Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Face(s) On WzW? ♫❀

   This Picture May Look Familiar From The Pop-Up When You First Log Onto WoozWorld. But What Doesn't Look Familiar Is The Face On The Jenny Swift. There's No Doubt It Resembles Taylor Swift But Will It Be Featured On WoozWorld? It's Definitely Similar To The More Recent Faces Such As Fresh Face And Ladylike, More Realistic As Oppose To 'Cutie And Make-Up' And 'Innocent And Make-Up'. I Personally Really Like It. Only Time Will Tell If We'll Be Seeing This Face In WoozWorld.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

WNS Performance Outfit Review For Guys

Hello Little Mice! 
   So this morning when I logged I something different about +JayWooz so I rushed on world and went to see the new outfits! C: Here are the outfits


Hat: The the only flaws are how big it is and how it doesn't really 
match the coat. But I like it because its reminds me of Smokey The Bear and Pharrel Williams.5/10

Coat: I love it but I'm not a fan of the shirt how it peeks down from under and just the bottom in general. But I love it because it makes me think that this is what a sports jersey might look like if they played sports in Fall.8/10

Pants: I love them. I love just the folds in general. As for the shoes I can't see.10/10


Hat: I LOVE the hair and how it only shows a bit with only sideburns. I also l love the shape and form of the hat how it looks like its loose but perfectly fitting. 9/10

Top: I love plaid over-tops (Don't get mad at me I don't know what they're called ;c) plus I love how he has headphones around his neck. 10/10

Pants: I'm not as big of a fan of the pants because Its really just the Jayrell pants with a stripe. C: 6/10

Thats it for today! XOXO~

❤WNS Outfit Reviews+Apologies❤

Good Evening, Bursties. ❤

I truly apologize for not being able to post. My schedule has been unintentionally unorganized due to my transition to getting back on track with school. I am going on a retreat with my grade tomorrow, just to notify you on my schedule. Setting that aside, let's talk new WNS outfits. They are absolutely stunning, and I am positive that our fellow designers took this certain package of outfits very seriously. Here's my review on them.

I, myself, absolutely adore this particular outfit, considering the fact that it simply looks exactly like Ariana, herself. Ariana's style is quite hard to capture and put down on a virtual site, but I believe that our designers did a wonderful job on this. My opinion on the hair is simple, it's absolutely stunning. The curls, perfected. Stunning work of art. The dress is quite simple, not much to talk about. The shoes look like Frankenstein boots, in my opinion. A bit too much, but aside from that, they did a fabulous job.
Jenny's hair is simply gorgeous. The shadowing, the bangs, it's perfect. Her dress is absolutely stunning, I cannot express how amazing it looks, the waistband, the two parts at the top that come together, words cannot be put into how lovely this is. Everything about the outfit is inexpressibly beautiful.
 This outfit definitely surprised me. Our designers usually never add headphones, or for that matter, any accessories to their outfits, so I was truly surprised by that. The hat is simple, but stylish. The plaid is to die for, so charming and handsome. The pants, not that important, shoes, cannot see them. Lovely outfit, perfect for a Friday night at the arcade!
Oh dear, look at that hat! Haha, Jay comes back strong as ever, with his big, ginormous hat. Why, won't you look at that? Quite large, if I may say. The jacket is quite simple, I am somewhat disapointed with it. The jeans, too bright. It'll make the colors it is dyed look too bright. The shoes, can't see them. Overall, I am simply unamused.

I apologize for the lack of posting. I am not forgetting, and I am not purposely trying to not post. I adore posting, and I express that during every post, so you should be aware of that, but I have been flooded with schoolwork. I, sincerely, apologize to not only the Woozworld Burst owners, Pinkie and Penguin, but to all of you lovely viewers. I will try my best to post early, and plan ahead, but I cannot promise anything. I cherish my hobby as a blogger, and hopefully, will be able to keep it, with the acception of school. Have a lovely evening!❤

New WoozWorld Burst Blogger!

Hi everyone, my name is iAmCuriosity! :)

I am happy to announce that I am the newest blogger here at WoozWorld Burst! Let me introduce myself, I have been a loyal WoozWorld player for 4 years now and an editor for 2. I specialize in video/photo editing and in the future I hope to fill you guys in with some little tricks here and there. But that's not all I have in store; I plan to keep you up-to-date on the newly released outfits, hacked items, hackers, and the most important news in WoozWorld! Making sure that you are aware of anything and everything happening in WoozWorld! 

See you guys next time! <3
Love iAmCuriosity

NEW WNS (Ariana Grande Review)

Hey bursties! Penguins Here, Have You Checked Out Stores? They Have New ARIANA GRANDE,  OUTFIT :O ! Im Sure You've All Heard Of Ariana, She Is A Rising Star, With Her Hit Singles "The Way" "Problem" And Now Her Neew Album That Was Just Released.. "My Everything" ! It's Very Good! And So Is Her Style! If You Don't Know Her By Her Music, Maybe From Her Starring "Cat Valentine" On Victorious, Or On Sam & Cat! Unfortunetly The Show Was Cancelled, But She Didn't Give Up! Last Night She Won An Award At The VMA's :O Her Style Was Astonishing, So I Guess Woozworld Decided To Bring It By Popular Demand <3 Check It Out :O

Pretty Close Right!??!? And For An Amazing Price! Comes With An Exclusive Unit Too! All For 6.99 :O What A Steal. I Think I'm Going To Buy It ;)  Tell Me What You Think In The Chat Box !! xoxo iLuvpenguins64

Monday, August 25, 2014

Chillerr, Vs, and hmmm

 Hello every woozen!
 I am back once again with another post to share with all of you lovely woozens.
I have been thinking... and now I got my thought. The pros and cons of the Woozworld app!
Pros +     Cons -
+ Faster connection
- Crashes.. alot.. unexpectedly!!
+ When you vote you get beex still
- Hard to click moves fastly
+ Amazing graphics and animation
- No marketplace, No woozpets :(
+ Woozin
- A challenge to teleport
+ Heh.. I admit, we get free easier and faster.. sometimes!
- No spellz -.- Even worse... NO PICTURES!! :(
+ We get music!
- bugs...  bugs.... BUGS!!
And those were some pros and cons for the Woozworld app. Did I miss any? State yours in the comments section! Eheheh... thanks for reading this.. wow, its raining! OK ok ill stop. Uhm. My name is Katiekat00 on Woozworld, see you later woozens!  Oh and the title... erm I said chiller because it is almost Fall! September 23rd or 22nd I believe, woozens!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

~~Sleepy with Smiley!!!!

--------------------------HEY MY BURSTIES!!!!!!!!!!!> Imma make this quick because DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME IS SLEEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD. Okay well nothing much really happened today on woozworld and ik your like OH MY GOODNESS SMILEY IS BOOOOOORRRIIIINNNNNGGGGG Okay well since you want me to say a little something *wink* Errrrmmm So I heard a lot about Jay Wooz or someone making some game show thing VIP and people where pretty heated about that. Like I am saying I am on both sides so DONT HATE ME D: I mean there are both great reasons but I mean with all this drama xD I think we might all just have a drama attack cause everything is crazy there. (Love ya my bbies!!!)

Ps: Cant post picture again -.-

ZeChic+Rares+No More Disappointments

Good Evening, Bursties. ❤

As I sat at my desk, and sipped my tea, wondering what post would simply entertain you all, I considered ZeChic, and decided to post about that. ZeChic has been such a forgotten area of Woozworld, and nobody has shopped there since it stopped being updated, but Woozworld decided to bring it back, and bring it back bigger and bolder than ever. Earlier this year, they decided to add the crop-tops to ZeChic. Not many woozens were satisfied with it, so they continued to forget it. A few months later, Woozworld decided enough is enough, it's time to get our Woozens what they want, and added WNS hair, and the long ponytail - more on the rares coming back later.

So in conclusion, Woozworld has been very gracious this year, and they've added so much, and their designs have been more beautiful than ever. Setting that aside, let's talk rares. Last month, Woozworld surprised their woozens with something big, and I mean big. They brought back alot of rares, including, Skater, Pixel, Fashionista, Peacock, ect., ect.

That's it for today, Woozens. I truly do apologize for not posting yesterday. I was online, and I did start on the post, but I simply got distracted with a personal family issue that came up that day. I know in my earlier blogging days I had missed about three or four days of posting, and that will never happen again. I am focused and ready to engage in my hobby as a blogger, and I will not disappoint you all. Have a lovely day, and a new sign-off photo will be coming soon! ❤

❤New Sign-off Photo On Tuesday❤

Events going on in Woozworld

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not writing on the blog on my 2 days. I have been so busy! School starting and everything thing else. Today Freestyle for VIP'S will be happening with JayWooz!  
The theme this evening is Back to School! Good luck to everyone! Rock your moves out! I will talk to all of you guys tomorrow!! Hope all of you had a great WNS! Congratulations to everyone who got chosen for the teams! See you tomorrow!! -CatchyTune

ALL about VIPS

Hi blues anyways  I think woozworld is all about VIPs! Idk why though maybe because they want non VIPS to become VIPS so woozworld gets more money! As you know on sunday there is a VIP only Event?!? I am VIP though but I said to myself what are Non VIPS getting! They play to you know!!! So yep sorry for a short post.


I got my pic to work

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Max Bby!!! ~Smiley

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.---.-.--.--.-.-.--- So My bursties My COLORS ARE GONE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.\
There not working so Im plain. There is always something wrong with the colors -.-. Anyway I was talking to my friend LunaLightStar and I luv her youtube channel so SUB TO HER!!. I have to make this quick because im sleepy. Anywho I was playing Theme (Color game) Blah -.- and you know those pop up things we now get with the face like Mya or Jenny Or Max or Jay? Its like Poor Max is all alone. I had Mya (Yesh Imma be honest) I mean If I knew Max was like this I would of helped him out. Its like No one can click on Max because no one is voting for him xD I wanna be like CAN I REDO MY VOTE DONT MAKE ME HAVE A TANTRUM!!!. Like Poor Max I don't know if he did anything wrong so ya'll are like EWWW MAXXXXX!!!!! Im like o.o Sup Max Whats up Brother from another virtual motha!!!!.Like if there reading this or is like O.0 OHHH YEAH I WANNA SEE WHATS HAPPENING. Heyyyyy Guyyyyyysss this is me LolSmiley xD lol Imma hush now Bye Smiliesssssssssssss :P                                         

Ps: I really need my computer fixed because my pic just wont show Byeee

Woozworld rares not rares anymore?!?

As you know long pony tail has been added to ze chic! I have had complaints that wooz world Is taking the rares away from us? Think about it like this they are trying to get more money for Woozworld that is all Because as you know over 1,000 Woozens have quit this year due to bullying and more! So anyways I think long pony tail is not a rare anymore since like everyone has it LOL! let's have a chat about it in chat box!

Lots of love,

Friday, August 22, 2014

Long PonyTail Phenomenon ! ☺☼

Yes, It's True!
   As A Majority Of Woozens Already Know, The Long PonyTail Was Recently Added To ZeChic For Only 120 Wooz! For Anyone Like Me Who Didn't Own One Before This Point, It Was Very Exciting To Hear About. Although It's In ZeChic For VIP's Only, Many Are Re-Selling For Max Beex. I Love Woozworld For Adding It! Although It's No Longer Considered Very Rare, I Still Love It. Just The Style, It Looks Good With Almost Anything I Own. It Is An Essential!
  I Really Love Wearing It With Either Of The WNS Outfits Seen To The Left Where I Wore It With The Country Dress And Pop Heels. One Thing I Also Love About This Hair Is You Can Wear It With Either A Girly Outfit Or A Rougher/Tougher Look. It Just Works With Everything. :)



Penguins Here! Today I Will Be Giving You The Answers To The WNS Quiz! Once Again, No Introduction... Just Answers x)

Q: Who didn't show up at Jenny's B-Day party this year?
A: Max

Q: Taylor Swift dated several Hollywood stars. What's the name of her last famous boyfriend?
A: Harry Styles

Q: In 2012, Taylor Swift has played the voice of the character Audrey in an animated film. What is the name of this movie?
A: The Lorax

Q: What is Taylor Swift's middle name?
A: Alison

Q: What's the name of the first single released by Taylor Swift?
A: Tim Mcgraw

Q: What's the name of Taylor Swift's next movie?

Q: Jenny uses which machine to make triple chocolate ice cream?
A: Gourmet Ice Machine

Q: What is the name of the blog that Jenny gives advice to woozens called?
A: Dear Jenny

Can't Wait Until The Next Quiz :D I Hear Its going To Be Tougher  B-you Said! Speaking of Which, She Visited Woozworld... AGAIN! :O Stay Tuned For My Next Post ;) xoxo iLuvpenguins64

WNS Quiz 2 Answers +Official Blogger!

Hello Little Mice
    As you see on the title... I'm an official blogger! C: Oh thankyou to PinkLover5214 for letting me know! c: Its just FANTTABULOUS! 


  Here are the answers!

1. Who didn't show up at Jenny's B-Day party this year? Max

2. Taylor Swift dated several Hollywood stars. What's the name of her last famous boyfriend? Harry Styles

3. In 2012, Taylor Swift has played the voice of the character Audrey in an animated film. What is the name of this movie? The Lorax

4. What is Taylor Swift's middle name? Alison 

5. What's the name of the first single released by Taylor Swift? Tim McGraw6. What's the name of Taylor Swift's next movie? The Giver

7.  Jenny uses which machine to make triple chocolate ice cream? Gourmet Ice Machine 

8. What is the name of the blog that Jenny gives advice to woozens called? Dear Jenny 

  Thats it for today!

Oh yeah! I forgot to say I'm letting YOU choose the subject for my next post! Just message me the subject, I'm Bleu-Lily c: XOXO~

Ze chich OMG!!!

I went on this morning I heard people saying long ponytail is in ze chich and IT Is OMG also it is colorable because now everyday a new hair will be put in there YAY! Anyways I am in love with that but it brought me back to think old woozworld again because remember when we had I think it was Specials or something! So you should all check that out. It is awesome all I can say is that.

Others think it is not so good though. This is why because these are all rares but not so much  anymore. I think that is because people think there is nothing to trade now! Remember of the non VIPS though because they can not get so maybe get two and share one!


Bullying Is Out Of CONTROL

Hey guys it's me Jenny. I'm moving and i'm barely on because i'm packing...Jesus...It's sad how alot of you guys BULLY! I've actually be threaten that i will be EXPOSED. But i'm not calling out names. I'm just saying. I've been threaten that i will be EXPOSED for something i did not do. Just so you know my sister is sometimes on my account. So yea you can't blame everything on me because i'm usually not at HOME i'm outside with my REAL friends an not playing on this STUPID game! Okie? Now that you know stop saying i'm an liar. You don't know how i'm stressed out in life. People bully me in real life Because of my looks or even my ways. But don't judge an book by it's cover. Find your true inner self With your true inner friends. Don't go up to someone saying "Hey! Wanna be my friend! Let me tell you what goes down in my household! I'm an foster child! I'm kidnapped by an Chinese Indian! Shes mixed!" No... Don't do that...That's just dumb..You never know! People could try to steal your identity. So keep all that info to yourself on Woozworld in real life untill you find that true inner friend. You might even tell your friend your account info for woozworld. And guess what. 10 minutes later it's pass/email has changed. Now that you know the truth about Bullying an Exposing Stop it. Mostly on internet. It's awful and it's against the LAW. So if you want to end up behind bars continue what your doing. I'm not calling out names as i said again. Bullying Just Needs To STOP. Signing out. Bye Bye!

wait... what? New Series?

Join Faith as she faces her worse nightmare yet, You thought it couldnt get more intense? Well it just did.

That is the phrase for the series "Woah" so you can watch episode one now!

I hope you enjoy, More episodes coming soon
Stalking time

Thursday, August 21, 2014

WoozWorld UpdateZ ☻❀

   Hi! It's Ginger A New Blogger In Training And For My First Post I'm Going To Be Giving You Some UpdateZ On Recent WoozWorld EventZ. :)
   It's A Fight For The Top Spot On WoozRadio Top 100. As Of Now, Friday 8/22/14 6:00 ET, Myana Grande Is In The Lead Out Of The WoozBand At Number 57. Jenny Swift Not Close Behind With 78. Jayrell Williams Close Behind Ms.Swift With 79. And Maxvicii Not Doing So Well With A Spot In 81. To Help Your Team Get To The Top Spot you Can Go Around UnitZ Collecting The Collectiblez Coordinating With Your Star. To Pick The Star You Want To Support You Have To Go To Their Tour Buses In Their UnitZ And Click On The Golden Chest. Choose Wisely Because Once You Choose You Can't Go Back.

As You Probably Know, There Was A Unit Contest To Pick Members For Each Stars Labels.
Here Are The Winners:

            (Purple Is Mya, Pink Is Jenny, Red Is Jay, Max Is Blue)
Presidents: CaitlynBrough, TropicalCandy, -AidyPady-, TobanJ
Vice Presidents: Ollie93, ValeriaNyanPower,
Artur113, Obeytheclothing
Promotion Mangers: ZoeVooz, PeanutKiss, IAteMyNameLol, Coldwaterooz
Label Managers: LucyDj, Ekaai, Sunnygrilyji, AdreiOnder
Marketing Coordinators: Katiekat00, SilverEmma, Aholic-Wizard, Alec-Star
PR Managers: Ellietta, Lulu7ice, Happyguy6, XxGoldayyMakerxX
Stylists: Seraryc, AllyForever, LuisLeonn, Abercrombieboyxo
Crew: Magssisgirl, AgapeGirl, NataliaLove-, OMGITSEMILY, RasberryMoc, -Sakura-x3, Sephirapys, Ems37, ImaFuzzyMonster, MintyW, AngelEcho, SwaveySwaggie, Destiny228, BeautifulLengths, Pinklollipop, FutureOfTommorow, CosmicThunder, OSXYosemite, Fredrick34, --Shane--
I Want To Give A Big Congratulations To Every 
Winner That Was Chosen. I Checked Most Of The UnitZ And They Were All AMAZING!                        
So, What Team Are you Guys On? I'm Team 
Myana Grande Because I LOVE Ariana! <3                                                    
   Anyone Enter For 'Style Me Up'? A Fashion Contest Challenging Woozens To Design Their Best Outfits That Could Possibly Be Featured In Woozworld! Some Designs Were Featured On Woozworld's FaceBook Page And Most Of Them Look Insane! Some Of My Favorites:

    Each Design Was Original And I Would Definitely Wear! I Thought All Of Them Were Great! But If I HAD To Pick It Would Be One Of These. They All Showed Great Detail And Style!
   I Entered Too But My Designs Were Kind Of Funny.. I Made A Hamburger Outfit, A Hippie Outfit, They Were 'Interesting'.. I Wish Good Luck For All Who Entered! May The Odds Be In Your Favor.(;
   I Really Like Contests Like This. They're Based On Actual Talent And Allow Creative Minds To Be Shown On Woozworld. I Hope The Winner Is Happy
Whoever She/He Is.
Sorry For The Long-Ish Post. I Wanted To Make Up For Forgetting To Post On The Day I Was Going To Do. :)



Congratulations to all WNS Winners!

Good Evening Bursties! ❤

I have made the lovely decision to start posting outside of my chosen days, because blogging on Woozworld Burst has become more and more of a priority as I post, and I am truly indescribably grateful that I am making this major turn in my journey as a blogger. Speaking of big changes, I am quite sure that most of you noticed my new sign-off photo. I am absolutely thrilled at how it came out, and I definitely will be working harder and harder on my editing skills. Enough on that, let's talk about WNS. The main reason I've been posting about WNS, is because it is a special event that is favored by many woozens, and lots of news about it comes up everyday, why not give you all the scoop? 

As you all may know, the WNS Label Team Winners were chosen last night, August 19th. All Team Members were announced on the blog, and they all recieved achievements, which they all proudly posted on their WallZ. Setting aside that for a moment, there's more to WNS than just winning, it's about the fashion too! MyaWooz just made a lovely announcement including the fact that Z-Chic has recently just been updated with the Woozband's new WNS hair!

Before I end this post, I'd like to say that I am loving WNS so far, and hopefully you are too! See you on Friday!