Saturday, July 18, 2015

Funky Friday bundles, and updates

Hello burstina,
ugh I am lame at naming you guys!! Burstina is just giving a feeling of a fairy, princess, dwarf unicorn.. LoL am I sounding like myleyVip?? Well, you guys knew that I was on vacations but I am now AT MY CITY celebrating Eid.

So today was friday (according to my timings) no body posted about fashion friday, why not me LoL..

So these are called boy's graphic tee bundles and girl's graphic tee bundles.  Can you see the varieties of tops? Love them :) there are total 19 tops in each bundles.. they are of summer, winter fall and spring but for price 2400 wooz! But very nice.. I seem to like this bundle thing LoL

New woozpaper was also revealed this friday. Can't wait to see it? Then click here. Lol now the woozpaper have the name  burst in it...!! 

Woopetz of the week's theme was nice today. Lol 

  • JennyWooz shared a Photo
    "Congrats to our WooPetZ of The Week Bella! She and her owner sabrina903 won today's twin theme with perfect scores. Great job! :3"

  • The theme was to dress your woopetz in the clothes you are wearing. Twinnys xD Saw the most audorable and cutest woopetz dressed in pink.. !!she totally look like a ballerina with sparkly eyes..

    About the #Royal Advices I think so noone likes my advices maybe they're not useful or maybe nobody cares cause nobody sent me any concerms!! ;( so there you have it! But please click interesting if you want #Royal Advices back and click funny if I am okay with updating..
    Do let me know.

    BTW did you saw my new signout photo?? Isn't it simply A-W-E-S-O-M-E.. made it mah self