Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rarest Items in WoozWorld! {As Of September 2nd 2014}

Hey everyone! iAmCuriosity here! For todays blog I thought it'd be helpful if I gave a list of the rarest items! (1 = Most desirable 20 =  Least desirable) And without further ado, lets begin!

1. Stylish Ballerina Outfit

2. Stylish Ballerina Hair

3. WoozMas Outfit

4. WoozMas Sweater

5. Stylish Ballerina Dress

6. Pixel Outfit

7. Pixel Sweater

8. Newest Outfit

9. Skater Outfit

10. Fashionista Rocker Outfit

11. Patterned Tube Top

12. Messy Pixel Hair

13. Pixel Dress

14. Fashionista Rocker Hair

15. Peacock outfit

16. Belle Ball Hair

17. BowTEA hair

18. Skater Ponytail

19. Ms Romance Hair

20. Spar Hair

Hopefully this list helps you with trading in the future since now you're informed on how much your rare is worth! <3 Also don't forget to give me a rating on this blog post! :) Tell me if you think this post was either "funny", "interesting" or "cool"! That's all for now!

See you guys next time! <3
Love iAmCuriosity