Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Ideas

Hello guys!!! I have not posted in 2 full weeks!! Sorry guys! I just haven't been on woozworld recently that much. I will probably be back on woozworld more frequently. Now, what happened to those posting ideas? D: I need some or else you are stuck with fashion posts all the time... Oh speaking about that, I am thinking to do a style swap with a celeb (a celeb in real). So, if you have any celebs you want me to do a style swap with then, just tell me! I will try my best.... It is going to be quite hard to match a celeb's style. Also, how has your summer been so far? Good? Hope so. Also, happy very late july of 4th!! If you summer is not good so far and it is quite boring, here are some things you can do:
1) Hang out with your friends: Now that it is summertime, you can hang with your friends much more often! Catch a movie with a friend or even have a mini party with friends!
2) Find a hobby to do like dancing, drawing, and etc.
3) Go to the pool: You can go swimming or just have fun in the pool
4) You can do some DIYS cause some of them are so fun to do
5) You can always play woozworld

Okay. Sorry for the short post! Also, new signoff photo soon.