Saturday, June 11, 2016


Hey guys! sorry i didnt post for liek 4 days, i am currently in Norfolk for a school trip (end of tests present) and im enjoying it! I wont be posting until Tuesday because ill be back on Monday but ill probably be sleeping. Ookay so the new outfits came out and ima review the girls ones (sorry i dont do he boys because idk what boys like)

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Okay so the hair IS CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE like super omg its just aqua hair but with a cute accessory! The dress is cute, it matches the hair accessory! and its just cute and nice! So the skirt is okay like i dont really like skirts, i think this skirt would  look nice with like a crop top or something. The Heels are ADORABLE they are high and cuteee i love them i really want them so im begging my mum if i can buy the new outfits (ALL OF THEM).

The hair is Okay i guess, Id rather want the marina ponytail than the bun but i like the starfish it adds detail! it kind of reminds me of sigrid bun. The top is cute! i love the 2 seashells it has the same style of the marina outfit idk which i like more marina or majorly marina! The skirt is just a normal casual skirt that i wouldnt wear much if it was in my inventory. The heels just remind me of ballerina heels but they have a little star on them which i find reallly cute! Ookay sorry guys no one was wearing this outfit so i didnt have a pic .-. apart from the hair

Ookay so i love all the laguna outfits i will never have a favourite! The hair is super super cute as always i just think limitless is a tiny bit better because it just has a small star on it which just makes it win. The dress is basically like laguna dress but its just shorter i think the longer one is cuter though idk why its just nicer as a gown. The skirt and the shoes are the same as laguna so idk .-. Wow okay so no one actually wears these outfits now i find it ANNOYING GRRR! so i dont have a picture.

Now its time for the Unikz hairs.
Okay so i dont like VIP Harriet but i like this, I just find the braid cute and the antlers fab. I love braids they just rock!
Next hair is Catherine moo5 antlers: which i dont have time for but all i have to say is i like it. BYE EVERYONE AND IF YOU LIKE THOSE HAIRS Buy THEM BEFORE THEY GO. BYE FAB UNICORNS!x