Monday, July 20, 2015

#Royal Advice,

Dear princess,
         I need a new cell-phone that is very costy and I think I should get one. So I am 15 and still I've got no phone.  How can I make my parents to give me a new cell phone.

Hello friend,
I see that you are getting older and As you get older you need more things to use and one of them is your very own cell phone.

For this reason you need to let your parents know that now you are mature of owning your own cell phone. Show them this by having this sweet conversation. The other way is to stop fooling around xD. And doing chores..

Make a deal, you can make a deal with your parents that I'd you did the deal you get your own phone a deal like I'll keep my room clean at all times, or I'll get good grades and stuff.

If you are short at money then earn it and buy it yourself
. Even earning money could be hard but it's worth a try.

You need to show care with things you already have.

Get to know the reason why you can't own a phone and solve that reason.

Okay that's all. Cya soon...