Sunday, May 24, 2015

NEw outfit in Vip packs-NEw Prom outfits-Dear Jenny

Aye unicorns how are you?
WE have so many topics to talk about like aloat happened this week and i was surprised that nobody posted about this things!
Anyways, today we are goin g to talk about the three thingfs i wrote in the title XD
1. New outfits in Vip pack's
22 hours ago (lmao) Mya posted this thing in hot topics.
I have seen before this  thing . LIke if you buy the vip pack you get a bonus outfit. Some of the outfits were exclusive like the peek-a-boo dress (that wasn't in store before) or the other dress that i do't know its name but i really want it bc fab.
SO let's review the outfit
Let's do dat! <)
WEll the girl's outfit is Made of trend hair
that could be found in marketplace, the lowest price of it in marketplace is 8k beex.

The dress is malgnificent. Not rare as it was like 2 months ago. the lowest price is 8888 beex

So in my opinion is not worth it. Since you can buy it at a better price :3
Boys outfit
Jakestar hair. I liked this hair but is kinda common . It came out when the trend outfit was released.
The lowest price for it is 2300 beex and this is pretty low. Like verry low. But is only one at this price so if you want to buy it you better hurry!
And i don't get the top . I mean i don't know it's name.
SO per total is not so worth it sorry :3 but you can still buy it if you want because you get vip and pretty much of the clothes are also released in ze chic. I bet they will do another ''limited time'' offer and it would probabbly be better! <3
2. New prom outfits
Here we are once again in stylz. Did you notice that since like two weeks ago or something like that,the clothes that were in store were brought to stylz too? I think this is the way it will be a pretty long time for now on. You still have to be vip to buy the outfits because non-vips don't get wooz and we can't sell  for wooz. BUT,this limited-prom outfits are in marketplace also!
GIRLS: Promenade outfit
Glitter 'n Glow outfit
I personally,like the Promenade outfit more. I like glitter 'n glow also but i don't kinda like the hairstyle and for me the dress is too long i think promenade is more chic' while glitter 'n glow is more elegant!
BOYS: Proman outfit is cool while elegant in the same time,the hair give it a 'rebelious' touch so do  the sunglasses and the kinda sport looking shoes! 

Promfect is totally in the neon rave ;) The shirt he has under the vest is neon colored and the bow that purrrfectly matches with the ''swirled'' (if i can say it like this XDDD) hair.

3. "Dear Jenny''
I've noticed that Dear jenny is back. For those who don't know what dear jenny is i'll explain:
At the Dear Jenny thing woozens,have to write their questions about anything school,prom,bullying,life ,tacos ,unicorns,dora the explorer or anything and our sweatheart jenny will answer and give the best advices (the name of the woozen will remain annonymous) 
THis week's question was about high school! Check it out at the woozworld's blog here :)
OH so guys before i go i wanted to ask you something. I wanna do a hashtag thing like hashtagunicorntalkshowwithmyley (but not like this) when at the post title you'll see the hashtag ..... you will know what we will talk about today.
Basicly,as a talks show where i acctually writte instead of talk XD
YOu know ,i kinda started a thing like this about a month or two or even more months ago and it was called fashion battle so yea i might start it again.. 
So if you want me to start fashion  battle again rate this post :funny
if you liked the post rate it: cool
and rate it interesting if you can't wait for prom XD

Billboard award winners..

Like I know tpoothis topic id being discussed but I still have to cuz Its my posting day... ok so a big congratz to..
Dude107v *Ellasyt *Funkiiiiiangel *RoseSpring *Thealix *XxHepxX *SierraTooCool
Like its so awesome. I really love that finally the winners are chosen...

(Sowy for short post though :3 ) cause everyone just tells everything already and it was my posting day...


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Billboard Awardz winners & weird stuff

Hey guys! I know it's really late but blogger has this HTML Thing going on and my laptop always has a shock wave or stop plug-in,but anyways today I'll be posting about the Billboard Awardz Winners!!I honestly thought more people would win but only 7 woozens got it right so great job C:

I knew I had no hope in it,but if you weren't one of the winners,know that the next time they have an eventz like that,your hopes may be even better.

So give a big congrats to:


I think it's pretty cool if you're all reading this,that you got them all correct.

This was posted a couple days ago but the post I was originally going to post about was a misunderstanding.Apparently all the unitz featured had around 100-500 woozens in them.I wasn't able to get in the unitz so I have no idea if woozens were in there or if it was a glitch/hack.Here's a photo(Not mine for I had no chance to take it):


                                                                                                                            If you are one of those people that get panic attacks stay calm.This is already done xD

Woozworld has been getting quite strange lately,so if any more interesting things happen,be sure to not get involved incase it has to do with hackers,and just remain calm.

Well that's all for this topic,I hope to see you all soon next week xx Stay safe in this brutal summer heat for those in summer!!

Bleaty signing out!


Friday, May 22, 2015

Woozworld Prom Queen & King Nominees!

Hey guys! o3o Bleaty here,and today Mya finally announced the...Prom Nominees! Give a big congratz to out prom queen nominees:

*ZeenaWooz (Oh Gawd)

Congratulations :D I wish all of you the best of luck and remember if you didn't get Prom Queen there is still Prom Princess and Prince.

Now for the prom king nominees congratulation to:


Great job guys o3o.Remember to choose wisely!I voted for Zelda because she's a great friend of mine but choose the person u admire.If you're seeking for a drama prom this year maybe Zeena will be your best choice xD

Thats all for this topic, I can't wait to see who wins next saturday!See you tomorrow!!

Bleaty signing out!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Prom Tips

Aye unicorns <3 How are you?
So our today's topic will be Prom. More exactly prom tips.
Getting the perfect dress,dooing your make-up and so many more questions!
(this post will probabbly be more for girls since i'll talk about make-up,hairstyles,etc XD)
Outfit,one of the most importanat thing at prom. You have to be le original and dress up as the way you want! :)
Nope you are never ever going to see this girl wearing a loooong dress with high heels and loaads of make-up. Naturally is the key for a perfect punk looking outfit. Just a lil of lipstick (pale pink) and dark eye make-up. You can also apply blue,black,white o.0 lipstick! But no red or pink :)
She will be that girl wearing black and white at prom and she will totally rock it. With a rebel hair assorted with a black beanie and some black not-so-high heels and also a flawless withe dress with a golden necklace and a leather jacket! Perfect for a prom after-party :)
Dress: Airable dress
HAir: Comfymas hair
Shoes:Special ops boots

2.Miss Elegance :
A good example of the prom queen everyone imagine
Always chic,her outfits are carefully chose,master of the combinations of elegance and naturally.
A long sheer dress that is giving her the glamourous look combined with a long straigh blond hair with an rebel sparkle (is this even an expression,idk,now it is)
WERKS the ponlka dots shoes better than anybody. Sucesfully combine three different styiles and turn them in a work of art :)
Hair: Long tucked two-tone

Dress:Sheer chic dress
Shoes: floral goddes polka dot heels

YEsh even tho if you are a geek you can be a princees for one night.
Always keep your glasses on,they make you look special :)
Try wearing a two-toned hair like this. MAke the first color (that is mostly covering ur head XD) a natural one and the second it could be any color! 
TRy also wearing a leather jacket combined with a not-so-long dress+some cute heels THE heels could also be some sparkleing ones :))
HAIR: two toned hair & nerd glasses
DRESS: Dress 'n coat
Shoes: Wns pop heels
1. Chose your outfit that match your personality,you don't have to wear what everyone is wearing :)
2. I know you will probabbly want to go in the prom party unitz and there will be a queue of 100000000000000000 persons (jk) but yea there will be a big queue. So meanwhile,you can take all the peoples in the unitz and rate 'em outfits. XD
3. There will be other unitz to hang out not just the prom one,so you can go in one of them and message your friends to hang out.
4.  You may now be excited to be invited for prom. If this thing is not going to happen (no i am not trying to ruin your dreams) you can do it like don't wait for someone to make the first step! DO it
And if you are going to be refused just do it like a pro like:
You: HEy! JUst asking prom is coming so do you want to go prom with me? :3 (sparkleing eyes with load of hope)
Person: Ummm...sorry but no. (dream killer level 100)'
YOU: Okay! I just call someone else. 
Person: Someone else?
YOu: yeah i have so many persons to hang out that i just used an random online selection program. 
KAy guys so this was today's post! SEE YA SUNDAY!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Video challenge

HIYS BURSTFULLIES :3. (I know it's like a cupcake is filleed with strawberry jam :3) made it up ;)
I am very sorry i couldnt post on sunday.. (my posting day) cause there was written i cant post cause tag is broken. idk o.0 I have proof..!

 Back to the topic okay so there is a new video challenge after the Mothers day video challenge, so we all know that prom is arriving (do we :?) yea so in this occasion there would be a video challenge in which we have to make a video on maybe The prom king and queen nominees , the fashion tips for prom, or just show how to complete the prom objective. (last ones boring :/ )
Well my opinion is that do a video on 'Do's and Don'ts of prom' 'How to find a partner for prom' just be creative or do something interesting...! something awesome and something no one can think of!. yea just do that video, upload it in youtube, copy and paste the URL in the enlist podz (orange colour) in the video challenge unitz. With the URL and your woozen name before May 25, 2015.
These are de rules that must be followed..!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

#FashionWithCutie- Spring/Summer Outfits

HELLO!!!!!! IT IS SO CLOSE TO SUMMER. IT IS ALMOST THE END OF SPRING WHICH MEANS THE END OF SPRING ALLERGIES (YAY). XD I really do not like allergies =-=.... Okay, anyways enough about that, today I will show you  spring/summer outfits! Since we summer is coming, these outfits do lean a bit more on the summer side than the spring side.

Outfit 1:
Hair: Pool Party Headband
Top: Pool Party Top
Skirt: Japanese Schoolgirl Skirt
Shoes: Romantic Summer Wedges
I think this outfit is more on the girly side. :3 I just love the top and the skirt together!!! Plus those wedges are just so cute... I wish I had a pair like those in real xD

Outfit 2:
Hair: Bow by Aeropostale
Top: Relaxed Tank and Vest
Bottoms: Classic Minishorts
Shoes: Swag Sneakers
This is not as girly as the other outfit, but I think the bow does give a girly touch to it. This outfit is definitely for a casual day when you are at home or hanging out with you besties ;)



Stylz IS ALIVEEEEE (ty God XD)

Aye unicorns! How iz uh?
Well i acctually have no timeeeeee (no is not the world's end :O)
I just have to go and leave my laptop aloneeee (He's a survivor psh...XD)
And what we're gonna talk about is STYLZ YEP! That shop you tought it is dead well guess what! It acctually isn't! ROFL
SEW,Woozworld updated Shopz so the latest old new outfits now in store are in Stylz 2! For disappointing! Well...anything JUST CHECK OUT.

THIS ARE THEM GIRLS OUTFITS :CarnaWooz and Wns pop...But you know since Wns pop was in store i tought woozworld missunderstood woozens like i think they request Wns strapless. (yea i am pink headed cri)
HERE did you notice like you have an option where you can chose the colours of your items like at the outfits from marketplace it only tells you that they are colourable and you can only change the item's colour in inventory .Something that is weird if you don't have a colour code (like me -cought-) because you can't try it on (with the colour you want to put) your woozens so maby you don't like it at the end (like buying an esqueleta and then  hateing the colour codeee Rotfl) And yea this guy in the bacround is fab okay?
You know i would buy the outfits but 
So now let's pray for shopz update XD. OMg so i will change my sign off photo asap so yea 9pink head now go and tell me i look like a strawberry XXXD)
Last but not at least i wanna tell all the bloggers to respect the blogging rules -myley getting serious- i don't want to be rude or something but is important for the blog reputation that pink and penny worked hard for it! 
THank you! :)

 NEW SIGN OFF PIC SOON GLITTERING UNICORNS (may it include strawberries 2? xx)
(sorry is supeeeeeer dupeeeeer short but yea -cought- AVENGERS -cought- at -cought- cinema -cought) Erm...nothing! xx BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Star of The Week & Woozpetz of The Week??

Hey guys o3o! Bleaty here,and I'm really sorry this post is kind of late.My computer kept crashing and stuff,but I troubleshooted it.Anyway, today I noticed something happening on woozworld.As you may know,Jenny had an event called Woozpetz Of The Week.I noticed this is like,as you all know,the famous Star Of The Week.In Jenny's hot topics she said:
                                                                                The very first WoozPetz Of The Week!I'm guessing that Jenny is now having her own special eventz like Mya's SOTW.Who knows,sooner or later, There will be a GOTW=Gamer Of The Week and ROTW=Rapper Of The Week..

But for now,I feel like this is a great idea the woozband started.Also some tips for those who want to try and get to SOTW It's not as easy as you think.

*Before,you could use a program called auto clicker overnight to get in but since they open it at 3:30 it won't work.
*If you go on app,it's sometimes faster,but you can't click the icon on WoozNews you have to search up the unitz.  
*Remove all tabs you don't need to reduce lag,&try going in a unitz with less furniture (Don't go to 2 unitz or else when you go to the SOTW Unitz you'll get the ad video)
*For other eventz they won't do this,I think someone complained to Mya about this problem for AutoClicker.

Honestly I think this isn't great.If any of you reading make it in tomorrow,please ask Mya to go back to the original way,because when this started,the same woozens get inside,and others can't have the opportunity.

Before I go,I want to remind all bloggers to make sure you follow the blogging rules or there will be consequences form what I've heard.

So that's all for this topic see you guys next week x3,Bleaty signing out! xx



Glitz7 the rude wanna-be Queen

Today's topic - the most famous bully on woozworld - you guessed it, Glitz7!

Did you ever notice how some people are so determined to hang out with her, and she just ignores them, exept when she needs a favour. This is what happened yesterday at Prom planning HQ:

Glitz7 desperately wants to be the prom queen. She was in the Prom Planning HQ for God knows how long (she was standing in the corner next to braysonflan66 and some girl) and kept saying: "PLZ VOTE BRAYSONFLAN66 FOR PROM KING AND GLITZ7 FOR PROM QUEEN TY SO MUCH", and also, she would come directly to woozens and bother them (she wants this title so badly). So, I mentioned there was a girl there, well, she was just standing next to braysonflan66 and Glitz7 (while Glitz was begging woozens to vote for her) and asked Glitz who is she voting for. She didn't get a response and asked: "U THERE?". Glitz7 than said: "PLZ VOTE BRAYSONFLAN66 FOR PROM KING AND GLITZ7 FOR PROM QUEEN TY SO MUCH" (Wow, just wow). The girl said: "G2G". Glitz7: "AW THANKS FOR EVERYTHING" (The girl probably voted for her). And brayson said: "YA TY". The girl said yw to both and asked: "DO YOU GUYS MIND ADDING ME?" Response from Glitz: "PLZ VOTE BRAYSONFLAN66 FOR PROM KING AND GLITZ7 FOR PROM QUEEN TY SO MUCH". Girl: "WELL CYA AROUND!"

(*Sry for no pictures, I tried to put, but something's not working*)

Anyways, I think Glitz was very rude to this girl, like the usual Glitz7. I wouldn't like someone like that to be the Prom Queen, but that's just my opinion. What do you think?

That's all from me!
Stay awsome, bursties!


(P.s. I started my own blog. If you wanna check it out:

Trial blogger alert : Princessabix

Heya bursties. (I always wanted to say that.)
I'll be your new trial blogger (Hope not for long) Here are some 18 facts about me. These facts have been very handy to know the blogger Lol so enjoy! I MEAN ENJOY....!!!!! xD
-I am also working for an other blog too. And own a blog too.
-My woozen name is princessabix. You all can add me.
-I would be updating you all a lil bit like tellin you guys about the quizzes answer or some new contest etc.
-I am kinda good in arts IDK? like sketches, crafts and stuff. LOL
-You do not want to mess with me When im hangry (hungry+angry)
-I cant believe Im writing for burst.
-I Love the colour blue. It's so calmful and peacefull. It remind me of the sky and ocean idk
-Besides jokes I am a person who is very tough at times and  polite too.
-One day I dreamt of owning Burst xP (never gonna happen I know )
-I cant beLieve im writing for Burst.
-my birthday is in 21 december. If its my birthday I want everyone to wish me. (Kinda rude I know. I was jk).
-I am very good in studies and Im always the high achiever.
-Ill also be on the chatbox so if you guys need some help in some advices or stuff.. Im there.
-I like blogging cause we can talk to the world without showing our faces and can say wutever we like..
-I am not good at editing cause idk? Computers not my thing.
And Ive asked someone else to do my sign out photo . Im lazy LOL so It'll be ready in five days.
and finally....................
-I cant think of the seventeenth...

Friday, May 15, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: Prom Outfit Ideas

Hey guys! I did not post for a week and sorry about that D: I hadn't been on woozworld that much cause of homework, school, and etc. You would think that school gets easier as summer is so close.... WRONG XD. I still have like a few major exams coming up .-. Okay, so sorry for not posting D: I will try to go woozworld more often and post as well :) Now, munchies, today we will be talking about woozworld prom ioutfit ideas!! Oh wait, btw don't think I forgot about the contest! I think my results will be either Sunday or next Friday... Okay now, let's jump into our topic ;)
This outfit is mainly white with hint of purple. I just love the sheer that goes all the way to the floor as well as the hairstyle!
I LOVE THIS DRESS! Sadly, I don't have it D: and this was from trying it on in the shopz. I just love the sheer and how it comes out. I paired it with the dazzling ponytail and some cute heels.
This is very dramatic, hence the name dramatic dress lol. This does have neon on it and I paired the fringe braid with it. I also tried on the cutie and makeup with redish and pink lips from shopz.

So, these are three ideas from prom! I will have more on the way in the future! Hope you guys have fun in the upcoming ww prom and your real prom if you are going to one! The signoff photo coming real soon! Bye my munchies :)

The Returns of..Blea-chan!

Hey guys o3o! Omg it's Bleaty here.Longg time no see.I will not miss another posting day,and my mom gave in earlier this week,so I'm aloud on the computer.(BTW:Before I was on my sister's tablet)

So anyways,on woozworld,prom started :D.I am trying to be Prom Queen,but there's more better people out there with like 10 votes*wink*But if you don't got anyone to nominate I'm available ;)So yea.Enjoy that! Jay also has a little contest for us.I will probably not win because I only listen to Nightcore but anyways:

You have to guess all these song writer questions and if you get all 4 right you get a cool prize xD

The questions asked are:

*Which artist will win the 'top artist award' at Billboard awards?

*Which artist will win the 'top new artist award' at Billboard awards?

*Which album will win the 'top billboard 200 album' award at the Billboard awards?

*Which song will win the 'top hot 100 song' award at the Billboard awards?

Good luck o3o!Remember if you're entering as Prom Queen/King,don't spam videos on wallz,saying you did good deeds,or for people to vote you.If you simply go around being who you really are,that's what mostly counts :3

Bleaty signing out!


Woozen's Choice Outfits!

Heya babes! <3 Sooo glad it's Friday!! (boutta turn up ;P)
But anyways ya know, so Woozen's Choice outfits have landed into the store! And I'd like to review them! So let's begin! C:


 Outfit #1

WNS pop

As you can see, this outfit is to die for really C;
I find it really cute and they hair slays!!
I'm not a big fan of the top (Don't get me wrong it's gorgeous)
The shorts are the best thing that's happened to WZW in awhile xD
The shoes are really just basic blue pumps xI
You can purchase this lovely outfit for only 4.99! (WHAT A DEAL!)
Outfit #2
The Flower Bikini comes with a floral bikini necklace top, along with a long floral skirt with curly hair that comes with a flower headband! The shoes and open toed heels.
You can purchase this beautiful outfit for only 4.99!

Outfit #3!
For 'le boy's outfits we have Monster Casual
It consist of, a monster hat a casual hoodie along with some winged sneakers and baggy jeans
I find the outfit cute o_o The outfit is 4.99
*Sorry for the bad review I'm a big derp*
Outfit #4
Birthday Boy
                  The outfit consist of a Miley Cyrus themed hairstyle which is always cute (Miley is my QUEEN) For the shirt it's a Polka Dotted Half Sleeves Pocketed Shirt ( o_o) For the jeans there red with a chain hanging out of the pocket.(I've never got that trend o_o) The sneakers are likepig pumps for gys tho so yeee. The cost for this cute outfit is 4.99!

                     *Sorry for the bad review*

                   So that was the Woozen's Choice Outfit's! I know I am literally the worst reviewer person thingy ever o_o  but anyways HAVE AN AMAZING FRIDAY BABES! <3 TURN UP AND HAVE FUN CAUSE ONLY 13 DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOOLLLL!!!!! >:D



Thursday, May 14, 2015

On Trial!

Heyy, I'm a new trial blogger and my name is xox-Miley-xox :3 I love Woozworld Burst and I finally had the guts to applay to become a blogger! I made it! xD Anyways... I'm looking forward to meet all the bloggers of Woozworld Burst in woozworld and I hope I pass the trial! <3 Stay awsome, Bursties!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heya babes! <3 So yea... its been awhile o.o (to me xP) 

Bur I am back!!!!  FOR GOOD! There will be no more  breaks for me or skipping days due to school testing...

So the only reason I'm not really posting anything about WoozWorld is that I am not caugh up to everything that's happening, I don't know the latest styles or anything xI I only know that Prom is coming up for WoozWorld ( Ik Ive been slacking o_o) BUT, I am ready to come back and catch up!

~ Cuttipie1219

-My trial is over-THE NEW QUEEN AND KING Suggestions-

So my trial XD,and yea!
No really,now my trial is finally done and i am stressed because i don't know if i will be choose as a blogger or not (official one).
Anyways,THE KING AND QUEEN PROM stuff is on nooow. You can vote at the polls that are in the Prom planning hq. Ok i don't want to stole katy's post (she posted about prom) CHECK HER POST OUT! I MEAN NOW! CHECK IT!
  What i am about to do iz Nominate :)
Like guys,what qualities you think the king/queen would require?
(c'mon i won't eat you) You can message le woozen myleyvip and tell me your prom nominees and why you choose 'em!
Meanwhile,this is who i choose for beeing the prom king and queen!
 WE'll start with le queen (lady's first oh)
Lunalightstar: She's one of the most fab girls hereeeeeeee (notice that i am also here DX) She is one one of the funniest youtubers evaaaa! Like she deserves it,for makin' those skits that were awsome. I waould like her to be le queen (plus that black and white rock pshhhh...)

Purplerulz875 OMG is one of my idols like she's le creator of le series "THE PoPuLaRs" the series iz genius! So many reasons to choose purple! She's inspiration! (steals color code). She desreves it for hard working at the series and beeing such a nice person with everyone!

I DON'T CARE!!!!!!
I can't not nominate you uh! YOUR ....idk .-. ughhhhh!!! WHY can't i describe you guuuuuuurrrrrrl!!!! A W S O M E
Reasons why to vote her: You are kiddin' wright?! HER youttube videos were a masterpiece. She is really on of the best existing persons in woozworld. Not an PLEASE-VOTE-ME-I-AM-FAMOUS person!
No,she always said things as the way they are! Never hide behind the finger! And i think woozworld need this kind of peoples!
WELL.....i don't know XD SO yea! I mean, i do not know so many boys that were like woooooooooooooowww-fab and deserve to win prom king (don't get me wrong) but there are some that i think deserve!
KAVIN-wzw i think he would be a great choice! ;)
SO if you have anymore nominees message me! :) i want to know what you guys choose for prom!

SEE-YA probabbly tuesday ( not sure XD)