Frequently Asked Questions 


What did you use to make this blog?  Blogger/Blogspot. 

What do you use to edit the pictures?  Picmonkey.

Can I join?  Check out the "Become A Blogger" tab! 

Have you checked my application?  Im sure we have! We check them daily. 

How will I know if I became a blogger?  You will recieve a message from one of the owners on Woozworld. (Iluvpenguins64 OR Pinklover5214)

How do you get so many views?  Advertising in Woozworld and just well known.

How did you get that chat box?  A special website ;)


ALSO. Here's a few tips on how to make a successful blog..

• Be creative! Don't copy something from somewhere. Be creative and use that little mind of yours c;

 Bright colors! Bright colors attract peoples eyes really well.

 Post/blog about interesting things! Don't talk about boring things. Visitors will just exit out of your blog. We don't want that!

• When editing pictures, some good websites are: PicmonkeyPixlrPizap, & Lunapic.

• Choosing a background, try to make it go with your theme of your blog, or like I said bright colors!

 Don't make the link/name of your blog really long or people won't be able to remember it :(

• Never ever ever post real life pictures. You can get in danger.

• Stick to the topic of your blog! If your blog is about oranges, dont talk about your bestfriend today at school

• Have some things that visitors can do on your blog that will keep them busy. Otherwise, they will just scroll through and eye stuff and exit out. Not good >.<

• Look on other blogs to get some ideas! But don't copy them.

 Be unique! Have new things that other blogs don't have.