Monday, May 30, 2016

New Faces And A Few Things

HAY POTATOES AND UNICORNS! Its Red (Redsnowflake) here for like another thing really. I cant believe that they are actually updating woozworld with like new things in shopz like favourites and carts like this kinda reminds me of MSP! Okay so today they decided to put limited faces in store, I was really exited for these but once i wore it, I looked ugley BUTTT it was cuz I am ugly! Okay so yah thats the story really. Here are my OWN Opinions about these faces!

Girl face: Klassy face with makeup
Okay so this face is kinda cute I literally love how it looks on some people I spotted like: Cider, Blondie1999, annysarx and more! im like really jealous to be honest cuz I HATE MY EYE COLOUR CODES they are literally weird okay? My model is beautiful Cider :D Okay so I LITERALLY LOVE POINTY EYEBROWS, THESE BABIES ARE ON POINT OKAY like wow bam bam wow. Now the eyes are cute but i dunno they could improve a bit i dunno really. The nose is absolutely cute liek soo tiny and cute like a wittle unicorn! and the lips are very pwetty its on fleek okay. THANKS CIDER BTW YOUR COLOUR CODE IS BEAUTIFUL OKAY PURE BEAUTY!
  -for blogOkay Next face!
Boy face: Zen face with stubble
Okay i dont really know what to say about this one cuz im like not a boy but okay here goes a random rubbish weird girls opinion. So this face reminds me of Claude face like the beard but I think Claude face is better to be honest cause the beard shows more (i dunno if that makes sense or not) but yeahhh. The eyes are kinda i dunno weird they are too like closed (WHAT AM I SAYING) Right the eyebrows O MER GAWD, IM SO JEALOUS LIKE I CANT EVEN DO MY OWN EYEBROWS IN REAL LIKE GAWSH okay ima stop. Okay so I was stalking my friends like I always do and I went in Xxrockygirlcute and she said: "SOMEONE GIFT ME ZEN FACE I NEED TO BE MY TEACHER" I KIND OF DIED OKAY? ANYWAYS Goodbye My fellow unicorns buh byee!- for blog