Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New outfits (GIRLS) and Star of the week winner

Hey everyone its red (redsnowflake) and sorry i haven't been posting for a while because it was the half term so me and my family went to Spain in Barcelona. so lets start with the new outfits!

Okay so the hair is like really really really really CUTE i love the two different colours and that its short because in woozworld theres not that much short hairs which are nice and this is just amazing. Its so cute for the prom outfit. The dress is ADORABLE, I love how the starfish adds detail and I love how its short like i hate some prom dresses because they are really long, i would just wear something short and something i could wear and look really really cute at the same time. The skirt is basically like a tutu and its cuteee it would look nice with like a crop top. The sandals are cute i like them, they look nice with the dress!  

Okay so lets start with ze hair. Okay so the hair is just a basic ponytail but still cute, id probably choose the ponytail that jay made than this one because its just too basic really like theres not really any hairs coming out or anything but its cute. The top is probably my favourite thing about this outfit, i just like it, its CUTEE. The skirt is kinda boring, i dont think it really suits with the top much, not really a fan of it. The sandals are really cute they have some small stars on them and its just adorableeeeee!


Okay so this hair is amazing i literally love it soooooo much its soooooo pretty AND ITS JUST SOO FABULOUS i would wear this to prom in real its fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. The dress is cute it has scales on it which matches the under the sea prom choice. The skirt is actually cute i love the cute scales ITS CUTEE. The heels are cute i like the middle detail thingy. Thank you to Blackvixen for modelling the laguna outfit (ADD HER PEEPS)
just vixen

Okay and before i finish i just wanna say congratz to nikkimath! for winning star of the week your outfit was on fleek!

Okay and thats all today bye llamas!