Sunday, July 12, 2015

Woozworld Bundles ^^

Hello my glittering unicorns!! *omg it's myley, she's not dead*
Yay! <3 so im yet.
I'm finally in a hotel where the internet works. So sorry for not posting yesterday but my internet was so slow that it wasn't even loading any webpage. This days i was on woozin only (like 10 min.) just to see what's new .
Okay! And no.No. I didn't forget what i said in my last post (but i hope you did .-.) well,when i get home like in the second i get home i need to post xD so since i'll arrive home at probably like 12 pm the post won't be awsome but ...still :)))
Okay so let's get into the topic: WOOZWORLD BUNDLES.
What are woozworld bundles? Woozworld bundles are like some boxes with stuff in them. This funky friday the boxes contained some of the Summer Outfits - Designed by woozens, for woozens.
That's pretty cool in my the same time pretty EXPENSIVE, but ye. There are NEW store items PLUS THAT the outfits really look WOW so again this is the part where i complain for not having enough money to buy one ^^
Lol, i realized that if you didin't read the part when i said i'm about to complain ,it seems like i'm on the washing-machine OMG

ANYWAYS. Also, i have to tell you that the bundles from funky friday weren't giftable :(
Okay so  that post was short .-. And i'm sorry for this .
Ok so now i want to ask you something. Do you want fashion battle as the next post or should i do a regular post?
Just wanted to say that if i do fashion battle i don't think i will be able to post it when i arrive home so probably the next day (aka tomorrow) plus that tomorrow will be my posting day.
So: Today (Monday)- my special post that will probably be at 12 pm xD
Tomorrow (Tuesday)- Fashion battle or a regular post ( you choose)
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Sunday - Regular post ^^
Okay so this will be the schedule for this week.
Kisses (wait what?)
-Throws Confetti Eveywhere-
Luv you glittering unicorns <3
#Normalis2mainstream ( atm, i am working on a new sign off picture)