Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weird glitches on the App

Hey guys!Bleaty here T_T Omg I'm so sorry for not posting yesterday.If many of you check my wallz/in chat box,you'll know that I got a headphone jack in my computer '-'.Sadly,a toothpick (Yes I know) created a whole so now I damaged everything in my headphone slot.(Yes it does suck to be me sometimes) T_T So my dad was looking at it,and I had swimming to go to.I was on my tablet but I wasn't able to get blogger there.Anyways,I'm back today :D! So let's get started.

Recently,on woozworld I have noticed,that there are even more beyond woozworld app glitches for us to see.The profile picture was just one,but if you go onto my or Curiosity's wallz,look at our profile pictures:

You're probably all thinking: Whoa how did that happen!?!?I honestly don't know,it has to do with the app.But if you look really close,you can see my profile picture was almost like curi's.If you cant see them,here's a photo to show you.

As you can see,My eyebrows started to appear like hers,the corner of her mouth came on mine,and the eyelashes appeared as well.This glitch still remains hidden,until one day.If this pictures weren't that clear,please go check on my actual woozin.

I have been also meaning to tell you guys the responses I got for typeform.The link to see them: I hope this worked,please comment below in the chat box if it didn't and I'll just paste it here next time I see you guys!

Bleaty signing out o3o!

                                                         NEW PHOTO SOON!!