Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Prom and Star of the week winner

HAII MA LITTLE FRENCH FRIES! Its reddy red red (redsnowflake) anddd tooday i will just be talking about stuff cuz im a talkative person. So ill start with the star of the week winner. CONGRATZ TO................................ ISABELLTHAO! I really love your colour code!IsabellthaoOOkay so now i would like to talk about prom. So i dont really go for prom queen but its a new year so i would love to take a try even though i know no one will vote me. But its worth a try! I am Redsnowflake and im kind of  a shy person on woozworld yet funny. I dont really chat to people as I can find anti bullying bad and wrong. I decided to go ahead and go for prom queen because im not really that popular, im not perfect im just myself. I would love to be out there if i ever get chosen for prom queen id probably cry like im not that famous or anything. I would absolutely love it if you guys supported me like i do to everyone else. I would just love it if i could stand out in the crowd for once. Thank you, ily guys.ready for baes wedding eek--crie xDi wonn omgx