Friday, July 31, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: More Summer Outfit Ideas

Hello munchkins! FASHION POST TIME! :) But, before we get to that, sorry I couldn't post for you guys on Sunday. So, I was able to get some fashion from woozens.
Hair: Polka Dot Headband
Top: Parisque Striped Shirt
Skirt: Swiftastic Skirt
Shoes: BestOverall Sandals by HinamoriAmuBest
I love this cute outfit!! The shirt with the skirt is like a perfect match while the hair and the sandals and the hair just  make it even better! Great fashion sense to Candylicious-!
Hair: Long Lush Locks
Top: -
Skirt: floral goddess maxi skirt
Sandals: -
Okay, sorry that I could not get the name of the sandals and top. So, this color is just bright which I love! The hair kind of reminds me of beach waves because they are loose waves which matches with the rest of the outfit to create a perfect beach outfit! Love it, Girly-Emoji-!

Okay, I really have to go guys! Ttyl!!