm izzie556. All my life i've been a writer. I write short stories, novels, anything. I love film making and editing. Luckily, those two things cooperate with each other. So i can practice both at the same time. I am told to be quite the singer. I sing lots of things. I was at lunch and sat down and randomly they all voted i was a better singer than my BEST FRIEND. That was majorly awkward. LOL. 

After school its straight off to woozworld. And when its the weekends it ends at 1 am and starts back up again at 7 or 8 am. I am a really really easy sleeper. I wake up naturally at those two times. It's in my bones

Another thing about me is that my fear is burglars. When I'm alone in my bed i hear stuff. I just do. I used to have four dogs since December 18th when we had to put down my Second to oldest dog, Hazel. She was getting really skinny, we were afraid she would choke on regular food, we gave her doggy massages, we also gave her mushy food that she really liked. But she wouldn't fatten up. So the night before we had to put her down we were talking about how we should put hazel down already, blah blah blah. The next morning my dad found her dragging her legs behind her and thats when he knew and woke me up to tell me. I cried into my pillow. 

So getting away from sadness, i do choir and volleyball. The most hated thing about volleyball for me is PRACTICE. And the coach. But the games we can let loose. AND LET OUR FURR FLY! Lol, and another thing is i used to watch Good luck Charlie before i went to bed EVERY NIGHT before it got too annoying and i had to change to something different. I switched to Sweet life on deck. XD I guess thats enough. Message me at izzie556 to know more!

Never trust Hackers! -ItsDelilah

Hey guys! Delilah here! So, a couple days ago, there was a hacker (dun dun dun) on WoozWorld.  It was later at night for people in the U.S., idk. But this hacker was "giving away" "free deadmau5". It was all fake, obviously. He had green skin and his name was: Woozen (with random numbers at the end).

He posted a video on his Woozin that "showed" us how to do Mod Movez. I just want you to know that you guys should never, ever trust hackers unless they're mods or they work for Woozworld. Supporting hackers can and probably will get banned... Yes.

Hackers are ruining Woozworld. Never, ever, trust those Hacking websites no matter what they promise you. Especially if it's from Yolasite, Webs, or Blogger. That means the website is unprofessional and can't be trusted. And if you're going to actually trust those websites, which I honestly don't recommend, at least use a poor account with a password that's not identical to your usual account information. But anyways, please don't trust those hacking websites and never support hackers, because I don't want any of my fellow Bursties or Woozens getting banned for supporting them!

Stay Fresh, Bursties!

(P.S.: Did you see the new spring leaf Unikz? LOL, Jenny looks like 'Salad')
XOX, ItsDelilah