Monday, June 13, 2016

BAACK from Norfolk and outfit ideas

Haii kawaii potatoes! I am back and extremely tired from Norfolk as a school trip! I literally loved it there! the seals were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Soo i will be showing some more outfits that i find pretty and cute and affordable.

for blogOokay this outfit is probably the most amazing yet bootiful outfit ever! So this is a outfit thats not really affordable but if you save up, you will be able to get this. So the hair is VIP hytgvfrdsoueu and this hair is really cute when you have something to match it! it really suits this outfit. The face is called doll face and i literally love this face! its just so cute its basically the new cutie face with makeup. You can use a different face though like manga, esq cutie face with make up. The top is called emma sweater with choker and this top is like the best top ever! I just love the back when you turn there is a heart and its cuteeeeeeeeeeeee. The shorts are wns shorts and these babies work with any top! The shoes are called tattoo sandals and these sandals suit with everything, they are really cute too! I forgot the name of this person. FORGIVE MEE :(
kThis bootiful girl (me) outfit is fab. Her hair is called VIP jeanette hair and i find this hair really cute like i love the bow. ISH ADORBS. The top is called savant blouse with cut outs and this top really is cute i love it so much i just dont like mine cuz of the colour but yah thats life when people colour their stuff in random colours. The skirt is called Savant wrap skirt. this skirt is really really nice i absolutely love it! it also goes really nicely with ziggy tank top so you guys can try that. The sandals are called sandrine sea star sandals. I basically use these with my outfits they are really nice with like summery outfits.
cxThis outfit is a more affordable outfit (sort of) The hair is called sporty hair with cap and this hair is really good, i love it so much, it just kinda matches all my outfits. its a nice summery kind of hair. The face is called esqueleta face and you cant really buy it now cuz its non transferable but i know loads of people who have like thousands but if you dont have one you can just wear like doll face, manga cat eyes or like other faces. The tops called Hip hot jacket and its in the shops so you can buy it (for wooz) The jeans are called Hollyxooz jeans and these are in shops too and they are very cute and they basically suit everything. The shoes are called cactough sneakers and they make my outfits pwetty. You could just use different shoes too. I wanna go to sleep now (from norfolk) so ill make a part 2 soon.
for blogOutfit of the week: I Have started to do outfit of the week. Today the winner is............... vhiel! For her amazing and fascinating and bootiful outfit!