Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wacky Wednesday And Vip hairs

Haii Fab people so today Ill be reviewing the wacky Wednesday and the new VIP monthly hairs. Ill start of with the Wacky Wednesday, so I didn't really like this week and so did a lot of people because the ones this week came on loads of time when the prom started so yeah. And they could of at least put a different prom outfit like promenade or glitter n glow or something like that. I Like the idea of having prom outfits but not ones that have been in shopz A MILLION times. So the outfits are Prom swan, King Bling and 2 of these glamz outfits.
Next is the VIP hairs so firstly the boy hair which is called VIP Mew-Zakuro and I find it cute I like the style and that its two toned Its cute for a boy and it absolutely looks adorable with esq face! Sadly my VIP ended a week ago so i didn't get it :( But yeah this hair looks really cutee and fab.
Okay next hair is VIP hytgvfrdsoueu Okay so this name IS DIFFICULT WHY COULD'NT THEY JUST CALLED IT POTATOEBDDKSYDJSHAQWERTYUIOP Or something. This is a pretty hair I like the way its long and curly - i like hairs like that and I like the headband and the really really really cute bow. The hair out is a very nice detail its pretty I LITERALLY LOVE IT I WANT IT! It looks really cute with the klassy face. Okay guys Its time to say Goodbye to the very best people in the world - Ill probably do a review of the new outfits tomorrow or maybe on Friday Cuz i know i keep on posting BUT I HAVE NOO LIFE and as I live in Cambridge - In England the weather is being sad and funny so i have to stay inside. .-. ANYWAYS BYE MY LOVELY UNICORNS AND ALPACAS AND POTATOES - WE WILL MEET AGAIN OKAY I WONT DIE!x