Saturday, July 11, 2015

Inner Emotions Contest Winners!! C:

Hey guys omg.It's Bleaty here again :D.I didn't post last week because,my laptop just turned off and wouldn't turn back on.Just Yesterday at 10:00 pm when I got it back,my dad said the fan was used too much and I should put my laptop to sleep after using it.(THIS IS WHY AUTO CLICKER IS BAD KIDS!! DON'T USE AUTO CLICKER OVERNIGHT OKAY!!?!?!)

So yea :D I'm glad to be posting again and about.Today,as you all know,I had a contest.It was yesterday the deadline but I couldn't reach blogger sorry ;_;.So today I'll be telling you guys who won.Now before I say the winners,you all did like WOW.There wasn't ONE Entry that wasn't perfection bye.Teach me your ways senpais D: So just before I start,give your self a thumbs up sign in front of your face cause' we're all winners C;

Thankyou for all the entries,and here.Are.The.Winners!(BTW I have a runner upper cause yea)

Runner upper: Cooly-backup!

Tied for 3rd place: QueenRosie1 and OlayBeauty!         

Tied for 2nd place: Lillinthepretty and Gemzina!

For 1st place: Sierratoocool!                                                                      Most Woozups: Epic-Clover!

Congratulations to our winners AND the participants.I honestly couldn't choose from your fabulous entries.Comment in the chatbox if :Rosie should win 3rd-or Olay win 3rd.And if Lillinthepretty should win 2nd-or Gemzina win second.(Gemzina has the black photo)

Winners please message me for prize information,because I had to change some prizes (the spinning wheel broke -cough- BOB DID IT!)

Thanks again for everyone entering!

Bleaty signing out!