Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Ways Of Earning Wooz xx

   Hey Bursties! <3 It's Sam. I'm back and so ready to start posting again.. I'm so sorry for my abences. I got carried away in other stuff and kept forgetting xc. But, anyways i'm back.

  So in one of the new updates. Is in store have you ever wanted some of those zechic things? No one can gift you them? Well FEAR NO MORE!! You can now either

  1. Buy Wooz
  2. Get Wooz! :D
So now you can watch a video and gain 2 wooz each time you watch a short video! Or ya know you can always buy the wooz but who got time for that? xD

Also this just came out today! For the unitz design contest you can each thing buy itself ya know OR you can buy a bundle for 2000 wooz. I know its alooooot.
Really cool since some of you have saved up your wooz but you don't wanna buy the thing with your money so you can use this. :D

That's all for today Bursties! <3 

See you next time <3