Monday, September 15, 2014

smile cause its monday! :)

singer here!!! :D

yay!!! its monday!!! ok so ummm i recently looked over my last post and i found out i can't spell!!! idk about you guiys but i found tons of errors in my posts XD.
Yeah so moving on! i was gonna post about fashion friday, but some other bloggers beat me to it! D: oh well i'll live! i've noticed you ppl like me!!! :D i love you ppl to!!!!!!! i also know cause its monday no one is happy -.- Grrrrrrrrr.....that what i'm like in the mornings anyway...:) Now that the days over i command you to smile! why? because i said so. :) Now smile!!! :) :) :) :) yay! i know you smiled ;)Mondays ikr! school homework, and all that jazz! So uh yeah.. i know my posts are kind of boring, but i don't want to talk about drama because i don't want to offened anyone and because if you want drama just get on wooz world plenty goes on there, but hopefully your not a drama fan! i know i'm not! Last order of buissness!!! On my next post (Friday) I'm going to post about music!! Omg i bet a lot of you just freaked out right there? lol so if you want me to mention either a person or a band just put their name and song into the cha box, messege me, or post them on my wall and maybe just maybe they'll be mentioned!! ;) -wink- -wink-  So start posting!!! ;)

Lulu7ice Has Quit.

Hey guys :) Pinki here. So as you can see by the title, Lulu7ice has quit Woozworld Burst :(. She said because she wants to make her own blog. I'm glad we inspired you Lulu to make your own blog if you're reading this! xD I hope it becomes as successful as Burst has become. I want everyone to send her sweet messages on Woozworld xx :) But yeah, I just wanted to let you guys know so you won't question when you don't see her posts no more. Bye loves <3

#FashionFriday = #FashionFiasco?! BeMe, BeYou, What's Next?

Hello Beautiful Bursties! 
In Four Days There Will Be A Very Unique Day In WoozWorld! It Is Called #FashionFriday. Some Woozens Are Calling It #FashionFiasco. Why? Because This Will Change WoozWorld Forever. What Is The Point Of Having Something Super Rare If It Is In The ShopZ? My Opinion Is That If They Put Rare In The ShopZ It Will Be An Opportunity For The Woozens Who Can't Afford Rare To Get What They Want! Also, This Is Great For Outfit Collectors (Myself) Because We Get More RareZ Than We Already Have x) 
Our Next Topic Is "BeYou" It looks like it is going to be fun. They are telling you to not listen to rude people. 
Be YOU Not Someone Else ..Don't Let Someone Else Take Control Of Your Life. You Are All But Flawless, No One Is Perfect, EMBRACE IT!
<3 Don't Forget To Wear A Smile! <3

NEW! & 4 More Days :O

Hey Bursties, It's Penny Here Today :) Only 4 MORE DAYS TILLLL  MY BIRTHDAY :o And How Lucky Am I, It Lands On The Day Shopz Adds Rares ;o What Rares Are You Hoping To See?

 I Would Hope To See Most of Those! If You Have Liked Woozworld's Verified Facebook Page You Will See That They Asked For 250 Shares Then Instead Of 24 HOURS they Will Make It... THE ENTIRE WEEKENED :D So I Shared It Like 112 Times xD And Now Its At 366 :O We Get It The Entire WEEKEND :D And Back To The Birthday Thing, You're All Invited Friday @6pm Ill Have A Bday Event (YAYY) Hope Ya'll Can <Make It xoxo iLuvpenguins64

BeMe Woozworld

Hey, Bursties! It's CatchyTune! <3 I hope all of you had a great weekend, I know I did. Today is Marvelous Monday! Today is the BeMe event in Woozworld! I want to talk about that today. 
It looks like it is going to be fun. They are telling you to not listen to rude people. 
Be who you are, not who people want you to be. Be strong. Don't lose control. Love who you are, if god didn't want you to look like you are he wouldn't of made you that way. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 
They have a song in the Unit in Woozworld. You should listen to it. It is Colbie Caillat- Try, It is amazing song. 

Hey Woozens!

We all experience problems with self-esteem at different times in our lives! Especially during our tweens/teens when we’re figuring out who we are and where we fit in the world!  The good news is that our new friends from BeMe are here to help!

Visit their amazing Unitz and click on the Posters and Videos to discover fun new ways to accept yourself for who you are and learn about cool programs! Everyone’s self-image changes over time, self-esteem is not fixed for life and they’ll help you find out just that!

During adolescence, your body and your body image change. These changes can lead to many questions. Honestly, you shouldn't worry about these questions because they're totally normal, while your body is growing and changing, so is your self-esteem.  Beauty is found in various forms and this is what BeMe is all about, helping you find your own form of beauty.

As many of you may know, there are always moments when we just can’t stop comparing ourselves to others, like celebrities or TV stars, even though we totally
know it’s far from reality! It’s not only you, get the support everyone needs and visit the BeMe Lounge powered by ANEB today!
And remember Woozens…
You are amazing, so be proud to BeMe!

I will see you guys Friday. Have a wonderful week. <3 Be-You! <3 -CatchyTune

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Style Me Up Outfit Review :)

Hey, Bursties! It's me, Ariana! (AKA: ItsDelilah) and since today is my posting day, I thought I would do an outfit review , because as you guys know, there's a new outfit out that was made/inspired by bangs123! I don't know if anyone did this already, and if you have, my apologies.. :)  So, let's get started!

Hair- (7/10) I really like this hair, but the hair on the drawing by bangs123 is much better in my opinion. It was more loose and less curly. I feel like Woozworld didn't want to do much work so they designed that one Bratz hair and added bangs and a headband..

Torso- (10/10)  I absolutely LOVE the torso for this outfit. It is so original and unique, it has a bit of a preppy look to it, and I love it :)

Skirt- (8/10) I like the skirt, but it's sort of blan. Nothing wrong with it, though. It would go great with lots of shirts so it has an advantage! :)

Shoes- (??) Well, I can't see them, so I can't say anything, sorry. :L

That's all for today, guys! Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all on Saturday! Be sure to give this post a rating, maybe? :) c:.  Bye!

~Ariana (ItsDelilah) 

 (By the way: My sign off photo is complete ;o)

New Blogger :-)

Hi, bursties! My name is Ariana (ItsDelilah on woozworld xD) and I am a new trial blogger here on Woozworld Burst :) I plan on posting things mainly about fashion and tips and stuff like that, but since I'm new, today I'm going to be telling you guys a little bit about ME.

1. I love animals. They're so cute and puffy, I just want to have them all xD
2. I have a weird obsession with eating Cocoa Pebbles, LOOOL.
3. My favorite TV show is Pretty Little Liars (can't wait for it to come back on!)
4. My music taste is EVERYWHERE. It goes from Ariana Grande to Black Veil Brides, xD.
5. Woozworld Burst is my favorite blog :)
6. I have 1 hedgehog (yes, I do), 1 sugar glider, 1 cat, and 1 dog. Oh and a Guinea Pig! (My mom works at a pet store xD)
7. My favorite movie is The Avengers. But I heard that Disney took it over, I hope they don't ruin the movies :(
8. I'd say that I'm a very Positive and Happy person. :D
9. I love to edit moves, photos, you name it. It's so fun :D
10.  My favorite color is Purple or Pink :)

I hope you guys now me a wee bit better now! :) Anyways, my blogging days are Saturday and Sunday, so that's when you'll be seeing me postt. :D. Thanks for reading, and I'll post more later on today, because today is my posting day. :D See you then!

-Ariana (ItsDelilah)

     Sign off photo coming soon :3

♥Hello Perfects!♥

Hello everybody!

I'm IWriteThoughts, better known as Red, and I'm a new blogger on this blog (but currently on trial. Yay me! -London Tipton moment, oh-). I was super happy when Pinky messaged me saying that I got in. You may or may not know me. If you do, then good on you! :-) If you don't, well, don't worry. Here are a few things about me:

-I am SUPER obsessed with bows. That may sound weird, but. xP
-I am extremely silly and I love saying random stuff at random times.
-My favourite colour is obviously ... RED! YAY.
-I am from the United Kingdom, and there, we add a 'u' in 'favourite', 'colour', etc. so please don't scream at me if I spell some things quite differently!
-As you may notice, I love hearts. Don't know why.
-I love writing stories and poems and quotes of my own.

I guess that's all for now. Don't want to make my first post 100 pages long now, do I?

Until next time, guys!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Woozworld News!

Have you heard the good news coming in shopz?! I bet you have! They are putting somethings in Shopz. They are not adding Deadmau5, Unitz, or Bratz. What I really want to see come back is Pixel and some more old Woozworld outfits. I'm getting really excited for all of this. On September 19th they are adding somethings but you have to post on +MyaWooz Wallz and say what you want in Shopz. What you do have to  REMEMBER is that all of the stuff that will be added to Shopz WILL BE WOOZ! You might want to buy Wooz before this happens! All I have for today! :) See you guys Monday I think. ;).

 Pick some cool things! :) -CatchyTune


Hi guys, my name is Starview. 
You may of seen me around Woozworld, you may not of.
I'm a new blogger on this blog, currently on trial so I just thought that I would introduce myself! :)

I love writing and giving my opinion about fashion so that's probably what I'll blog about most.
I also love to give advice and help others, so maybe if you sent me questions on woozworld I could answer them here with my opinion?
The events on Woozworld are my favourite things to participate in when on world so I'll probably also post about new events, winners of the events and the woozband!

I don't really have a lot to say seems as this is just me introducing myself but I really do hope that you like me and my future blog posts.
I would also love to get feedback from you guys on how I can make my blogging better.

My blogging days are Thursday and Friday, so I'll see you on Thursday guys. ♥

Lots of love, Starview.


Hi bursties :3 Sorry I have not been posting a lot I have been super busy. Anyways I want to talk about mods and everything they do! So all mods help and there is always an online mod. The mods that answer messages are mod020,mod747, and known as the big mod Mod006! They will answer your messages. Also mods can be invisible so they will always be near you and know what you are doing at all times. Support your moderation team <3

Lots of Love, 


Hey Bursties : -) Penny Here Today ! I've Been Getting FLOODED With Messages Lately (Running For Woozguidez) ... The Most Asked Question Seems To Be "WHAT DO I DO, I'VE BEEN HACKED" ... Before I Give That Answer, You Guys Should NEVERRR, Under Any Circumstances Give Your Info Out. NOT EVEN IF THEY OFFER YOU "DEADMAU5" ... They're Non Transferable. Switching Accounts/ Trading Accounts Is Very Dangerous As Well, i Would NOT Recommend It!

For Some Of The Few Who've  Been Hacked, And Forced To Make A New Account, DONT WORRY! because There Is Still A Chance You Can Get It Back :)


1. Report The Woozen Who Did This To You. That Way Mods Know (THEY ALWAYS READ MESSAGES)

2.Try Clicking "FORGOT PASSWORD" Because Sometimes you Can Be Lucky And Redeem your Pass By Using Your EMAIL

3. Try Messaging An Active Moderator! They're Always Willing To Help. A Few Active Ones I See Are MOD006, MOD022, MOD020, And MOD747

4. If All Else Fails, Contact Woozworld By EMAIL!   ... Or .... 

5. If Still No Responce, You Can Always Call Them :)
PHONE: 1 514 281 8999
FAX: 1 514 281 5557

Friday, September 12, 2014


Singer her so the title has like no meaning lol.Yeah, but it's FRIDAY!meaning i get to post! YAY!  So i was just at jay's freestyle (It was fun sorry if you didn't get in or if you just missed out :( ) So congratz to the winner.......-drum roll-.... loveya--- Also congratz to the second and third place winners for the free style battle! i know its hard to get on stage and say your poem! however you all did amazing!!!!!!!!! in case you didn't know, the theme today was a day with domo! So if you had a poem and didn't go to share go ahead and spam my wall with poems!!!!!!!!!! I would love to read them because I know everyone has a unique personality which also means diversed poems! If you don't want to you don't have to, but i would love to read your guys work! That's really all i have today.. :( great job again to our winners!!!!!! -claps- :D ;))) i will type more for you guys on Monday!!!!

~forever, singeratheart ;) see ya later woozens!
blog pic

How WoozWorld will be Ruined Forever in Just 24 Hours

Hey Everyone! iAmCuriosity here! x)
Today I'm pretty bummed to announce that Sept. 19 2014 will be "#FashionDay", also known as the day that WoozWorld will be ruined forever...Why you might ask? Well WoozWorld just posted a status on their Facebook page ( that they will be selling 30 rares that we'd like to see in Shopz. A preview of that post is shown bellow:

Still asking yourself "Well how is WoozWorld going to be ruined?" Well, if you haven't already guessed, almost every single comment on the post has been either WoozMas Sweater or Stylish Ballerina. And if you don't already know, Stylish and WoozMas are both the rarest items in WoozWorld. So if WoozWorld decides to put BOTH of those items up for sale, the trading system will be turned upside-down! It'll be complete CHAOS! 
And if you were wondering, other rares that have been mentioned that won't completely ruin the trading program include: 
Bubblegum Pop Outfit
DOMO tanks
Fruity Apple Outfit
Cute Fall Outfit
Pixel Sweater
Aphrodite Outfit
Spartan Outfit
Athena Outfit
Warrior Maiden Outfit
Wild Huntress Outfit
Prehestoric Cutie Outfit
Spring Casual Outfit
Mermaid Princess Outfit
Summer Chic Outfit
Belle of the Ball Outfit
Masquerade Outfit
B-Day Sweetheart Outfit
Kiss You! Outfit
Spop Outfit
WoozPet Clothing
Mod Faces/Articles of clothing
All I can say is.. Save your wooz and make sure your on WoozWorld on Sept. 19 2014Also don't forget to give me a rating on this blog post! :) Tell me if you think this post was either "funny", "interesting" or "cool"! Oh, also tell me what other rares you think WoozWorld should sell in Shopz in the comment section on the right! ;)  But that's all for now!
See you guys next time! <3
Love iAmCuriosity

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello Beautiful Bursties! ❤

Hello Beautiful Bursties!!! ❤

                                                            Hello Beautiful Bursties 
My name is xXxSugarBunnyxXx. I Am Honored To Be Given The Chance To Keep Woozens Updated With WoozWorld Burst! The First Topic I Will Be Discussing With You Is BULLYING. Bullying Means A Lot To Me, I Am A Victim Too. It Doesn't Only Happen At School, It Also Happens On The Internet. Here Are My Little Tips To Stop And Prevent Bullying By One Act At A Time:
1.) If You Witness Someone Getting Bullied, Stand Up For Him/Her! If The Bully Doesn't Back Down Talk To A Parent Or A Teacher About The Situation.
2.) If YOU Are Bullied Stand Up To Them!!! Trust Me, It Works.
3.) Always Stay Out Of Drama, If You Happen To Be In The Middle. Tell The Other Person To Stop.

Now, Let Me Introduce Myself... I LOVE Ariana Grande! ☻ I Love Art And Music... I Want To Become An Author When I Am Older, I Have Already Wrote Some Books. Doctor Who Let Me Escape Reality. :') My Dream Is To Inspire, To Give Hope, To Save. 

Today Is A Very Important Date In American History. It Is September 11,2014. Back Then, 14 Years Ago It Was A Sunny Day. The Perfect Day To Be Exact. Then, Everything Changed. A Plane Hit One The Twin Towers. It Was Supposed To Be An "Accident" Then, Ten Minutes Later ANOTHER Plane Hit. That Proved To America It Was A Terrorist Attack. There Has Never Been An Attack On U.S. Soil Before, So This Was A BIG Deal! Another Attack Happened In Washington D.C. Toward The White House. Luckily, The Passengers On The Plane Overcame The Terrorists And The Plane Crashed In A Field In Pennsylvania. Every Passenger Died. They Died A Hero. Just Think, They Risked Their Lives To Save Many Many Many More Lives. The Twin Towers Collapsed. It Was A Horrible Day For America, I Wasn't Even Born Yet! Honor The Heroes And Warrior Who Risked Their Lives To Save America.
            ☮Peace Out!NEW SIGN-OUT PHOTO COMING                    SOON!

Store Updates, 9/11, New Style Me Up Outfit Available, And Inspiring Others.

Good Evening, Bursties.

It brings me much pleasure to announce, three things. One, I am posting early, although there is a possible chance that I could either one, forget on Saturday, or simply decide not to, so this will be my backup post if I forget, and it's basic news that I recently discovered and wanted to be the first one to give the big news about the recent update to the Store. Two, the signoff photo is coming along lovely. It will most likely be out this Saturday or next Tuesday, so do stay tuned. Three, I have a backup signoff photo that will be used until the real one arrives. Let's jump right into the updates in the Store!

  • The Store was recently updated with lovely designs that one, have to do with fashion and two, of course, DOMO.

This outfit was realeased at 3:53 PM on Thursday, September 11th, 2014. I, personally, think it is lovely looking and you can tell by the designs that bangs123 worked quite hard on this. I will be doing a review on this outfit on Saturday, so stay tuned, my lovelies. Again, It's stunning. Definitely congratulate her on her wall.

  • Before I continue, I'd like to talk a moment and discuss 9/11 with all of you, viewers. It is a sensitive subject, so please read this and understand that many lives were lost, and it is not a laughable matter. 
On 9/11, in 2001, a group of terrorists called al-Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers. Two planes crashed into the towers, both hijacked by members of the terrorists group. Four planes were crashed on that day, two in New York, one in a field in another state which most believe was heading towards the White House, based on the direction it was going, but the passengers took back control, but unfortunately, it crashed. No people survived that. Another plane also crashed into the Pentagon. This is a very sensitive subject. It is the most devastating things that has ever happened in U.S. History. More people died than in Pearl Harbor. Please take a moment to honor and remember all of the people who lost their lives due to this terrible attack. Thank you.

  • Again, I'd like to ask you to remember and honor every single person who lost their life in this tragic event. It was a devastating time in U.S. History, and was necessary to discuss in this post. Thank you for taking the time to read this. 
Moving onto a lighter note, Woozworld has recently updated their Store with new DOMO items, woohoo! Here's a photo of the new items.

I couldn't say the photo of a DOMO doll farting is lovely, but the tops are darling. They are quite pricey, but I am not going to go into big detail about that. There are hundreds of theories out there about Woozworld, saying they are going broke, or they want more money. Do not believe any of them. Woozworld's money is none of our business, yes, they are pricey, and you may be angry about that, and have a right to be, but do not start rumors. 

I hope my post was somewhat entertaining to all of you. I've been receiving so much support lately saying, ''You're sooo inspiring'', ect. ect. and I wanted to thank all of you so much. Inspiring others gives me such a joy, and I want all of you to have the goal to inspire others too. It brings you such joy, emotionally, and it's just, lovely to help others. Okay, signoff time. Bye!!profile
Click on my photo to go to my WoozIn.

English VS French WW?

hey Bursties! Penny Here :-) Today When I Was Going On My French Woozworld Account I Seen A Woozen Wearing A DOMO Crop Top :O ! So I Checked Stores, I Was Going To Buy It So I Logged Onto My English One To Find They Were... CHEAPER??? Is The French Part Of Woozworld Being... SCAMMED??

Can It Be True? It Surely Is! I Wonder Why This Is.. Maybe because There's Less Woozens On French Woozworld? Hmmmmmmm Lots Of Questoions. DO YOU THINK ITS FAIR? COMMENT IN THE CHAT BOX AND GET THE CONVERSATION STARTED ;o xoxo iluvpenguins64

Contest Winner Review (Style me Up)

Hey guys, it's Swaggy! I know I know, save your tears, it's ok I'm BACK! But I was just visiting :/. But still, I'm posting yay!!

Ok, so I've heard about there has been domo and guys, omg it's so frickin adorable! And also, this is the design outfit that won the contest.
Hair:    Ok, so I think the hair is like SUPER CUTE but the earrings are kinda like, weird to me :/.
Top:       The top is like REALLY REALLY nice for this style and I'm lovin it xD
Bottoms:        I think the bottoms are like nice and cute but they could have added like a pattern on the skirt in my opinion but it's really nice.
Shoes:             Ok the shoes are like G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. Glamorous just glamorous.

And that's my review :P see ya guys next time! :)

Peace ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuut! <3 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hey What Now?

Time flys.... Like a bird in the sky....
Time to move forward into the future.

Today I gave my account away to my cousin Jayden. And what happens now? Well I will still blog. However! About the woozworld community on YouTube! New shows and the most recent updates on shows such as.... My dirty little secret and the populars and many more!

Stay tuned

Quick Post + Halloween Edit!

Hi Fierce Bursties. <3
Saifwywy here! and im super sorry for NOT posting as you know, i've been on school for the past few weeks. And im already suffering! so anyways, Im gonna be talking about the woozworld news. :) Lets get started:
So a few days ago, JennyWooz posted a new challenge for us! and which im super excited for! & we have to collect all those Domo hatched eggs. (As you know Domo was hatched in an egg) So im super excited for that! ill be collecting them after i finsh this post, XD.
And also, lately. We have been getting ALOT of mazes, quizzes etc.. & thats what i like about. Its fun + every maze & quiz you complete. You get a FREE domo figurine! So thats super cool! c:  Next news:
so few days ago, My fellow best friend (caitlyn-cait) won/rocked the maze winning as 1st place!
and im super proud of her! Shes such an amazing, kind friend! so make sure you congratulate her.
Ok so now, the moment you've been waiting for, jk jk. xD i recently made an halloween sign off pic which im really proud of 
and i did it now because i might get lazy afterwards. So i did it now. :)
So here is it:
so i hope you liked it. 
Have a great & wonderful Wednesday! 
See you all later! :)