Friday, April 3, 2015

Extra Outfit With VIP and NEW ZECHIC ITEMS?

Hey guys!!!! Hoppy Early Easter! So, today I will be talking about the extra outfit you get when you buy a vip package.
Okay, so I will be judging the girl outfit.
Hair: CURLS!!! xD I love this hairstyle because it is full of curls, but not like so it looks like an afro. (but don't get me wrong, afros are cool xD)
Top: I think there was a top similar to this, but it wasn't cropped. Anyways, I like it as well... anything cropped I pretty much like XD
Shorts: These shorts are basically ones that are kind of high waisted and have three buttons which I seen in real stores a lot :3

Also, I realized that they added in new items in the zechic category! (Idk maybe I just realized? XD)
Honestly, I loved most of these items!
This is the sheer skirt which I think is okay and you can match it with different things
Shorts with the shirt tied!! I loved this one because it is perfect for a casual summer day!
Three new faces over here!!
Another face! Some cool shoes and jeans with a tied shirt around it.
I LOVE THESE SHOES!! The multi colored ones kind of remind me of converse... Idk why xD. The glittery shoes are perfect for a special occasion. KNEE HIGH GLADIATOR SHOES LIKE YAS!! I love them so much!

Okay, now before I go... I want to remind you about the contest!!! Here is the link for the info: I have I think 11-12 people who entered! ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS ARE AMAZING. I don't know how I am going to decide who is the winner -crie- xD Bye guys!!!