Monday, July 6, 2015

Sorry..sorry...and umm... Sorry?

Aloha unicorns.
In this post (that isn't acctually a post), it is an announcement.
I wanted to say that, as i've told you in my last post i won't be home,i'm in the summer vacantion with my family.
Here, the internet is awful. It barely works, you have to wait like 15 mins. to open google or blogger etc.
Plus, that i won't have so much time to post,but i'll try my best .
So,please forgive me for my inactivity in this week and like 3 days. I promise that in the moment when i'll arrive home even it will be 3 am in the morning i will post!
And basicly this is what i wanted to say! <3
I'l really miss blogging this days... .-. You know how it is to live 10 days without internet?!?
If internet works, i may writte in the chatbox but i cant post since i cant really enter to woozin where the news are acctually posted so ye.
Well,that was all,if you are in the summer vacation HAVE A GOOD TIME!
See ya! (Btw: did you notice that in this post i didn't use "xD"?)

Ok byeeeeeeee
Also did you notice ma look change? (Ye check my profile) byee blonde hair...i'll miss you :'(