Friday, July 17, 2015

WNS Fashion Contest Tips & New Mission

Hello my munchies!!! So, there is another design contest and I know I gave some tips before for designing, but here are some for specifically a design for a star.
1. Make bold choices and make sure your design is UNIQUE: If you design is not unique, it is not fit for a star. BUT make sure you know the limits. Make it unique, but don't make it too weird like designing a hot dog costume... lol Idk that was the most odd design I could think of
2. Follow the trends: If you do not know the trends now, search them up!
3. Fashion from a celeb: Search up a celeb that you think has great fashion taste and try to get some inspired from there! One of my fave celebs that has great fashion taste is Taylor Swift! Like girl, you got to love her outfits. They are on FLEEK!
4. Details: Each detail is crucial, so make sure even the small details are good!  The small details are some times what makes the difference between a runner up in the contest or the winner.
5. Be Confident: Even if you think it doesn't look up, remember that it is the idea that matters more. Honestly, my wns design last year did not look that good, but the ideas I had behind the design were better than they looked.
6. Have fun in the process: If you don't have fun it will show in a bad way usually... SO HAVE FUN

Okay, so I am designing again at least trying lol. I might show you guys how it turns how to be...
I have another topic today which is the NEW MISSION
Check out this post from Jay:
So as we know, Zack has gone since Jenny has refused to go into marriage with him. Jay has said that our new mission is to find Zack and bring him back with the Passport Objectivz which will start MONDAY. Are you guys ready for this? Hope so!
NEW SINGOFF PHOTO LIKE I PROMISED!! Sorry that it isn't that good... I will try to make a better one next time. Gtg now bye!!!