Friday, July 17, 2015

WNS Superstar contest & Fashion updates

Hey guys o3o! Bleaty here.So as many of you know,Mya announced a coupe days ago,that there is a new fashion contest :D.But it's a bit more challenging.Anyone participating must create an outfit for the upcoming WNS: Woozworld's.Next.Superstar!

Good luck to everyone entering and I'm just gonna give you guys a few tips (Not too many cause Cutie just posted about tips for this)

*Use your own imagination!Getting inspired by celebrities is good,but remember to add in a little touch of uniqueness.


*Don't take someone else's work.For the spring contest,some woozen took another woozen's creation,and it actually became the winning outfit.Luckily it was found that it was copied xD.

*Believe in yourself,

Tomorrow I might show my outfit but yea :P.So anyways,onto the next topic of this post: Fashion updates.
If you were a vip and went to the VIP Fashion scoop,you probably saw the upcoming outfits xD.Well if you were there long enough you might of saw that Mya said the first couple were inspired from K-POP And the last one,was from Japan which I think is very cool :0.Also Mya stated that next week there will be some asian outfits.(ANIME YAS!!!)


Yea so be prepared to see some Asian inspired outfits next week.
That's all for this post,I'll see you guys tomorrow OuO (Also Burst is starting to update again thankfully :D)

Bleaty signing out!