Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to level up fast!

Hey there guys Kiid here! Sorry I haven't been posting school really takes up your time with a lot of homework XD

Anyways no more of my complaining about school and homework and more about what this post is really about 'How to level up fast'

Do you guys take like 1 month just to level up? XD I know I have, well I was on youtube and saw this woozworld video about how to level up faster! The main way to level up is by buying lots of Woozpetz food and feeding your woozpetz with it :) It might take some wooz to level up but it's worth it :)

Another way to level up is by voting! Since woozworld lowered down our votes by the level of preztige we have, it's harder to level up this way xD

I'm sure there's many ways to level up, but I use the Woozpetz one because it's mostly easy for me and I enjoy seeing the pets spin around once they're full. ;)

Thanks for reading, Kiid xx