Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kidzworld Quiz Answers

   Hello everyone, It's XxxLoveForeverxx. I know I shouldn't be posting today but I wanted to give them Quiz answers to everyone so here they are. :)



   What year was Kidzworld started?

Answer: 2001

How many tabs are in the Kidzworld navigation bar?

Answer: 11

What is the Kidzworld Mascots name?

Answer: Gary

Can you play games on Kidzworld?

Answer: Yes

What main color is the Kidzworld logo?

Answer: Blue

True or False: Kidzworld is Social Network for Kids & Teens?

Answer: True

What is KidzWorld advice girl?

Answer: Dish-It

Where else besides your PC you can play, visit and enjoy Kidzworld?

Answer: Phone

Can you get homework help on Kidzworld?

Answer: Yes

True or False: Kidzworld can’t wait for YOU to visit them?

Answer: True

Then, When you get done. Go to the box and get your prize! :D

Hope you like your Prize, I got in to the Quiz and was one of the winners! :D
Iluvpenguins64,@Lost006,-Aidypady-, CrystalFire, And I.

I hope you guys have a great night. Have fun with finals. :D 8 more days till Christmas. Have Fun And Stay Safe! xx -XxxLoveForeverxx