Friday, July 31, 2015

ZackWooz gone evil?

Hey guys o3o. Bleaty here. Today, as you know, the Find ZackWooz mission was over.But after collecting the passport stamp in Egypt, we had to go find Zack's secret hideout.(Just look on Hot Now, it's Mt.Everest T_T)

When you get there, there's a large blue tube that you can just click. You''ll then have a little convo with ZackAttack xDD

Photos I actually took lmao:


Then Zeena crashes in and says stuff like goo goo ga ga for all I know O_o   They both leave to another tube, so obviously follow them.

Apparently Jenny's real name is actually Jennifer o.o You learn something new every day!
The gentlemen we all knew,has now turned back to kount von klokz.

But something he said caught my eye."You will all know what kountvonklokz is made of,in time.' Could this be the return of timekeeperz xDD

                                                            Then Zack sets off a 'fake' -cough- self-destruct person O_O


While all the woozband evacuated I decided to stay back a while and check out the unitz xD It seems as though Zack is trying to make zombiz.I also noticed there were 3 tanks. 2 had zombiz,and 1 was empty/broken. Woozworld may be attacked again,but it might not be zombiz this time...


Well that's all for today, hopefully you didn't do too much reading xD Until next time, we will have to wait and see, what Zack  Kountvonklokz, has in store for us.

Bleaty signing out!