Sunday, June 19, 2016


HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY UNICORNS! Today i will be talking about the new girl outfits. Ookay so lets start with the first one......

 cute n hot for blogThis outfit is modelled by the fabulous cutenhot (cuz shes cute and hot). Now the hair is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty. If you turn you see a fishtail and i absolutely love fishtails, i do them on my hair all the time! The earrings add detail, i like this hair. Okay so i just noticed this is not the lory dress so here is the actual dress! Ookay i found one and this is the dress, you cans see it a bit. I like this dress especially the bottom with the flowy kind of bits. and i loaf the top bit it has like a little wavy pattern or something and i looooooooaf it. The skirt is liek a normal skirt its quite a longer skirt but yea. The heels are quite cute and short! i like this outfit.                      

 Im guessing by the name woozworld wanted something inspired by ariel. Okay so i dont really see anyone wearing the dress or hair so i just used jennys head. Okay the hair is like idk i think it looked better in the drawing of this outfit. Which is this. I am just so dumb i could of used these photos to show the outfits instead of me wondering around woozworld .-. The dress is just not me its like too thin like literally it looks like a mermaid tail. If woozworld wanted a mermaid tail just put a mermaid tail instead of this really thin thing. The pants are just leggings .-. idk what to say about those so.. I like the heels! they have like some stars on it and it matches the necklace and earrings. I think i might like lory more it kinda reminds me of finding dory idk. I know that there are some like tomboys out there who dont like dresses so we should of had this girl outfit for one of them but i guess no one voted for it which was sad cause i find it different.Anyways i will be posting an outfit ideas post with the outfit of the week and star or the week. GUYS WEAR YOUR BEST OUTFITS IF YOU WANNA BE OUTFIT OF THE WEEK!