Friday, March 21, 2014

Elissabat TM Quiz Answers!

Hey Bursties! Penguins Here :D Today I've Been Having The BEST Day. Woke Up To My Favourite Ariana Grande Song On The Radio, And Won A Free Coffee!  To Make It Better.. They Finally Came Out With The New Monster High TM Quiz! (Elissabat Version ;) And To Make  YOUR Day Better, I'm Going To Give You All The Answers :) !

Q: What Is Elissabat's Favourite Food?
A: Blood Oranges

Q: What Colour Is Elissabat's Hair?
A: Purple

Q: How Old Is Elissabat?
A: 1601

Q: What Part Did She Play In A Film? 
A :Dragon Whisperer

Q: What Is Elissabat's Favourite Activity?
A: Acting

Q: What Is Elissabat's Freaky Flaw?
A: Stage Fright

Hope That Helped! Have A Spectacular Day, ~Xoxo, iLuvpenguins64