Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Outfits

Hello everyone! This is redsnowflake (red) and I said that I would be posting my OWN opinions about the new outfits in store so here dey are..... 

Now this one is probably  my most favorite outfit. This was by Dreamilicious and its absolutely beautiful I am literally dying this is amazing! The hair is absolutely fabulous like omg im dead its such a beauty I love the earrings and the actual hairstyle is just wonderful! The top is sooo nice its probably what i wear everyday like so casual and cute at the same time! The shorts are cute I just love how theres some sunglasses hanging off the pocket its just soo cute! The shoes were cut out in this picture but they were lovely!


Now the next outfit!
 Now i didnt have a picture for this cuz no one was wearing but anyways the hair is really really cute i always wanted a cute cute braid for woozworld i guess dreams do come true! this is absolutely cute for summer! the dress is really really cute i love the top bit i think its like a necklace it suits the outfit its so lovely! The skirt is a basic cute skirt that you can wear with cute tops and the shoes are like perfect for the outfit they are so cool for the summer. 
Anyways ill be posting soon ily all ty for support bye!