Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gossips: KarlaZen Scamming (with Video)

Hey guys,
Today was my posting day and which Is why I wanted to post Gossips. A little notice to owner that I am a blogger for Burst since two months and My name is still not on the Blog's Info.

{Before Starting I wanted to tell you that It is not necessary that this Gossip
have to be True. This was just taken from a video 
below. We are not sure If it is true because this is not always true that gossips have to be
a fact. But this have a proof in the video. So in order to be sure,
go to the video provided below of the post.}

The rumor was that KarlaZen a Famous Rich woozen who owns a very famous unitz named ''Karla's Rare Trade centre'' have scammed three people. She was on her Facebook and asks for trading of accounts and she scammed. As Information she scammed three people who wanted to trade accounts with her.

The rumor is 'FALSE' this didn't happened but read below to know What really happened!

So, are you really excited to know the truth..!?? Let's get to know it.

There is this facebook account owned by a woozen named Danger wooz aka Ebony wooz. She claims to be KarlaZen and posts as KarlaZen. She Sells account so the receiver have to buy from card. Do not buy from her. SHE IS A FRAUD!

 How can You differentiate between the real and fake Karla's FB. The real karla have profile pic of a cat while the fake karla have a girl taking her picture. This is the way to differentiate between the two Karlas

So here is the Video to prove it right what I just said! Click here to know the Full detail about what happened! <------This is the Video link.