Friday, August 21, 2015

Fashion Designs & Signoff Photo

Hey, munchkins! So, I started into getting designs more. There are 3 where the last one has two versions... Let's get started! Wait.... before I start SHOUTOUT to iluvpenguins64 for the awesome template (and ofcourse being a co owner of a great blog)... Now let's start!
First Design: Camila Cabello Inspired: For this outfit, I only did hair, shorts, and top. Also, for the hair, I added a bow cause she wears bows often. I also changed the top with the straps.
Second Design: Becky G, I love these shorts that she has... The top I designed is more simple than the real one... If you click on my design, you can see a few more details than if you look from far away. Also, I did not do the shoes or hair.
Third Design: This design was inspired by having want to have a lace dress design. I did a few criss crosses to have some cutouts that were kind of covered with lace. There are two versions to this one where one is sparkly and one isn't. There isn't also a dip dye at the skirt part of the dress.

Click on the sparkly one, so you can see the sparkly detail and lace detail better. Also, tell me which version you like better because I honestly do not know.

So, I also want to say to never give up if you are trying something new and have hope! Okay, I really hope you guys like them and I am hoping I will get better as I have a lot of room to grow cause honestly I am not that great. Just remember if you want to do something, give it a try even if you are not great at it because it's not like you are going to be magically good at it once you first start.. Just remember to have fun with it cause that is usually what it is all about. So which one was your favorite? Tell me in the chat section of the blog! Also, if you want me to design more and show them to you guys, click the interesting box, so I know if I should do more posts like these. Also, NEW SIGNOFF PHOTO! It's a bit simpler as for this one I changed the arms of my woozen which I have never done before.  Got to go now, see you all later!!