Woozworld History

        Woozworld started in December of 2009.

everything looked really different and more classic. 
Before ShopZ came this use to be a shop kinda thing but it was called zCatalog.
This was their second homepage layout !
Notice things look really different. The wooz and beex thing was in a different place.All the icons were at the bottom of the screen. The chatbar was to the far left.
The woozband looked quite different also. Everyone had the same standing position.
There was no makeup and facial hair. 

Woozen Quests is our new hangout, the "Street" was our old! check out our chat bubbles too!

Before woozworld, it was called "KIDS STUDIO"

This made woozworld more interesting, having challenges :O 

Even our relationships were different x)

(You can click on the pictures to zoom in on them)
More coming soon!