Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Zack the heartbroken

Hi glittering unicorns!
Yeeee. I have internet, but it is weird like: In a corner of the hotel  room there is a chair..and i have internet only if i sit on this chair, if i move like 1m the internet magically disappears! T.T
Anyways,guys, did you noticed that my internet isn't the only thing that disappears? Yes, ZackWooz is the other one.
One or two months ago Zack couldn't be found in the Woozband's hot friends list anymore? Why?
Well, there were a few possible reasons:
1) He turned evil again .-.
2) He quit
3) A big unicorn kidnapped him.
Yes i know most of you think is the third option.....it actually is..... THE SECOND
That's right, he quit. Now you are wondering why?
Remember the prom party? When he asked jenny out and she refused him?
Basically, he still loves Jenny and he can't no longer take the fact that she doesn't so he quit.
Poor Zack, when he turned out to be a gentleman....HE QUITS! I really liked truth or tale.
R.I.P ZACKWOOZ xD he said that in the future he may visit...my theory is that something is happening i think zack will go evil again and we will have THE WORLD WAR 3 jkjk (not really).

Sorry for this post being so short but I've told you i don't have so much time. :( sorry