Saturday, March 8, 2014

Honey Swamp TM Quiz Answers + Big Woozen Season 2!

Hey Bursties, Penguins Here :) Today I Will be Showing You How to Get Threw That Tricky Honey Swamp TM Quiz! 

Q: What is Honey Swamp’s freaky flaw?
A: perfectionist

Q: Clawdia Wolf and (blank) are pinned as friends on Honey Swamp’s profile. Who is blank?
A: viperine gorgon

Q: How old is Honey Swamp in swamp monster years?
A: 115

Q: What color are Honey Swamp’s heels on her profile?
A: pink

Q: Honey Swamp’s favorite foods are dead beans and rice and what?
A: jamboolya

Q: True or False: Honey Swamp is a pet owner?
A: false

Hope That Helped You Guys Get Threw It ;) After You Finish It There Is A Super cool Prize ! A Cut-out Of Ours Truly ...

Oh Let's Not Forget My SPECIAL news About Big Woozen Season 2! Canadianz And x-DylanGoesRawrx Won! ..... Also I Have A Small Confession... I Am x-DylanGoesRawrx  :O I Wanted To Enter My Application On My Boy & Girl Account So I Would Have A Better Chance At Getting It :)  I Really Wanted It And I Got It YAY! :D 
Xoxo, iLuvpenguins64