Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Now YOU Can Be Jenny! :3

Hey guys x) Sammy here!! I'm running for WoozGuidez. Sammy 4 Guide!! :P Okay anyways..  Have you ever wanted to have Jenny's new face? Her colorcodes?? Now you CAN!

In support of  Jenny's waking. Everyone got a new free symbz!!! Its a picture of Jenny sleeping. Like she was in the Plaza. Once you wear it. A thingy comes up in the left of your chat bar.. Once you click it.. Well heres the steps:

See?? This last for 2 minutes. Then you have to wait 8 more minutes to do it again.
So its very much like hearts!!
Okay bye Bursties! Love y'all! xx

Woozguidez Drama?!

Hello lovelies! So today is just a small little post nothing too serious, so let's jump in!

So about a day ago or so Jenny  told us how happy she was to be back, and we have some new Woozguidez! Great right?? Well not so great for some people. Apparently the Woozguidez chosen where "famous" and made people really upset. Personally I've never really heard of these people unitl just now..so yea (I obviously live under a rock xD). And these Woozguidez have made one personally really, really angry.... I'm not going to release her name on here but here are some of the things she's said. Most of you know who I'm talking about, and she's not a fan of Woozguidez period so yea...

As you can see she's  not happy with the whole Woozguidez situation. These are only 2  ex. She's posted a whole lot more, and she's making units and getting people's attention.

Also she's not by herself here, there are fan I guess you can call them supporting her.
 Not only is she posting her beliefs on Woozin, she's also doing these little shows I guess xP 
 I personally don't have a side really, I like the fact she's doing what she believes is right. But however I guess there are boundaries. But that's all lovelies! Do what you think is right, and follow your dreams!! x)
 Have an amazing day!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

SOTW and New Woozguides

Hey people who are reading this! xD Okay, so today I am going to be talking about Star of the Week and the new woozguides. First up is star of the week!
Congratulations to the winner: PomPomCutie
Let's discuss her outfit :3
She is wearing:
Hair from Tiarafic Outfit
Dress and Shoes from Malganificent Outfit
I love that she paired the tiarafic hair and the dress and shoes from malganificent together!! I absolutely love her color code because it is unique and trendy. I just love the dress though.... xD The structure, pattern, and shape of the dress is just gorgeous... XD

Now on to the new woozguides!!
Welcome back, jenny!! Okay, so as you can see, the new woozguidez are Agentblue10, catvalentine11 (This name reminds me of the character cat valentine from victorious...... XD), CosmicThunder, Cupcake37, loveandy, and TobanJ! Congratz to the new woozguidez for being selected. I hope you guys will really help out the issues and problems we face in woozworld.

Got to motor! (I love using that phrase... XD). Next time there will be a new sign off photo btw ;)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Zeena and that Head of hers..

Hey guys! Bleaty here C: Today I shall be talking about non other than.....Zeena Lady!So while I was on Woozworld,I noticed my friend Poptropicamaster had posted to Zeena's wall.
                                                                And so I wasn't sure what was going on until I saw her profile:

Apparently, Zeena shaved her hair off after what Zack had done.
 He put Zeena's hairstyle in the shopz at Wacky Wednesday with those mod faces. (Which is now gone)

So now Zeena is slaying that bald head of hers.I'm guessing Zack and Zeena are now over.To be honest her head is kinda creepy but also cool.I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens next.Who knows,she might have a new hair  waiting for us to see xD.I'm also starting to have a feeling that Old Woozworld is coming back.They brought back Wacky Wednesday and Time Keeperz (Temporarily)They also brought back Zack and Zeena.It's getting very interesting. Anyways,that's all for today!Have a great weekend!!Remember to bring in your Battle of The Photos pictures in :D Bleaty signing out!

xoxo -Bleaty    


Hey Bursties ;) It's Sammie! :D! So they brought Jenny back from her very long nap. Yaaayyy! Okay Mya didn't wake her. :-: Zack didn't wake her ;( (ZANNY FOREVER <3)  The only chance they had left was Max. No i didn't get to stay for it all ;( But i think Max saved her ;) He still loves her. K its so obv. He took pictures of her an him when she came back. :D She hosted her woozpetz show today at 11 am wt!!!

Yet NO ONE KISSED HER. 'O' How did she wake up? Will her an Max get back together? Idk they aren't on each others hot friends at the moment...
                                                                                                                        Max's Hot Friends

Jenny's Hot Friends

I guess things aren't that good yet. ;-; RRAWWR. xD

Well thats really all for now. But one more thing
ZEENA SHAVED her head! :P  Okai Bye Bursties!



Friday, February 27, 2015

ZeChic + New Woozworld Outfits

Hai! I forgot to post on Sunday really sorry D: So, today we have two topics which is new ze chic items that are came yesterday and more coming in March!! Also, there are new woozworld outfits placed in the woozworld store.
Zechic First:
There were four new items added yesterday. Honestly, I didn't really like them that much....
The items are okay, but not the best ones from the ze chic section (in my opinion). For the bow and heart shirt, I do like the collared bow, but bows and hearts together is too much. The boy's hair is okay, however I feel like there is something similar to it. The other shirt...... I don't how there only stripes on the side then a design on the main part of the shirt. As for the girl's hair, I love the curls (I always love the curls xDD), but I don't like the hat as much... What are your opinions on these items? Answer in the chat box

Earlier today, Mya posted this pic which means that this will be in the upcoming new zechic item release. I like the haircut and I think the scarf/ handkerchief is something different than the other hairstyles.... which is pretty cool

New Woozworld Outfits:
OMG!! The first outfit is stunning!!! I love the detail on the dress and that hairstyle is just amazing (THE CURLS)!! The second girl outfit has a cool straightened hairstyle and I like the pattern and structure of the dress. The guy outfit is okay, however I think that the top is too plain...... I think it needs more detail.

Hasta luego!! I know a little Spanish..... from Spanish class xDD I think it means see you later, but correct me I am wrong. xD New signoff photo coming soon (possibly on Sunday).

Unce Upon a Wooz Styles!

Hello lovelies!  So today I have some new styles for you! x) Which are super cute btw. So let's get right in!

1) So style number one is Tiarafic  which is 4.99 for just one outfit x) It comes with a gorgeous ball like gown. Along with a gorgeous sidesweep along with a tiara of course!

2) Style #2 comes with a Malgnificent dress, along with Malgnificent hair!  Of course it's 4.99 as the usual price x)

3) The last style would be for the gentlemen! It comes with a Duke Charming Hair, along with his coat of course! x) of course it's 4.99

And those are the outfits we have! There are only 3 :I So yea. Hope you all have
a happy FRIDAY!!!!!! And sorry this is short :I I had to do this quick before
I left! heehe x)

P.S.  Srry for posting so late! C:


Hey guys!Bleaty here. o3o Today on Woozworld something Exciting happened.JennyWooz Woke up!!! :D -Celebrates- and anyways there was an event with all the animators including Zack.I was sadly at the dentist,so I missed the whole event except for pictures x'D Basically I think the event was supposed to be who won for saving Jenny.I asked many people and I'm pretty sure....MaxWooz won :)!!!! (Maybe they'll get back together) It was hilarious at times because Max was trailing Jenny everywhere she went.Here are some pictures I got! (NOTE: I'm the Afro person xD)

           Anyways that's mostly all about that event.Also for those wondering in the chatbox,I'm deeply sorry that most of our bloggers don't post as much anymore.Life is hard.Bullying,Homework.Even I have a social project that might mean late posts for me.We're doing our best.If you have any problems,Please message one of the owners,Pinki or Penny Bleaty singing out!! o3o

xoxo Bleaty

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why I love Woozworld

Hello lovelies! Cuttie here x) Nothing big is happening on WoozWorld today really. And I decided to do : Why I love Woozworld. Woozworld has so many fun opportunity's. It's a game where you can show how you feel, or want to look without getting funny stares. So here are the reasons I love Woozworld C:

1) : You meet amazing friends!

2)    : You can dress how you want!

3) : Once you meet your friends, you have friends for life.

4) : You get to play cool games, and maybe win!

5) : When your bored, just get online and that'll boredom will soon die! x)

Those were 5 reasons why I love Woozworld, and why you should to!! I hope you all have a great day/night! And stay warm! It's currently snowing ice down here xP DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOW MAN?! Sorry  I had to. Or in this case DO YOU WANNA BUILD A ICE MAN?! Ok I'm done C:

 P.S. Stay warm! x0

Woozen Quest Drama (Woozguidez vs Glitz7)

So.. Im guessing y'all have now noticed i'm like the "Gossip Girl" for Burst xD.. So.. Sunday quest broke out in more Drama... Glitz7 vs East is how it started. Yes a woozen got involved  that shouldn't have.. Which caused East to leak something that the woozen had said to her. She said "You called me a who are" (Sorry for the cussing) Anyways i have some of the fight on my Youtube Channel: Sammy Wooz.

Once East left.. Glitz7 an the woozen ranted about how woozguidez do nothing. Glitz7 said only BlueForever ever did anything. (There was now 127 woozens watching) Anyways BlueForever, Lost, and Mel all come to quest! Mel does pretty much nothing.. Even someone told her that shes always negative. Like there was drama everywhere an shes worrying about her friends over there in the corner. Glitz7 claimed she reports her bullys EVERYDAY yet they never get banned. She said she tells mods. Yet still.. They don't get banned. Now i highly doubt they don't get banned..
Maybe its just the way shes reporting them? No photos could be found of the fight. But.. many woozens recorded the event so you might want to check the following channels: Todd Wooz, (Jewels Channel)..

                              Well? Who's side are you on? 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Who can save Jenny!?

Hey guys, omg so sorry I didn't post i got so side tracked! Anyways lets get right down to it.
JennyWooz is JennyWooz. Not Zeena or Eva. We think x) Anyways 4 Woozens think they can bring Jenny back! But can they? Can Mya? Jay? Max? Or is it Zack?! They all have to go on quest to bring Jenny back! But can they? This poem may explain: Once Upon a Wooz…
Once upon a time, there lived a girl with hair was pink as could be, the color as pure as a bubble gum tree. She was loved by all and hated by none, yet one day somethinghappened that ruined the fun. A past break-up caused her such pain, that she began to feel hatred, spitefulness, shame. A Cloud of Hatred grew and absorbed the love of everyone around, causing all Woozens to turn gray and frown.
Woozworld put up a fight so pure and true; they used love to make the sun shine through. But shockingly, terribly, when they succeeded, the girl with pink hair’s life-force receeded. Her body was reverently laid down on stone, where she wait for true love to wake her from the unknown.
HTJennyThe Woozworld Plaza is where she will stay, waiting for true love to savethe day. Now, her four loved ones will go on a quest. At the end, hopefully one will wake the girl with pink hair from her rest.
This is where our story ends; now it’s up to the pink-haired girl’s friends. You and the Woozband will continue to write, and make sure the girl with pink hair is all right.
You can find this again in the Woozworld Blog! So who do you think can save Jenny?! :O Maybe Zack can save her. Or will it be Max! Or Mya with true friendship!
                                           Until Next Time.. ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Updates & art!

Hey guys! Bleaty here again.There's not alot of new stuff going around on woozworld at the moment,so today I'll be talking about my Art and some Updates in WoozworldBurst.Most of you are wondering when we will update our blog.I'm sorry for the inconvenience,and we'll work our best to updating it.      
                                                                                We will hopefully be working on updates soon.And we're also sorry for not updating our header.Penny is taking a break off of woozworld from what I've heard,but I'm not positive.Again,We're sorry for this inconvenience.             

Now onto my next topic, Art!!!I love to do art :) I draw anime woozens,or just plain anime/manga.I was thinking maybe when I don't have Battle of The Photos on my hands,I could do a little art thing with you guys.So about every couple weeks or so,I could get you guys to fill a type form (Or Email) Me your art! It could be a little contest where you draw a picture following the theme.Or I could draw a woozen as anime.Comment int he chatbox which I should do.Here's what the 2nd option would be like:
                                                               I draw these by myself.So anyways that's mostly all for today,remember to cast in your pictures for battle of the photos while your at it!Bleaty signing out!

xoxo -Bleaty      

Friday, February 20, 2015

Outfit Review & Once Upon A Time

Hey! It's your zealous girl!! Okay, so today we are going to talk about the new outfits and the event of once upon a time. First up is ............
First Outfit:

Lil' Braid Riding Hood
This obviously represents red little riding hood and I think woozworld did an amazing job making this outfit
Hair: I love this hair!! The curls are gorgeous!!!!
Rate 10/10
Top: I love this dress with the bows! It makes the outfit so much cuter!!
Rate: 10/10
Can't really see legs or shoes
Damsel in Dis Dress
Snow White!!!!
Hair: The hair is pretty, however I think it reminds me of another hair that woozworld created...The hair does use the red color that snow white wears though.
Rate: 7/10
Dress: The dress is pretty with the straps a bit off the shoulder and I love how it is simple, yet is so pretty!!
Rate: 8.5/10
Can't see legs or shoes
Sir Charming
The guy who saves snow white with a true love's kiss!
Hair: I honestly am not a big fan of it... I don't like the parting of the hair.
Rate: 6/10
Top: It is a nice top, however I feel like I seen a similar top with the idea of a vest and a shirt under it
Rate: 6/10
Pants: I can see half of the pants xD Again, I feel like I seen these pants before in a similar version or versions
Rate: 5.5/10
Okay, now let's talk about Once Upon A Time! So, Jenny is snow white in this event and mya, max, jay. and zack are on a quest to save her. I feel that this is going to end up just like the snow white story and that this is how max is going to get back together with jenny. Then again, you never know, there could be a surprise. Also, the woozens help the animator who's story we want. Which story do you guys want?
Now, I have to go! Talk to you guys on Sunday!

Jenny THEORIES, and Zenna!

Hello lovelies! x) Cuttiepie here sorry for the late upload. I was at a partyyy turn upp xD  So recently it's no secret that our lovely Jenny has fallen into a deep sleep. And well we don't know what's wrong! But there have been some theories of what's happened to Jenny. Here are a couple some are serious some a bit of humor.

Theory 1) "Cuteness overload"

Theory 2) "Severe cat allergies"

Theory 3) “Jenny didn’t realize she left her soap on her bathroom floor. She stepped out and slipped. Oops! Classic Jenny.
That, or a new evil is upon Woozworld. Someone who hates Jenny. My, my.. Maybe it’s LilyWooz HERSELF…”

Theory 4)  “Jenny sacrificed herself to the hate cloud (mrs miraje grey cloud) to save woozworld and she can only be awakened by an act of true love."

Those are just a few of the theories about Jenny's mysterious sleep. You can go to the official WoozWorld blog website to see whose the entries where from. Or you can go to the Plaza to enter your own theory. Is this just a normal little nap that's been going on longer than it should be? Or is it something far more worse? Also is this the thing that brings Max and Jenny back together? Can true loves kiss really wake Jenny up?

In other news Zeena is at it again, stirring up trouble of course.  On woozin Zeena has been attempting to I should say start stuff (as usual xD)  Luckily the woozband knows her silly ways and avoids it at all cost really! Here are some things she had to say...

 Do you think Zeena is the cause of Jenny's falling asleep?  Hmmm it sorta looks like it. I mean Jenny always gets attention. And Zeena can't stand when others aren't paying attention to her. Maybe so, or this could be something far more worse....

And of course when Zeena posted this it wasn't long until the Mya and Jenny fans fired right back at her with a taste of well, her own medicine x)

Hope you woozens have a lovely Friday night! (P.S. new posting days are Tuesday & Friday :) )


Once upon a Wooz.. & Winners!

Hey guys! Bleaty here.You guys probably already know that Jenny is found ASLEEP In central Plaza,from LilyWooz that posed about it.But just yesterday,something new happened.In the woozworld Store,There's these outfits,but also these:
                                                             So when you buy one,Your helping that woozband member with their story on how to help Jenny come back.But wait,If you look beside Max,did Zack return to give his true love back to Jenny??Or could it be Zeena,spoiled the news to Zack?Also on woozworld, you can go to a unitz,and pick the journey YOU Want to help.So to get to the unitz go to :

1.) WoozNewz

2.) Click the member you want and it'll take you to their unitz!
If you're having troubles choosing one,I'd suggest Max,Because to be honest,I miss them as a couple.Or if you're looking for some wild fun,Choose Zack cause who knows,Something extraordinary might happen :3.Also,TimeKeeperz  have returned!:D Sorta...Maybe if Zack wins,he might break jenny's heart into robot pieces,and we have to do that TimeKeeperz thing again? Idk that's just my theory but anyways that's mostly all for that topic.Now onto the winner of  Battle of The Photos! in the end,the photo that won was:

Mine! It makes more sense since it's a photo of my avatar,but anyways yea.Just a little shoutout to CelieLove37 (AKA Owner of Woozapalooza),for inspiring me to do edits like this one.Thankyou Celia,for being a woozworld role model :3 Anyways guys,that's all for today,

Bleaty signing out!