Monday, July 13, 2015

Miley's adventures [~ ~]

Hellow! I just arrived and it's 12:12 .... Wooh xD
So. Ye
Today i am about to tell you lots of weird stuff i did at school, or with my friends ^^ since i don't really know what to post.. Okay let's do that [~_~]
1. I was in a trip with school, and i thought my bestfriend was kidnapped and killed, then, i found her in the wordrobe ^^ 
2. I was in a summer camp, and every evening we had a "party" (ye sound weird) but it was music ,food and obviously me so you can consider it a party. Anyways, one girl  and one boy were kissing, meanwhile me and some friends came and started to shout: Alert the cops alert the cops , the dead bodies are here , and one of my friends said : Hi girl , you're single?
3. -This is eww- One off my bff ate 4 donuts and threw-up on my shoes.....
4. My friends are rockers ^^ and we always do lots of weird things together
5. In the same summer camp we me and my beasties didn't want to go at the campfire because we were too busy watching 1000 ways to die ^^
6. I don't know why but my friend's friends always hate me o_o 
7. I was at a birtday party and all the peoples here were "intellectual" and they started to talk about dictionaries...i was so bored that i've logged on facebook .... Because i did that i got lots of hate. 
8. I have no drawing skills
9. I have singing and acting skills
10. I am so obsessed with hunger games that i am writting the No. 4 book
11. -okay that's weird- Me and my friends went to a library.....and it was the 50 shades book at the "adults category" and we put it at "kids category" and a 8 years old kiddo came and said "Mommy , can i have this book?" (This,children, is what happen if you don't feed animals like us ^*^)
12. I don't see the "perfect guy" like most of the girls (Tall, blue eyes, blonde, popular)  
For me it's : Weird hairstyle + humor sense+ rocker (because i am rocker so ^^) No ,i am not wearing alot of black clothes and stuff and i am not talking about dead or idk. I am usually wearing bright colors and's just that i like rock ^^
13. In my school there are no labels. And thats pretty awsome. 
14. Every year we have a halloween party , this year i'll be half cat and half  traffic light Due to my fave vlogger ^^ (i am romanian if you ask, and my fave vlogger is romanian too) my fave american vlogger is twaimz xD (happy llama , sad llama |. .| <<== This should be a llama head but i've already told you i have no drawing skills .
15. i cant't imagine my life in another school, because i'll probably the biggest weirdo there xD my classmates already know that i do alot of weird things (like wearing a hawaian skirt at school).
16. I have 5 bff - 4 of them are boys
17. At my birthday party we are like 8 persons.  i have friends i am just inviting the closest ones <~>
18. I hate fake peoples =+=
19. I am a blondie :3 
20. In a summer camp, it was one of my bff birtday we stayed until 2 am and we drinked coca cola.

So this is guys! Thanks again for reading my post -..-
Have a good day! (Nah just kiddin')
 Miley out.