Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meeting Redsnowflake!


Hi everyone! I am redsnowflake but you can call me red. I am officially a new blogger to woozworld burst and im enjoying it already! Here’s a few things about me:I am 15 but nearly 16 years old! I live in England In a city called Cambridge and I absolutely love it there, it is so pretty and quiet. My colour code in woozworld is like grey and white and blonde hair (even though I have black hair in real and I normally wear bright colours) if you haven’t yet, go ahead and add me! To my friends I am kind and loving and friendly and that’s how I want it to be with you guys! My favourite colour is mint green or rose gold because I find them just so cute! I am a Muslim I know a bit of Bangladeshi and Swedish and a tinyy bit of Malaysian.  My favourite food is sushi cuz why not? I am so delightful that I got chosen to be a blogger I will be posting soon with things. Hope to see you soon! xox