Thursday, April 24, 2014

Late Post + It's Jennys' B-DAY!!

Hello bursties! Life here, and I wanted to say... Sorry ;c I'm posting late on Thursday because well, I kinda forgot. I'm not going to make up some excuse, i'm truthful the WHOLE WAY. <3 So, yeah. Thanks for waiting. c; ANYWAYSSS!! It's JENNYS B-DAY!! Woo! Happy B-Day to jenny, and what they did was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Personally I think the unit is amazing, one of my FAVORITES out of all of the B-Day unitz they have created. It's a tea party, and MAN it is so well... KYOOT C:
Notice the furniture? :O It's apart of the nEw furniture collection c; Simply named.. KYOOT!!
Also a new clothes line is out, but that's not my post! <3 Goodday bursties! 

Good & Bad News !

Hey Bursties :) Its Penguins! Theres Good News, And Some Bad News. Ill Do The Bad News First, So I Can Get It Overwith xD... Alright, Well Unfortunetly I Did NOT Win The Eggster Unit Contest (Awe) Sometimes I Think They Only Choose Famous Woozens, Or The SAME Woozens Over And Over Again. Taye0 Won Again ;I Not That I Didn't Like Her Unit, I Did.... It Was Really Cute!  Congratulations Again, Again , Again. But I Do Think Woozband Should  Let Some Other Woozens Have A Chance x)

Heres A Little Preview!

Now For The GOOD NEWS :D Summer Is Coming Very Quick, Which Means We Are Looking For More MODELS In Advance For Our Styles Tab ;D If You Want To Feature, Message Me On Woozworld :) xoxo, iLuvpenguins64

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hey guys LadyLilax here!
So latetly I got a message saying i'm now an official blogger! Yay! so that means i'll be here blogging for you guys until i don't know when. But since lately woozworld is not having that much for something to give for, i'll just post on recommended  unitz for you woozens to visit. I'll also gice out some fashion tips soon and how-to-make-that-unitz in some other time. I would absolutely love to give out some help to you guys. We'll be keep in touch okay woozens? Add me in Woozworld and maybe we can hang out soon. Well of course that depends on my schedule since I also have things to do. I'll be posting soon woozens so stay rocking and keep visiting Woozworld Burst for more news and a whole lot!

xx LadyLilax


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


, I am gonna talk about the NEW unbeLEAFable new Leafs!

So, in my opinion I don't really like them but I like some things about them :) But I found some woozens that look fab in them! So my rate for them is a 8 I personally love how your skin turns GREEN! Isn't that cool? They have blue skin = Ice blocks.... Green skin = Spring leaf... whats next? Pink? xD Also I love the ladybug! Haha! So? Tell me how you like them! Woozen: zyndea
                                                            xx! Have a nice day :) -zyndea

Is This THEE end? :O

Hey guys, life here. I looked on Woozworld Burst and I saw that my rate was 1/5 :/ Well, if this IS the end, I want to end off with StYlE ;P So, here are some facts about me!

1. If I had to pick between a cat or a dog, it'd be a dog. :P
2. I've only had 3 boyfriends, of which one was in pre-school! xD
3. I was once kicked out of kindergarten because I flipped off a kid for taking my juice! :O xD
4. My real name is Lexi!
5. I'm currently 14!
6. My birthday is June 13
7. Woozworld is my FavOrItE game!

Yeah so even if i dont get accepted as an official blogger, ill still check here daily c; Well if THAT isn't enough information on me, ask me questions on Woozworld! LifeIsRough is my name c; I hope my score raises, if not, FAIR WELL BURSTIES. And good day c; ~!Life!~


Hi bursties!!

Ari here x) I just want to say sorry for not posting yesterday, I was very busy eating easter chocolate, hehe :D I hope you guys had a egg-celent easter! xD Today I will be talking about Deadmau5, Woozworld's most rarest and popular item!

Deadmau5 came out about 2 years ago. They became very popular, as people could wear them with any outfit and still look trendy! They are very rare and exclusive! There are many different kinds! Lots of woozens wear them! Here are some of the woozens I have spotted wearing them! :)

                                         ( Me (Ariolisa) and Supermanetee )

( MIAgirll )

      ( 242ttt )

    ( iluvpenguins64 )

There weren't any boys that I saw today wearing them xD I really love Deadmau5! Its upsetting that they aren't transferrable anymore, Woozworld should make them tradeable! ;)  Some people use these 'transfer glitches' to trade them, but i would NOT reccommend them, you can be in serious trouble with mods for doing that. stay safe! Bye for now, bursties! <3

Signing out, Ariolisa c:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Woozworld Update!

hey Bursties, Its Penguins :) Today When I Logged On, I Went To Go Check My Inventory To Change.... And I Noticed..... THEY UPGRADED IT! :O Its Not As Drastic As I Make It Sound xD But ... heres The Difference:  (New VS Old)

I Like It, It Looks more Professional And Less Childish. What Do You Think? :) Comment In The Chat Box On The Right Side Of The Blog ! I Will Also Update This Post With The Winner Of The Easter Unit Contest! *CROSSES FINGERS* Xoxo, iLuvpenguins64 


Pic of the week!

Hey Bursties! Easter is finally upon us xP Hope ya'll got loads of chocolate :o I got a huge egg with 4 chocolate bars, some others from family, a chocolate bunny and some money :P I had a great easter u.u 

Anyway, lets skip to the good bit! :D Pic of the week - EASTER EDITION! :O Be prepared for a treat ;) 

Fashion-Pashion again! :o You're great at photography x) I loe the flowers, they really bring out your eyes *-*

Until next time.... really gotta go '.' Buh bye bursties x)  Byee .:Gabz:. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hello There Lovely Woozens/Fans Of Woozworld Burst I am BACK! Yes you heard me right i am back from My Break. Did You Miss the Great Thinker? I bet you did! Anyway i have cropped together a new outro picture and you will see that soon! Now... Guess What Time it is??? It is time for My Q and A So lets see the following Questions

Q. What is your favorite Band?
A. Daft Punk, Fallout Boy, Panic At the Disco, Imagine dragons

Q. What Is your Favorite Superhero Or super villian?
A. Dead Pool!

Q. What Is Your Favorite TV show?
A. Regular Show

Q. What Is your Favorite Book Series
A. Hunger Games

And that raps up the questions Thanks To Everyone That Sent them In... My Next Q and A is on May 15th So Send In those Questions! Now Let Me Explain Some Changes Happening To My posts

1. School Is Starting Again so it may take me a while to post
2. No more Contests Until Summer Break
3. I will also post next week since spring break has started for me!

Also I have Some HUGE news... Every Friday I am holding a Fan Art Friday Where You Email Me Fan Art Of Some Blogger Of Woozworld Burst (Extra Points Go Out To Someone Who Draw Me As Deadpool) My Email Is  

Deadline For Fan Art Friday Is Every Thursday... So take out Those Pencils and Paper And Start Sketching!

Hoppy Easter Guys (Lame Pun) Send In Those Fan Art Friday Pictures!


Hey Bursties! Penguins Here!!  OMGGG Today Was INSANE +JennyWooz CAME IN MY UNIT !! :O And She Wanted Me To Say Something To You Guys :D

Hehe Hoppy Easter! She Was going Around Today Visiting Units For The Unit Design Contest, And I Nearly Had A heart Attack When I Seen Her Appear! She Is By Far My FAV Woozband :) She Said She Loved The Unit <3 Its Not Too Late To Enter, She Will Choose The WInning One And Announce It MONDAY. we Will Keep You Updated. Stay Tuned 
xoxo , iLuvpenguins64

All About Selly

Heeey guys, It's Selly here.
I'm sorry that I haven't been posting a few days,
I'm on spring break and constantly taking trips here and there, and preparing for an important programming exam.

Sooo... Let me tell you about myself.. My real name is Anna. (I've already mentioned this..). My birthday is on the 24th of July. (age not included ^^ All you need to know is that I'm in my teenage years) Oh, that reminds me, I live in eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. I've got mid-long light brown hair and blue-green eyes with a trace of hazel. I used to wear glasses for about 3 years, but now I've got contact lenses. 

My friends say that I'm the artistic smart one.. I paint well and i would love to know if you guys could paint! maybe send some of your artwork into the fan art tab :)

 I'm kind of crazy when I get comfortable with you. I trust easily and that's what gets me down some time. I've changed lots since last year, drastically, and sometimes I can't even recognise my self.

Writing is my hobby. I've got an account on where I write about my life (with the names changed of course ;D) You could go read it xD The link:

That's it for now..
-Selly ;3

Saturday, April 19, 2014

From LadyLilax xx

So hey guys! Happy Easter Sunday :)
This may be or may not be my last post but i'm just making sure to at least post my last article. I had a very fun time posting and contributing to Woozworld Burst and I felt as I had made an achievement through blogging. I would just like to tell you guys all about me and my thanks to the blog especially to Penguins for guiding me how to be a good blogger and for giving me this opportunity to do what I love and that's blogging.

So first off, despite my main woozen colors as pink and black, my favorite color is actually green. I love the flower lilac. I had been in Woozworld for 3 years and changed my accounts 3 times.
I play softball and volleyball. I always wanted to play soccer since I wanted to play both running and kicking. I also play football with my friends. Despite the danger, we still love the competition. I am both a sporty gal and a lazy hobo. 
I love to stay in bed and watch movies or korean dramas and cry while eating stick breads or coco buns and realizing how beautiful Lee Min Ho is and listen to Niall Horan's solos.  I like to bake and draw. I love playing revenge and go shopping. My signature colors are PINK and BLACK. My haircolor is either black or blonde but usually is black. I rarely accept friend request because I get tired of accepting them thats why I only have small amount of friends but a large amount of requests. Don't worry, I will add you guys soon. . I can be a great friend so please be my friend HAHAHAHA.

I guess thats it. So if I cannot be an official blogger here, please do keep in touch with me in Woozworld and visit my unitz or private chat me and let's be friends. :)
Thank you Woozworld Burst for this opportunity of a life time and I had a blast. Thank you woozens :D

Logging Off,  
LadyLilax xx

About Me - Izzie556

Hey, everyone.. It’s my last one if i don’t get chosen as a official blogger. 
I would LOVE to finish off with "Ask yourself" but i feel like none of you have gotten to know me, so...

i'm izzie556. All my life i've been a writer. I write short stories, novels, anything. I love film making and editing. Luckily, those two things cooperate with each other. So i can practice both at the same time. I am told to be quite the singer. I sing lots of things. I was at lunch and sat down and randomly they all voted i was a better singer than my BEST FRIEND. That was majorly awkward. LOL. 

After school its straight off to woozworld. And when its the weekends it ends at 1 am and starts back up again at 7 or 8 am. I am a really really easy sleeper. I wake up naturally at those two times. It's in my bones

 i do choir and volleyball. The most hated thing about volleyball for me is PRACTICE.... And the coach. But the games we can let loose. AND LET OUR FURR FLY! Lol, and another thing is i used to watch Good luck Charlie before i went to bed EVERY NIGHT before it got too annoying and i had to change to something different. I switched to Sweet life on deck. XD 

I guess thats enough. Message me at izzie556 to know more!

Never trust Hackers!

Hey guys! Delilah here! So, a couple days ago, there was a hacker (dun dun dun) on WoozWorld.  It was later at night for people in the U.S., idk. But this hacker was "giving away" "free deadmau5". It was all fake, obviously. He had green skin and his name was: Woozen (with random numbers at the end).

He posted a video on his Woozin that "showed" us how to do Mod Movez. I just want you to know that you guys should never, ever trust hackers unless they're mods or they work for Woozworld. Supporting hackers can and probably will get banned... Yes. Even hacking Unitz and items is wrong too, even though it may look ''COOL''

Hackers are ruining Woozworld. Never, ever, trust those Hacking websites no matter what they promise you. Especially if it's from Yolasite, Webs, or Blogger. That means the website is unprofessional and can't be trusted. But anyways, please don't trust those hacking websites and never support hackers, because I don't want any of my fellow Bursties or Woozens getting banned for supporting them!

Stay Fresh, Bursties!

(P.S.: Did you see the new spring leaf Unikz? LOL, Jenny looks like 'Salad')
XOX, ItsDelilah