Saturday, July 18, 2015

Video contest & Zack.

Hey guys o3o! Bleaty here.Before I get onto the Video contest,I decided to tell you guys why I'm saying 'Bye'.(NO I'M NOT QUITTING OM).You see,tomorrow I'm leaving for a 1 week overnight camp,so I won't be back until Friday or Saturday. If you have any questions to ask me please message them to me :P. I will be able to see stuff in the chatbox before noon tomorrow. So yea xD

Anywaysss onto the Video Contest part of this post.As you know Jenny had a video contest for us woozens a couple days ago. The theme is what you want to be when you grow up :L. It ends tomorrow so today is your last day to post any videos for the contest. For inspiration you should look at other woozen's videos and/or use these tips:

* Use the job YOU want to be when you're older. Don't pretend to be someone you aren't :L.This also gives other woozens a little something they might not have known about you.

* Make it fun!! If you make the video boring and just talking,no one will really want to watch it.Add some friends in the video, or make a comedy/story behind it :L

* Make it neat.If it isn't neat, everything will be messy,and it will loo like you rushed it.

So those are my small tips for the video contest.It's a bit late to enter but if you're still awake,go for it!

Onto the next topic of this post: The one and only. . . . ZackWooz!!

On woozworld,it seems that Zack has been missing! (-sigh- This means I can't win Truth or Tale anymore and get an add ;c)
It was stated that he was heartbroken from Jenny rejecting him,so he ran off. Now knowing Zack, he tends to cause some . . . trouble. On the following Monday,the Passport Objectivez,Will be open for you guys to complete.

I actually had an idea of where us woozen's could design superhero outfits to save Zack xD It could be Woozworld's Next Superhero,and we all choose an animator to follow. ( Yes this is like Once Upon A Wooz but it would be fun D:)
So yea,that's all for today,I'll see you all next week C:

Bleaty signing out!