Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer fashion- The mysterious surprise :o

H I      G L I T T E R I N G         U N I C O R N S!
Myleyvip, here ^^ so since there are no more news at the moment except from the yesterday's glitches (Like rlly, how much can juggling with 3 balls take? T_T) this post will be different.
Oh i almost forgot to tell you that I AM AN OFFICIAL BLOGGER

Okay so into the topic:
Summer fashion. Summer is (in my opinion) the most FASHION-ABLE season! You can wear anything, creativity is your only limit!
Follow this tips for a totally fashionable summer! ^^

1. The colors- Colors are very important. It's summer! Sun is shining! (This is sounding  like some song lyrics xD) Use your favorite colors in crazy combinations because YOU CAN!

2. Accessorise- are also very important. They add a personal touch to your summer outfit and they will make it look special! Sunglasses are a summer MUST HAVE!

3. A pair of shorts- Summer=shorts! Every girl need a pair of shorts summer, they are really comfortable plus that they look awesome with any top! The shorts colors are unlimited! You can have the shorts from the classic jeans to colors such as red,blue,purple ...EVEN RAINBOW xD As i've said your imagination is the limit.

4. Patterns- there are also unlimited patterns you can have on different piece of clothing.
Aztec patterns are now "in vogue" so don't be shy and use them. For example,you have a plain outfit, one color outfit , you just add a patterned top and the outfit will turn FABULOUS!
 So basically alot of bright colors and imagination! That's the recipe for a TOTALLY FASHIONABLE SUMMER!
 I hope it will help you! <3
Okay now the mysterious surprise:
One day i had an idea, what if i would do a personality test for you guys!
So soon, you will be able to find out "Which blogger are you like?" It will be an online quiz that will probably be out Tuesday (my posting day) and i hope you guys like it! <3
That was all for today, hope you liked this today's post!
See ya Tuesday! I love you all guys! Bye