Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Photo Contest- JOIN IN!!

Hey guys!!! Okay, so I honestly I have been so excited to be doing a contest. This is my first contest and if it goes well, I will have more in the future.
So, first I want to say I have to have at LEAST 20 participants.
The theme is SPRING.
You are only allowed to enter in one photo.
Deadline: April 18th (Note: The deadline can be changed, so be on the lookout for any deadline changes.)  I will probably have my results 1 to 3 weeks after the deadline

How to Enter:
1) Take a picture of yourself (It does not have to show your full woozen), The theme is spring, so try to wear a spring outfit with a spring background. Don't forget to do movez!! Also, you can have others with you in the picture.
2) Put the picture in the album named Cutie Spring Photo Contest.
3) Message me saying you entered.
4) I will either message you back or comment on your photo to say that you have been entered. If I did not message or comment on your photo, then message me back to make sure I have got your name down.

How I Am Going To Mark
1) The photo will be judged on background, movez, and outfit (ofcourse). Also, woozups will give you more points. I will later say how many woozups you need to get to get a certain number of extra points.
2) Background and Movez (Together) is out of 10 points
3) Outfit out of 10 points
4) Woozups: 25 or more woozups= 1 point
   50 or more woozups= 2 points
   100 or more points= 3 points
   Most Woozups= 4 points
Btw I will most likely make a score sheet and possibly I will show the score sheet in the results as well.
5) CREATIVITY: Remember to be creative in your photo and have fun with it! If you have fun and be creative with your photo, it is very likely you will come out on top!

Lol, this is probably the part you are waiting for. I am going to have prizes only for first, second and third place.
1st Prize: Casumas hair and casumas coat
2nd: Prize:   Polka dot Jacket and Japanese Schoolgirl Skirt
3rd Place: Blue Zombie Legs

I hope you guys join in!! Remember that I need to have at least 20 participants or else I will cancel the contest. If I do not have that amount in time, I will either cancel or move the deadline.  Make sure to have fun! :3  Gtg now! Bye