Sunday, May 29, 2016


HAII LOVELY POTATO/UNICORNS/ALPACAS/HUMANS/LLAMAS/ALIENS Its Redsnowflake (RED) here and im kinda bored so I decided to do a thing ill be doing quite a lot now which is OUTFIT IDEAS cuz i know some people out there never know what to wear (me) so I decided to give some ideas (some are random people who have really cute outfits I really love)

Okay so this outfit is sooo cute like i love it with all its pretty colours! The Hair is called Poppy curls and i find the hair SOO CUTE LIKE IT GOES WITH EVERY OUTFIT! The top is called Buttercup crop and cardi, i find this top really cute I wear it with all my outfits. The shorts are called WNS shorts and yup this suits with every outfit I think they are like the best shorts on this game. And it doesn't really show but the shoes are tattoo sandals and omg THESE ARE LIFE! I don't know why i love them so much they are just fab okay? Thank you to the fabulous model SunSet916!

easterOkay next one is modelled by the fabulous me! Okay so the hair is called Buttercup hair and this hair is so adorable it literally looks soo cute with doll face or esqueleta face like dang! This top is called parisque striped shirt and this shirt is like heaven it is soo cute i just like it so much! The jeans are called Distressed jeans these make me feel stressed (in a good way) i just love the hole but these jeans only suit with a few tops! Now these shoes are called sven sneakers AND THEY ARE FABULOUS OKAY? THEY REMIND ME OF THE ADIDAS SHOES AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCHHH. The only thing is that i hate mine cuz i coloured the stripe thing black .-. IM SO STUPID!
xOkay so I know some of you guys are like "WAA I DONT HAVE ANY CLOTHES" (like me) but you have like lots of beex (aboutt 20k would do for these) Here are some affordable outfits that are cheap but still cute! Okay so this hair is called Emily Ember Two Toned Hair and i absolutely love this i have liek 50 of these and they just remind me of Melanie Martinez (THE MOST WONDERFUL PERSON EVER) they are so cute! The Top is called Mihanna Crop Top and this top is soo cute it looks so good with pascal jeans or WNS Shorts! The Shorts are called WNS Shorts And They ARE CUTE! okay? Now you might think its like worth 50k but it isnt now really cause its been in shopz about 4 times so i guess its like 5k, 7k which is okay! the shoes are called sandrine sandals These are cute i love the starfish kind of bit, such a beachy look!
-Now I was gonna do another one but im tired okay? Ill carry on like on Tuesday or Wednesday cx I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! And Feel Free To Add Me! I already had a message that made my day so much from a fan  YOUR THE BEST PENELOPE-CALENTE!