Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another weird post

Aye fabulous super glittering unicorns!!!
yup,that's one of this weird posts that acctually isnt a post.
First of all i want to thank you guys 10000000 times for reading my posts. .-end of the emotional moment-
Basicly,i've saw that someone said in the chatbox that i am in the woozpaper. I was like :''Don't play with my feelings..'' than.... It came to be real.So omg.
Guys,i just can't belive.  This is the best 2-months-before-your-birthday present that i could ever wish. So,again my dear unicorns,i want to say a big thank you and i love you all. ^^
okay. Now,you can make me a liar for telling you i'l post on tuesday,than it came i didin't.
1) i forgot it was tuesday
2) When i noticed that i missed one posting day,it was already wednessday.
In the past weeks my schedule was so asdfghjk (you got it).
it's bc the summer vacantion.
(it may sound crazy but i miss school om)
I may be posting (a real post, like updating you lelelel) today, if i have time,because i'm not at home atm.
K. Now,see ya guys soon
-dat was so dramatic-Myleyvip out (no.sign off pic bc thug life and posting from phone-