Sunday, July 26, 2015

#CreativeOutfits with Jess!

A few days ago, I realized that nearly everyone who wins SOTW are VIPs...and most of their outfits are just the store-bought outfits with a few tweaks, like changing the shoes. Not to insult anyone of course!
Then one day, I was looking around Woozworld while eating frozen yogurt.. xD
While I browsed through different Unitz looking for something interesting, I noticed how some newer people have really creative outfits and I really liked them. So I thought, "Why not do a monthly blog post about these outfits..and reviewing them just like other bloggers review store outfits, or SOTW winner's outfits?" Every blogger has their own cool thing, like -NicoleLoves-' new Fashion Advice Segment (go check it out here,) or Princessabix's "Royal Advice" (you can see one of her Advice posts here and if you have something you think you need advice on, you can always go comment on her Wallz or email her!) So I guess this will be my thing! I will find some #CreativeOutfits every month and combine them into one post with a review on why I loved it.

(All of the users that are featured here have given their permission to have their picture and username posted on the blog.)

Outfit 1.)
I love her outfit :D It has a pink colorcode with hints of white. Everything matches so well! The hair is "Festival Bandana," the dress is "Mock-neck Cocktail Dress" and the shoes are "Gold-Studded Heels," all in a pale, pretty shade of pink :) Vicky's awesome outfit proves that you don't need to use the designated "rich" or "rare" items to look absolutely gorgeous!

Outfit 2.)
The dress with the hair is really pretty :) I love how everything is really simple with light shades of blue and white with some dark blue and black accents! 
She looks really pretty..Congratulations to Nikkilovevot for putting together this incredible outfit!

Outfit 3.)
Last of all but definitely not least, anastasia730 combined normal clothes with rare items to create a nice casual outfit, with the color code of neon pink and white! I really like how she combined the hair with the clothes and heels. She did a great job making an awesome outfit to wear! :D

Well, that's it for today! And if you see an outfit you like, send it in to my email or post on my Wallz (Jessamyn) and I'll consider it (I'll also say it was sent in by you!)

Signing off for now.. ~Jessamyn
Remember, you don't need to stick with the assigned "rares" or store outfits
to look great! :)