Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Interview with sotw winner + Video Challenge

Hello glittering unicorns :3
So tomorrow i'm going to the dentist because i have a really bad toothache since one week ago.
Anyways, i don't know why am i so excited to post today.
Okay, about the surprise......ermm... Not done yet.
I have alot of things to do , i hope you can understand . I have homeworks and stuff. But i promise i'll do it. If not this Sunday,than Tuesday. If i do it before sunday, than I'll do a special announcement post! Let's get into the topic, shall we? cx

Everybody know Mya's star of the week, this week's winner was PheonixGirl and she kindly accepted to give an exclusive interview fir burst!
It was my first time i've took an interview, so the questions might not be so brilliant but anyways...

(just saying that i don't have and introduction for the interview because I'm a genius)
Me: If you previously went to sotw, did you have another color code or the one for this week's sotw?
Pheo: I previously went to sotw in another color code, so yeah i thought i will try the new code "red and white".

Me: So how is it to win sotw?
Pheo: Well, winning sotw make you get loads of friend request and loads of messages so yeah, quite busy! xD

Me: How did you feel when you won it?
Pheo: I felt really excited when i won because of the amount of times i failed x'D

Me:Would you like to go to sotw again?
Pheo: I would probably go to it again mainly to judge.

Me:What's your advice for future sotw contestants?
Pheo: Well the advice would be : always be  yourself and original.

T H I S    W A S     T H E    I N T E R V I E W

Okay, into the other topic: Video Challenge. Yes again.
This week's video challenge THEME  is ZACK
Where in the world is ZACKWOOZ? Ye, i miss him since i really enjoyed truth or tale.
Anyways, Where in the world could zackwooz be?
Here you shall be original since it's a real funny theme. I really like it! You could choose any country, island , unicorn, pool, cup of tea in this world! Good luck to everyone :3
So guys that's it with this post! I luv chu all and see ya sunday!