Sunday, May 29, 2016


      HEY GUYS! Whoops hahaha. Hola! So my name is Janella. Nobl3cu4 on woozworld! Hello to those who know me hehey! I'm a woman of crazy ideas. CX And seriously if someone does actually comment an idea for me to do I WILL do it! cx

      SO first off I'll probs post at around 9pm PST. SO keep an eye out for that!

      SO my ideas will mostly be posted here hahah. Here are some that I might pursue:

  1. Outfit of the Week! Here's how it would work. Every week, on Woozworld I'll be making a unitz named " Woozworld Burst's Outfit of the Week " and you might get a chance to have your Woozen here.
  2. Outfit Ideas. I would usually go around Woozworld to find an outfit other Woozens can easily find and afford.
       That's it for now fellow Woozens! I'll be posting every Friday and Sunday at 9pm PST. That's all and I'll see you guys next time! Buh byeeeeee! :*