Monday, November 24, 2014

Sorry For Short Post! D: - Thanksgiving outfit!

Hey guys! So today, since i'm in the Thanksgiving spirit, i'm going to be showing you an outfit. Here it is!

  Theme: Thanksgiving

This would be for if you and your family were all infront of the fireplace, eating your pie, laughing. And I think this is sutitable for a family dinner. ( Thanksgiving)

So thats all for today guys!



Sunday, November 23, 2014

#POPWOOZ- Babiz Unitz

What’s up, bursties? :D I love saying that….. XD Anyways, today I will be talking about three of the unitz that Jenny Wooz visited yesterday for the PopWooz event with the babiz! I saw so many unitz and I have to say…. ALL OF THEM WERE AMAZING!!!!


From Resolute! I love the color of it!! It is like rosy pink and even lavender I think. Those combinations of colors are truly amazing: O I kind what that as my color code now……. XD I also like the set up with flowers and the heart chairs which look pretty cute. I demand you, bursties, to applaud Resolute for her amazing work! XD Demand…. Lol jk, but seriously good job Resolute!


NancyNugget! I love this blue color. :D This is such a cute babiz room because it has two small beds with like a mini living room with the cute sofas! <3 I love it!! The chandeliers are like a final touch that makes it so elegant and shiny! Amazing job, Nancy .. I mean if I were a baby I would probably want to sleep there lol….

AND THE LAST ONE GOES TO (that I found that Jenny visited)

BridgitMendlerW! Those colors remind me of cotton candy… XD I really like this unitz because of the whole set up and how it really looks like a baby’s room with the toys. The animal touch is so cute! <3 Love it girl!!!  
Okay, guys so these are SOME of the unitz that Jenny visited! There are definitely so many other great unitz out there :D Keep up the good work to everyone! I have to go now guys!! Bye C; Wait, by the way, I will try to make another sign off photo the next time I talk you guys. Anyways, bye again!! XD 


Hey bursties CAM here!

Today's topic is !
CAM's Fashion Review
OK so i will be reviewing an outfit and today's outfit fashion review model is! -Emma-Backupp-
  Oh lawd you is pretty -Wink wink-
Ok so what do you notice?
THE COLORS I love the color choices in this outfit it makes this outfit *POP* and it highlights the whole outfit scheme not to mention the adding of the Chrissy Outfit which i believe is the best one iI have saw (On a woozen) but i love that she put shorts I think this outfit honestly needed it because I did not like the whole weird "Thing" that was happening with the Maxi Skirt. Overall 1000/10.

Oh btw I wish you all an amazing Thanksgiving. :)

Stay Classy
-Cam xoxo


Friday, November 21, 2014


Hey bursties! First of all, I just want to say thanks for all that congratulated me and also I want to give a big shout out to JakeStar- because of his outfit that he created was a STAR outfit. Anyways, today I will be talking about some of the fashion that I personally liked from the people that were at fashion acadamey.

This outfit just screams FIERCE for me... The shorts paired with this outfit and having it to be black gives it an edgy and rock look. I just love it :O Crystlefire, great job and you have an amazing style!!!

INTRODUCING THE SECOND OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crowd roars XD jk)

I have been seeing outfits that are somewhat similar to this with a crop top and some shorts which I think is a great idea. I love this outfit because it is just so casual, yet it looks amazing :D Doesn't it? (This is the moment when you say yes when you are reading this... XD) Clap your hands for auneye!

NEXT ONE...................................................................(so many dots....)....................................
Why do I like this outfit? BECAUSE OF THE COLOR CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is like a pink color code, but the shade is just so pretty especially with the hair color that is like a brownish color I think... XD I also like how she paired those shorts with the top! Love it, gabriellatg!

And... finally the last one (but definitely not least - all of them are amazing)

Again with the color code because it is a unique color that I don't see many wearing, yet it is a beautiful color. I love how Hershey paired this skirt with the top to give it a dressy look!!! The heels just are amazing and I love (I MEAN LOVE) those heels!! GREAT JOB TO HERSHEYKISSYUM!!!!!!!!

Amazing outfits to all four of these woozens!! Also, if there is anything you guys want me to talk about in my posts just message me on woozworld @cutiexpiexgirl. I have to go now, but see you guys on SUNDAY!!!! :D

Fashion Academy+ Max's Birthday+ CutiexPiexGirl -- - WNTM DESIGN WINNER!

Happy Fashion Friday everyone! And I made an executive decision that on fridays, I give you the latest news about what's going on based on fashion. 

First, Mya's Fashion  Academy has been really popular for the past weeks. And I think everyone is having lots of fun. 

And guys, if you ask on Mya's wallz if she can pull you, she can't... xD.
  Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXXY! ;D Or, I should say Wax Mooz. XD.

I feel truly so bad for him, since he's going through all that breakup drama. But I hope he feels better.


I think she has kicked butt in this competiton. She really did. ;)  And those new outfits, FAB!

Bye guys. ;D

- Gobble Gobble Gobble - THANKSGIVING THURSDAY-


Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Outfit opinions!

Hey guys it's Lily-Kitty and today Im going to show my opinions, as I do every week on the new outfits!!

     They didn't have full body pics of them so I used Myawooz and Jawwooz as models! <3

Hair:10/10 EXCELLENT!!!
Torso: 5/10 Don't like the baggyness, I like tight dresses!
Legs: N/A
Feet: 10/10 They are so Stylish!
Overall:  7/10

Hair: 3/10 Ive seen this hair so mnay times '.'
Torso: 8/10 So cuuute!
Legs: 7/10 Too strechey '.'
Feet:6/10 Looks like girls

    Thanks! Sorry for late and short post I was busy today '.' c: Sooooo.... uNTIL NXT TIMEEEEE,


Fun, Quoteful Woozens on WoozWorld

Hello Bursties!

Okay so today our post will be about........









but my post today is not about that so, let's calmly move on..

Have you ever felt so bored in WoozWorld, you literally feel like you could just sleep, but you really don't want to get offline? Yeah, been there, done that.. Well, I'm here to save you from going through that again!

WoozWorld is actually filled with talented, creative Woozens. You just need to notice them. Like me, for example. Aren't I fabulous? Look I came up with a quote! 'Go wisely and slowly. Those who rush stumble and fall'... Oh, yeah that's Shakespeare. Never mind then!

There are a lot of funny, quoteful woozens that post fun stuff on WoozIn. Seriously.

These people are seriously just 3 out of the thousands. They post cool stuff, and I've stalked their wallz more than once for more than an hour and I'm (somewhat) proud to say it!

What do you think of my post? I tried to do something new, ok!

Until later, loves.<3

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

♡Winter Outfits☃

Good day everyone and welcome to Woozworld Burst! It's Lily here with another fun and exciting Fashion post! Good Day, Good Day!

    Hey my Burstie Baes, it's lily here with my first post this week! <3 HAPPY TUESDAYS!<3 <3


ok So... ENJOY XD

Outfit 1:
Hair: Yonslé Braids
Torso: Woozmas Sweater
Legs: Kattitude Leggings
Feet: Woozmas Boots

This is my favorite outfit of them all! I like it because the cats on the leggings, my name IS Lily-Kitty. I LOVE the hair because I like the hate and the braids coming down is GAWJUSS! I like the shoes because their so laid back and not noticeable and not too jumpy for the outfit.
 Outfit 2:
Hair: Belle Ball Hair
Torso: Rhinestone Jacket
Legs: Style Me Up
Feet: Kicks with Studs
Ok this outfit is OKAY except for the hair, it's too much. But I like the jacket and skirt and the shoes, this outfit is for a lazy person who wants to be comfortable.

Hair: Spartan
Torso: Style me Up
Legs: Zombie Doctor Legs for her
Feet: Dolloween Boots
I like this outfit because it's dressy for the winter and these fashion people will love this one!
 Ok, so Dats it! ;D Be sure to use this! I luv yall so.. Until further ado..
Stay Prissy Bursties,


Monday, November 17, 2014

Asking you All!

Hey guise CAM here!

Today I want to ask you all 1 question. I want to know if i am doing a good job at being a blogger just concerns and i also want to ask what are some topics i should talk about. I do not know what YOU want to know everything should concerns or if i should stop being a blogger! So may you please use the poll on the bottom. ALSO i am starting with this blog a MONTHLY contest that consists of me picking the best-dressed woozen and me just reviewing so thats all i hope you guys all have the best weeks and do not forget to take the poll below.

Stay Classy
-Cam xoxo

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OFFICAL BLOGGER + 2 Outfits each for Fall ; and 3 for Winter

Hey my beautiful Burstie Boys and Gals! How's everyone? Great.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. JUST THANK YOU. If it wouldn't have been you, I wouldn't have been an offical blogger.

Moving on, I have some outfits i'll like to share with you.  I have 2 outfits for fall, and 2 for winter. 
Without any interuption, let's get started!
First, let's go with fall first. ( Take note that blue, black, and white are  my color code.)

This outfit will show style for you if you are a ( Like me  xD ). I felt like this outfit makes you guys think that, being a tomboy is okay! xD

This outfit will be good for 
a walk in the park.
I felt that this outfit
makes you
classy, if you like 
wearing not-so 
classy clothes.

Now, we have ( Moving onto Winter ).
This outfit will be if you have a day off of school. I felt that, you can get a bit cozy on this one. :D

Then we have: 

This hair would go perfectly for a party night out!
I felt that this outfit 
could boost up your inner
fun person.

 ( Tip) - Click Photo- 

This photo was if
your playing dress up at your house. I felt that you could be 5 years old again, for example! xD

Thanks guys! Cya Later!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

ALERT: Fashion Ideas: Fall to Winter

What's up bursties? :D It is Cutiexpiexgirl :3 Okay, so today I will be talking about fashion ideas from fall to winter! Now these are just some of my outfits for fall and winter in woozworld, so I hope you guys get some ideas from these outfits! Without further ado, let me show you the first outfit!
First outfit includes:
Emilous Hair: To be honest, I just love this hair because it is just a simple hairstyle, but very pretty! It is just waves that are perfect! They can be used for a elegant occasion or just for casual. In this case, it is for casual like going to school.
Open Back T-Shirt: This is just a very simple t shirt that I picked because it is really casual. There are supposed to be stripes with different colors, but I used the same colors for the stripes. The necklace is a small detail, but a pretty nice one :D I LOVE HOW THE SHIRT JUST FLOWS!! You can't see it, but the back is open which is why it is called open back t shirt xD.
Explosion Leggings: I love these leggings!!!!!!!! The different colors that make an explosion effect was a great idea in my opinion. It just gives like a small pizaz to the whole outfit
Plaid Sneakers: To be honest, these are just regular sneakers, but the plaid detailing is pretty nice. (you can't see it sorry D:)
OVERALL: I really like this outfit because it is very casual and it is something that I would wear too school because it is pretty fashionable, but very comfy looking XD

Second Outfit:
Ariable Hair: The best way to describe this hair for me is innocent looking. I just l ove that it is a fun with two pieces of hair falling at the sides because I just think that having the two pieces fall gives it a cute/a little bit of romantic side to it.
Pixel Dress: I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! You might think Why..? This is because of the small detailing with the pixels! I love how you can have one color fading into another :D
Galaxy Legs: If you look into these leggings, they have a sparkle to it with one leg having a different color to another which is pretty awesome. The main reason I like these bottoms is because it is unique!
Style Me Up Design Contest Heels: When I saw the Style Me Up outfit come out, the boots were my favorite!! It's because it is a very common boot in real life with a heel on the bottom. Also, whenever I wear these boots I feel like a superstar for some reason that I don't know of... o-0 lol
OVERALL: This outfit is the girliest one of the three, so if you like dresses (but it is too cold in the fall), this is perfect for you!! (I think...... I hope...)
Last Outfit:
Bow by Aeropostale: LOVE THE BOW!!!!!!!!!!!! The idea having the bow to be in the back is just amazing!!! The bow detailing makes it a bit more on the girly side, but not over the top.
Woozmas Sweater: YES! The design on the sweater just reminds me of Christmas because it is like everywhere in real life!! I also love how it looks just so cozy!!
Galaxy Legs: I talked about this just before......... xD
Barista Tommys: I like these shoes because it fits the outfit. How does it fit the outfit? The outfit is a very laidback and "comfortable" outfit for the winter!
OVERALL: I think that this outfit is for the people out there that are a little bit girly, but want something very casual.

This is it for today!! Bye guys :D

Is Zeena Wooz The Reason For Max Wooz And Jenny Wooz's Breakup!?

       According To Max Wooz, Zeena is a part of the reason him and Jenny are broken up! Is this true? In Max's bio he clearly states that Zeena set him up going to a restaurant thinking jenny was going to be there and that was apparently not the case...  
       I think a big question that a lot of woozens are asking right now is will Max and Jenny ever get back together? The world may never know...  ;) It also isn't look completely good on getting back together because there not even in one anothers hot friends anymore! 
       Will this be the end for jenny and max? In my opinion I hope not because they were adorable! But Jenny for some reason seems happy? This could be the end for a big relationship in Woozworld forever :(.

Hope you enjoyed :D ~Miablove (also check out my youtube channel @ Miablove- WOOZWORLD

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hackers on WNTP? -Last Post-

Hey guys.

Okay this is probably my last post for my trial. After that it's either fail or succeed. Oops.

Okay, so people have been saying that the top 3 on the WNTP Leaderboards are hackers, and they 'hacked their way to the top'. I won't disagree, though. I mean, take a look.

Yes, I only have that much Fanz. This is what happens when you're lazy. Anyway, AnaRoseVictoria. I've seen her out and about. Her woozen speed is really fast (foodies or hack?). Like, you should see. McMartin. Whale.. I've heard a few rumors of him being a hacker and all, and I've seen some videos about him but you never know! CosmicThunder. Well we all know he's innocent.

That's all.


Bye guys<3

Friday, November 14, 2014


I AM BACK!!! :D My reaction to being an official in real was: o-0 Really...? ;o Wait, WHAT? XD So, when I was asked to choose a word that described me, I picked zealous! C; I know it is an uncommon word which is why I chose it. It means diligent and very dedicated to something C: Anyways........ FAVORITES FROM THE WNTM COLLECTION! Yes, I will  be telling you guys what are my favorites from the wntm collection! :D I have seen so many outfits that look amazing with the wntm collection.
The Heidiva top is my favorites item from this collection! It is a strappy cropped tank top. I thought this was an amazing idea , the detail of it being strapped and cropped, is amazing. Also, I think I would wear this top likely in the summer and if it was in real I would wear like everyday with a cardigan over for fall .. XD My next favorite is the Yonsle hair! The messy braids are just amazing, okay? I love how it is simple braids, but they add detail with the messiness and a hat over! To me, the hat looks like it was for a popstar for some reason.. XD So I do think the hat is appropriate since it is WOOZWORLD'S NEXT TOP MODEL!! My last favorite is the Yonsle top and it does show a bit on the sides, but I like the bracelet detailing and shirt design! The top gives like a casual style which I love! So, now that I said what are my favs from this collection..... I am asking you the same question! :D Message me on woozworld @Cutiexpiexgirl and I might give some shout outs on Sunday if you tell me your favorites!

Okay guys, that is all for today and I am sorry that it is one of my shorter posts, but I will make it up to you guys on Sunday!! :D Bye bursties!!!!

*Offical Fifth Post! * 2 Designs, Looking with me! :)

Hey guys! It's offical! My fifth post!

This has been an AMAZING experience with all of you guys. It truly has!

So today, i'm going to be showing you all my designs. And PLEASE be nice about it. By the way, I have other 
designs on my other computer user, but it's locked. D:

This was one of my Summer
Outfits, I loved this one. I felt that you could get alot of attention on this outfit. My favorite piece was the Crop Top. Pretty cool?


I HATED THIS ONE. I just thought it was a disgrace. xD But I Liked the hair the most!

That's all for today guys!-
 Wish me luck!!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Outfit Rates

Hey Burstie Baes! I'm back and I'm going to do a fashion review!! I can't wait! ;p (BTW IT'S LILY)

Hair: I love it!! It's just the hat is a bit too much..
Torso: It's a little too revealing..
Legs: I don't like them. They don't go with the outfit.
Feet: They show too much leg.. I don't like it when I wear short pants and short shoes.
Overall: :/

Hair:I don't like it. It looks too anime
Torso: I LOOOVE it it's cute! ;D
Legs: The skirt is waaaaaaay too poofy.
Feet: I love them, they go well with the outfit.
Overall: Besides the hair and the skirt, I like it :/


Hair: No.
Torso: I like the stripes on the torso.. It looks boyish! ;D
Legs: No. I don't like the white things on them, he looks like a mummy '-'
Feet: They look like girls shoes..
Overall: If I could have amnesia I'd want it now so I could forget this outfit.
Hair: Ew..
Torso: ?! Are you kidding me?
Legs: Iffy /:
Feet: Erm
Overall: I HATE IT


Okay, so now I gtg!
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