Monday, January 26, 2015

The Newest Trial Blogger!

Hey there, everyone! I'm SpazzyUnicornz, and I am so excited to make my first post as a trial blogger on Woozworld Burst! I love Woozworld, especially experimenting with different outfits, designing my own Unitz, and just trying out new styles. I've been playing since 2011, and I created my current account about two years ago. My favorite hobbies are singing, acting, cooking, playing basketball, and of course, Woozworld! 

So that's me! I can't wait to keep posting on Woozworld Burst, and I'm totally ready for an adventure with tons of fun along the way!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm Back! Better Than Ever!

Hey guys, me jennyglam! I am back! recently i've been editting a profile picture and making a film. This is a comedy film and i just need one person who has the wackiest outfit for my film to be in it! so honesty it's about fried chicken.....FRIED CHICKEN! YAAS BRUH YAAS. anywho, i'll show you the cover:

So anywho i do need a chicken to kill so obviously i need 2 people for my film,
If your interested then message :) Till now this is
Ma sign out pic and sign out message:
English: Mrs. Unique Signing Out!
Francis: Mme. Unique Signature Out!

New ZeChic Items Coming (Inside Scoop-SPOLERS)

Hey guys! It is Cutiexpiexgirl. I know I didn't post Friday D: Seriously, I am really sorry.... Okay, so as you guys can tell the topic today is new zechic items :D
Let's get started
Mya posted that this would be in zechic. I personally don't love it.... I don't like the hair part, but the panda is cute....
This one is amazing to me XD I love the sparkles and that necklace like YAS! XD This one is definitely perfect for just a day that you just want to be casual yet stylish!
The design on the hoodie is cool! Though woozworld meant this top to be for guys, girls can definitely rock this too for a casual day.

NOW, I found three others items that woozworld did not post about yet.... The day is January 25th, 2015 , so woozworld might post about these items later.... but for now it is not posted about just yet.
If you are reading this later then this date, you might find that woozworld posted about. But as said before, it is not posted about yet... I am too repetitive XD By the way I found this on facebook in the woozworld chat.
Okay, so one of the items is already posted about, so I think this is pretty accurate..... Sorry if it isn't, but it does seem to be accurate. Okay I think the sweater is pretty nice and simple. The dress perfect for like a day in the park or something or you can also dress it up! The hair... I JUST LOVE IT!! OMG  I really want that..... I wish I was vip now because of that hair though I always wanted to be Vip... XD

Okay, got to motor now... Motor ... xD Happy early valentine's day! Early valentine's signoff photo arrived!


#FashionHaul with me! -- NEWS ABOUT #AskNicole

Hello guys! And today, I'm going to be showing you some really cool outfits today! 

Model: Thewayyouloveme

I love this outfit. I think it reminds me of the spring time, and gets my head out of all the cold weather, and it also reminds 
me of all the bright
clothes. Overall: 9.5

Model: Fashion---Forever

Okay. This outfit is gorgeous. It goes very well with the background, I love it. It's also casual, but in a 
fun way. So if you
wear it, you can 
play in it. Overall:

Lastly, we have:



This outfit makes me
feel like i'm out on the beach, and I am having
a great time with my
friends. I think the
outfit is cute too.
Overall: 9.4

Okay guys. So in about 3 weeks , I'm having a #Ask Nicole tag. So write on my wallz random questions, but they must be appropriate. Thanks.xx

- NicoleLoves-

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hi, Im A New Trial Blogger

 Hi! Im samathawoo. (Thats my woozworld name) I'm a new trial blogger for Burst!! I'll mostly talk about the most 2 important eventz during the week.. Such as Mya's Star Of The Week. My favorite color is blue. Its such a honor to be able to do this.. I usally hang around Woozens Quest. I'm 11. xD Im on like EVERYDAAYY... I haven't had time to make a sign off photo like a good one.. So im using a quick one i made.. xD Its kinda bad.. Im having to rush while typing this so i gtg now Bye!!



How to make your profile picture turned around

Hey guys! Bleaty here again.If you've noticed,many people have their profile pics different.Here's a compare and contrast:

Normal Profile:                                                                                           Different Profile:

Many people have been asking woozens how to do it.If you want to know how to do this,follow these steps.Now some aren't as easy to do and can be complicated.

1.) Get on the Woozworld App.(So far,we have only found out this only works when you use the Woozworld App.)      

2.)   Click your Inventory and your Avatar is standing on the podium thing next to all the clothes.

3.) There is a little Arrow Under the podium thing that they are standing on.   

4.) Click the arrow to Rotate into the pose you choose.


5.)Click the X (Cancel) to exit out your inventory and TA DA! Your profile is now in that pose.I don't know how people do other things like the skateboard.                                                                                       Please Message QueenRosie1 Thank you Because She Is The One That Told Me This :)

Anyways that's all for today guys!Please remember to rate this interesting or cool if you thought it was,or even funny if you did think it was funny O_O.Also please message me some things you would like me to post about.Like tutorials on how to draw anime woozens or something like that. :) Thanks xo Bleaty signing out!


Friday, January 23, 2015

NationZ Video Contest.

Hey guys! Bleaty here.Today I'm going to be talking about a new contest on Woozworld which is:NationZ Video Contest!This contest is all about YOU Making a video about why you think YOUR NationZ is absolutely the BEST and why you think it should win.So in order to do this,follow these steps:
1.) Go to the unitz: NationZ Games Training Grounds
2.) You click the Green Podz that says:Enlist Podz for video contest!                                                      

3.) Follow the Instructions and make your video :D
                                                                             So if you follow those 3 easy steps,You will be able to make your video :) Some tips would be to:

1.) Be Creative!Some boring info won't get you ANYWHERE.Trust me,My tab will be gone before you know it

2.)Get as many people as you can!If there's only 2 people,it will still be good,but with more people,It makes it interesting,AND They might have some Great ideas too.

3.) Make it under 1:00.If you don't,then well sorry cause they won't accept it x(.

Anyways that's really all for today about the Video Contest.Message me at Bleatystar- if you would like to be in my Mystic Alley video.Thanks guys! Have fun making those fabulous videos of yours.Bleaty signing out! xoxo


Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Outfits Review!

                                                 Hello everyone!
         Today I am going to do the second set of Nationz Outfit's review! Let's get started.

Hair: Hmm.. I don't really know what Woozworld was going with here... I think the braids and the hair on the side is gorgeous! The back of the hair.. it just doesn't finish the whole part. Maybe a high ponytail would do. Overall, I think this hair is OK. I love the front part, though! 9/10

Dress: Oh my, I think this dress is just GORGEOUS! The patterns on the top, so chic. I just love the bottom, how you can see a little through it. This dress is very beautiful, and I think Woozworld did an excellent job with this. 10/10

Skirt: You cannot see the skirt in this photo, sorry. I think it is just general. They should of added a little pattern. I liked the fact that Woozworld added a little pattern at the bottom. Too cute! 8/10
Shoes: These shoes will knock your socks off, literally! They are stunning! I love the spikes at the end, to the high heels. Woozworld did amazing with these shoes. 10/10 *Will show the shoes and skirts at the end.
Hair: From the waves, to the beautiful flower, this hair is STUNNING! Wow, woozworld did AMAZING with this one. I love how the flower tops it off, and the waves that are almost shoulder length. If the hair were to be longer, I would have thought it would be less attractive. Whoever designed this, well done! I give it a big 10/10.

Coat/dress: This is a big no no in my opinion. The dress is perfect, but the faux fur coat, I would think it would be too fluffy and big! 7/10
The skirt has a little more shade, but it is just plain and general. 9/10
Shoes: Eh they're okay, just a little less detailed than the spike shoes. The straps are cute :) 9/10

Well those were the outfit reviews for the girls. Woozworld did good designing this time!
Here are the shoes and skirts:
Thank you for reading! Cannot wait to review next week's outfits.


♥ I'm back!! xx ♥

Hello lovelies!

Guess who's back..?

Yup! I'm back! Woop woop!

I'm sorry I disappeared. You might've seen me a couple of times on WoozIn. I went to Indonesia and didn't bring my laptop (which was a stupid thing to do. Tip:  Do not ever go anywhere without a laptop). I only brought my phone. I know, I regret it. We all do silly things we regret. It's alright.

But, I'm back! I'm going to resume Red Advice (Shortened as "Radvice") on Saturday, so look forward to some very long posts... That made everything sound so boring.

Anyway, yes, I'm back! Said that a million times now. Aha. Okay.

I'll start posting on Saturday, with Red Advice.

♥ Red 
New sign-off!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

"NationZ Games" and "Wooznis & Beexta"? NationZ Is Returning!? :O

Evening, Woozens!

WoozWorld decided to bring something back, though, people started to complain. After looking into the issue, I now understand why they were upset. No, I am not "hating" or "complaining". I am merely expressing my own opinion. Get ready to dig a little deeper.

So, starting off with their not-so-subtle reference to the thrillingly action-packed trilogy known as "The Hunger Games", a series of books, followed by movie counterparts. "Wooznis" is obviously "Katniss", but with "Wooz" replacing "Kat", and a letter taken off the end. "Beexta" was just unsubtle in every way possible. You can see where I am going with this.

"NationZ Games" sounds like a Hunger Games rip-off, eh? That's where you're wrong!

"Wooznis" and "Beexta" were ancient gods, who had our two WoozWorld currencies "Wooz" and "Beex" named after them. There are four nations, and every nation has a leader. Guess who the leaders are? It just happens to be that our beloved WoozBand are the leaders.

All in all, I really enjoy the fact that they tried to reference what's new these days, but they could have tried harder to make it more subtle. This sounds REALLY fun, and I hope we can all be at peace, and have some fun with this! ^.^

Again, I'm not complaining! I love the idea of this! :D

That's all for now! Stay safe, and have fun!


(P.S. Have questions or concerns? I may be able to answer you. Contact me through WoozWorld by message!)

Auditions! + Outfits to get ready for Valentine's!

I am doing a new series! The audition details will be at the bottom The auditions are to have some fun around Woozworld when you're bored! :)

Ok, let's start with the colors for a perfect outfit!
So, when you are thinking of a cute Valentine's day outfit
you want to have some colors to match it! Such as....
And White...
So now that we know some colors, let's find some in Woozworld! (Color codes)
Ok, I found a perfect red for Valentine's :)

We have a red, Even though 
pink doesn't mix with red we
can make it work for Valentine's!
Let's get a pink now...
It would probably be more of
a light red, we don't want to do
anything neon for the pink....
We want it to be light & suttle
So let's find a pink!

A perfect pink for Valentine's is above red.
You might not want to use it for clothes, but
you can if you want! I like to use it for the 
makeup! So here:

This is a perfect pink for
this Valentine's day, it is
gorgeous and light!
When you make a valentine's outfit
it doesn't have to have these specific colors,
it can have any colors but you want
them to be light! You could do a light
blue and it would look great!

Now we have this.... Let's make an outfit
with these beautiful colors we found! :D

Remember... Red & White & Pink are the best!

Ok, I mixed red & White & pink together
and I found this cute outfit from last 
Valentine's day in Woozworld! (Not the whole outfit) x3
OK, it's not with the red right now but the pink & white
together looks really pretty!

It's a really cute outfit
for Valentine's!
The names of the clothing
Dress: Hannaful Dress
Skirt (Can't see it xD): Lace Pattern Skirt
Shoes: Wedge High Tops
Hair: Short Side Braid

Gorgeous for Valentine's! :)

Ok, and now... As I said... I am having series auditions! Here are instructions xD

1. Think of a character name & a personallity
2. Message me the Character & Personallity
3. Dress as you think the character would.
4. Take a picture of the outfit
5. Save it in an album called "Love Auditions"
6. Message me saying "Auditions" And I will check it!

                              Good luck to all! I'm working on my sign out pic! Almost done x3
AKA SparklesBowtiez :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

#FashionWithCutie is Back!

What's up bursties? :3 ........ FASHION TIME WITH CUTIE!!!!! I haven't done some fashion posts for some times now, but it is back ;) Okay, so this time I looked around woozworld and found some outfits that had at least one piece with the new outfit.
This is the full new outfit and the reasons I chose to use this outfit was because of  this unique and amazing color code!!! I can't even describe the color! Amazing color code, Kiara917!
The matching with the clothes and the skirt is just perfect :O It is perfect for just a casual day or this outfit can be used for a party!!! I love how the cropped top makes it a bit casual, but those shoes and that hair!! Fabulous, xemilyxlovex!
Matching a zechic top with the skirt and boots... like YAS! XD I think this is perfect for like a casual walk or just for hanging with friends! The skirt and top make it like a mini dress and it is dressed down a bit with those cute boots!! Love it, sparkletheawsome!
PARTY TIME WITH THIS OUTFIT! XD I seriously just love this outfit! The hair, top, skirt, and shoes here just equal perfection! Perfect for a night out, date, or a party! Love your style, Jessicaziv!

Good job to all of you guys!! LOVE ALL OF YOUR STYLES! Remember guys, you can send me pictures of your outfit by putting it in an album then message me saying which album the picture is in! Time to go! ;) New Sign Off Photo (FINALLY)

SymbZ are here!

    Hello Everyone!
Today I am going to talk about the new SymbZ.
SymbZ are a way to express yourself throughout Woozworld, and a replacement for the "Be Right Back" icon!

You can even gift SymbZ to friends with the new gift option! I recently just gifted a friend of mine a SymbZ. :)

Did you know if you purchase one of the Nation Symbz in the Woozworld store, it comes with an effect? It lasts for about 20:00 minutes. I picked the Lib Street Nation, and when I put it on, this Symbol pops up in the chat bar:

I then activated my Symbz

After that, I found out I can run faster! The effect lasted for about 20 minutes, then you can use it again. But after I changed my clothes I went slower. maybe It has to do with your clothes? Hmm

Well, That's It for today, Woozens! I am going to post again Tomorrow for now. Thank you!

See You Later! ~Katiekat00  
(Sorry for the short post, and A picture will be coming soon)


 Hello woozens! I am luvlauren a trial blogger. First off i ant to say thanks so much to the owners of this blog for giving me a chance. I have some blogging experience, and im really happy that now more people get to know me! Here are the top 5 thing about me: 
  1. Woozworld has always been important to me, and i have been on woozworld for about four years! (I have had multiple accounts from being a failure xD)
  2. I LOVE fashion, and i also adore science! ;)
  3. I am running for woozguidez, and i love to help people in any way that i can! 
  4. I love to host game shows, especially ones that give me a chance to interact with woozens! :) 
 Those were just a few exciting facts about me, and if you have anything in common with me i highly encourage you to add me! I look forward to posting more in the future, and hopefully i made you smile. Thanks so much for reading, i love you all! Have a great day, and ill see you soon! :) <3 -luvlauren

            (P.s: I just took this photo as a sign off, i will work hard to make and edit a better one! c;)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dares & New Outfits! x3

Ok so guys, On my channel I am gonna do an event called "Magic Dare Day MDD" And I need some dares to do and It will be in Woozworld so post some cool dares on my wallz and I will do them!! Your dare will be on YouTube if you comment and you can comment a lot if you want! :) Click THIS TO GO TO MY WOOZIN AND POST A DARE :D Thankiez! ;)

Now, let's get on with the outfits! ;D

Now, Let's admit it.. They totally ripped off the Hunger Games XD But I am amazed that they could make a Woozworld Version of these outfits! They are really stylish!

I think that the X3 outfits with the Unitz stuff is a really good deal! I mean, you get a unitz with x21 furniture to do it for the unitz design contest! :)
I think that I really love the hair the most because it is in a French braid... My favorite hair style with the bangs out! It's really cute

I love the shoes on this outfit because I LOVE boots! xD So I love them a lot ;3

Anyways, thankies for reading hopefully you guys post a dare! :)

                                                               Stay Stylish! xx
AKA SparklesBowtiez

The NationZ GameZ!!

Hi guys! Bleaty here again.Today I'm going to be taking about something on Woozworld called: The NationZ GameZ!The sum up about this,The NationZ GameZ is like the Hunger Games.If any of you remember old Woozworld,There were 4 NationZ you could belong in.These were:

1.)Mystic Alley (Fairies,Mermaids,Aliens Fairy tales.)

2.)Cortoza (Ghosts Bats Dark and Spooky)

3.)Lib Street (Hip hop,Urban)

And we end off with...

4.) Colony V (Future people (aka) Also aliens)

I was part off the Mystic Alley, since I'm very interested in aliens and fairies xD.It's your lucky chance,because everyone wanting old Woozworld back,is getting their chance!But the GameZ Are deciding which troupe is the BEST! So if you want YOUR NationZ to be the best,here's what you have to do.

1.) Buy the TributeZ SymbolZ in the Woozworld Store.
2.) Wear your SmbolZ (NOTE: If you don't know what SymbolZ are,check my last post)

3.) Collect the DefenderZ

and lastly...

4.) Get your NationZ to be the BEST! :D

So you can say this is the 'Woozworld Hunger games'.I find this very cool actually.The winning NationZ gets to split up 1,000,000, WOOZ,Between everyone on that team.So get collecting,cause we don't have much time!
So that's all for today.If your having troubles picking a team,I suggest either Cortoza,if you want to win,or Mystic Alley, cause we all know unicorns are amazing :).So yeah,That's all for today guys! See you next week!! Bleaty signing out!