Sunday, August 16, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: SOTW Outfit Review

Heyyyyyyyy my awesome munchkins! :) So how have you guys been doing? I hope you guys have been doing good... ANYWAYS, TODAY'S TOPIC IS: SOTW Outfit Review!! Let's begin and btw this is going to be a really short post...
I absolutely love this outfit!!! I love the mix of blues in her dress with matched tights and cute shoes!!!  I just really love the blues because it really is like "shimmering stars on a midnight blue background". The make up is perfect for a star! The blond bob matches this outfit completely. Congratulations to the fashion star Nikkilovevot!

Before I go, this sign off photo... Feeling a Flashback Signoff photo Sunday Day... XD Anyways, see you guys around woozworld!