Friday, April 3, 2015

Frequently.Asked.Questions for Blea-chi!

Hey guys o3o.Bleaty here.Enjoy your spring break while you still can :D!!Anyways today,I will be giving you guys some answers to some questions I was asked.All names will be anonymous so no one feels bad.It's just a little something to have fun with xD.Let's begin!


1.)Who inspires you throughout Woozworld?:iAmCuriosity

2.)Who inspires you throughout Youtube?:Rizzy

3.)What editors do I use?:Pixlr,Pizap,Paint.Net,Regular Paint.

4.)What's my favorite video game?:Zelda ofc DUHH.

5.)What's my favorite subject?:Math.

6.)How did I get my name?: Long story..Will be put in chatbox.

7.)What's my YouTube Channel?: AnimeBleaty

8.)How am I so good at editing?:Psh naww Yu guys are le hut ones.

9.)Who's bob?Will be put in chatbox also xD

I had fun listening and answering people's questions o3o.You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to -cough cough-.Anyways that's all for today.I hope your enjoyed this post,remember to rate this post funny,cool.or interesting.Also,you have 4 more days till Mya ends the design contest so if you want to join,start now!! Bleaty signing out!

FriendsAreForever -Bleaty