Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Blogger! :)

Hi Bursties! Im Saifwywy & Im a new Blogger here in Woozworld Burst! And im really excited !!
I cannot wait to know you guys even more <3 :) So today im gonna introduce my self/ tell you a bit more about my self. :) so lets get to it shall we?

* I love Black & White.

* I love Pizza <3

* I Play Woozworld for 11/12 Months..

*  Im An Experienced Blogger.

* I Love My Best Friends :) <3

* Some of my best friends are: Grayyyyguy, -aidypady-, olivia224, thegerbilqueen and more ;)

* I've been stalking this blog for a long time now, now i've finally joined the blog. (yay) XD

* My favorite Food is Pizza & Chicken.

* My Favorite JUNK Food are: Chips, Candys, Marshmellows & More XD

Well thats for today! :) See you guys later and have a happy Wednesday! :)
Bye Bursties <3
P.S. i currently dont have a sign off pic, i had but my mom deleted soo yah..
ill be using this in a while since its related to iluvpenguins64 XD

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Sale

  Ayee Bursties! :D Guess what? WOOZWORLD HAD A SALE ON RARES! And I bought them for 9.99.
   Anywayssss, I made four outfits out of just what came with it. Hope you like it! :D

Number One:
Best for a date
Fourth Favorite

Number Two:
Best for a fancy dinner
Second favorite

Number Three:
Best for prom

Number Four:
Best for hanging out with friends
Summer/Late Spring
Third Favorite

It won't let me put on my sign off picture ;_; Hehe. Remember, New username is Bleu-Lily.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Woozworld Summer Sale!

HELLO WOOZENS! Today we will be talking about the Woozworld Summer Sale. Well, we all know that summer is coming to an end and autumn is approaching. They are now selling all there summer outfits in the store for a great price if you ask me. For four of the outfits its $9.99 and to get all the summer outfits its $19.99. I think this should happen at the end of every season one big sale for all the outfits that woozworld has put out that season.
I hope you all are having a great summer!

Tart Treats ''Key Lime Pie'' Links!

Hi Beautiful Bursties! ♥

My apologies for not posting on Saturday, I stayed over at a friend's house Saturday night, and slept all day yesterday, since I got absolutely no sleep whatsoever. Setting aside that, my creativity juices are not flowing today, so I apologize if this post isn't one of my best ones. On that note, of course, you are wondering what I will be posting about today, so I'll jump right into it! Today, I will be posting about something I mentioned in my first post, introducing myself, baking! I am, of course, aware that it is Summer and who doesn't love baking delicious Summer themed treats? So, I'll be listing some links below and give you some delicious ideas for your baking! Here you go, Bursties!

This Week's Theme: Tart Treats!

Lemon Lime Bars

Coconut Key Lime Macaroons

That's all for now, Bursties! Get bakin' in that kitchen, and make sure to come back Saturday for a new post! Cx Bye Beautifuls!


Hey Bursties, Penguins Here :D I Am SOOOOOO Sorry I Haven't Posted In A Week.. I've been So Busy And Caught Up Writing My New Script :) Since Oath Was Quite A Success Ive Decided To Work On A SERIES. Not A Movie This Time x) Keep An Eye Out On My Wallz Because I'm Going To Be Hiring Some Actors/Actresses Soon! :D 

 Have You Seen Stores? :o

They're Having A Major Summer Clearance Sale! It's Such An Amazing Price Right Now I Wouldn't Want To Miss It :) Even I Bought It! xD You Get 8 FULL Complete Sets Of The Newest Outfits, EVEN THE PROM Outfits! All For Only 19.99 ! That's Super Cheap Considering They Usually Sell Each Outfit For 3.99 Each. That's A Savings Of Just About 10.00 :o

That's All for Today :) (working On New Signoff Pic) xoxo iLuvpenguins64

Sunday, July 27, 2014

New or Old Woozworld? -Smiley

                    Hey everyone it is my day again :)  since I have Sundays. Yay another thing I like about my days they back to back #Tee-Shirt reference. Anyway I was talking to my friend today and she brought up a good point. After I watched the Shane video and he was playing woozworld or its called "WoozWorld Fail" It really made you think. New WoozWorld seems more complicated then the old woozword when it was all so simple. But some people actually like the new WoozWorld better so maybe it is half and half. But.... if you played for long you know what its like but if your new its quite confusing where everything is. so I am in the middle.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hey Guys Smiley Here and I made it!! :D

      Hai There Smiley's :D and Non-Smiley's :). I am LolSmileyBehindTheScene :D. For those who are wondering "Yes I am continuing with my other blog because I have Saturdays and Sundays :) Yay!!. I will continue with my blog every other day then Saturday and Sunday. :D. Anyway I talk about anything here and I can get very cray cray. This will be my 2nd blog :D. So I am experienced. Now I will talk alittle about Me heh :D. My favorite colors are Light Blue much lighter then this one and Light Purple (aka both lighter then these colors xD). -Pats your head- You my children will be totally awesome :D. I like sports and instruments and music. Here is a picture which I didn't take any mention to Loves xD Note: Very BUBBLY at times so be prepared ahah c;

Me just taking selfies when I should be learning. Shameful.. xD

Friday, July 25, 2014

Male clothes I love! +A rare picture of Iluvpenguins64

   Ayee! Its Lady! This blog post is on clothes I love c; BOY EDITION ;O Lets get started!


 This hair I love!
I love it because of its wave. If I was a male I definitely
wear this just because of its flow! It just makes happy!
  I love this shirt because of how cool it is.
I love the wrist tattoo! And the sculls, they just make it awesomer!
This would be perfect for wearing this in the autumn!
  I love the pattern on this!
I love how this is like a splash of pain! You know what I'm saying?
I also love hows it doesn't make the pants too white!
     I love these too much!
I love how:
A) Anyone can wear them
B) The high topness
C) How you can customize them with color placing!
  I think when I'm a high enough level I'll get these! xDD
And now for what you've all been waiting for...
xDD I edited this and I laughed more than I should've
XOXO~ Lady.

News+Cyberbullying ;c

Hey guys! It's Swaggy-- And first, I quit the  chat bar, because people keep impostering and sometimes are mean and inappropriate ;c So yea and, I plan to have my series out by hmm before May 3rd? So ya now to the real post!

Today I'm talking about cyberbullying, yesterday I was on chatstep just chatting (with my friends in real life) and one of my friends old friend came on and started bullying us she called me names and my friends names (that will not be said because they are mean) and told us to die but we kept cool and said stop saved the proof and exited the chat :) One of my friends started crying but we talked her out of it, so please STOP BULLYING!

Peace out <3

Woozworld Keeps Upgrading?

     Hai Bursties! Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, the blog was blocked, because of parental controls or something so my parents unblocked it today so, I'm back. ;o Anyways, today, Woozworld kept losing connection because of an update or something? I believe it upgraded, about two times. I'm not so sure, I was sleeping on the couch when the first upgrade happened. xD
       I also have very important news. On August 19, I'll be going back to school. But, during this school year, I won't be on Woozworld, Instagram, and even on this blog. My internet will be down so I can't play Woozworld. It's because last year I got two bad grades and so, if I make this year's grades at least a B, I will get to be on Woozworld for the next school year. I'll try to visit on holidays and maybe on my birthday. (November 14) Anyways, bye my Bursties. <3


Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Gourmet Chef’s Oven and its crazy tricks!

HELLO WOOZENS! How is your guys summer??? Well, today we will be talking about the new gourmet chef's oven. Its really neat! This is what the woozworld new said about it....

The WHOLE-NEW-AWESOME-DELICIOUS world of desserts just became even more formidable with the brand new Gourmet Chef’s Oven!
You are now able to make a variety of delectable baked Gourmet Foodz by combining your new Gourmet Chef’s Oven with the newest Gourmet Cupcake Shape, and using some yummyPink Gourmet Marshmallows or Blue Gourmet Frosting ingredients.
We have started to promote the Gourmet Chef of the Week in the WoozNewz! To become the Gourmet Chef of the Week, you need to produce as many Gourmet Foodz as you can in just a week! You can grow ingredients from Sweeds and BIO furni or you can skip the growing process and get Gourmet Ingredients instantly from the Woozworld Store.
Gourmet Foodz are extra special and give your Woozen crazy tricks (side effects). The first ingredient you choose will be the base of your Gourmet Foodz (and determine the eating trick, read more below), the second and third will help add on epic effects and make it oh so delish!
chococupcakeUse Chocolate as the base of your recipe and give your Gourmet Foodz a kick that’ll make any Woozen soar with speed (or sometimes, slow down).
jellyUse Jelly ingredients as the base in your Gourmet Foodz and change your skin color.
WoozIn - Mozilla Firefox_2014-07-15_14-38-35Use Caramel or Marshmallow to your sweet delights and watch your Woozenshrink and grow in only a few bites.
It’s also important to know that with your Gourmet Chef’s Oven ; you will producebaked Gourmet Foodz, with the Gourmet Ice Machine ; you get Gourmet Yogurt or Ice Cream and the Gourmet Jelly Machine produces delicious Jelly Gourmet Foodz.
Can you unlock all the Gourmet Recipes, now that ALL the amazing Gourmet Cooking Machines, Shapes and Ingredients are out?
Mix it , bake it and enjoy your amazing Gourmet Foodz with friends!
Im really excited to get my own!!!
Kkbabygurl xoxoxoxo


Ok I Know The Title Is Crazy... But Anyways I Just Got Suspended On Monday 7/24/2014 2:16... So Yea And Do You Know Why? Because I Um Lost Control An I Um.... Did Something That I Don't Want To Say Out Loud ALSO You Can Always Message Me But Anyways Here's The Note:
And Yea I Think Its Awful.. Also Yea..... :-( ARGHH I Should've Drank That Bleach Buh Bye ;) Also NEVER EVER NEVER SPAM SOMEONES WOOZIN OR YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR 4 HOURS OK? ;) Bye (New Sign Out Picture Soon )

Suspension for spamming or flooding.

Spamming and flooding are not something anyone enjoys, including Woozband or your fellow Woozen. The moderation team has therefore decided to suspend you. You are solely responsible for this. Moderation Team.
Come back in 3 hour(s) and 33 minute(s)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Welcome to Beexworld, my friend!

       Okay, okay, you can just ignore the title.. 
Katiekat00 here -I do not like that username....please woozworld change it.- Anywho.. Ive been busy still packing. I saw that there was a hacking massacre, charge! I will put your um... buy my santa faces! Big whoop. They are gone now, cya later, hackerz. Um, I was going to make a post about that on Friday, but I never had time to finish it. Now what.. erm.. well what was going on now, right now, Asianlovey made a son for "someone" to act out.. and.. uhm, he is already level 32-33ish because she asked for some people to vote. Talk about, confusing? I dont know.. is she behind the woozen child or not? The Woozworld may never know. Glad there is not many drama. It is woozworld! Whoop! Not dramaworld. Wait, let me correct that. It is Beexworld ladddddssssss. I will type to you all on Friday.. Let us hope I dont have lots of moving work. 
Until then...

-still wont let me color the font, curse ye, ipad!!!

Guess whos back + sorry :(

Hey guys,
Caraxhi here, yes i wasnt here for AGES as i quit woozworld for many various reasons. But im back c;.
Ok sorry guys i have to go so soon but i will return to blogging normally on friday <3

Pt. 2 Of Outfit Reviewing

Hi Beautiful Bursties! ♥

I'm Lulu7ice and I hope you all are having a splendid day! Let's hop right into Pt. 2 of the Outfit Reviewing, shall we? Cx

 As I said, I love the Jaws theme Woozworld made up, but my main concern with the boys collections are that most are the complete same as the girls. Mix it up for our male woozens, they are original and fashionable boys too! Back to the positives, this collection, as I said before, has a unique and fresh look to it!
 This collection is my very favouite for the boys, for two reasons. One, It's the only different and original outfit in the boy's collections, and two, because it's obviously fabulous! That one dot in the middle, stands out from all of the other dots, it reminds me of Summer nights with the moon shining! What a lovely collection!
Oh dear, here we go again.. this collection is plain, dull, and obviously no effort was put into it, except drawing it and putting white dots in the middle. Although, hopefully Woozworld will learn from it's mistakes and it make an even better collection soon! 

That's all for today, friends! Also, if any of you were wondering, they pick a new Woozguide each week, one this week and one next week, so keep your eyes open for a new, fresh blue bubbled friend that will be joining us this week. Adios, amigos! ♥

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Not quitting!

   I am SO sorry guys. I have no idea on what I was thinking last post I'm really sorry! I'm NOT quitting! :D
     Anyways xDD Todays blog post is on my favorites in shopz! :O (I have no clothes I am so sorry ;_;)

GIRLS: (Boys will be in the next post)

I love this hair because of its flow.
The flow makes it perfect for all seasons, because
every season has at least a little wind, right? xDD
I love this hair because of its volume.
This hair is best for simple and sophisticated.
It could go with a fancy dress c; Or
it could just be a ponytail for a tank top and shorts c:

I love this shirt so much because of its simplicity.
This shirt would be perfect for going on a date.
Or relaxing at home xDD. Just the looseness screams "SIMPLE"

I love this skirt because of its plaid. I love plaid a lot! xDD
I just noticed that it would go super good with the top xDD
This is perfect because you can color it to be just white, or black and white,
or really any color/colors! c":

   Sorry its so short :C I might not be an official blogger. D: I'm just going through hard times. BTW
My new user is: Bleu-Lily

Updated Form!

Burst Team Here! We've Recently Updated The "Become A Blogger" Form With New & Better Questions That Will Help Increase Your Chance Of Joining Burst! If You've Recently Applied With The Old Form, I Suggest You Go Apply Again With The New One! We Will Be Checking Them Immediately. Goodbye & Goodluck! ♥

'Round The World!

Heyy Guys,
After a long time of being absent,
Selly is heree!

My apologies to the blog owners and Bursties for not posting long, the reason for that is I've been travelling with my parents. I've been in Madrid the past few weeks! It was absolutely stunning! And now I am back home for about a week, the reason for that is my birthday being in two days! (On the 24th of Julyy ;D). I am a proud Leo. :3 This year apart from the past I will not be hosting a Woozworld Birthday bash. :I Unfortunately I haven't got time.. I'm going to be spending time with friends and my family all day to celebrate! I'm here 'till August the 2nd, when I'm taking off once again to Antalya, Turkey! Can't wait!

Meanwhile, While I'm travelling 'round, hackers have been invading Woozworld! I heard of some of them threating to ruin Woozworld or something, but it turned out that they were, as expected, bluffing.

This is all for now!
Just a quick post.
More coming soon
(When I catch up with Woozworld News :3)

(Not my logo, lost it somewhere in my files... Oops! I'll find it soon.. xD)

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello Guys it's me jennyglam And 2morrow Is My Wedding! I can't Believe I'm getting Married To RedRome! We've been friends since Like Ever XD Also Heres the Invitation: Your invited to my wedding! Its going to be 2morrow at 3 wooztime! Please message if you want to be an brides maid or an Flower girl Also we will be having an after party contest. the one with the most beautifulest unitz will win spot in after party! see you 2morrow at my wedding :D. Ok And Also If Your Coming To The Wedding Please Wear dresses (For girls) And Suits And Tie (for Boys) Also I Have An VIP List For friends. Please Message Me If you want To Be On the VIP List :D Ok Bye Guys :3 Also new sign out picture coming soooooooooooooooooooooooon!

Why Is There So Many Scammers Out in Woozworld?

HELLO WOOZENS! Today we will be talking aboutttt SCAMMERRRRSS! There is a new scam out there were the person puts a rich item and if you confirm you get a poor item like starter shoes. Watch out for those scammers you could be next! Make sure you don't get scammed.
I hope you all are having a great summer!