Monday, June 15, 2015

#Royal Advices, ignorong teasers.

This topic will include how can we ignore the teasers , how to make us  happy for who we are
<continuation of the last #Royal Advices>
Sometimes people around us wants to  be happy, which is why they make fun taking the topic of natural appearance of others. Maybe they make fun of you because they are jealous of you. ? Maybe this is it.  Well a very reality advice that, my aunt is always told to clean the house, fill the bottles, etc and actually is teased for not doing her work properly.  She actually change the topic and laugh at her own self. This is how she makes everyone happy. So smile and don't mind.
Just ignore if someone comes to you and tease you for no Reason than just leave. Or just think you don't care. These people's are Attention seeker. They Wana hurt your feelings and make everyone laught . So Just ignore.
Remember the good times. remember your talent and may feel a Lil bit happy about your self. Look for some of your qualities and make yourself feel happy. ?
Do something you like. Like a hobby or something. Improve something and show the world that you are not less than anyone.

PS: Sorry for such a short post, I am still in my friends house cause my dad couldn't pick me up.. Over here Internet connection is very low. Once again sowy. But wait for my next post on Saturday.