Friday, July 31, 2015

New Funky Friday Bundles..And an Important Message.....

Hey guys, Jessamyn here!
You may have noticed that there is a new Funky Friday bundle! With the new bundle you can dress yourself up as a water monster! Pretty cool, but also pretty expensive. Each outfit costs 500+ Wooz.
There is also another Funky Friday Bundle called the "World Tour Week 2 BundleZ." This includes all the places we have visited this week to find ZackWooz. If you get this BundleZ you can make your Unitz look like all the different places we've visited this week!
Of course, you can also buy just one part of the outfit and make another outfit with other clothing items, as shown below. In case you're interested the clothes shown here are the Girl Water Monster top, Cloe's In the Wild Bratz Leggings and the hair is Summer Breeze. Another good outfit to go with the Girl Water Monster Top is Floral Goddess Curls, Girl Water Monster Top and the Mermaid Tail.

Signing off for today..