Sunday, May 29, 2016

Outfit Ideas Week 1 (GIRLS)

      Hola mi fellow woozens! It's me again Janella! cx
      SO as I said I will be making Outfit Ideas posts! (Yay!) So I finally did find 4 Woozens that I think you guys would like. I'll be posting them in 2 seperate posts. This post will contain the girl outfits! Yayyyy! SO HERE THEY ARE! Btw, these items are quite pricey. But I'll make sure that next week I'll find outfits that are affordable and KAWAII! cx

       Outfit # 1: This outfit is modeled by Anime-freak1432

      So her outfit mostly consists of the Buttercup items by Babykiou apart from her face which is Esqueleta (Sadly Esqueleta is not possible to buy yet since it was hacked and Woozworld had to make it non-transferable. But if you can't get a hand of the Esqueleta face you can also use Doll/Dolloween face or the Manganese Cat Eyes.) and her shoes which are the Costa Skate shoes. :) Her colors of maroon looks wonderful as it has a edgy feel to it but having the hair look 'flowy' makes it also really cute. :)

       Outfit # 2: This outfit is modeled by vs-pink.

      Her outfit has a flower person kind of feel. (Which matches the background cx.) Her colors of white and green is a really good combination as it's just a subtle but powerful look. (GO FLOWERS CX) Her outfit consists of the Magnolia Bun which is very cute as it has a polished but stylish way. And it compliments her clothes. :) The face she uses is the Doll Face. Her top is the Poppy Sweater and Coat by BethanyRAWR. Her shorts are the WNS Pop Shorts. And for her feet are the Sandals with Tattoos.

       I could go on and on and on at how cute these outfits are but some of you might just click out. CX So yeah! I hope you guys love these Outfits I chose for you guys. And for them boyssssss, Cx You guys will get your Outfits posted TOMORROW. YES! TOMORROW! So keep an eye peeled out for that!

        I will see you guys Tomorrow for another post! SEE YAAA FELLOW LLAMAS! CX