Wednesday, August 19, 2015


U N I C O R N S We haven't talked for like sooo loooooongggg.
Sorry for my absence but i'm back <3, so into the news!
Yesterday,after so long, Mya FINALLY ANNOUNCED THE WNS
WINNERS,so that's awesome.
Today, I'm going to do a short review for the WNS new outfits. So,let's do dat!

I'm going to start with Mya's outfit, inspired by Rihanna. I personally love the outfit since when I've saw the original (not edited by woozworld ) outfit. The ponytail and top i can say that are the best parts of the outfit,plus that Mya's color code perfectly match Rihanna's style.
The skirt, i can say it's ok,i like it.
Shoes are also good,and together with the top,hair and skirt make the perfect outfit! Rate: 10/10

Ok my opinion it's too much.
Like the long hair with them kitty ears+sweater ,skirt and boots...isn't making a good outfit...
Hair: i seriously don't like it. It could look better without the kitty ears and maby if it was shorter,but NOT like this.
I think it's a remake of the last year's WNS hair (you know, the Ariana Grande inspired one),since the last year's one was a total success i guess they thought this one would be the same. I'm sorry for those who like it but for me is 2 much.
Top: it's a basic sweater with no drawing or pattern on it,like the last Christmas nothing special,but it's simple so i like it...even if it don't match with the outfit.
Skirt: It looks a lil' bit like the parisque tutu, it's ok..nothing special.
Boots: well original i could say, i like them but again,they don't match with the rest of the outfit.
hair rate: 3/10
top rate: 8/10
skirt rate: 6/10
boots rate : 8/10
Overall rate: 5/10

Well, i don't like it ok. Don't hate me.
It looks like an remake of an outfit that has  been released in 2012,so no.
We need something new,not this sorry.
Hair: It's ok...
Top: A remake .-.
Shorts: ..... .-.
like i seriously don't know what i have to review,since the outfit it's a remake of an old one,except the hair.

Hair rate : 7/10
Top: 5/10
Shorts: 3/10
Shoes: 6/10
Overall: 6/10
Oh i like it but...
I like the outfit pretty much,but i can't take it as a rock outfit because it actually isn't ok. I love the outfit but it's not rock. NO ROCKER DRESS LIKE THIS. I can give you examples of alot of bands : ac dc, metallica, korn,slipknot, guns 'n roses, fall out boy, slayers,arctic monkeys etc. NONE OF THEM DRESS LIKE THIS.
So i honestly don't know what "rock inspired outfit is this"
Back to the reviewing:
Hair: i love it,it's pretty much the best part of the outfit!
Top: yes original...but i really don't think they had to write ROCK on it if the outfit isn't even rock inspired .-. k.sorry.
Jeans: they are pretty cool and they perfectly fit with the outfit.
Shoes: Pretty much, the only thing that ACTUALLY give this outfit a rock taste!
Hair rate: 9/10
Top rate; 7/10

Jeans rate: 8/10
Shoes rate: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

Okay so  that was ONLY MY OWN OPINION.
Oh by the way, the surprise!
Remember that blogger quiz I've told you about? Well it's here! Sadly, only 4 bloggers, me ,blea,princessabix and curioity,but if i see that you guys like this quiz i'll update it!
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Luv ya guuuuys!
See ya Sunday!
Old sign-off pic. Just for the memories ^^ bye glittering unicorns!