Saturday, June 13, 2015

#Royal Advices, growing height..

Hi guys,
In this post ill yell you some ways to grow height and my next post will contain how to face those who tease...
Dear princess,
I am very happy with my life but my height is not very normal as my age.  I'm fourteen and my height is 59 cm. Every one in class tease me for being so short. I dont even have any friends as I'm sort, I am feeling like I'm being tortured.   So help me how to grow my height and face those teasers.

Dear friend,
Its very sad to know that you are not in the height which you should be in. Well I have many ways in which you can grow height.
*Go to the doctor and use medicines. Its true that medicine wont grow much height(it does! But not much)  but the doctor will give many advices that YOUR BODY DESIRES. Everyone is different so taking advice from a doctor is quite good.
*Sleep in the day known as napping. This is a very awesome way not just to grow height but it glows skin and is good for skinny people because it makes fat too. Sleeping for an hour is enough. *Just sleep in an hour and make it in your routine. A tip is that lie you legs in a straight manner.
*Eat fruits and veges. In fruits use banana, mango and mostly apple. Because apple increases you to eat more. And all the veges are good like potato etc.
*start skipping. Skipping will not only allow you to stay fit but makes you hungry. You will eat more food than before. This is why you grow height. Because you are having food.
*after seven 'o clock use some junk foods. I would only tell you to use junk food when you are having proper fruits and vegetables.
*Exercise or gave a short walk. This is to raise your food eating thats all. In exercise hang too. Hanging is the best.
*Eat atleast five to six times a day. This will help a lot.
Remember that dont insert liquid while eating your food. You want your food to cover the space.
*use calcuim, fats, protein the most. Because they have more energy.
Okay in the next post ill help you to face those teasers. Till then wait.