Thursday, July 16, 2015


Hey Bursties, Im OFFICIALLY BACK! Yes, It's Me iLuvpenguins64! I Missed Yall So Much, Ahh! Let Me First Explain My Absence- X) As Most Of You Already Know I Left To Focus On My Artwork, Which Has Now Been Turned Into A COMPANY Called "Skyes Animation" You Can Find It On Instagram, I Post New Drawings DAILY! Be Sure To Check It Out @SkyesAnimation On INSTAGRAM. 

In OTHER News...

YES! the Title, Im Sure You're All Curious About It Hmm! Well We Have The INSIDE SCOOP From "STYLE SCOOP" And Here Are Next Weeks Outfits :O Ill Give You My Opinion On All Of Them As Well :)


Outfit 1: Personally i adore the hair, it reminds me alot of Johnny Depp for some reason xD Mya told us it was inspired by KPOP! I Dont necessarily like the sweater too much, i think they could have did a different style sweater, instead of using the same template but a different pattern!


Outfit 1: I SIMPLY LOVE THE SHORTS/SKIRT With Tights Its Super Faboulas And I Feel LIke I Could Wear It With Anything <3 One Thing I DONT like About It, Is The Crop Top. I Dont Like The Under Shirt And It Looks Too Much Like All The Other Crop Tops :( (ALSO KPOP INSPIRED)

Outfit 2: ONLY ONE WORD COMES TO MIND. VINTAGE ! Im a HUGE Fan Of The Vintage Clothing In General., I Adore The Doll Look With This Outfit, One Thing I Wish they Did Differently Was Raise The Skirt A Bit Higher Above The Belly Button ! But Other Than That I LOVE This One <3

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